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Episodes 101 - 150

E Street Episode 101

Episode 101

Chris and Megan agree to work things out and get through everything together. Simon finds out about Toni and Harley's beach trip when he catches her arriving home in the morning. He promises not to tell on the condition that she his slave for a week. Abby and Vi begin to drag Lisa into their row. Tom's only chance of life is a clinic in Switzerland but the waiting list is long. Jennifer pulls strings and gets him at the top of the waiting list, meaning Elly, Claire and the Windsors are about to move to Switzerland

E Street Episode 102

Episode 102

Alice's night with Paul is a disaster, interruptions mean she doesn't get to declare her feelings. Elly is curious as to how Tom got into the clinic so quickly. Lisa decides to leave the pub and look for another job. Chris is shocked when Megan tells him she is pregnant. Daniel puts his foot down with Toni and Harley and demands Bob's help in stopping them from seeing each other. However Bob doesn't see the harm in Toni and Harley being together. The pressure again gets to Daniel and he goes to see Jennifer, leaving Elly and Toni to question his whereabouts.

E Street Episode 103

Episode 103

Alice asks for Lisa's help in getting Paul alone, so Lisa asks Paul out on behalf of Alice. Paul accepts enthusiastically under the impression that he has a date with Lisa. Lisa relays Paul's great reaction to Alice, leading Alice to get her hopes up. Vi helps Harley scrub up into a suit and she also teaches him some good manners, however it gets him nowhere and Daniel shuts the door in his face. Elly finds out that Jennifer was the mystery behind Tom's clinic place. She asks Daniel where he was the night before and he tells her he was at home. However when Elly runs into Paul he comments that he saw Daniel's car outside Jennifer's house the night before. Elly goes to see Jennifer who confirms her suspicions that Daniel is having an affair.

E Street Episode 104

Episode 104

Elly tells Martha about Daniel's affair, whilst Jennifer tells Daniel that Elly knows. For part of her school project Claire spends the day with George at the police station. Her duties include handcuffing George to the desk and talking to Inspectors on the phone! Bob can't believe Daniel and Jennifer have been having an affair and dismays Jennifer, he tells her how much this has hurt Elly. Jennifer thinks she and Daniel have a future but he tells her it's over between them. Alice plays Paul a song telling him how much she likes him. He tells her that he likes her only as a friend and thought the date was with Lisa and not with her. Toni and Harley split up but Harley cheers up when Bob presents him with the bike - sparkling and brand new. Daniel tries to make amends with Elly but she tells him they are finished for good.

E Street Episode 105

Episode 105

Alice isn't speaking to Lisa because of what happened with Paul. Lisa tries to explain that it's not her fault. Jennifer finds she is not welcome in Westside after news of her and Daniel's affair spreads like wildfire. She decides to leave Westside and stay with her father. Abby and Vi have a cooking competition with Bob and Harley acting as judges - but they declare a draw! Chris and Megan spend some quality time together and he gives her his Mum's ring. Bob lends Elly some support, she tells him and Claire they are not going to Switzerland anymore. Jennifer writes Daniel a farewell letter which makes its way into Toni's hands.

E Street Episode 106

Episode 106

Abby and Vi try to settle their differences over a game of cards. Vi is surprised that Abby knows a thing or two about card games. Lisa gets a new job and Alice starts talking to her again. They settle their differences and celebrate. Megan's mother arrives and causes havoc when she finds out the baby wasn't Chris'. She tells Megan to leave Chris and join she and her father in Europe. It's the day the Windsor's have to leave. Daniel tries once more with Elly but she is adamant they are finished. Toni also wants nothing to do with her father and decides to stay in Westside - Elly agrees she can live with her. As the Windsor's reach the check in gate Toni arrives on the back of Harley's back to say a last minute farewell. Daniel asks Harley to look after Toni and they shake hands.

E Street Episode 107

Episode 107

Bob does his best to cheer up Elly but it seems the last thing she wants to do is talk. David arrives with tickets to a medical school event and persuades Elly to go with him. It appears that once again Bob has a rival for Elly's affections. Lisa leaves the pub and Alice is made manager. Chris makes a great sale but his happiness is shattered when he discovers the Bromley's have put his and Megan's house up for sale. Toni feels lost without her family and tells Harley she can't rush into things. They agree to be just friends.

E Street Episode 108

Episode 108

David sets his sights on getting Elly back and goes to great lengths to impress her. Bob feels left out and begins to wonder where his life is going. He gets in his car and drives, remembering Jimmy as he goes. Claire is missing Tom, Harley helps Toni to cheer her up. Lisa arrives for her first day working at the local paper but gets sacked. It appears the paper is getting a new editor. George forgets Martha's birthday when Detective Harry Haddock tells him Lisa's brother Sonny Bennett is being released from prison.

E Street Episode 109

Episode 109

Kim Talbot arrives as the new editor of the Westside Advocate. Lisa tries to convince Kim to take her on but Kim refuses. George tells Lisa that Sonny is on his way back to Westside. Lisa tells him she hopes Sonny can have a fresh start. David continues to buy Elly gifts in order to win her back. He also arranges for Claire and Toni to leave them alone for a while. Bob visits minister Jack Waterford, an old friend of Jimmy's. Bob tells Jack he thinks it's time for him to leave the church and Westside. Sonny arrives on Lisa's doorstep and makes an instant impression on Alice.

E Street Episode 110

Episode 110

David organises a romantic night with Elly; chocolate, wine and her favourite video. However she sees through his plan and tells him to leave. She's upset he has tried to worm his way back in after what happened with Daniel. Harley is confused about his relationship with Toni. Sonny's arrival worries George especially when he begins to get close to Alice. Kim finally gives Lisa a job at The Advocate. Jack continues to talk to Bob. He tells him to give some of himself to others instead of just watching other people be happy. Through talking to Bob Jack realises that he is in love with Elly, he tells Bob to tell Elly he loves her.

E Street Episode 111

Episode 111

Ernie is experiencing pain in his abdomen, he asks Martha to take a look. Abby overhears the consultation and is convinced that Martha and Ernie are having an affair. Chris and Megan go on a camping trip but find themselves in danger when a snake crawls into Chris's sleeping bag. Bob arrives back in Westside a changed man. He tells Harley he's had a good chat with Jack and things really going to change. He goes to see Elly and they arrange dinner. Bob is all ready to tell Elly he loves her but she scuppers his plans by announcing that she is not interested in men at the moment. Sonny annoys Lisa by not reading one of her articles, things escalate into a row and Sonny screams that he can't read.

E Street Episode 112

Episode 112

Ernie tells Abby that he has a hernia - he and Martha are not having an affair! Lisa and Sonny go to visit Marge in jail. Marge tells Lisa that whilst in prison Sonny has learned to hate - she can see it in his eyes. George tells Bob that Sonny is back in town, they wonder if they should be worried as Sonny threatened to get them both back for putting him in jail 5 years ago. Megan saves Chris from the snake when she hits it over the head with a frying pan! Bob tries once again to tell Elly he loves her but is interrupted by David. As Elly and David make up, Bob takes the hint that Elly isn't meant to know how he feels. Lisa and Alice start writing a serial for the advocate. Sonny meets Harley - the reverend's Son.

E Street Episode 113

Episode 113

Abby and Vi involve Vi's bird Jerome in their feud. Abby takes him from Vi's room and puts him on the balcony, Vi finds him there and takes him out of the cage - leading Abby to believe that he is gone. Sonny confides in Alice about his learning difficulties - he also gets closer to Harley. Everyone fusses around Ernie as he goes into hospital for his hernia operation. Elly get's Toni a date for the school prom with the hottest guy in school

E Street Episode 114

Episode 114

Toni gets dressed up for her date only to find that his looks do not compensate for his boring personality. Sonny robs the local Dehli at gunpoint and uses a naive Harley as the getaway car. It's the day of Chris and Megan's house auction and Paul buys the house. They are at first disappointed and betrayed, until Paul tells them he brought it so they can be his tenants. Elly once again turns David down. New Constable Max Simmons arrives at Westside police station.

E Street Episode 115

Episode 115

Ernie takes advantage of Abby and Vi's bickering by pretending to be sicker than he is. They both run around after him trying to outdo each other. Max's time in Westside doesn't get off to a good start when he offends Martha and arrests David! However he does make a friend in Claire. Sonny tells Toni that Harley has been seeing her school friend Janine. Chris and Megan move back into their house whilst Lisa begins to feel left out with Alice and Sonny. Sonny tells Harley that they need some money; Harley unwittingly gets on the bike and mugs the first person he runs into - Auntie Vi. She is shaken and upset but doesn't know who attacked her. Paul sees Harley and Sonny in the bar with a huge lump of cash.

E Street Episode 116

Episode 116

Harley and Sonny cover up the mugging but Bob, George and Paul question Harley. Max catches a man he believes to be the mugger but Vi won't identify him. Sonny entices Alice by kissing her. David decides he needs a relationship with a bimbo - he finds Leigh at the local aerobics session! Chris, Megan and their friend Pete Mulray decide to start up their own real estate business to compete with the Bromley's. Vi admits to Abby that she is scared after the mugging.

E Street Episode 117

Episode 117

Elly and Bob are curious to meet Leigh and when David organises dinner it appears that Leigh likes Bob more than she likes David! David later tells Elly that he is going to propose to Leigh. Paul and Kim go on a date but Sonny arrives and ruin's a good evening. Chris. Megan and Pete score a deal with local businessman Damian Sharp to build a host of new properties. Sonny takes Toni, Alice and Harley on a car ride and nearly kills them when, high on speed, he nearly crashes into a wall.

E Street Episode 118

Episode 118

Sonny and Harley leave Toni and Alice stranded when Toni refuses to get in a car with Sonny. Elly and Bob fall out over the situation when Elly says Harley should have looked after Toni. It appears that the new properties will be built over a duck pond. Claire and Toni try to gather support to stop it from happening. They find an alliance in Auntie Vi who, on Anzac Day, helps them starts a petition.

E Street Episode 119

Episode 119

Harley gets a tattoo spelling out 'Toni'. She is disgusted as she doesn't like Tatoos! Whilst Lisa and Kim are working at the flat Sonny appears from the toilet with blood gushing from his nose. He has had a bad line of Cocaine and is overdosing. He is rushed to hospital and Lisa is devastated as she was sure he wasn't on drugs. The building work looks set to go ahead so the whole E Street gang gather on the site with banners and protest! However it turns sour when George arrives and threatens to arrest them all. A mass exodus ensues and George ends up in the duck pond whilst the rest of the gang are arrested!

E Street Episode 120

Episode 120

The residents of E Street take hold of the police station! George tries is hardest to make them sign bail forms and leave, but under the following of Auntie Vi everyone seems quite happy to spend the night in the cell! Meanwhile Lisa is finding it hard to believe that Sonny is on drugs and even harder to bring herself to talk to him. David arrives at the police station and demands that Claire be released and returned to school. Slowly, one by one, they leave the police station happy that they've done their piece. But as Claire and Toni take a trip to see the duck pond they find all the ducks have been killed, and Chris is standing at the scene of the crime.

E Street Episode 121

Episode 121

E Street learns that the ducks have died. Chris insists he had no involvement in what happened but it seems barely anyone believes him. He later finds out that Damian caused the ducks death. He and Megan then decide they don't want to do business with such a man and pull out of their deal. However Damian isn't off the hook when Elly and Martha secretly cover his car in water, flour and feathers! Alice and Sonny organise a birthday party at the rectory for Lisa. But when Alice's surprise stripper won't strip the rest of the gang have to strip down to their underwear! Back at the pub and Abby entertains the folk with some sensational singing whilst Sonny begins a fascination with Kim.

E Street Episode 122

Episode 122

Sonny tells Lisa and Alice he is going bush for a while, in order to get clean and get a job. In reality he stays with Kim, who he has talked into helping him with his drug problem. Daniel calls with bad news about Tom; the treatment isn't working meaning his only hope is a bone marrow transplant. After Damian's departure Abby invests in Chris and Megan's business and they become 'Universal Real Estate'. Their new partnership causes some jealously for Auntie Vi. Max tries to involve himself with the community and David gets evicted from Jennifer's flat!

E Street Episode 123

Episode 123

Toni decides she will try and provide a donor for Tom. George asks Bob is Max can stay at the rectory as he is not settled at the pub. Bob agrees and Max is very happy to be part of the family home! Sonny continues to con Kim into believing he is going cold turkey from drugs. His fake sweats and nightmares lure her into his trap and she lets him stay at her house without anyone knowing. Meanwhile Harley starts working for Sonny, transporting cars to and from places - not realising he is actually transporting drugs.

E Street Episode 124

Episode 124

Toni takes the necessary tests in order to become Tom's donor. The pressure is on when Daniel calls to say neither Simon nor Sally were a match. Lisa is overjoyed when she reads in the papers that 'Undercover' are back in town are doing a gig locally. Harley almost gets caught transporting the drugs and Vi is running the pub whilst Abby works at 'Universal Real Estate'. Sonny continues to stay at Kim's and she has no idea how much of an effect she is having on him.

E Street Episode 125

Episode 125

Megan and Abby have a heated confrontation when Abby throws her weight around at 'Univeral Real Estate'. Lisa gets ready to go and see Wheels. When she arrives at the venue she is heartbroken to hear Wheels has ditched 'Undercover' and gone on tour with Jo-Jo in Fiji. Toni's tests prove she is a positive match for Tom. Elly frantically tries to organise her a flight to Switzerland. Max is beginning to annoy Bob by hanging around the rectory all the time and breaking things! Ernie somehow gives half of Westside food poisoning with his food from the bistro. Meanwhile Paul and Kim have their first date, which is ruined by Sonny.<

E Street Episode 126

Episode 126

Lisa parts with her memories of Wheels, tearing up photos and letters and memories of him. Unbeknown to her Wheels has written her a letter, which Sonny has destroyed. Harley manages to get Toni on a flight to Switzerland by getting her a connecting flight instead of a direct one. Sonny overpowers Kim and tries to kiss her, she pushes him away bit he tries once more - in the end she hits him. Sonny goes back to Lisa and Alice whilst David and Paul become Kim's new housemates. Abby finds out that her visa has almost run out - she must marry Ernie or return to America.

E Street Episode 127

Episode 127

Toni leaves for Switzerland without a farewell from Harley, who is doing more jobs for Sonny. The local soccer team 'The Kookas' need a new president. George and Ernie disagree about who should take the honour. Lisa writes a heartfelt letter to Wheels, fabricating the fact that she is loving life and has a new boyfriend. Sonny is still on Kim's case, Paul seems to make things worse when he interferes. Max introduces puppet Constable Care to Westside and Abby proposes to Ernie.

E Street Episode 128

Episode 128

Ernie accepts Abby's proposal unaware of her visa situation. When Megan lets the visa story slip to Auntie Vi, she is determined to prove that Abby is just marrying Ernie to stay in Australia. The community fete takes place at the church. Max's Constable Care act doesn't impress until Claire helps him out with a funky dance routine! David is approached to go back to TV and Alice learns that something may be happening between Sonny and Kim. Sonny and Harley raid The Advocate, when Bob goes to help Kim clear up he finds Harley's Harley Davidson badge on the floor.

E Street Episode 129

Episode 129

Bob turns to Elly for advice on what to do about Harley. Should he tell the police he found Harley's badge at the scene of the crime? David gets ready to go back to TV - but this time he'll be presenting a Rock programme! Elly finds out that Claire has a big crush on a boy. When Claire invites him to dinner, Elly is surprised to learn that it's Max! Elly tells Claire that she can't have Max as a boyfriend. Bob tells George and Paul about Harley, he is arrested and doesn't dob Sonny in. He is locked up in the cells and refuses Bob help of bail. When Ernie hears about Abby's visa he has his doubts about marrying her - leaving Abby to leave Westside.

E Street Episode 130

Episode 130

Harley appears in court for the robbery of The Advocate, he is let off with a fine but wants nothing to do with Bob. David's new show is a disaster. Chris and Megan track down Abby and ask her to return. Ernie convinces Abby that he loves her and wants to marry her no matter what. Abby returns much to the disgust of Auntie Vi. Max explains to Claire that he can't be her boyfriend; they resolve to be good friends. Paul would like to see more of Kim and Sonny begins to plot revenge.

E Street Episode 131

Episode 131

Paul and Kim share a kiss but it doesn't set the fires alight and they resolve to stay mates. Martha runs over Megan's dog patch, leaving them both devastated. Toni returns home and rows with Bob over dobbing Harley in to the police, Elly later explains to Toni that Bob had to do the right thing. Sonny gives Alice a crystal, which makes her once again fall for his charms. Claire begins to get upset over Elly and David's constant bickering. Sonny once again uses Harley as a getaway.

E Street Episode 132

Episode 132

Sonny presents Harley with a car for all his hard work. Bob and Toni aren't sure that it's above board. Elly and David play happy families for Claire's sake. But their sickly sweet attitude towards each other soon annoys Claire who decides she prefers them rowing with each other. After all the coming and going Ernie tells Abby he can't marry her. As Sonny and Alice share a kiss Kim finds that all of her photos have been destroyed.

E Street Episode 133

Episode 133

Sonny plans a weekend way with Alice and Harley. He tells them to load up Harley's new car and he'll meet them near the bridge. As Alice and Harley wait, the police arrive and search them and the car for drugs claiming they've had a tip off. The tip off has come from Sonny who has planted drugs in the van and in Alice's make up bag. Toni and her school friend Janine wag school and get dressed up to go into town. Whilst there they are chatted up by a guy - David! Ernie proposes to Abby - she says no!

E Street Episode 134

Episode 134

Alice and Harley receive bail after being locked in the cells all night. Pretty soon Bob and George realise Sonny has set them up to get revenge on them. However Alice refuses to believe that Sonny would do that to her. Abby finally accepts Ernie's proposal! Lisa's dog Tipsy, who is staying with Kim, has puppies! Elly goes away to look after her sick mother, Bob tells Toni he wishes she were her for him.

E Street Episode 135

Episode 135

Alice goes back to the flat and asks Sonny why he never turned up to meet she and Harley. Sonny denies they ever planned a trip and Alice finally sees he was behind the rugs arrest. Lisa refuses to believe Alice and the pair stop talking. David is upset to learn that no-one has remembered his birthday, he pretends to be sick and is under Elly's nose all day. The E Streeters hold an engagement party for Ernie and Abby, for a while David thinks the party is for him! Bob and George head to the coast to look for Nick, a guy who Sonny used to sell the cars to. Harley stays with Elly and they later surprise David with a birthday cake and presents. Paul and Max go through Sonny's file and Max realise that Sonny's motive for setting Alice and Harley up was to get revenge on Bob and George for sending him to jail all those years ago. They realise that Bob and George could now be in danger. Paul says Kim could also be in danger as Sonny has threatened her in the past. As they head to Kim's place they find Sonny has stripped her and made her swim lengths in the pool. As they shout for Sonny he holds a gun to Kim's head. Paul tries to shoot but gets images in his head of his dead wife Rhonda. Max steps in to fire but Sonny shoots first - sending Max head first into the pool.

E Street Episode 136

Episode 136

Paul and Kim tend to Max and wait for the ambulance to arrive, Max is ok - Sonny shot him in the arm. As news of the attack spreads Harley gets scared and decides to run, Elly tries to talk him out of it but he fleas. Paul tells Lisa she has to believe that Sonny is evil and breaks the news to her that he has attacked Kim and shot Max. Lisa calls Marge and Marge tells her she has to find Sonny before the police do. Lisa goes to their hiding place unaware that Paul is following her. Lisa tells Sonny to give himself up, when Paul arrives Sonny hits her as he think she has set him up. A fight follows between Paul and Sonny as Lisa goes to call Bob and George. They arrive just in time to break the pair up and George arrest Sonny. Lisa goes to see Alice and apologises for Sonny. Bob returns home to find Elly waiting for him - she tells him Harley has gone.

E Street Episode 137

Episode 137

Bob is worried about Harley. Today is the day of his and Alice's bail hearing and he is no-where to be seen. Lisa finds it hard to accept what Sonny has done. As much as she can't condone what he did, she finds it hard to forgive Paul for tracking Sonny done and trying to kill him. Paul admits he acted like a vigilante and decides to quit the force. At the last minute Harley turns up and he is able to report for bail. He and Alice worry about a jail sentence, Sonny may be caught but he still hasn't confessed to setting them up. Sonny's druggie mate Nick arrives at the hospital where Sonny is being treated and injects Sonny with a lethal drug.

E Street Episode 138

Episode 138

Max catches Nick coming out of Sonny's room and realises he is not a doctor. He hits Nick hurting his wounded arm further! Nick is caught and put in the cells, George allows Bob to spend some time with him. Bob breaks Nick into confessing that Sonny set Alice and Harley up on the drugs charge. The residents celebrate Alice and Harley's innocence with a party, during which Abby hands out her wedding invitations. Toni tells Harley she loves him and would stand by him no matter what. Lisa finds it hard to celebrate when Sonny is about to face jail.

E Street Episode 139

Episode 139

Alice pays Sonny a visit. He is now in the cells and his attitude tells Alice that he is ready to end his life. Alice relays this to Lisa but she is reluctant to see him. Toni and Harley decide to go on a date to celebrate their new found relationship, however when Toni gets a pimple the date is of! Judith Rawlings starts work at Universal Real Estate to allow Megan to prepare for the imminent birth. Lisa makes up with Paul and goes to see Sonny. Sonny tries to end his life but fails.

E Street Episode 140

Episode 140

Toni's pimple goes and she and Harley go on their date. They go to a posh restaurant and cause havoc when they ask for chips and coke! Elly and Bob also have dinner but their plans are interrupted by half of Westside asking them for advice. Max asks Alice on a date - she is not keen and dresses up seductively to try and turn him off. Sonny leaves for Newbridge, where he will stay until his trial. Lisa says goodbye to him and tells him to be strong. The local lads try out for The Kookas new season team. David is desperate to make the team but loses out on a place when George and Vi think Bob would be a better player.

E Street Episode 141

Episode 141

The Kookas start their training as David watches from the sidelines. Claire is full of enthusiasm for David's newfound football career, unaware that he hasn't made the team. Elly tells David he must tell Claire he won't be playing. Max surprises everyone by scoring a field goal during training - Auntie Vi is eager to know when he gets his cast of! Alice begins work on a 'Smile File' for The Advocate - snapping the happy folk of Westside! Advocate's chief Sir Angus Sturgess sends his Son Michael to cover Kim's absence. Kim, meanwhile, is bored at home and isn't sure which direction to take next. Max convinces everyone that Alice is a sex maniac - a label she takes non-to kindly to! It appears that Judith is working for Megan's father and is desperate to bring Universal Real Estate to its knees. She kisses Chris and they are seen by Abby who immediately sacks Judith. Judith goes to The Advocate and tells Lisa and Michael that she has been sexually harassed in her workplace. Lisa tells Chris about Judith's allegation and he tells her the real story. Lisa vows to him that the story won't make the press.

E Street Episode 142

Episode 142

Toni and Harley go to great lengths to hide their matching love bites. Elly organises a locum so that she can spend some time with Claire, but when Claire goes out with her friend Elly spends the day with Bob. They discuss their friendship and share a mutual thanks for always being there for each other. They talk about their first kiss on the fishing trip and Elly asks Bob if he ever regretted it. He tells he didn't and they kiss again. They are interrupted by Claire who tells them about Toni and Harley's love bites. They give Toni and Harley a lecture on safe sex. Lisa tells Michael that is the story goes ahead then she'll quit. Lisa and Alice come up with a plan to prove Chris's innocence. Alice follows Judith and realises she is working for Megan's father, she cons Judith into thinking that she herself would like to bring someone down and asks for proof of her work. Judith naively confesses to her set up on Chris and Alice gets it all on tape. Vi has a fall and injures her back, whilst Harley asks Toni to sleep with him.

E Street Episode 143

Episode 143

Alice's 'Smile File' hits the press with a picture of Toni and Harley on the front page! Toni is not impressed as it is of them kissing. It's the day of the enquiry into Max's shooting. George, Paul, Kim and Max are there to give evidence. Max is unsure whether Paul froze or not, George yells him to just tell the facts and to remember that Paul's career is on the line. Max sticks top the cats but Paul tells the court that he did freeze and that it was because of Rhonda. Elly and Bob have lunch, he asks her to join him at the Parish Council Dinner. She gratefully accepts. Lisa and Michael seem to have a mutual attraction and they share a kiss. The Kookas match goes ahead with Ernie, Abby and Vi staying at the pub whilst Alice runs back and forth reporting the score! Toni seeks advice from Alice and Janine about sleeping with Harley. When half of the team get injured, David has to play and scores the winning try! George tells Paul that the enquiry won't harm his career - Paul says he has decided to quit the force. Elly and Toni fall out over Harley, leading Toni to tell Elly that she is ready to sleep with Harley.

E Street Episode 144

Episode 144

Lisa and Michael skip work at the office to sail around the harbour on Michael's yacht. Sir Angus is angry when he finds out and says they should keep their relationship private and professional. David gets a hero's welcome at the pub and can't stop talking about his winning try. Elly tells Bob to talk to Harley about the birds and the bees! She is not happy that Toni plans to sleep with Harley. Paul decides he is going to study Law. He and Kim find an abandoned dog on the harbour - they call him Corrie. Toni is furious that Elly has discusses she and Harley with Bob, she says she'll never trust her again. Alice and Megan start organising Abby's hen night. George lets Martha down when she plans a romantic night in. Bob feels Elly's attitude to sex is old fashioned. She takes it the wrong way when he says they should be honest and open with the kids about sex. Their argument is witnessed by Toni and Harley and Elly tells Bob to forget the parish dinner.

E Street Episode 145

Episode 145

Toni apologises to Elly for involving she and Bob in her problems. Elly and Toni talk and Elly assures Toni that she'll know when the time is right for she and Harley. Kim buys a boat and Paul helps her to fix it up. Ernie organises for Abby's brother Noah to fly from America to Australia for the wedding. He and Abby haven't spoken for a long time and he stays with Martha and George. Megan feels a contraction and Chris panics and involves the whole of Westside in trying to get Megan to hospital - but Elly tells them it's a false alarm. Toni tells Harley that she is ready to sleep with him. She says it feels right. They plan to spend the night together whilst everyone else is at the hen and stag parties. The lads dress up in 70's gear for Ernie's stag night. However the entertainment goes to pot when all of them cancel their booked strippers and Alice swaps their blue movie for a wildlife documentary. Toni begins to feel awkward as she and Harley prepare to sleep together. She tells him it doesn't feel right anymore. Harley doesn't understand, they argue and decide to split up. Whilst the lads go on to a club, Vi puts drunken Ernie on a bus to nowhere!

E Street Episode 146

Episode 146

Ernie wakes up 8 hours away from Westside. He gets off the bus and looks for a way back home. He calls Vi and tells her to tell Abby not to worry - he'll be at the wedding. Vi doesn't pass the message on sending George and Chris into a panic when they can't find Ernie. Vi tells them he is probably already on the boat, so they all head to the wedding venue leaving Ernie stranded. Harley tells Bob he and Toni are finished. Martha tells Abby she made a mistake in misjudging her when she first arrived in E Street. She gives her an old family treasure as part of the 'Something Old'. Max and Kim don't go to the wedding. Max tells Kim it's the anniversary of his mothers death. She was killed in a car crash leaving Max and his brother alone with their violent father. Abby is overwhelmed by Noah's arrival and is happy to see him, but her mood changes when George tells her Ernie isn't on the boat. Ernie manages to hitch a ride and gets back to the pub to change. He makes it on the boat and he and Abby marry. They all realise Vi was behind the bus stunt and make her do the speech at the reception. She is honest and apologises to Ernie and Abby, she says she knows they love each other and wishes them well. Claire tries to get Elly and Bob to talk to each other but she fails. Bob later tells Harley that he is in love with Elly. After the wedding everyone returns home and Martha realises she has a lot in common with Noah.

E Street Episode 147

Episode 147

Claire goes to stay with David's parents, Elly tells him she doesn't want them to spoil Claire like they usually do. He is offended and moans to Paul about Elly. Alice decides she is going to buy a car. Bob books a restaurant to make up with Elly. He can't get through to her as her phone is engaged so he gets Max to deliver a note to her. Elly is not home so Max leaves the note for 'Dr Fielding' at the hospital. Ernie and Abby's honeymoon gets off to a good start when Ernie installs a Jacuzzi in their bedroom! But when Vi accidentally shuts the door on the water pipe there is a flood. A picture of Lisa and Michael at the wedding is published in The Advocate. Sir Angus sees it and summons them to his house. He insults Lisa and she is angry when she finds out Michael set up the picture - she tells him not to use her in the battle with his father. George cancels a night out with Martha to help Alice finds a car. Martha ends up going to the movies with Megan and Noah, whilst George disapproves of Alice's new car. Bob arrives at the restaurant to find David there instead of Elly. Whilst out jogging Max finds Kim on the ground. She has electrocuted herself whilst working on the boat.

E Street Episode 148

Episode 148

Bob and David have dinner together despite the mix up. Later, a drunken David arrives at Elly's house with Bob in tow. Bob explains what happened and Elly says he should have just asked her out face to face. Bob apologises for the row and they become friends again. Elly tells Bob she's missed having him around. Kim escapes with minor burns to her hands. She can't do much leading Paul to rally the troops to work on her boat. George lets Martha down again when he has to go on a course. Noah looks after her and treats her to a cooked meal. They share a kiss. Michael tells Lisa he is quitting The Advocate and leaving town. He thanks her and says she has done a lot for him. Harley' adoptive parents call - Mr Kendrick has had a fall. Claire returns from David's parents. She tells Elly they want to take her to Disneyland.

E Street Episode 149

Episode 149

Betty Kendrick arrives. She tells Harley that she would like him to take over the running of the farm, as Mr. Kendrick can no longer manage. Bob is sad that he may lose Harley but tells him he won't hold him back or try to sway his decision. Elly is not happy about David's parents wanting to take Claire to Disneyland. She tells David that it is unfair that she is left to discipline Claire whilst he gets to treat her. Elly later tells Claire that she can't do to Disneyland. Tom Windsor calls from Switzerland and announces that he is coming to stay for a few days. Lisa, Alice and Toni become 'The Patchettes' - the cheer squad for The Kookas. Alice shows off her newly decorated car - Samantha! Noah tells Abby he is thinking of staying in Australia as he has met someone. He takes Martha out to lunch and tells her he would like to be with her. However when George returns from his course Martha realises she must make a choice.

E Street Episode 150

Episode 150

Elly tells Betty how much Harley has become a part of Westside, and how much he means to Bob, herself, Claire and Toni. Betty tells Elly that Harley has made up his own mind and will join her and Mr Kendrick at the farm. However Harley tells Bob that he has decided to stay in Westside as it has taken him a long time to find Bob and he's not going to let him go again. Tom visits Westside with news of Daniel's new girlfriend. As Noah pushes Martha for an answer, George tells her that things between them are going to change. Martha tells Noah that she can't throw away what she and George have because she does love him. Noah goes back to America leaving Martha alone. Abby realises that something has been going on and she talks to Martha. Martha tells she has to tell George how she really feels. Elly tells Claire she can go to Disneyland and Harley decides to change his surname to Brown and starts calling Bob 'Dad'. Martha tells George that Noah tempted her but she turned him down to stay with him, George is horrified and walks out on her.