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Episodes 1 - 50

E Street Episode 1 - tUESDAY

Episode 1

Reverend Bob Brown jogs to Dr Elly Fielding’s house for breakfast. Elly is a bag of nerves as her daughter Claire is about to start her first day at school. Claire, however is unfazed as she talks to her Dad – Dr David Fielding (the TV doctor) – on the TV. Publican Ernie Patchett opens his pub, Patchetts Pacific, for a busy day in preparation for the local table tennis competition. Ernie’s Son Chris heads off to his building job. He is working in the upper class Lakeview Drive. Sergeant George Sullivan and Constable Paul Berry are at the scene of an accident, local lad Craig Wilson has been killed by a train as he graphitized the wall of the rail track. He was protesting to save the local trees. Local legal aid Bernie Withers takes on Craig’s cause and sits himself on a tree – refusing to move. At St. Johns Church Reverend Jimmy McCabe is unwell, he is not co-operative with District Nurse Martha O’Dare and Bob tells him to see Elly. Paul’s wife, Rhonda arrives from their hometown of Ballina. She gets homesick when Paul shows her to their new flat. Elly gives Rhonda job of surgery receptionist. Jimmy visits Elly, he has cancer but has been hiding the fact from Bob. He moves out of the church and into the pub, forcing Bob to question why. He asks Elly what is wrong with Jimmy, she tells him Jimmy is sick and Bob guesses that it is cancer. Bob explains to her how Jimmy has been his whole life since he took Bob in from the streets and turned him from troublemaker to local good guy. Claire’s first day at school didn’t go well, she lied to her friends and told them David still lived with she and Elly. She tells Elly she is the only divorced child in school. Elly asks David to talk to Claire but he insists he is too busy. Barmaid Lisa Bennett is nervous about represent Patchetts Pacific in the table tennis match. Her nerves are not helped with the jealously she feels over Chris and his new girlfriend Madeleine from Lakeview Drive. However when Chris tells her he’s not really interested in Madeleine, Lisa perks up and wins the game. Jimmy asks Bob to take over the church when he passes on. Bob is unsure and goes for a walk to think about it. When he returns to give Jimmy his answer, he finds him dead in one of the church pews.

E Street Episode 2

Episode 2 - An Ounce of Prevention Part 1

Sarah McKillop arrives in Westside as the new legal aid lawyer. She is alarmed and surprised to find she is sharing her office with her a reverend! Bob explains that he practices from her office, as his probationers don’t like to visit the church. David tells Elly that he can’t have Claire for the weekend due to a conference in Surfers Paradise. Martha and Ernie declare war when Ernie installs a condom machine in the men’s toilets. Martha thinks it should be in the ladies toilets as they are more responsible and have to cope with the fall out from unprotected sex. Rhonda also helps the fight hoping it will stop her missing home. Local girl Jane has her last day at the learning disability school and soon discovers she is pregnant. Her parents Tom and Louise are concerned for her as they are not even sure who the father is. Jane has been seeing a lot of Chris, and local probationers Mario and Barry. Tom is reluctant to let Jane have the baby and wants Elly to perform a termination. However Elly doesn’t agree and wants to talk to Jane first. Before she gets a chance Jane tells Lisa that her Dad wants to get rid of her baby and they both ask Sarah for help. Sarah goes to the surgery and meets Elly. She tells her she is representing Jane and will be taking the matter to talk. She advises Elly to stay away from her client.

E Street Episode 3

Episode 3 - An Ounce of Prevention Part 2

To avoid a walkout Ernie puts the condom machine in the bar. However no one uses it because it is so visible! When Ernie tries to move the machine Martha and Co agree to remove conjugal rights to their men! The protest gets out of hand and George and Paul arrest the women! Elly and Sarah come to blows once again when Elly tells Sarah she will not steer clear of Jane until she receives confirmation that Sarah is representing her. Sarah voices her dislike for Elly to Bob. It doesn’t go down too well and Bob explains that Elly is a good friend of his. Elly and Sarah try to talk things through and agree to hold a meeting to thrash out the situation. Mario and Barry coax Jane under the railway bridge where they try to assault her. Local probationer Annie alerts Chris and as he arrives on the scene Jane flees. She jumps from the railway bridge and suffers a miscarriage. Bob confronts Mario and tells him he knows what he did to Jane. Sarah watches as Bob tricks Mario into confessing all to the police. Sarah learns that things are done differently in Westside. As Elly tells Claire that David can’t make the weekend, he arrives at the door with another woman. He tells Claire that he will be taking her to Surfers Paradise with his new lady friend.

E Street Episode 4

Episode 4 - Domestics Part 1

Ernie’s Sister Lil is recovering from a mugging. Sarah represents Shane, her attacker, in court and he gets a probationary sentence under the care of Bob. Ernie and Chris are unhappy at the sentencing and Sarah’s decision to defend the criminals instead of the victims. Amanda is getting to clingy to David and he tells Elly he wants to stay with her to give Amanda the hint. Elly refuses his plea as Claire is having problems at school due to the extravagances David has been treating her to. Sarah’s new assistant Julie has troubles with her husband Warren. He can’t accept that she has a job. Their son Oliver, who is in Claire’s class at school, is scared of his father and the two seek refuge at Sarah’s office. Elly lets David stay the night. They come close to spending the night together but Elly wonders if he has really changed and sleeps in Claire’s room. David is noticeably put out of place when Bob arrives in the morning for breakfast and is favourably more popular with Elly and Claire. Sarah continues to spark bad feeling and Ernie bars her from Patchetts Pacific. Elly tells David she no longer wants him in the house. When David breaks the news to Claire she and Oliver run away.

E Street Episode 5

Episode 5 - Domestics Part 2

The school phone Elly and tell her Claire disappeared after a meeting with David. Elly assumes that Claire is with David and tries to contact him. When David arrives at the surgery minus Claire panic rises. Claire and Oliver explore the sewers and try to make their way to the shops via the drainage system. Julie quits her job at the legal centre to keep peace with Warren. But when Oliver disappears he beats her up leading her to run back to Sarah. However she refuses to press charges when Warren promises her he has changed. Lisa is trying to jazz up the Patchetts Pacific menu – however her new ideas don’t go down well with Ernie. Elly remains strong in the search for Claire whilst David falls to bits. However when Bob arrives on the scene Elly’s emotions get the better of her and she turns to him. David can’t understand why Elly didn’t turn to him. When Oliver turns up well the search concentrates on Claire. Bob beats the rescue teams to the job and finds Claire in the sewer. When Claire is brought to safety, Elly is the first person she runs to and David again feels left out. Sarah makes an impression in the pub when she challenges Warren, and Elly and David resolve to just be friends.

E Street Episode 6

Episode 6 - Daffodils, Daiquiris & Downers Part 1

Elly tells Bob that she and David have resolved to be friends for the sake of Claire but nothing more. Sarah helps Rhonda organise a cocktail housewarming party. However the house has to be shared by Paul and the boys watching the footie. They discuss how find they are finding it to settle into Westside and make a pact to stick together. Elly worries when a boy from Claire’s school is taken ill after taking drugs. However no one knows where they are coming from. Bob enlists Annie’s help in finding where the drugs are coming from. He witnesses a deal and takes the kid to the police station. Frank, a guy residing in the park claims to be doing the work of God. He steals items from the residents of E Street and replaces them with flowers. Chris leads George and Paul to him and he is arrested. However he claims he has meant no harm.

E Street Episode 7

Episode 7 - Daffodils, Daiquiris & Downers Part 2

As Bob takes Lionel Thompson to the police station he breaks free. Bob visits his mother in their bed-sit and tells her about the pills. The pills are coming from his mother Diane, and Lionel sold them to get money for food. Sarah and Rhonda wake up with terrible hangovers but a newfound friendship. Paul is amazed at how much money Rhonda spent on drink and worries about Sarah’s influence on her. George finds that Frank is wanted for stolen goods but is worried about his state of health. He calls for Elly to examine him. George wants Frank committed but Elly doesn’t agree. However when Newbridge agree that Frank should be committed Elly signs the forms and he is taken away. Diane takes an overdose when she can see no way out of her situation. Lionel finds her dead.

E Street Episode 8 - 46

Episode 8 - 46

Due to these episodes never being screened in the UK, I cannot give detailed summaries. However through episodes to follow we learned that during these episodes; Paul’s wife Rhonda was shot dead during a siege. Sarah McKilliop arrived a the new Legal Aid lawyer. She didn’t hit it off with the residents immediately – she and Elly shared many a crossword. Lisa was molested by Sam Bulmer; her Mum Margaret’s boyfriend. However Marge refused to believe Lisa’s allegations. Chris told Lisa he was in love with her and Elly and Bob shared a kiss as they went on a fishing holiday together. If you can help supply episode 8 -46 then please contact me.

E Street Episode 47

Episode 47

David and girlfriend Miki Fallon serve Elly with an application for custody of Claire. Bob tells David to drop the application but David refuses, Miki tells Bob to leave and Bob reminds her that Claire isn’t her daughter. Miki later tells David that she cannot have children of her own. Lisa and Chris try to talk about Chris’s declaration of love. However when they arrive back at Lisa’s house they find Sam has moved back in with Marge. Lisa says she cannot live under the same roof as him. Sarah decides to help Elly with her custody hearing; she tells Elly that David and Miki do have a good case. George is nervous as his daughter Alice, who he hasn’t seen for many years, is coming to visit him. He later tells Lisa to be weary of Sam as he has been accused of sexual assaults in the past. Chris asks Lisa if she will marry him.

E Street Episode 48

Episode 48

Claire goes to stay with David and Miki as Sarah think it will help Elly’s case. David leaves Claire with Miki whilst he goes to work. The day is unsuccessful when Miki loses her temper with Claire. Lisa accepts Chris’s proposal. Sarah turns a drunken Sam down when he asks her out on a date – he follows her home and watches her as she enters her house. Alice doesn’t arrive at the bus depot – George and partner Martha are worried about her whereabouts. Martha persuades Elly to join old school friend Gordon on a date. Elly’s enjoyable evening is ruined when David brings Claire home early and walks in on Elly and Gordon kissing. They have a huge row in front of Claire and Elly slaps him when he calls her a tart.

E Street Episode 49

Episode 49

It’s Elly’s 33rd Birthday. Claire makes her a birthday present. David apologises to Claire for rowing with Elly. Elly overhears him telling Claire that he is dropping the custody application. Bob asks Elly if he can take him out for her birthday. She says she has another date with Gordon and asks if he can baby-sit Claire. Bob confesses to Sarah that he’s in love with Elly and wants more than just to be her best friend. Chris struggles to find an engagement ring for Lisa, Ernie comes to the rescue and gives Chris his mother’s ring. Sam later follows Lisa and Chris as they go on a picnic. Claire notices that Bob is unhappy; she tells him that she thinks he loves Elly. She says she’d like he and Elly to get married. After their date, Elly tells Gordon she can’t take things further with him. Claire tells Elly that she thinks Bob wants to be more than best friends with her.

E Street Episode 50

Episode 50

Sarah and Elly go to a dating agency, strictly for fun purposes. However Elly meets Daniel Windsor, a widowed pilot with four kids. They go for a drink at Patchetts. Sam asks Ernie to keep an eye on Marge as he is going away for a few days. Sam goes back to Sarah’s house and keeps watch for her. Lisa helps Paul sort out Rhonda’s things. David tells Elly he hasn’t dropped the custody application. Bob goes to Sarah’s house, she tells him to tell Elly how he feels. Bob decides to take Sarah's advice and goes to Elly’s to declare his love, however as he about to Elly tells him all about the ‘wonderful’ Daniel. Sam breaks into Sarah’s house whilst she is sleeping, he goes into her bedroom and suffocates her with a pillow.