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Episodes 151 - 200

E Street Episode 151

Episode 151

Martha calls in sick and tells Elly that George hasn't been home all night. She begins to get worried when Max tells her he hasn't turned up for work. Alice and Max notice that Chris and Megan's business partner Pete Mulray is being a bit heavy handed with his kids. Harley discovers that changing his surname is a huge process, he decides to change it himself and is now known as Harley Brown! Claire leaves for Disneyland leaving Elly distraught! She agrees to have dinner with David, but she, Lisa and Kim find themselves tired of David's pigheadedness and Elly vows to bring him down a peg or two. Toni pays Harley a visit but they fail to be civil to one another. Tom shows Bob the book her wrote whilst he was battling cancer. Bob gives it to Kim for an opinion. Pete calls out Elly when his wife Felicity cuts her hand, their daughter Tess is also hurt. George finally returns home and vows to Martha that he will fight for their love.

E Street Episode 152

Episode 152

George promises Martha romance and she gets it! A horse drawn carriage takes her to work and a romantic lunch dinner is delivered to the surgery! Tom spends the day at The Advocate with Lisa and Kim. Paul suspects that Pete and Felicity are having domestic problems. His suspicions are confirmed when Tess runs to him and tells him her Mum has been hurt. Elly begins her plan to bring David down and asks for Ernie's help. Ernie is more than willing and they take an x-ray of Ernie whilst he has a needle taped to his back. David is worried when he finds Ernie is pain. Toni is upset to find that Harley and Janine are going out. She argues with Janie and Janine calls her 'a professional virgin'. Toni dresses up seductively to woo Harley but things don't go to plan when he laughs at her. Harley and Janine later go out and whilst they are distracted someone steals the Rev Mobile! George holds a party, which Alice perceives as an engagement party, however he just wishes to declare his love for Martha in front of their friends. Elly brings Ernie's x-ray to the party and David is horrified to see that he left a needle inside Ernie after the hernia operation. Kim pays a visit to Elly and tells her that David is so upset he intends to resign from the hospital.

E Street Episode 153

Episode 153

Paul tells George about Felicity, George says he will talk to her. However she tells George to leave her alone. Harley tells Bob that his car was stolen last night. Elly and Ernie panic when David schedules emergency surgery to remove the needle. They confess all to David who says Elly must tells the truth to the hospital administrator, nicknamed 'The Terminator'. Toni visits Harley and says she knows he is only seeing Janine to make her jealous. He tells her that isn't true and says that he actually likes Janine. So Toni asks Max out on a date and he accepts! Lisa and Alice go on a picnic and bump into a hitchhiker - they fail to give him a lift when Samantha won't start. Then, as they are getting ready for the Kookas match they hear that a hitchhiker has been trying to attack women. They are terrified when he turns up on their doorstep and unwittingly invite him in. Elly confesses her joke to the hospital administrator and is furious to find out that David didn't resign, she and Ernie's trick never fooled him. The Kookas win their game thanks to Max, George is worried when Lisa and Alice don't turn up and he goes to their flat. The hitchhiker turns out to be a gardening friend of his. Elly gives Bob a massage and for a moment they get close but are interrupted when Felicity arrives looking for help.

E Street Episode 154

Episode 154

Paul tells George he wants to rejoin the force. George tells him he can rejoin but the powers that be have said he has to start from scratch and start back at Newbridge. David asks Bob if he can have the church hall for a party he is organising for Tom's friends on the cancer ward. Felicity stays at the rectory whilst Pete seeks help from Chris. Megan finds it hard to be a friend to Pete after what he has done to Felicity. Felicity later goes to stay with her sister. Toni tells Max she wants to go out with him but only as friends. Lisa and Kim type up Tom's book in time for the party. Ernie teases Abby and Vi when he finds they have a fear of cockroaches. They pay him back by shutting him in the cellar an exposing him to his fear of the dark. However their plan backfires when they all end up locked in the cellar overnight. Harley takes Janine to the party whilst Toni goes with Max. But Harley see Janine's true colours when she calls the sick children 'freaks' and he dumps her. After the party Toni tries to kiss Max but he shakes her hand!

E Street Episode 155

Episode 155

Alice arrives at the pub and rescues Ernie, Abby & Vi from the cellar. As Tom prepares to go back to Switzerland, Elly begins to fear that Toni may go too. Bob tells Harley that Toni might leave Westside, leading Harley to do some serious thinking. He starts working at The Advocate and confesses to Kim that it was Sonny who trashed the offices and not him. Vi goes to The Royal pub to see how the Kooka's opposition is shaping up. Alice gives Max some tips on how to hold on to Toni, she tells him he should be sensitive. Elly finds a note in Claire's schoolbag from the school. Claire has volunteered Elly to deliver a talk on Healthy Eating to the school committee. The Kooka's final takes place and the E Streeters rally round to give support. Max is injured and taken to hospital - Bob calls for a penalty but it is disallowed. Bob is furious and retaliates, leading The Royals to win the game on a penalty. As the team drown their sorrows Megan goes into labour.

E Street Episode 156

Episode 156

With help from Auntie Vi and David, Megan has a healthy baby girl in the Kooka's dressing room. Max is released from hospital; he is fine bar some bruising! Elly tries her best to get out of the talk as she has a fear of public speaking. She asks David to do it for her but he refuses. Bob tells her she needs a distraction and they visit Chris and Megan's baby in hospital. Elly gets broody but says her child rearing days are over, Bob tells her that she never knows what the future may hold. Whilst Max woos Toni with his sensitivity, Harley takes up boxing in her honour. George invites Harry Haddock to the station and they reminisce over their time at training school. George digs out a slide of Harry dancing on the Superintendent's grave after his funeral; he vows to print it in The Advocate unless Paul is reinstated at Westside station. He agrees! Lisa and Kim play at wild stories for the paper. They make a mock cover announcing that Elvis has been seen in Patchetts Pacific. As they leave the office their deputy sends the mock edition to the printers. Chris and Megan call the baby Rachel Violet, dedicating her middle name to Auntie Vi. Elly's nerves get the better of her and she drinks large amounts of wine as she prepares to address the committee. Her speech is a disaster and she collapses into a fit of giggles. Toni and Max share another date, she tells him he shouldn't try to impress her and should just be himself. They kiss.

E Street Episode 157

Episode 157

Harley challenges George to organise a fight between he and Max. George persuades Max to go up against Harley on behalf of the force. They make Toni the prize. Vi agrees to train Harley so Bob agrees to train Max. Elly feels the effects of her heavy drinking from the night before. She tells Bob how humiliated she felt. Her day worsens as her patients begin to cancel their appointments. She goes to the school to apologise to the headmistress but when she returns she receives a letter summoning her to the medical board on a charge of professional misconduct. Patchetts Pacific and The Advocate hit crisis when the Elvis story hits the press. The Elvis fan club arrive and takeover the pub. Ernie takes advantage of the situation and serves Elvis specials! Alice holds a seance to contact Elvis and is convinced he really is at the pub when she later finds the blue suede shoes on the dining table. Ray, The Royal's publican says he will sew Ernie for false advertising. Paul and Kim give into temptation and fall into bed.

E Street Episode 158

Episode 158

Paul and Kim wake up together and hide the fact from David. Pete goes to Felicity's sister's house and tries to drag Felicity out of the house. George and Paul arrive and take Pete to the station. Ray says he will not sew Ernie, on the condition that Alice can do to The Royal what Elvis has done for Patchetts. So with Abby's help, Alice holds another seance and this time brings Marylyn Monroe to life. Ray is fooled and promises not to sew Ernie as long as her looks after Alice. Elly and Bob begin to council Pete and Felicity, leaving Elly no time to prepare a case for her hearing with the medical board. When she and David go to the medical board. Elly hears that as well as the misconduct charge there is another charge she has to answer to. It appears that the prank she and Ernie played on David is also on the agenda. George tries to fire up some anger in Max, in preparation for his fight with Harley. It works too well when Max hits George, convincing Toni that the fight is a bad idea. Elly returns from the board and awaits her next summons. She tells Bob that it didn't go well and asks if he will go with her when she gets the verdict. Elly returns to the hearing alone and the board begin to deliver their decision, at which point Bob, Pete and Felicity barge in and explain how good a doctor Elly is and how she hadn't prepared a case because she was helping them. Elly is let off but is asked to seek help with her public speaking problem. As she departs the hearing she kisses Bob and he kisses her back.

E Street Episode 159

Episode 159

Claire returns home full of Disneyland stories. Toni decides to make a choice in order to stop the fight but elsewhere Harley and Max raise the stakes and agree that the loser will walk away from Toni. Toni sees Harley and tells him that she loves him. Harley says he will call off the fight if Max does. Claire overhears and tells Max that Toni really loves Harley. David hypnotises Elly in the hope of curing her public speaking problem. Whilst she is under his spell he tells her she will have a growing attraction to whoever says the word 'Bimbo' to her. Kim changes the name of her boat. Paul insists that this is bad luck. Alice cons Ernie into letting her have the day off by telling him she's sick. She joins Lisa, Paul and Kim on the boat trip. Whilst they are sailing Alice is hit by the boom and slightly concussed. Ernie finds out and sacks her for lying to him about being sick. Martha and George offer to look after Rachel whilst Chris and Megan have a night out. But Megan changes her mind at the last minute and refuses to leave Rachel. Elly and David have drinks at the pub, Bob arrives and Elly thanks him for what he did for her at the medical board. Whilst they are talking Bob says 'Bimbo'. David is dumbfounded as he watches Elly fall hopelessly for Bob.

E Street Episode 160

Episode 160

David camps outside Elly's bedroom, in fear that if he lives her side she may take things further with Bob. He tells her he must perform the hypnosis again but Elly is more interested in making a date with Bob. Alice begs Ernie for her job back but he refuses. Abby and Vi go on strike in her honour. Elly and Bob have a daytime date and immediately begin kissing. Bob is confused at Elly's change of heart and asks her what has happened. She is startled and realises that David has done something during the hypnosis. She asks David to redo the hypnosis but this time she remains awake. She hears David tell her that 'Bimbo' will trigger feelings for him - not Bob. After the hypnosis they go to the pub where Elly announces to everyone what a slime ball David is! He makes it up to her by doing her housework. Martha's sister Heather and her children Nikki and Zac arrive in Westside. They are staying for a few days. The fight goes ahead. Max knocks Harley out and wins, however Max knows that Toni's heart lies with Harley and he grants them his blessing. Lisa gets a courts order to testify at Sonny's trial.

E Street Episode 161

Episode 161

Martha and George are thrown into chaos when Heather doesn't return from her shopping trip. Nikki and Zac seem unfazed, making it clear that their mother often disappears for periods of time. The strike at the pub continues with Lisa, Alice, Abby & Vi giving Ernie complicated breakfast orders and unknown cocktail demands. Elly apologises to Bob for the 'Bimbo' incident. He tells her it was a pleasant surprise. Toni and Harley feel bad about how they have treated Max. They arrange a double date with Toni's geeky friend Penelope. However Penelope is not as quiet as she seems and Max is horrified when she comes onto him. Toni apologises to Max and tells him that she really did like him. They agree to stay good mates, along with Harley. Chris falls asleep whilst waiting for a client. Abby tells him to get more sleep. Chris talks to Megan about having a rota system to arrange who gets up for Rachel's night feeds - Megan is angry with him and they argue. Chris walks out on her. Paul and Kim spend the day in bed, but when she starts talking about the future Paul panics and runs out. He tells her he can't get over Rhonda. They agree to be friends and nothing more. Ernie reinstates Alice and agrees to a pay rise for the other workers. They later find out his decision was based on the fact that a food critic is coming to the pub. Alice is disheartened until Lisa tells her that she set up the critic.

E Street Episode 162

Episode 162

After spending the night at the pub, Chris returns home. Megan is furious that he left her to cope alone with Rachel and she chucks him out. Bob, Toni and Harley pay a visit to Harley's adopted parents the Kendricks. Harley tells them that he would like to take Bob's surname. Martha receives a parcel containing Nikki and Zac's birth certificates, passports and other documents. She tells Elly that she thinks Heather has left the children. David helps Ernie and Abby cater for the critic. They serve up great cuisine to everyone who looks smart enough to be a critic. Whilst Lisa is served up bangers and mash by Auntie Vi! Kim tries her hardest to be Paul's friends. He changes his mind and says he would like them to be lovers again. Lisa and Alice pass Chris as he begs Megan to let him in the house. She refuses and Lisa and Alice offer Chris a place to stay. Martha and George tell Nikki and Zac that Heather has sent their things and has terminated the contract on their house. She has left them.

E Street Episode 163

Episode 163

Elly buys a new car and tells Bob she is ready to start dating again. She asks him if he can baby-sit Claire as she has a date. Zac runs away in hope of finding Heather. When Martha and George track him down they tell him they will do their best to be parents to he and Nikki. Alice reveals to Ernie that Lisa was the food critic. He is horrified to find that she didn't have the gourmet meal and sends her a free lunch as a bribe! David finds out about Elly's date and is not happy when he finds she is dating a toy boy! She is dating Dermot, who works in the local video store. Ernie tells Megan he is looking for Chris as he wants to apologise for not letting him stay at the pub. Megan wonders where Chris was if he wasn't at the pub. She confronts Chris and he tells her he stayed at Lisa's. Bob helps Elly get ready for her date. When he meets Dermot he finds it hard to hide his jealousy. Lisa reads Ernie the review she wrote and they celebrate the fact that it shows Patchetts in a good light; Megan interrupts the celebrations and slaps Lisa.

E Street Episode 164

Episode 164

Elly returns home to find Bob asleep on the sofa, still wiped out by the flu. She tells him he can stay the night on the sofa. Ernie and Abby take Megan home and explain what happened at the pub to Chris. The following morning Chris calls Lisa to ask if she's ok. Megan hears the call and is sure Chris and Lisa are having an affair. Lisa visits Sonny in remand. He is beaten and bruised and tells her he won't survive if he is sent down. He tells her to tell the court their childhood is to blame for what he had done. Lisa tells Alice she doesn't know what to do. George and Martha take Nikki and Zac to the beach. Finding themselves bored, Nikki and Zac take George and Marta's clothes as they go for a swim; leading them to drive home half dressed! Dermot sends Elly an endless amount of flowers and asks her to lunch. It's all moving too fast for her and she asks Bob to pretend her is in love with her so that Dermot will give up on her. Bob is so convincing Elly tells him she almost believed him herself. Meanwhile Dermot knows Bob did mean what he said and tells him to tell Elly he's in love with her before someone else does. Kim is offered a job, which would take her away from Westside, she's unsure what to do. Paul is also torn but proposes to Kim; telling her he'll still be here for her when she gets back. She accepts his proposal. Meanwhile Sonny is in his jail cell looking at a picture of Kim.

E Street Episode 165

Episode 165

After Elly tells David to stop interfering in her life, David tells Claire he will be going away for a while. Claire is upset but Elly tells her she's sure David will be back soon. Nikki and Zac are still causing trouble and go to stay with Alice as they believe she is a pushover. Toni and Harley go away to the country for the weekend. Everyone congratulates Paul and Kim on their engagement but the happy event is shadowed by Sonny's trial. George, Paul, Kim and Max take to the stand and testify, whilst Sonny remains cool and collected in the dock. Lisa takes to the stand and tells the court that she can't understand, if Sonny's childhood is to blame for what he has done then why isn't she in the dock beside him, as they shared the same childhood and upbringing. She tells the court it's because she doesn't hate like Sonny hates. Sonny is shocked by Lisa's turnaround and he gets a sentence of 25 years. As Sonny and cellmate Arthur are driven to jail, Sonny stabs the guarding officer with a screwdriver before knocking the driver out. During the fight Sonny is shot in the leg but he and Arthur escape loaded with guns and bullets.

E Street Episode 166

Episode 166

News breaks of Sonny's escape. He and Arthur hide out in Westside, however the folk of E Street are sure he won't return. Abby sees Elly for a medical. She pries into Elly's love life and tells her she thinks she and Bob would make a good couple. Elly says she's only ever seen Bob as a friend; Abby tells her Bob might need some encouragement. Abby later tells Bob that Elly needs some help with Claire as her horse has just died. Bob heads for Elly's and makes Claire feels better. He then asks Elly to accompany him to Paul and Kim's engagement party. Rachel gets sick and Chris and Megan take her to hospital. Toni and Harley's car breaks down forcing them to spend the night in a barn where they sleep together. Nikki and Zac find that Alice is rose then George and Martha and they beg to be returned to them! Sonny gets Arthur to write a letter to Kim, asking her for help and telling her she can write his story for the paper. As the engagement party gets into swing, Kim meets Arthur and he takes her to see Sonny. Before she can speak, Sonny turns the gun on her and shoots her.

E Street Episode 167

Episode 167

The engagement party dissolves when Kim fails to show up. Elly arrives at the hospital to see Rachel. They find out that Rachel has an allergy to cows milk. Elly tells Chris and Megan they have to ease the tension so that Megan is able to breast-feed again. Bob and Max go for a jog and hear screaming in the park. When they rush to the scene they find Kim's body. Within time they realise that Sonny is behind her death and George gets a match on the gun he stole to the bullet that was used on Kim. Paul arrives at the police station and George and Bob break the news to him. He is devastated. Meanwhile Abby is preparing to become an Australian resident and gets some help from Auntie Vi - the good mood is darkened when Max tells them all that Kim has been murdered. Lisa is ashamed to have Sonny as a brother and she tells Paul how sorry he is. George puts a police tail on Paul as he is sure Sonny will make contact with him. Toni and Harley arrive home and Bob tells them both and Elly that they could all be in danger now that Sonny is on the loose. Paul gets a phone call from Sonny. Sonny taunts him over Kim's' death.

E Street Episode 168

Episode 168

Paul is still being tailed and after he fails to tell George that Sonny made contact with him the police step up their operation. Sonny sends Kim's engagement ring back to Paul via Corrie. Paul vows to get Sonny as he identifies Kim's body. Rachel returns from hospital but Megan feels incapable and refuses to look after Rachel. Vi eventually talks her around and Chris and Megan vow to try harder. Martha asks Elly is she will give Nikki a trial as receptionist. She agrees and extends Nikki's trial for an extra day. Elly and Bob tells Harley he should stay at Elly's flat for a while, in case Sonny targets the rectory. He and Toni are delighted! Paul and Sonny agree to meet at the old train yard. As Paul arrives the place is full of cops and they soon realise that Sonny is not going to show up. As they return to the police station they find that Sonny has been there and ram sacked the place. Sonny tells Arthur he is not going to survive much longer due to his leg; he says he plans to take as many people with him from Westside as he can.

E Street Episode 169

Episode 169

Bob buys a new car. It is a heap and keeps breaking down. Zac starts school and makes a friend in school bully Greg. Greg worships Sonny and takes money from the kids including Claire. When Max sees what is going on he asks George and Martha if he can teach Zac and Greg a lesson. He arrests them after school and locks them in the cells. They soon see the error of their ways and realise Sonny is not cool. Paul asks Lisa and Alice if they can mind Corrie whilst he goes to New Zealand for Kim's funeral. Martha arrives home to find one of George's birds in her casserole - Sonny has been there. Harry Haddock tells George that they are thinking of merging Westside station with Newbridge. George tells Max they have to get Sonny before he gets them. Meanwhile everyone celebrates Abby official becoming an Australian resident - they make a toast 'To Us'!

E Street Episode 170

Episode 170

Sonny and Arthur visit Lisa's flat to pick up Sonny's stash of hidden drugs. Whilst there; they take a clock and Rachel's christening invitation. Lisa walks in on them and begs Sonny to give himself up. Lisa calls George and he and Max come close to catching Sonny and Arthur but they get away. Abby wants Ernie to sell the pub; she wants them to enjoy their life together. Chris gets a good price for them and Ernie seriously considers the idea, much to the annoyance of Auntie Vi. Toni and Harley talk about their future and wonder if they should move in together. Chris and Megan ask Alice and Martha to be Rachel's godparents. Paul will be godfather despite not being present at the christening. They gather at the rectory so that Bob can take them through proceedings. George arrives and tells them Sonny has stolen explosives and the christening invite - they ask Chris and Megan to postpone as they think Sonny could be planning something. As the christening meeting goes ahead, Sonny and Arthur are outside the rectory planting a bomb under someone's car. As Martha, George, Alice and Megan drive away we learn that the bomb is beneath Bob's car.

E Street Episode 171

Episode 171

Elly gets a postcard from David; he's still in Rio on his holiday! Vi is upset about the pub being sold - she walks out. George is still positive that Sonny is planning to do something at the christening. As Harley borrows Bob's car, everyone is in danger as he transports Toni, Alice, Vi and Claire backwards and forwards. Vi and Abby argue as Vi believes that Abby wants to split up the family. Abby says that is not what she intends to do and actually wants Vi to move with she and Ernie. Bob and George tell Chris and Megan they have to hold the christening somewhere else so that Sonny doesn't know the venue - they decide to hold it in their home. Max goes to the surgery with a cough; Elly is out and Nikki makes Max strip. When Elly returns she wants to fire Nikki but gives her one last chance on behalf of Martha. Nikki has not learnt her lesson and tells Max his test results are back and he has leprosy. The christening takes place with everyone in attendance. Chris, Megan and Abby are keen to view a property to surprise Ernie. Harley lends them Bob's car and they view the property. As they get back into the car, Chris hears a noise - the bomb explodes with Chris, Megan and Abby inside.

E Street Episode 172

Episode 172

The car is in flames as George and Max arrive at the scene. Max finds the registration plate and recognises that it's Bob's. They go the rectory where they found Harley lent the car to Chris, Megan and Abby. George goes back to the christening where Ernie, Martha and Vi are clearing up - he tells them that Chris, Megan and Abby have been killed. Bob breaks the news to Lisa who doesn't believe Sonny could be capable of such a thing - until he tells her the bomb was planted in his car and was meant for him. Arthur visits Lisa and tells her that Sonny isn't scared of dying and plans to take out half of Westside. They visit Elly and Bob and Lisa asks Bob if he will talk to Sonny. Elly argues with Bob and tells him it's too dangerous. He tells her that E Street is his patch and says he has to protect his people, Elly says E Street is her patch too and says she will go with him. George and Martha tell Nikki of for tricking Max into thinking he had leprosy - they tell her the people of E Street don't need her practical jokes right now. Bob tells Elly he has to tell her something before they see Sonny. He tells her he is in love with her and has been for a long time. She tells him that's good, because she thinks she is in love with him too. They share a kiss before saying goodbye to Claire, Toni and Harley and heading to see Sonny. Sonny is in a bad way and his leg has gangrene. Bob tries to talk him down but Sonny says he's had enough - he's not going to jail, he's not going to kill anymore people, he wants out. He tells Bob to 'watch out for surprises' before jumping to his death. As Elly is shaken by the event, Bob tells her he'll drive her car home. As Elly opens the passenger door she triggers a gunshot and falls to the ground. A trap left for Bob has shot her!

E Street Episode 173

Episode 173

George and Max arrive at the scene of Elly's shooting as she is taken to hospital with Bob by her side. Neurosurgeon Dr Susan Franklin arrives and explains to Bob that Elly's condition is very serious. She tells him they will have to operate and tells Bob there is a chance Elly may not survive. George breaks the news to Martha, Claire, Toni & Harley who immediately rush to the hospital. Lisa and Vi try to talk to Ernie but he says he just wants to be alone with Rachel. He insists that Alice and Vi look after the pub whilst he stays in his room with Rachel. Lisa and Alice return home and find Michael in their apartment. They tell him what has been happening over the last few weeks and Michael is amazed by Lisa's bravery. He tells her that he is only in Westside for a few days as he is taking part in a yacht race. Dr Franklin emerges from theatre and says that Elly's operation went well, however she warns Bob and Martha that Elly's life is still in danger. Bob takes his place at Elly's side and holds her hand.

E Street Episode 174

Episode 174

Bob vows to stay at the hospital until Elly wakes up. He blames himself for the accident. As Claire, Toni and Harley leave the hospital Elly opens her eyes. Dr Franklin allows Bob to stay with her and he tells her once more that he loves her - Elly squeezes his hand - she understands what he saying. Alice holds a cheer up party for Westside. Everyone except Ernie takes part. Alice tries to talk Ernie into coming downstairs but he refuses, wishing to stay upstairs alone with Rachel. Alice tells him he is being selfish and should understand that Auntie Vi has lost her family too. As the party goes ahead Vi reads a poem about how special Rachel is to her, Erne joins her on stage with Rachel in hand and finishes the poem with Vi. Paul returns and Lisa has to tell him about Chris, Megan, Abby and Elly. Michael asks Lisa if she will join him on the yacht race. Confident that Elly is out of danger, Bob drives Claire to stay with David's parents. Meanwhile at the hospital - Elly has a relapse.

E Street Episode 175

Episode 175

Bob returns to Elly's flat and receives a call from the hospital. He rushes to the hospital where Dr Franklin tells him that they have had to operate on Elly again. She tells him to be prepared for Elly to come out of this with cerebral damage, she also tells him to prepare himself for the fact that Elly may not come out of this at all. Paul tells Martha and George he will quit the force and begin to study law again. David returns home and George tells him what has happened to Elly. David arrives at the hospital and tells Bob that he should've never taken Elly to see Sonny. Bob goes back to Elly's and tells Toni and Harley about the operation and David's arrival. Elly's locum Robyn White arrives and Nikki is immediately smitten with him. Bob tells Martha that he feels left out of Elly's life now that David has returned - Martha tells him to stay by Elly's side as she knows Elly cares for him deeply. As David leaves the hospital and Bob arrives - Elly awakes from her coma.

E Street Episode 176

Episode 176

Toni and Janine sit their maths exam - Janine is asked to leave the exam when she is found to be cheating. As Bob and David wait by Elly's side she mutters her first word - Bob. David is unsatisfied with the treatment Elly is receiving and performs his own tests, much to the annoyance of Dr Franklin who tells him to stop interfering. Ernie, Alice and Vi entertain the prospective buyers of the pub in order to carry through Abby's wishes. However they decide not to sell up as Patchetts is full of memories and tradition that Rachel can inherit. Lisa asks Bob if he will perform Sonny's funeral but Bob says he can't. Michael talks to Bob and asks him to bury Sonny for Lisa's sake. Bob agrees and Sonny is laid to rest with just Lisa and Michael present. Lisa says her goodbyes and tells Sonny she is not angry anymore. Nikki is upset when Robyn reveals he has a girlfriend whilst Lisa and Michael depart for the yacht race. Elly is speaking but finding it hard to make sense of things. Dr Franklin tells her that she has a complete right-sided paralysis. Bob feels that Elly needs to know what she is facing and shows her her face in a mirror - Elly is distraught and tells Bob to leave. As he leaves her alone she tears out her drips and pushes herself out of the bed.

E Street Episode 177

Episode 177

The residents of E Street gather for Chris, Megan and Abby's funeral. As they lay them to rest Megan's mother Veronica arrives. At the wake she tells Ernie, Vi, Alice and Paul that she and husband Jonathan would like more to do with Rachel's upbringing. Paul doesn't believe her sob story and thinks she may be after more then just the occasional visit. Harley spots the stolen Rev Mobile! However he has problems getting it back when it appears that an old lady brought it of the thieves for a small price. Harley eventually returns the car to Bob on the condition that Bob take the old lady shopping every Tuesday! Elly apologises to Bob for asking him to leave, he tells her he will help her through this. She decides to start physio but gets frustrated when she can't stand up. Elly's confidence is knocked and Dr Franklin tells Bob that Elly needs to know she is supported and loved. Bob asks Elly if she can remember anything before the accident. It appears she has long-term memories but can't remember that Bob told her he was in love with her. Martha visits Elly and sees how withdrawn she has become. Elly tells her she has no life anymore and wishes she were dead.

E Street Episode 178

Episode 178

Sheridan Sturgess; daughter of Sir Angus and sister of Michael, arrives in Westside to take over The Advocate. She makes an instant impression but throwing her weight around to get Paul a job on the boat yard. Alice is impressed but cynical as to why Sheridan has chosen to live in a suburb like Westside. Dr Franklin tells Bob he will have to hard on Elly in order to force her into not giving up. Bob tells a withdrawn Elly how disappointed he is with her and how he never realised she would be such a coward. Bob's words shock Elly into rejoining her physio programme, but she is shocked when her removed bandages reveal her shaven head. Claire arrives at the hospital and she and Elly speak for the first time since the accident - Claire tells her she will help her get better. Veronica returns to Patchetts and tells Ernie and Vi she wants Rachel full time - they refuse to let Veronica take Rachel away. As Alice and Paul join Sheridan for a drink, their attention turns to the television newsreader who reports that Lisa and Michael's boat has gone missing. Elly reluctantly lets Bob take her home from hospital. He tells her that before the accident he told her loved her and that she told him she thought she was in love with him too. Bob says he knows she doesn't remember but she has to know what happened. Elly asks if he still loves her in spite of the accident - Bob says he does.

E Street Episode 179

Episode 179

Elly begins the long road to recovery with her friends by her side. Claire and Zac re-arrange the house to accommodate Elly, whilst Bob and Martha help with the physio and David runs the surgery. Elly tells Martha that Bob told her he loves her - Martha tells her it's not a surprise and that she thinks Bob is the perfect man for her. Scared that they may lose her to the Bromley's; Vi runs away with Rachel. Ernie is frantic and Paul explains that it won't help their custody battle. Alice finds Vi and persuades her to return. They all agree they have a fight on their hands to keep Rachel. Max runs a lifeguard course at the local poll. Toni and Nikki are among his pupils and are surprised to learn that Max can't actually swim. Nikki teases Max; leading Toni to tell her she'll never fit in at Westside if she doesn't try and make friends. There is still no news on Michael and Lisa leaving Alice to be extremely worried for Lisa's welfare. Bob cooks Elly dinner and tells her he needs to know how she feels about him. She tells him she is confused; she has to get used to dealing with her body before thinking about getting involved with anyone. She asks Bob if his feelings have been clouded by pity, he tells he loves her - that's all.

E Street Episode 180

Episode 180

Nikki receives a letter from her Mum. She fails to tells Zac about it and decides to keep it to herself. She later tells George that she didn't want Zac to be misled by anything Heather sent them. George sees Nikki in a new light and tells her that he is here for her. Lisa and Michael's boat is located but neither of them are found. Ernie and Vi are worried when Rachel falls ill, but David diagnoses croup. They decide to make the pub more baby friendly and ban anyone from smoking - including Auntie Vi! Elly is fed up of everyone treating her like a child - she asks if they could all just leave her alone for one night. Reluctantly they leave her in the house alone, leaving Bob to feel like Elly doesn't want him. Unable to turn the TV on as the plug has been unplugged, Elly tries to get out of bed. She falls and can't get back onto the bed. Distraught and tired she calls Bob for help.

E Street Episode 181

Episode 181

David is put out when he finds that Elly called Bob in her hour of need and not him. Toni celebrates her 17th birthday and Claire insists that she must have a party. Harley doesn't know what to buy Toni as he has no money and enlists the help of Nikki! Lisa is found but there is still no sign of Michael. Sheridan seems to be taking a keen interest in Max. Alice is sure Sheridan is up to something and tells Max to be careful of Sheridan, she also tells Sheridan not to hurt Max. Toni's party goes ahead and Harley presents her with a poem he wrote for her. Elly feels useless when she can't help organise things and then drops the cake. David is hard on her and tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself. Paul tells Ernie and Vi their chances of gaining full custody if Rachel are slim. As Elly settles for bed Claire joins her in her room and tells her she misses them doing things together. She asks when Elly will be better - Elly says soon.

E Street Episode 182

Episode 182

Lisa is finally brought to Westside hospital where her friends pay her a visit. She also receives an unwelcome visit from Sheridan who blames her for Michael's disappearance. Nikki helps Max prepare for a date with Sheridan, however whilst they are getting ready they share a kiss. Max's date arrives and everyone is amused to see him with Sheridan. Bob and Martha take Elly to the pool for some hydrotherapy. Whilst in the pool Elly and Bob get closer and Bob pushes the boundaries when he tries to kiss Elly. David comes to collect her and she tells him that she knows that Bob loves her but isn't sure how he feels for him. David visit Bob and tells him to stop taking advantage of Elly, Bob tells him he has no right to tell him how to treat Elly after how he has treated her in the past. Bob confronts Elly and asks her if she wants him as friend, she says she doesn't know. Ernie and Veronica try to talk things through but end up fighting as Veronica is determine to take Rachel back to England. A lavish dinner arrives for Elly, it appears to be from David. He later arrives in person and presents Elly with an expensive gift. He tells her he has changed and they share a kiss.

E Street Episode 183

Episode 183

Elly wakes up to find David beside her in bed. He tells her he stayed with her because she was having nightmares. Claire comes in with breakfast and is confused to see David with Elly. She confides in Toni and Harley who decide Bob should know what is going on. Harley tells Bob that he thinks Elly and David may be getting back together, forcing Bob to take solace in a bottle of whisky. The 75th anniversary of Patchetts pub is fast approaching and Alice wants to celebrate. Despite Ernie's objections Alice, Paul, Toni, Harley, Nikki & Max begin the search for 'The Tornados'; a band that Ernie loved in the 60's. Auntie's Vi old friend Johnny Little arrives in Westside and stays at the pub. He collapses and David diagnoses him with diabetes. Johnny is keen to wine and dine Auntie Vi! The search for Michael is called off and Sheridan tells Lisa to face the fact he is dead and will never come back to her. Max tells Sheridan he can't see her anymore. Bob arrives at Elly's whilst she is in the bath, he demands to speak to her but David says he can't at this moment. Bob punches David and knocks him to the ground.

E Street Episode 184

Episode 184

David tells Elly the swelling on his mouth comes from a cupboard door. She is not convinced and asks him if it was Bob. When David doesn't deny it Elly calls Bob around and tells him to stop interfering in her life. She tells him if and when she wants a relationship she will let him know. Claire is upset to see them arguing and asks Elly what is happening. Elly tells her that Bob and David both think they are in love with her and she is finding it hard to choose as she loves them both. The Tornados are found and the pub celebrations get underway with everyone in full 60's attire!!! Ernie joins in the celebrations and tries to work out whether Johnny likes Auntie Vi or not! Alice convinces Lisa to come to the party and tells her to phone Sir Angus and ask him to restart the search for Michael. Despite being restarted within a few hours it is called off again when a survivor says that Michael's life ring capsized. Nikki realises her feelings for Max go deeper than just friends and they share a kiss. After Ernie and Vi make a speech about the history of Patchetts the door opens and Elly makes her first public steps since the accident. She is greeted by cheers and a smile from Bob - she smiles back and then turns away.

E Street Episode 185

Episode 185

Despite having made a full recovery, Elly is joined by her Mum Lyn as she comes to Westside to look after her. Elly feels slightly smothered by David and Lyn. Martha and George move into their new home to accommodate for Nikki and Zac. Daniel sends Toni a belated birthday present - money for a car. Harley wants her to buy a sports car but with Alice's advice Toni settles for a small and practical car. Bob sees Claire and Lyn shopping. They tell him he must pay a visit to Elly as they haven't spoken for a while. Bob takes their advice and visits Elly. Relations are tense and all that follows is polite conversation. Bob makes excuses and leaves - Elly tells him he doesn't need to avoid her and asks him not to be a stranger. Bob tells Martha he doesn't think he can go back to being Elly's friend, as he loves her too much.

E Street Episode 186

Episode 186

Lyn seems to be making her stay at Elly's permanent. Elly's Dad later arrives and tells Elly that Lyn has walked out on him. Lyn later tells Elly that she wants a divorce. Harley is upset when Toni asks Alice to help her learn to drive instead of him. Zac tells Claire there is a ghost under the new house - they investigate and find a possum! They do their best to keep it hidden from George. Nikki tries to put her past behind her until her Mum phones and announces she is getting married. Upset and not wanting to tell Zac; Nikki takes to the streets where she meets the Westside Homeboys and leader of the pack - Craig Jones AKA C.J.

E Street Episode 187

Episode 187

Ernie notices Bob is not his usual self and tries to talk to him. Bob tells Ernie he just wants to be left alone and again seeks solace in alcohol. Elly tells David she wants to talk to Bob but doesn't know what to say. After much work and fighting Elly's Mum and Dad are reconciled. They celebrate with dinner at the pub. Whilst there, Elly and David see Bob with another woman - Elly tells David she has lost her best friend. Sheridan invites Lisa and Alice to the house. They are sure that she will announce they are reopening the search for Michael. However when they arrive they find they have walked in to a memorial service for Michael. Nikki takes the day off work to see C.J - George is furious and grounds her - but she later sneaks out to see C.J again. When Lisa and Alice return home they find Michael in their flat.

E Street Episode 188

Episode 188

Lisa and Alice look after Michael until Sheridan arrives; he seems to have no memory but was drawn to their flat. Bob arrives home drunk, causing concern for Toni and Harley. Vi pays Bob a visit and tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself as at least Elly wasn't killed by Sonny like her family were. C.J tries to impress George - he joins them for dinner wearing a suit as part of his act. Claire asks Toni and Harley why Bob hasn't been visiting. They tell her that Elly and Bob aren't getting on too well at the moment. Claire visits Bob and tells him that she is happy Elly and David are getting on better. But she tells him despite loving her Dad she loves him too. Lisa tells Michael that they had an affair and were very close but he doesn't remember her. Janine arrives back in town and tells Nikki to keep her hands of C.J. Bob tells Max that he is leaving the church and Westside. Meanwhile David presents Elly and Claire with tickets for a weekend away - after accepting them they ask David to join them.

E Street Episode 189

Episode 189

Elly starts back at work. Harley asks her if she will talk to Bob as he is planning to leave Westside - she says she will. She speaks to Bob and tells him he is still her best friend. He tells her he can't be her friend as he is in love with her. He tells her he has to leave Westside, she is upset and leaves. David tells Paul that he thinks he and Elly will be back together soon as a couple. Zac gets beaten up on his first day at the new school. He goes to the surgery where Nikki and C.J take care of him. They are caught by George who is upset to learn that Zac got beaten up because he got taken to school in the police car. Lisa and Michael talk some more and Michael realises that he did once have feelings for her. Sheridan arrives and invites them to Sir Angus' birthday party. Throughout the party Sheridan ridicules Lisa and she and Michael prepare to leave. As they are about to depart Sir Angus collapses and is taken to hospital with suspected heart attack. Sheridan tells them it is their fault. David arrives at Elly's with dinner - she asks him if she can just spend the evening with Claire and Toni as she is upset about Bob's impending departure. After David has gone, Bob and Harley arrive. Harley takes the girls outside whilst Bob follows Elly to the kitchen. With no words spoken he kisses her as Claire, Toni and Harley watch from the doorway. Elly pulls away, looks at Bob and kisses him back.

E Street Episode 190

Episode 190

George takes Zac to school on Harley's motorbike - in a hope to impress the bullies. Sheridan visits Sir Angus as he lies critical, and tells him not to worry about anything - she will take over the business. Elly tells Martha that she is in love with Bob - however she doesn't know how to tell David and Claire that she can't go away with them. Alice takes Toni for her driving test, much to the dismay of Harley who wanted to take her himself. Toni passes her test but fails to tell Harley and he has to hear her news from Lisa. Sheridan calls a meeting with The Advocate staff including Lisa, Harley and Michael. She tells them she is shutting the paper down - she also fires several of Sir Angus' friends including Uncle Dick who owes Sir Angus money. Elly tells David that she and Bob are no a couple, she tells he and Claire that she can't go away with them. They take it bad but soon realise that Elly and Bob are meant to be. David presents the couple with the holiday tickets he brought. Furious that Nikki is still seeing CJ; Janine plants cigarettes and alcohol in Zac's school bag to get back at her.

E Street Episode 191

Episode 191

Elly and Bob head off for their romantic holiday, whilst Claire stays with her grandparents. Harley asks Toni to join him at the pub but she says she can't, as she doesn't feel well. David is surprised when he receives a final reminder for his rent. He asks Paul if he paid the money in and Paul he insist he did. David later finds out that Paul hasn't been working at the boat yard and has just been pretending to go to work. David tells him not to worry, as he will pay the rent. Martha and George ground Zac when they find the cigarettes and alcohol that Janine planted. Nikki and CJ are aware that Janine is behind the trick and plan to get her back. Sheridan fires the gardener so that Harley can have his job. Paul visits Toni and helps her with her maths work. They take a break and have fun dancing. Harley arrives and wonders why Toni can have fun with Paul but not him. They have a heated conversation and Toni reveals that she don't want what Harley wants anymore. They decide to call it a day. Sir Angus has another heat attack and dies. Sheridan sheds few tears and continues her plans to take over the business. Elly and Bob arrive at their hotel and spend their first night together. Paul phones Toni in the middle of the night just to hear her voice - she has no idea he is on the other end of the phone.

E Street Episode 192

Episode 192

Elly and Bob continue to enjoy their weekend away - reminiscing about how long it took them to become a couple. Harley starts work for Sheridan - he starts as her gardener but within hours becomes her personal chauffer. Paul takes an instant dislike to CJ when he hears from George that CJ has been spending time with Nikki. Paul also keeps a watchful eye on Toni - worried for her after her split with Harley. Paul later gets dressed in his police uniform and heads out on to the street. David sees him and is concerned about him. George grounds Nikki from seeing CJ and tries to push her closer to Max. Alice visits Toni and sees she's not well. Alice convinces Toni to take a test and to Toni's horror it's positive.

E Street Episode 193

Episode 193

Elly and Bob return home to find Toni unwell. Bob leaves to go to the church and Toni tells Elly she is pregnant. She also tells her she and Harley have split up and that this time it is for good. Tired of having no independence, Nikki and Zac move into the pub. Sheridan demands that Dick pay back the money he owes or provides her with a 50% share in his television station WTV8. Michael moves into Lisa and Alice's flat - unbeknown to Alice. She later finds out and pretends to be happy for Lisa - but secretly she feels left out. Toni tells Harley about the pregnancy and is surprised by his reaction. He is sure they can settle down and make things work where as Toni isn't too sure. Paul looks at his collection of articles; they span from murder and rape victims to murderers and rapists. He goes out again and this time takes his gun. He sees Toni in the churchyard and comforts her when she gets upset about Harley.

E Street Episode 194

Episode 194

Elly tells Toni that will have to tell Daniel about the pregnancy. Toni says she can't and admits to Bob that she wants an abortion. Toni tells Harley how she feels about the baby, but he says he loves her and will marry her. Toni tells him it wouldn't be for the right reasons. David asks Elly to speak to Paul. She tries her hardest but Paul is adamant that he is fine and insists he doesn't need help. Zac goes back to live with George and Martha leaving Nikki alone in the pub. She soon goes back to the house but tells George and Martha they must stop treating she and Zac like a charity case. Harley turns to drink and falls under Sheridan's spell as she comes onto him. Vi tells Lisa that Alice is feeling left out since Michael moved in - Michael tries his best to solve the situation, but only succeeds in becoming the object of Alice's crush. Whilst Elly and Bob are out, Daniel calls Toni - they argue on the phone causing Toni to get stressed. Claire witnesses as Toni collapses to the ground.

E Street Episode 195

Episode 195

Toni is in hospital. She has lost the baby and due to a complication there is also a chance she may not be able to have children in the future. Paul visits Toni and when she tells him the baby was Harleys, he goes to the pub and starts a fight with Harley. Harley is heartbroken when he finds out through Paul that Toni is in hospital. After being pushed away by Toni, Harley goes to see Elly and pleads with her for answers. She tells him he has to give Toni time as she has been through a lot. Ernie and Vi give CJ a trial run at the pub. Sheridan corners Dick's girlfriend Adele and tells her she knows she is having an affair. Adele is horrified when Sheridan says she will keep quiet on the condition that she gets WTV8. Meanwhile when Dick finds out Sir Angus has left Sheridan everything in the will, he tells Michael to contest it - Sir Angus only left everything to Sheridan as he thought Michael was lost at sea. Bob tells Elly he is receiving an award for his services to the community. She wants to join him at the ceremony but they are both apprehensive as to how they will be perceived as a couple. Sheridan pulls the wool over Dick and Adele's eyes and buys their shares in WTV8 - she now owns the station. Paul continues to dislike CJ and tries to start a fight with him, George and Max intervene and place Paul in the cells. Harley visits Toni again. He says despite what has happened he still loves her. Toni tells him the relationship is over - she doesn't love him anymore.

E Street Episode 196

Episode 196

Lisa and Michael begin their search for new jobs. Paul is released and heads to Patchetts where he takes Rachel from her pram. He arrives at the hospital to see Toni and has Rachel in his arms. He tells Toni Rachel is their baby and can make everything better. Toni is immediately alarmed and wants to call Ernie or Vi but Paul locks himself, Toni and Rachel in the hospital room. Ernie and Vi alert George and Max over Rachel's disappearance - they soon find out that Paul was seen with Rachael. Max, who is already at the hospital talks Paul into letting him into the room. Paul demands his gun and Max hands it over - minus the bullets. Max talks Paul round and he breaks down, giving the gun back and letting Toni, Max and Rachel out. Elly and Bob head to the awards ceremony, full of nerves. They are not accepted as a couple and Elly is not favoured by Bob's parishioners. He tells her it doesn't matter as he loves her and that's all that is important. Sheridan appears to be playing games with Harley; at times implying she would like a sexual relationship with him and at others parading her lovers in front of him. George and Max take Paul back to the police station. As Max prepares to lock Paul up, Paul pulls out a gun and turns it on them.

E Street Episode 197

Episode 197

Paul breaks down in front of George and Max and says all he wanted to do was protect Toni. George takes the gun from Paul and once again they lock him in the cells. Unable to provide harsh treatment towards his friend; George takes Paul to his house where David gives Paul a sedative. But as there backs are turned Paul removes the sedative from his mouth and escapes from the window. David later tells George that Paul has been back to the house and taken his police uniform and gun. Elly stays the night at Bob's place. As she leaves the next morning she is seen by Bob's parishioners who once again voice their dislike for her. Toni returns home from hospital and finds it hard to not feel guilt for Paul's behaviour. Alice gets a date with football player Johno. Sheridan is made to host a gardening programme, as she is live on air Paul bursts into the studios and starts a fight with Harley who is one the studio floor. Sheridan asks Paul if he'd like to talk about his problems and soon all of Westside watches as Paul goes live on air with Harley manning the camera. Paul talks about how nothing could stop what happened to Rhonda and Kim and how guilty he feels. Within time George and Max arrive and a chase follows. Paul and Max wrestle over the gun until a shot is fired.

E Street Episode 198

Episode 198

Paul has been shot, but it's a superficial wound and he doesn't require treatment. He is taken back to Westside lock up where George and David trey their best to get any charges against Paul dropped. David is adamant that Paul is mentally unwell and needs help from a hospital - not a jail. Before being taken away Paul tells George how sorry he is for everything and asks George 'where did it all go wrong'. Lisa and Michael are sickened by Sheridan's coverage of Paul's breakdown. Lisa is especially upset that she is exploiting her friend in such a way. Bob is also none to pleased with Harley for filming Paul when he was on thee edge. Elly decides to front the hate campaign against her and turns up for Sunday service at Bob's church. There are whispers and snide comments made by the parishioners as Elly does her best to fit in. Determined to get Paul's story heard Max goes against George's orders and appears on Sheridan's show. But she twists his words holds the police to ransom for what happened to Paul. After a disastrous date with Johno, Alice stays the night at the pub but tells Lisa that she had a night full of passion. Lisa later finds out from Toni that Alice's date did not go well and that she feels left out with Michael living in the flat. Lisa and Michael try to defuse the situation but Michael only succeeds in becoming the object of Alice's crush. Elly admits to Bob that she is worried his parishioners will never accept her. He tells her he has a solution and asks her to marry him.

E Street Episode 199

Episode 199

Rachel has gone to stay with Megan's parents overseas. Ernie and Vi are devastated but assure themselves it's only for a short whiles. But despite positive attitude, Ernie feels that Rachel won't come back to him. He admits defeat and starts clearing out her things. CJ and his sister Maureen's son Tim play at wrestling. Tim hurts himself and Maureen's husband Dan, tells CJ to leave the house - he doesn't want him around anymore. CJ moves into the pub where Nikki and Zac help him settle in. Lisa gets a new job - promoting a fast food restaurant. The job involves her dressing up as a burger and she tells Alice that not only is this job bad but now she has to face the fact that Alice is in love with Michael. Elly accepts Bob's proposal of marriage and Westside hold celebrations. Bob arrives late at the party to announce that the church is booked for 5 weeks time. Everyone congratulates the couple except David - who stands aside.

E Street Episode 200

Episode 200

Ernie tells George that he feels there is nothing left in Westside for him anymore. George later finds a letter and hands it to Vi. She reads it out in front of George, Alice and Max and reveals that Ernie has left Westside to go to England and be with Rachel. His letter asks Max to look after Alice and Vi and tells everyone that he has to do this for him and Rachel. Vi is distraught. Sheridan offers Michael a job, but he says he will only accept it if she gives Lisa a job too. Lisa later loses her job as a 'hamburger' after she talks back to some of the customers. Alice tells Lisa she is not in love with Lisa and would never do that to her. Tim goes missing after CJ tells him he can't see him anymore. Dan fights with CJ and assumes that he has something to do with Tim's disappearance. When Tim is found locked in a cupboard Dan apologises but CJ decides to stay at the pub. Elly and Bob make plans for the wedding and he presents her with an engagement ring. They are still facing backlash from the church and decide to call in Jack Waterford to perform their wedding ceremony. However he tells the both they have to seek the Bishop's approval before they marry. Harley is desperate for the cameraman job and tells Sheridan he can do it. She tells him if he wants the job then he has to undress.