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Episodes 1 - 50

E Street Episode 1 - Tuesday

Episode 1

Reverend Bob Brown jogs to Dr Elly Fielding’s house for breakfast. Elly is a bag of nerves as her daughter Claire is about to start her first day at school. Claire, however is unfazed as she talks to her Dad – Dr David Fielding (the TV doctor) – on the TV. Publican Ernie Patchett opens his pub, Patchetts Pacific, for a busy day in preparation for the local table tennis competition. Ernie’s Son Chris heads off to his building job. He is working in the upper class Lakeview Drive. Sergeant George Sullivan and Constable Paul Berry are at the scene of an accident, local lad Craig Wilson has been killed by a train as he graphitized the wall of the rail track. He was protesting to save the local trees. Local legal aid Bernie Withers takes on Craig’s cause and sits himself on a tree – refusing to move. At St. Johns Church Reverend Jimmy McCabe is unwell, he is not co-operative with District Nurse Martha O’Dare and Bob tells him to see Elly. Paul’s wife, Rhonda arrives from their hometown of Ballina. She gets homesick when Paul shows her to their new flat. Elly gives Rhonda job of surgery receptionist. Jimmy visits Elly, he has cancer but has been hiding the fact from Bob. He moves out of the church and into the pub, forcing Bob to question why. He asks Elly what is wrong with Jimmy, she tells him Jimmy is sick and Bob guesses that it is cancer. Bob explains to her how Jimmy has been his whole life since he took Bob in from the streets and turned him from troublemaker to local good guy. Claire’s first day at school didn’t go well, she lied to her friends and told them David still lived with she and Elly. She tells Elly she is the only divorced child in school. Elly asks David to talk to Claire but he insists he is too busy. Barmaid Lisa Bennett is nervous about represent Patchetts Pacific in the table tennis match. Her nerves are not helped with the jealously she feels over Chris and his new girlfriend Madeleine from Lakeview Drive. However when Chris tells her he’s not really interested in Madeleine, Lisa perks up and wins the game. Jimmy asks Bob to take over the church when he passes on. Bob is unsure and goes for a walk to think about it. When he returns to give Jimmy his answer, he finds him dead in one of the church pews.

E Street Episode 2

Episode 2 - An Ounce of Prevention

Sarah McKillop arrives in Westside as the new legal aid lawyer. She is alarmed and surprised to find she is sharing her office with her a reverend! Bob explains that he practices from her office, as his probationers don’t like to visit the church. David tells Elly that he can’t have Claire for the weekend due to a conference in Surfers Paradise. Martha and Ernie declare war when Ernie installs a condom machine in the men’s toilets. Martha thinks it should be in the ladies toilets as they are more responsible and have to cope with the fall out from unprotected sex. Rhonda also helps the fight hoping it will stop her missing home. Local girl Jane has her last day at the learning disability school and soon discovers she is pregnant. Her parents Tom and Louise are concerned for her as they are not even sure who the father is. Jane has been seeing a lot of Chris, and local probationers Mario and Barry. Tom is reluctant to let Jane have the baby and wants Elly to perform a termination. However Elly doesn’t agree and wants to talk to Jane first. Before she gets a chance Jane tells Lisa that her Dad wants to get rid of her baby and they both ask Sarah for help. Sarah goes to the surgery and meets Elly. She tells her she is representing Jane and will be taking the matter to talk. She advises Elly to stay away from her client. To avoid a walkout Ernie puts the condom machine in the bar. However no one uses it because it is so visible! When Ernie tries to move the machine Martha and Co agree to remove conjugal rights to their men! The protest gets out of hand and George and Paul arrest the women! Elly and Sarah come to blows once again when Elly tells Sarah she will not steer clear of Jane until she receives confirmation that Sarah is representing her. Sarah voices her dislike for Elly to Bob. It doesn’t go down too well and Bob explains that Elly is a good friend of his. Elly and Sarah try to talk things through and agree to hold a meeting to thrash out the situation. Mario and Barry coax Jane under the railway bridge where they try to assault her. Local probationer Annie alerts Chris and as he arrives on the scene Jane flees. She jumps from the railway bridge and suffers a miscarriage. Bob confronts Mario and tells him he knows what he did to Jane. Sarah watches as Bob tricks Mario into confessing all to the police. Sarah learns that things are done differently in Westside. As Elly tells Claire that David can’t make the weekend, he arrives at the door with another woman. He tells Claire that he will be taking her to Surfers Paradise with his new lady friend.

There are some discrepencies with the episode numbering for E Street - we have followed the numbering from the master films and scripts, and so that our episode synopsis flow. However please note the E Street Collection DVDs follow different numberings. There are no missing episodes on either the DVDs or on our synopsis - we have just made different choices in relation to numbering.

E Street Episode 3

Episode 7 - Domestics Part 1

Ernie’s Sister Lil is recovering from a mugging. Sarah represents Shane, her attacker, in court and he gets a probationary sentence under the care of Bob. Ernie and Chris are unhappy at the sentencing and Sarah’s decision to defend the criminals instead of the victims. Amanda is getting to clingy to David and he tells Elly he wants to stay with her to give Amanda the hint. Elly refuses his plea as Claire is having problems at school due to the extravagances David has been treating her to. Sarah’s new assistant Julie has troubles with her husband Warren. He can’t accept that she has a job. Their son Oliver, who is in Claire’s class at school, is scared of his father and the two seek refuge at Sarah’s office. Elly lets David stay the night. They come close to spending the night together but Elly wonders if he has really changed and sleeps in Claire’s room. David is noticeably put out of place when Bob arrives in the morning for breakfast and is favourably more popular with Elly and Claire. Sarah continues to spark bad feeling and Ernie bars her from Patchetts Pacific. Elly tells David she no longer wants him in the house. When David breaks the news to Claire she and Oliver run away.

E Street Episode 4

Episode 8 - Domestics Part 2

The school phone Elly and tell her Claire disappeared after a meeting with David. Elly assumes that Claire is with David and tries to contact him. When David arrives at the surgery minus Claire panic rises. Claire and Oliver explore the sewers and try to make their way to the shops via the drainage system. Julie quits her job at the legal centre to keep peace with Warren. But when Oliver disappears he beats her up leading her to run back to Sarah. However she refuses to press charges when Warren promises her he has changed. Lisa is trying to jazz up the Patchetts Pacific menu – however her new ideas don’t go down well with Ernie. Elly remains strong in the search for Claire whilst David falls to bits. However when Bob arrives on the scene Elly’s emotions get the better of her and she turns to him. David can’t understand why Elly didn’t turn to him. When Oliver turns up well the search concentrates on Claire. Bob beats the rescue teams to the job and finds Claire in the sewer. When Claire is brought to safety, Elly is the first person she runs to and David again feels left out. Sarah makes an impression in the pub when she challenges Warren, and Elly and David resolve to just be friends.

E Street Episode 5

Episode 9 - Daffodils, Daiquiris & Downers Part 1

Elly tells Bob that she and David have resolved to be friends for the sake of Claire but nothing more. Sarah helps Rhonda organise a cocktail housewarming party. However the house has to be shared by Paul and the boys watching the footie. They discuss how find they are finding it to settle into Westside and make a pact to stick together. Elly worries when a boy from Claire’s school is taken ill after taking drugs. However no one knows where they are coming from. Bob enlists Annie’s help in finding where the drugs are coming from. He witnesses a deal and takes the kid to the police station. Frank, a guy residing in the park claims to be doing the work of God. He steals items from the residents of E Street and replaces them with flowers. Chris leads George and Paul to him and he is arrested. However he claims he has meant no harm.

E Street Episode 6

Episode 10 - Daffodils, Daiquiris & Downers Part 2

As Bob takes Lionel Thompson to the police station he breaks free. Bob visits his mother in their bed-sit and tells her about the pills. The pills are coming from his mother Diane, and Lionel sold them to get money for food. Sarah and Rhonda wake up with terrible hangovers but a newfound friendship. Paul is amazed at how much money Rhonda spent on drink and worries about Sarah’s influence on her. George finds that Frank is wanted for stolen goods but is worried about his state of health. He calls for Elly to examine him. George wants Frank committed but Elly doesn’t agree. However when Newbridge agree that Frank should be committed Elly signs the forms and he is taken away. Diane takes an overdose when she can see no way out of her situation. Lionel finds her dead.

E Street Episode 7

Episode 11 - Babysitting Part 1

Diane is pronounced dead leaving Lionel in the hands of social care. Bob allows him to stay at the rectory. Martha and Rhondaís attempts at hosting self defence classes are thwarted when Helen Kennedy, of the Parish Council, wonít allow them to use the church hall. Helen also objects to Bob taking in Lionel due to his involvement with the drugs at school. Sarah represents Brian, an actor who sustains an injury at a local shop. However Elly finds no medical evidence of injury and refuses to provide a sick certificate. Sarah feels that Elly is allowing her personal feelings about her prevent her from giving Brian and sick certificate. Elly informs Brian it wouldnít make a difference who is lawyer is as she does not believe he has an injury. Elly catches Brian performing at the local shopping mall and takes Sarah to see him. Chris meets Leanne and takes her to lunch, she returns the favour with an expensive champagne lunch the next day.

E Street Episode 8

Episode 12 - Babysitting Part 2

Bob enrols Lionel back in to school. However on his first day he holds a knife up to the two boys he gave drugs to when they make a comment about his Mum. Bob opens up about his own past where he made a gun to protect himself, which led to his friend being hurt. Helen Kennedy holds a meeting with the Parish Council who order Bob to have Lionel move out of the house within two weeks. Youth worker and Bobís friend Peter Lewis offers to take in Lionel to live with his family. Lisa undertakes work experience at an upmarket restaurant and attempts to flirt with the head chef Geoffrey. Meanwhile Chris receives a red rose from Leanne. Lisa witnesses Leanne having dinner with two separate men over two nights whilst she is working at the restaurant. Rhonda has to find someone else to babysit Claire when Paul wants to take her out to dinner. Rhonda asks Sarah which doesnít go very well when Sarah and Claire do not get on very well. Lionel turns up at Bobs house in the middle of the night and says Lionel tried to get into bed with him.

E Street Episode 9

Episode 13 - Babysitting Part 3

Bob struggles to know how to handle Lionels disclosure. When Helen Kennedy learns of the reason why Lionel left she involved the police. George and Paul take over and talk to Lionel before taking a statement from Peter. Bob however isnít sure Lionel is telling the truth. Claire is worried that Elly doesnít have any friends. Talk diverts to Claireís friends and she asks Elly if she can invite a friend for dinner. Whilst Elly prepares a meal for 6 year olds, Claire has invited Sarah. Chris falls deeper for Leanne leading Lisa to tell him that she has thinks there is something weird about Leanne. Martha and Rhonda give Annie some advice when starts her periods.

E Street Episode 10

Episode 14 - Babysitting Part 4

Lionel confesses that his accusation towards Peter was a lie. He wanted to stay with Bob and thought his account would allow this to happen. Helen Kennedy has to accept she has made bad choices of judgement where Lionel and Peter are concerned. Annie changes her appearance to suit what she thinks men want, however soon decides sheís just going to be her: Chris attempts to get to know Leanne better but is frustrated when she has to leave for work. Leanne confesses to Chris that she is a sex worker, leading their short lived relationship to come to an end. Lisa tells Chris she tried to tell him but couldnít. Bob says goodbye to Lionel who goes to stay in a childrenís home.

E Street Episode 11

Episode 15 - Loyalties Part 1

George meets up with his former police colleague Nev Cook. Nev joins Paul when he attends a domestic incident close by. Nev buys some drinks from the pub before heading to celebrate his retirement. He crashes into a baby in its pram before driving away. The residents of Westside try to save the babies life whilst trying to find the culprit. Nev confesses to George it was he who was driving and asks that he help him out. The conflict causes George to turn to alcohol. Sarah and Lisa help Queenie, a homeless resident of Westside, when the Ernie removes the park bench from outside the pub she has slept on for a while. Meanwhile Elly begins to feel torn over being a working mother.

E Street Episode 12

Episode 16 - Loyalties Part 2

Sarah and Lisa continue to help Queenie. She speaks about her four children and how she doesnít hear from any of them anymore. For that reason she doesnít want a house as thereís no point with no one in it. Sarah and Lisa find her sheltered accommodation which Queenie sabotages. The mayor later comes to her rescue and buys her a new bench which resides outside Patchetts Pacific. Paul works out that Nev was the driver responsible for the hit and run. He confronts Nev who tells him he converted for George early in his career when George was drunk on the job and a child died. When the baby from the hit and run passes away, George tells Nev he canít cover for him any longer. Ernie hosts dinner for the Mayor in order for Pachetts Pacific to host the council lunches. However the council take their lunches elsewhere. George tells Martha how important she is to him.

E Street Episode 13

Episode 17 - Dreaming Part 1

Chris is annoyed when he is overlooked for the lifeguard job, by Colin, someone who evidentially canít swim and who the boss has a vested interest in. Lisa advises Colin to talk to Sarah about the unhealthy advances from his boss. When Colin steps down, Chris is given the job. Bob is interviewed by Jackie, a sociology student. He takes a phonecall from a young mother who is threatening to kill both herself and the baby after she has been evicted by her landlord. With the help of Jackie, Bob and George find her in time. Bob walks Jackie home and there is clearly and attraction between them. Paul and Rhonda have their hopes dashed when they attend an auction. They discuss whether moving out of the city is a better option for them.

E Street Episode 14

Episode 18 - Dreaming Part 2

Bob has dinner with Jackie and her husband. During which a business contact pushes Bobís views to the limit. However it only seems to attract Jackie to him further. George and Paul are later called to the house when Jackie and have a heated argument. George is unhappy to learn that Paul is considering leaving Westside. But Paul feels he and Rhonda may never progress and achieve their dreams on his wage. Sarah gets to know Colin and he mistakes his friendly gestures for flirtation. Jackie runs to Bobs house after an argument with Craig but he turns down her advances.

E Street Episode 15

Episode 19 - Waking Up Part 1

Jackie finds out sheís pregnant and continues to confide in Bob. Elly puts two and two together and realised there is an attraction between Bob and Jackie. She tells Bob he should step back from Jackie on a professional level. Singer Sandra Watson AKA Casey Watts returns to town but is undercover and asks Lisa, Chris and Ernie to hide her from her manager. Rhonda starts teaching English to Italian man Enzo. However he strikes up a relationship with Ernieís sister Lilian. Jackie arrives at Bobís house and asks if she can stay. She says they could spend the night together with no one knowing; Bob says no.

E Street Episode 16

Episode 20 - Waking Up Part 2

Jackie tells Craig sheís pregnant. She thanks Bob for his support and friendship and apologies for crossing the line. Sandra spends time with Lisa and Chris who spend time reminiscing about their childhoods. Sandra performs at Patchetts Pacific however the crowd do not appreciate her gritty song which is far removed from her bubblegum pop image. Bob tells Elly he will be staying away from women moving forward. Lilian and Enzo continue spending time getting to know eachother. She sabotages his interview for a new housemate when she becomes jealous. During another argument, Craig tells Jackie she canít go through with the pregnancy. She stabs him and continues to cook dinner whilst he sits bleeding. Craig calls for help and Elly and George arrive. Jackie is asked to come to the station and runs back into the house before George can get her. Bob manages to get into the house and talk Jackie down.

E Street Episode 17

Episode 21 - The Big Day Part 1

Sarah canít remember her night out when she mixes alcohol with antihistamine. Bin helps her piece her evening together and it transpires she was taken in by Mormons. Enzo proposes to Lillian and she accepts. Local resident Lucky is wrongly accused of stealing bikes, however Sarah finds holes in Georgeís case. Whilst waving hello to Lucky, Elly loses concentration and crashes her car. She leaves a note for the driver however he does not take it well. Itís Marthaís birthday and she plans to have dinner with her son Steven. George feels sidelined as he feels after four years together he should have been introduced to Steven. George arrives at Marthaís and tells her he wants to be a part of her life. Martha confesses that she has spilt Steven and that he consistently lets her down. Steven doesnít arrive until 3:30am and finds George at Marthaís house. Steven is put out that Martha doesnít let him in, after she closes the door she breaks down to George.

E Street Episode 18

Episode 22 - The Big Day Part 2

Bob married Lillian and Enzo in a quick ceremony when they realise each of their families have organised separate receptions to celebrate their wedding. Sarah has a day in court representing cases from the local community. The judge scorns her for being ill prepared. Elly is also in court as the driver whose car she crashed into claims more damages than what she caused. The lawyer David has organised does not arrive, and the judge forces Sarah to represent Elly. Sarah manages to force a confession from the man in question, informing he knew Elly was a Dr and hoped to get more compensation from her. Elly thanks Sarah and the frost between the two seems to be thawing.

E Street Episode 19

Episode 23 - Rags to Riches Part 1

George starts to feel unwell and goes to see Elly. He confesses he has been taking medication purchased from a friend to help him stop drinking. Elly informs him that taking the medication without supervision has caused his illness. He insists he no longer has a drinking problem. Elly tells George sheís always there for him if he needs to talk. Martha asks Lisa to visit Wheels, the friend of Lisaís older brother Sonny. Wheels lost movement in his legs after an accident and is now in a wheelchair. Lisa suggests Lucky move in with Wheels as the squat he lives in. Sarah receives Wheels compensation payment of $35,000.

E Street Episode 20

Episode 24 - Rags to Riches Part 2

Luckyís girlfriend Jill befriends Wheels when she realises how much money he has. She talks him into buying a new car worth $28,000 and soon she pushes Lucky out of the equation. Claire invites her friend James over to stay. Together they invite James father Richard over for dinner and attempt to match make him with Elly. Elly and Richard call their bluff and tell them they will soon be married. Paul and Rhonda receive a phone bill for $200 due to all the reverse phone calls Rhonda has been accepting from her mother in Balina. She buys into a DIY jewellery business to make money however soon realised she has been conned and that she only gets paid on sale of the jewellery she makes. Paul confronts the owner of the scam and makes her repay the money. Wheels and Jill go out and he allows her to place a bet on a horse, which he loses. Jill dumps him in the car and he is left stranded by the roadside. Wheels returns and tells Lucky, Lisa and Chris what happened. Wheels apologises to Lucky and together they take off and leave Westside in Wheelsí new car.

E Street Episode 21

Episode 25 - The Game Part 1

Bob tries to turn some of the girls he is working with into a basketball team. Rhonda agrees to be their coach but is a little surprised but their lacklustre attitude. Bob tries to introduce one of his new probationers Mai, into the team however she is met with a frosty reception due to her ethnicity. Elly looks after a young boy Danny when his Mum has to have an operation. She doesnít trust older brother Mario to look after Danny as heís just been released from prison. Bob asks Ernie if heíll give Mario a job at Patchetts in order for him to get his life back on tracks. However when Mario agrees to take the job his friend Barry asks him to join him in an armed robbery. Chris is cleaning the police station for some extra money when a woman arrives and demands her lock her up as sheís going to kill her partner. Chris ends up getting locked in the cell with her.

E Street Episode 22

Episode 26 - The Game Part 2

Mario receives bad comments from locals at the pub. He loses his temper and smashes a crate full of glasses before walking out. Bob attempts to talk him around however he heads out on the job with Barry. Danny is shot during the crossfire and Mario is taken back into custody. The Wildcats learn more about Maiís past and show a better understanding as they play and win their first game. George worries that the police station may be closed due to cuts in the area.

E Street Episode 23

Episode 27 - Cops Part 1

George and Paul face constant observations to see if the police station can remain open. Davidís girlfriend Amanda arrives at Ellyís looking for David. She tells Elly she is pregnant and hasnít seen David for three weeks. Claire finds a picture in the tabloids which shows David is on holiday with TV Producer Miki Fallon. Claire overhears Elly speaking time Bob about how frustrated is with Davidís lack of support and responsibility. Ernie tried to rent out Lilianís house whilst she is away. He falls victim to child squatters and then Chris sabotages potential renters so that he can stay in the house.

E Street Episode 24

Episode 28 - Cops Part 2

Claire tells Bob she realises Elly doesnít like David and confesses she doesnít either at the moment. She asks Bob if he could be her Dad and Bob explains it doesnít quite work like that, but heíll always be her friend. David returns from his holiday full of gifts for Claire which he asks Elly to pass on for him. Sarah decides to take the tenancy of Lilianís flat. George decides to hand in his resignation when he learns the police station is potentially being sold. Martha and Rhonda round up some support to keep the police station open. Sarah represents a man who loses custody and access to his children. He takes a man hostage at a petrol station, dousing him in petrol and threatening to set light to them. George and Paul arrives on the scene and George swaps places with the hostage. George manages to talk him down and becomes a local hero. It is announced the police station will remain open. David visits Claire. She isnít interested in talking to him and calls him irresponsible. David realises itís a word Elly would have used in Claireís earshot and reprimands Elly for it. Elly and David attempt to talk however it ends in an argument and Claire echos Ellyís sentiment when she tells him to leave.

E Street Episode 25

Episode 29 - Betrayed Part 1

Lisaís Mum Margaret welcomes her boyfriend Sam Bulmer back home; her first relationship since Lisaís Dad died. George tells Martha that he arrested Sam Bulmer for sexual assault of a 15 year old girl some years ago. The case only closed because the girl changed her story on the witness stand as her parents wished to bury the incident. Claire is still upset with David and refuses to go to the beach with him unless Elly joins them. Elly reluctantly agrees. The family day out to a beach which holds romantic memories for Elly and David brings feelings back for Elly and she asks David to stay the night. He rejects her advances and leaves. Sam goes to the pub and makes it clear to Ernie that he cheated on Margaret several times whilst he was away. Sam then reprimands Lisa, accusing her of flirting with Chris and acting like a tart. Whilst Margaret is at work, Sam goes into Lisaís bedroom and tries to touch her. She runs away and tell Chris what has happened. Chris takes Lisa home and together they tell Margaret what happened. Sam denies what happens but Margaret tells him to leave. Sam stays at the pub until the following morning when Chris tells Ernie what happened and Ernie kicks him out. David tells Elly he is still dating TV Producer Miki Fallon and this time heís in love.

E Street Episode 26

Episode 30 - Betrayed Part 2

Margaret takes out her anger over Samís departure in Lisa. Lisa talks to Ernie who tells her stories about how Margaret used to come into the pub when she was younger and be the life and sound of the party. He tells Lisa he was in love with Margaret for a long time. Elly finds it hard to deal with the fact David is in love with Miki and invites him out for lunch. Itís obvious through the lunch that David is besotted with Miki and nothing Elly can say or do can change how he views her. Ernie and Martha both speak to Margaret about how she is treating Lisa. Margaret accuses Lisa of flaunting herself around the house and blames Lisa for what happened. Lisa goes to the pub and asks Ernie if she can rent a room before breaking down in his arms.

E Street Episode 27

Episode 31 - Home Sweet Home Part 1

Lisa is still staying at the pub and doing everything she can to avoid going home and seeing Margaret. Bob is concerned when a homeless pregnant teen turns up at the rectory and runs off before he can find her some accommodation. Bob later finds her and delivers her baby. David plans to take Claire away for the weekend with Miki. Martha encourages Elly to meet Miki before the weekend. Elly invites David and Miki to dinner and spends time planning the perfect meal. Chris goes on strike causing tension between he and Ernie. Lisa tells them they are like a second family to her and she wishes they would stop arguing and appreciate eachother. David and Miki have dinner with Elly and Claire. The evening goes well however the tension is evident. David shows little awareness of how Elly feels and tells her he thinks Miki is the one for him. Claire tells Elly that she doesnít like Miki.

E Street Episode 28

Episode 32 - Home Sweet Home Part 2

George tells Lisa that her dog Tipsy has been biting people and will be out down if sheís not looked after better. Lisa visits Margaret and asks her to look after Tipsy but Margaret says she canít. Lisa takes Tipsy to the police station and is devastated as she hands Tipsy over. Later on Ernie tells Lisa that Tipsy can stay at the pub. Claire doesnít want to go away with David and Miki for the weekend. Elly calls on David for help and he tries to persuade Claire to change her mind. David tells Miki he is going to cancel their weekend and will be spending the weekend with Claire by himself. Elly intervenes and tells Claire she has to go and tells David they canít keep allowing Claire to run their love lives. Bob and Sarah help open a homeless shelter. Martha arrives at Ellyís with a pizza, a bottle of wine and a deck of cards to stop her from feeling lonely.

E Street Episode 29

Episode 33 - Vampires Part 1

Lisa tells Margaret she has been thinking of moving back home. Margaret says it would be awkward as she has asked Sam to come back. Lisa canít believe Margaret is taking him back after what he did to her. The residents of Westside throw Lisa a surprise birthday party. Bob ensures Elly comes out to stop her from staying at home missing Claire. Annie stays with Paul and Rhonda and after an argument runs to the church where someone grabs her in the graveyard. Paul and George find no one there. Bob explains to Rhonda that when Annie was three years old she was left alone by her parents and kidnapped. The trauma of that incident remains. Margaret arrives at Lisaís party, drunk and causes a scene. She tells Bob and Ernie Sam has refused to come back to her and then tells Lisa she has ruined her life and tries to hit her. Ernie stops her and takes her away. Bob and Ernie go to speak to Margaret, she is drinking and canít see her way out of her mess. Lisa visits Margaret and the two reconcile. David takes Claire to the TV studio. She witnesses Miki shouting at her staff. Miki needs a professional woman for her documentary and Claire suggests Elly. Rhonda sees the masked man outside the window of the flat and draws a sketch of him. Annie sees the sketch and says Rhonda must have seen the man too. Rhonda goes to graveyard where her foot becomes stuck, she sees the masked man and tries to run away. She trips and bangs her head on a tombstone; knocking her unconcious.

E Street Episode 30

Episode 34 - Vampires Part 2

Annie is convinced The Shadow Man has Rhonda and takes Paul to the graveyard. They find Rhondaís shoe. Rhonda wakes up with a bad head injury and tries to stay calm to win her abductors trust. George and Paul arrive at the scene and try to defuse the situation. Sam arrives back at Margaretís. She asks him why he changed his mind about coming back. He says he missed her and will put up with any conditions she enforces. Lisa canít believe Margaret has allowed Sam back into the house. She tells Sam that Margaret may have believed his act but she hasnít. Margaret has a change of heart and tells Sam to leave because she doesnít trust him. Elly films the documentary for Miki. They share a drink afterwards and Miki surprises Elly by downplaying her feelings for David and their relationship. David later tells Elly that heís going to ask Miki to marry him. As night draws in, Rhonda has earned her abductors trust. He speaks about the voices in his head and she does her best to get him to walk out of the shed with her. As they leave a bright light is triggered by one of the police officers on the scene, as the abductor reacts the police officers fires a

E Street Episode 31

Episode 35 - Aftermath Part 1

Rhonda is in hospital in a critical condition. Westside waits for news of her condition as Paul keeps a bedside vigil. The pressure on her heart is too much and Rhonda suffers a heart attack and dies. The police officer who shot Rhonda finds solace in George who helps keep him occupied and fights off Miki when she turns up at the station with a TV crew. George gives an interview in his place but ends up forcing Miki out of the station when she manipulates his responses. Sarah and Annie struggle the most to come to terms with Rhondaís death. However they visit Paul at home and offer to cook and clean but are turned away by Paul who says he wants to be alone. Paul trashes his house and then takes his gun in his hand.

E Street Episode 32

Episode 36 - Aftermath Part 2

Bob finds Paul. Heís asleep clutching his gun and tells Bob he wanted to end his life last night. Sarah is grieving for Rhonda and doesnít understand how the officer who shot her has been allowed to return to work so soon. She finds out he was involved in a siege just three months ago and is worried the same thing will happen again. He later resigns and Sarah explains to George her feelings towards losing Rhonda. Annie loses BP; the dog she has befriended. Paul helps her find him and reaches him from an overflowing drain in front of the media crews who have gathered to capture the story. Miki visits Elly and Claire who are waiting for David to collect Claire for their weekend away. David doesnít turn up, and Miki learns from Claire that David plans to propose to her. Miki shares with Elly that her feelings for David may not be reciprocated. Paul speaks to Rhondaís parents who blame him for what happened. He tells George and Martha that he will go to Balina and bury Rhonda there.

E Street Episode 33

Episode 37 - Fishing Part 1

With Claire away for the weekend, Elly hires a boat and invites Bob to go fishing with her. Elly catches a duck instead of a fish and tends to the injured duck which has wore caught around its beak. As the night draws in the boat breaks down and Elly and Bob resign themselves to spending the night on the boat. They discuss their five year friendship, and Elly talks about all the women who would like to be spending a night with Bob on a boat. The two share a moment and kiss, after the pull away they kiss again before being interrupted by a search party. Chris and Lisa throw a birthday party for their friend Heather who is turning 18, despite protestations from her over protective Father. At the party a local man Joseph Parker, who has recently been arrested for indecent exposure, tries to give Heather some flowers and is thrown out of the party. Joseph stumbles past Martha in the middle of the night with a badly cut hand. George and Rick Barton, who is covering in Paulís absence find Heather in the road, thrown from her wheelchair. Elly and Martha soon discover she has been sexually assaulted. Josephís pay packet are found in her bedroom and Heather identifies him as the man who assaulted her. He is later charged with her rape. Sarah questions Bob about his night with Elly. He refuses to give any information to her.

E Street Episode 34

Episode 38 - Fishing Part 2

Sarah is called to represent Joseph in the trial. She soon starts to question the validity of Heatherís disclosure and wonders if the real culprit is someone closer to home. Westside gossip is in full swing regarding Elly and Bobs night on the boat. However despite interrogations from both Sarah and Martha neither are giving anything away. Heathers trial gains interest from both the media and the residents of Westside. Sarah is heavily criticised for representing Joseph and then for suggesting that Heathers father may have been responsible for the assault. After she questions Heather on the stand, Elly criticises Sarah for further traumatising Heather. However during the questioning of her father, Heather can no longer stay quiet and confesses that it has been him who has been sexually abusing her since she was 12. Despite a win, Sarah is distraught at what she has put Heather through. Bob goes to comfort her but Elly intervenes and tells Sarah she did a great job and gave three people the chance of a new life. Elly asks Sarah if she can buy her a drink. Sarah is moved and says she will agree on one condition; that Elly reveals all about her night on the boat with Bob.

E Street Episode 35

Episode 39

Bob and Marthaís soup kitchen is in danger of having its funding cut when Helen Kennedy informs Bob the parish council are not happy with his attitudes. They feel he spends too much time on lost causes. Helen tells Bob he is at risk of being replaced and the main reason is due to the parish council believing he is having an affair with Elly. Bob tells Elly what everyone thinks about them and she announces to a packed lunch that she and Bob spent the night on a boat, shared a kiss and nothing more. Claire is still looking after Howard, the duck Elly and Bob rescued on the boat. Sarah and Martha tell Bob what Elly announced to the pub. Elly clashes with Dr Ben Stewart regarding one of her patients.

E Street Episode 36

Episode 40

Martha continues to house Simone from the soup kitchen. She is unwell and leaves the hospital without receiving appropriate treatment. Elly and George worry about how attached Martha is becoming to her. Chris gets a job as a chauffeur and his first assignment is to look after the mayors son who has just been arrested for drink driving; Elly believes he has an alcohol problem but his father the mayor doesnít believe it. Martha confides in George that when her son Steven was 14 he ran away for a few weeks with his girlfriend and she remembers what a worrying time it was. She says she doesnít want Simone to change the way Stevenís girlfriend did. Ernie buys Chris a car. Comparing Ernie to the mayor and Chris realises what a good relationship he has with Ernie. Elly sees a different side to Ben. He asks her out for a drink and she accepts.

E Street Episode 37

Episode 41

Bob opens up the church for the homeless and allows them to sleep there much to the annoyance of Helen Kennedy. Bob makes it clear to her that the church is for caring and that he will run it the way he sees fit. He tells her he is doing for the other children what Jimmy did for him. Helen says she has no choice but to raise this with the bishop. Ben continues to work long hours at the hospital and to see himself through he takes some pills. Elly tried to get him to eat but he throws the food away and continues to work at high tempo. When Ben says goodbye to Claire the pills fall out of his pocket and onto the floor of Ellyís lounge. She realises he is taking amphetamines.

E Street Episode 38

Episode 42

Ernie, Chris and Lisa organise a talent show to raise some money for a charitable cause. Sarah performs a jazz song which is a hit and even wins round the audience with her saxophone. Lisa performs a tap dance routine. Elly confronts Ben but he tells her he is fine and that no one could do the job he does. Later at the hospital he barricades himself in the storeroom and breaks down in front of Elly. Bob and Martha continue to help the homeless children: Simone returns but plans to go back to street life and tells Martha she doesnít need anything from her anymore. Ben tells Elly heís going to take some time out. They agree they will miss eachother and they what might have been. Ben kisses Elly goodbye. The bishop arrives to watch Bobís Sunday service. The people Bob have been helping arrive in time and fill up the pews, showing a strong sign of support for Bob. As George is by himself at the station Paul walks through the door. He tells George heís been to the flat but couldnít go in. He says everything reminds him of Rhonda and he doesnít know what to do. Chris and Lisa Rudy up after the talent show and Lisa teaches him how to dance. They both feel a bit awkward being so close together and are about to kiss when the phone rings.

E Street Episode 39

Episode 43

Lisa has a part in Helen Kennedyís rendition of The Importance of being Earnest. She meets Aiden, and Irish man who instantly takes an interest in Lisa. Lisa meets Aidenís family but his Dad doesnít improve. Aiden tells Lisa this is due to the trouble in Ireland and that he and his family are hiding a secret. Chris is jealous by all the time Lisa is spending with Aiden and Martha voices that she always thought Lisa and Chris would end up together. She reminds Ernie that Rosie, Chrisí Mum, thought the same. David returns from his three week holiday in Hawaii and instantly upsets Elly by asking her advice on how to propose to Miki. George is given notice on his flat. Both he and Martha briefly consider living together but realise it wouldnít be for the best. Ernie offers George a room at the pub and George accepts.

E Street Episode 40

Episode 44

Claire spends the day with Miki and David. Mikiís house is lavish and Claire gets to ride Thunderbolt, the horse. David proposes to Miki and she accepts. David breaks the news to Elly and tells her he and Miki will be spending more time with Claire now. Elly tried to occupy herself with exercise and helps Bob fend off the advances from Helen Kennedyís niece who signs up to be his housekeeper. Lisa grows closer to Aiden who gets into trouble when he fights a man at the pub who is making unwanted advances towards Lisa. It is revealed that Aiden and his family are on the run as his Dad was given a death sentence. Aidenís older brother was murdered and the family are at risk. Lisa vows to help Aiden. Meanwhile Sarah helps Paul to settle back into life on Westside without Rhonda.

E Street Episode 41

Episode 45

Paul goes to see Elly. He wants some sleeping tablets but Elly doesnít think thatís the answer. Paul says he is hurting so much over Rhondaís death but there are moments where the hurt fades and then he feels guilty for that. Miki invites Elly to lunch so she can see where Claire will be spending some of her time. She takes Bob with her, much to Davidís annoyance. Both David and Miki are intrigued as to whether or not Elly and Bob are together and Elly and Bob take great pleasure in playing along with their innuendos. Aidenís parents are deported to Ireland. His younger siblings remain in Westside due to fears around the danger in Ireland. Lisa supports Aiden and says she will help with the childcare and running of the family home. Aiden tells Lisa he loves her and asks her to marry him. Miki shows Elly Claireís room in her home. Elly tells Bob she is scared that David and Miki are going to take Claire away from her. Martha points out to George that the reason Chris is in a bad mood is because of Lisa and Aiden and guesses that even Chris doesnít know his own feelings for Lisa yet.

E Street Episode 42

Episode 46

David visits Elly at the surgery and tells heís going to pick Claire up a day early for the weekend. Elly refuses and says she is having Claire for the weekend. David storms around to see Bob and says he figures he is responsible for this. Bob says he isnít and says maybe Elly is just fed up with his stream of broken promises. Bob speaks to Elly and says refusing David contact could help any case he makes for custody in the future. Elly tells Bob she is tired of being just the care provider for Claire and wants to have fun with her too, rather than spending each weekend waiting for David to turn up. Lisa is still struggling with her feelings for Aiden. When Chris tries to help she shouts at him and tells him to leave her alone. She later apologises and tells Chris that Aiden has asked her to leave Westside with him and the children. Elly takes Claire ice skating and Paul joins them. Miki later visits Elly and tells her she and David are prepared to take Elly to court to fight for custody of Claire. George is surprised to hear his daughter Alice is coming to Westside for a visit. He tells Ernie itís been years since he saw Alive and that she usually takes her mothers side when it comes to George. Chris goes to see Lisa, she asks why he continues to be kind when she has pushed him away. Chris tell her he loves her.

E Street Episode 43

Episode 47

David and girlfriend Miki Fallon serve Elly with an application for custody of Claire. Bob tells David to drop the application but David refuses, Miki tells Bob to leave and Bob reminds her that Claire isnít her daughter. Miki later tells David that she cannot have children of her own. Lisa and Chris try to talk about Chrisís declaration of love. However when they arrive back at Lisaís house they find Sam has moved back in with Marge. Lisa says she cannot live under the same roof as him. Sarah decides to help Elly with her custody hearing; she tells Elly that David and Miki do have a good case. George is nervous as his daughter Alice, who he hasnít seen for many years, is coming to visit him. He later tells Lisa to be weary of Sam as he has been accused of sexual assaults in the past. Chris asks Lisa if she will marry him.

E Street Episode 44

Episode 48

Claire goes to stay with David and Miki as Sarah think it will help Ellyís case. David leaves Claire with Miki whilst he goes to work. The day is unsuccessful when Miki loses her temper with Claire. Lisa accepts Chrisís proposal. Sarah turns a drunken Sam down when he asks her out on a date Ė he follows her home and watches her as she enters her house. Alice doesnít arrive at the bus depot Ė George and partner Martha are worried about her whereabouts. Martha persuades Elly to join old school friend Gordon on a date. Ellyís enjoyable evening is ruined when David brings Claire home early and walks in on Elly and Gordon kissing. They have a huge row in front of Claire and Elly slaps him when he calls her a tart.

E Street Episode 45

Episode 49

Itís Ellyís 33rd Birthday. Claire makes her a birthday present. David apologises to Claire for rowing with Elly. Elly overhears him telling Claire that he is dropping the custody application. Bob asks Elly if he can take him out for her birthday. She says she has another date with Gordon and asks if he can baby-sit Claire. Bob confesses to Sarah that heís in love with Elly and wants more than just to be her best friend. Chris struggles to find an engagement ring for Lisa, Ernie comes to the rescue and gives Chris his motherís ring. Sam later follows Lisa and Chris as they go on a picnic. Claire notices that Bob is unhappy; she tells him that she thinks he loves Elly. She says sheíd like he and Elly to get married. After their date, Elly tells Gordon she canít take things further with him. Claire tells Elly that she thinks Bob wants to be more than best friends with her.

E Street Episode 45

Episode 50

Sarah and Elly go to a dating agency, strictly for fun purposes. However Elly meets Daniel Windsor, a widowed pilot with four kids. They go for a drink at Patchetts. Sam asks Ernie to keep an eye on Marge as he is going away for a few days. Sam goes back to Sarahís house and keeps watch for her. Lisa helps Paul sort out Rhondaís things. David tells Elly he hasnít dropped the custody application. Bob goes to Sarahís house, she tells him to tell Elly how he feels. Bob decides to take Sarah's advice and goes to Ellyís to declare his love, however as he about to Elly tells him all about the Ďwonderfulí Daniel. Sam breaks into Sarahís house whilst she is sleeping, he goes into her bedroom and suffocates her with a pillow.