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Episodes 251 - 300

E Street Episode 251

Episode 251

After the phone call Virginia sends Steven home and later tells him that she feels she has betrayed her husband and child. Steven comments that Rod left her and took Danny with him. He asks how much more she feels she owes Rod. Claire tells Bob that Elly is arriving back in Westside tomorrow. She tells him David won't be coming and stresses that now Elly is back things can be like they were before. Martha is overjoyed to hear of Elly's returns and she and Virginia discuss whether Elly and Bob will at least be able to be friends again. Virginia says she's not sure as she has spoken to Bob who has told her he'll never stop loving Elly. Martha tells Virginia she has a right to be happy with Steven. Virginia later tells Steven she would like to see more of him. Sheridan wants to get to know Wheels and pretends something is wrong with her car in order for him to look at it. Whilst they are test-driving the car Wheels is challenged to a race with a youth and as he races to the finish line he blows up Sheridan's car! The record company change Toni's image and she is devastated when her friends laugh at her. She wonders if she's cut out for the industry. Sheridan baby-sits Claire and is haunted when Claire sings a lullaby before going to bed. Sheridan later has a nightmare, which sees herself running through the forest to escape a man in a black cape.

E Street Episode 252

Episode 252

Bob and Claire make their way to the airport to meet Elly. Bob is nervous but Claire assures him that Elly will be pleased to see him. The reunion is not as hoped when Elly has little to say to Bob and is keen to get back to see her friends. She arrives home to a homecoming party and vows never to leave Westside again. After catching up on the gossip and giving out presents Elly finds herself alone with Bob and he pries her for information on David. She snaps at him and tells him that David has been a very good friend to her. As Bob prepares to leave the party Elly stops him and they decide they need to talk. Bob asks her to meet him at the church later in the afternoon. Toni tells the record company that she doesn't want to change herself nor her image and she tells them to stick their record deal. Sheridan becomes increasingly jumpy when Steven is around and becomes even more suspicious of him when Clare tells her it was Steven who taught her the lullaby. Sheridan tells Virginia that she should stop seeing Steven as she feels there is something not right about him. Steven is horrified to hear that Sheridan has been asking questions about him and he asks her what her problem is - she tells him to stay away from her and leaves the party in a state. Elly and Bob talk and discuss their feelings towards what happened with Dylan. Bob tells Elly he will never be able to make up for what he did but tells her he has learned from what happened. He says he has no way of proving it apart from to tell her that he still loves her. Elly tells him she has wondered for a long time whether she could have prevented their relationship from ending and she admits she has come back to Westside to find out if they are really over. Bob asks her if they are and she says no, however she wants to take things slowly. They kiss and Elly tells Bob that she has really missed him.

E Street Episode 253

Episode 253

Sheridan asks Lisa to collect a book of nursery rhymes from her house. When she receives the book she finds the lullaby that has been haunting her and changes the lyrics to fit the version that Claire sung to her. CJ gets Toni and Joey a gig at the Jackson Flats club, however they have no band. After open auditions turn out numerous no hoppers, Joey rounds up some old friends and the band is finally formed. Sheridan experiences clear images of a children's birthday party. The birthday girl is Becky Campbell and the lullaby plays throughout her flashbacks. Sheridan later asks Lisa to find out as much as she can on Becky Campbell. Lisa enlists the help of Martha who instantly says that name rings a bell. After trawling through the medical records Becky's files is found and Lisa returns it to Sheridan with some extra information from Martha. It appears Becky was murdered when she was six years old. Elly and Bob go to the movies together and on the way home Elly trips and falls into Bob's arms, leading them to kiss. Steven notices Virginia is distancing herself from him and when he asks her why she tells him that once again Sheridan has told her to be careful of him. Steven visits Sheridan at WTV8 and warns her to stay out of his life. Later that evening whilst she is alone in her office Sheridan receives a phone call, a man is singing the lullaby to her down the phone.

E Street Episode 254

Episode 254

Wheels arrives at WTV8 to return Sheridan's car keys. He finds her asleep in her office and is curious when she awakes with a start. She tells him about the nightmares she is experiencing and explains they revolve around the birthday party of Becky Campbell. She tells him she doesn't understand why she is reaming about a person that once existed when she didn't even know Becky. She also tells him tat she feels Steven Richardson is connected. Desperate to put her mid at ease, Sheridan calls George and asks him for information on Becky's murder. He tells her that a fairground worker named Rex Anderson was charged of Becky's murder and released 10 years ago. Sheridan is keen to know where Rex is now and explains to George that in her dreams the man who killed Becky had his face pained black and silver. The band is now formed and call themselves The Liquidators. Elly tells Virginia that when she was away she tried not to allow herself to think about Bob, however now she is back she has realised she never fell out of love with him. She later visits Bob and they are seen kissing by some if his parishioners. Elly backs away but Bob assures her that this time everything will be easier. Virginia tells Elly she has decided to go back to Melbourne and look for Rod and Danny. When she tells Steven he is visibly hurt and tells Virginia she will never understand how much she has hurt him. As Virginia travels to Melbourne Steven pulls alongside her and asks her to go back to his house for a coffee. She reluctantly agrees and whilst they are at Steven's house he explains to her how crushed he is that she doesn't love him as much as he loves her. Feeling anxious Virginia makes her way to the door - however when she turns the handle she realises Steven has locked them in. They continue to talk and Virginia assures Steven that it was her problem their relationship didn't work not his. As Steven grows more and more tense Virginia says she is frightened and again gets up to leave - however Steven is right behind her and he grabs her strongly around t ye neck. As he pulls at her a jewellery box falls to the round, as it opens it plays the lullaby that has been haunting Sheridan. Steven drives to the forest and removes Virginia's dead body from his car boot; he then buries her in the forest and says that this is all Sheridan's fault. As night falls Sheridan prepares to spend another night I her office and falls asleep on the couch. When she wakes in the night she is met by a man staring into her eyes, with half his face painted back and the other half silver.

E Street Episode 255

Episode 255

Sheridan is found out cold by the WTV8 security guard. Michael is informed and he and Elly are called to the scene. Sheridan is shaking and extremely scared, Elly gives her a sedative to calm her but Sheridan can only speak of the man who was in front of her. Lisa and Michael are at a loss and have no idea what has spooked Sheridan as the security guard said he searched the studios and found no evidence of an intruder. In order to ensure Sheridan's safety; Elly lets Lisa and Michael take Sheridan to the old Windsor house where she can be sure that no-one will no where she is. Michael realises Sheridan's state of mind is connected to Becky Campbell and tries to figure out why it is causing Sheridan such fear. Despite Elly and Martha suggesting Sheridan may be having a breakdown, Michael begins his own research on the Becky Campbell case. When he finds that Rex Anderson was released from prison he asks George for help in tracking him down. By chance Rex is found in Newbridge hospital where he admitted himself the night before. Michael presses Rex for information on Becky and Rex tells Michael that he never killed her. He signed a confession after he was beaten by the police and made to. He tells Michael all he remembers from that night was a man - with his face painted. Lisa suggests to Sheridan that she have hypnosis. Sheridan agrees and Elly puts her under. During the hypnosis Sheridan reveals that her nanny Maggie used to take her out to places where her parents wouldn't let her go. She reveals that her best friend was Becky Campbell and she was a guest at Becky's 6th birthday party. Meanwhile The Liquidators are looking forward to their gig and CJ manages to get them some top of the range equipment from a girl called Louie. Max is immediately suspicious of the knock down prices and goes to investigate the warehouse where Louie operates. Wheels also recognises Louie as a girl who conned him whilst he was in Undercover. Wheels and Joey make their way to the warehouse and together with Max they catch Louie and her sidekicks. In reward for the work the warehouse managers give them some legit gear for the band. Elly and Bob are surprised they have not heard from Virginia and ask Steven if he has heard anything. Steven says he too has not received a call from Virginia and he later goes through Virginia's possessions and car, which are stored in his garage. In a bid to cheer Steven up, Elly invites him to dinner. During dinner Elly mentions to Bob that Sheridan is staying at the Windsor house; a comment that prompts Steven to make excuses and leave. Back at the Windsor house Sheridan answers the door to a man with his face painted - half white and half black.

E Street Episode 256

Episode 256

Lisa is woken by Sheridan's screams and confronts the man. He is from the local fair and is in fancy dress. He apologises and leaves, leaving Lisa to calm down an erratic Sheridan. When Michael arrives home Sheridan is convinced that the man at the door is the man in her dream and Elly is called to give Sheridan a sedative. Steven digs up a box from his garden, it contains a doll with its face painted half black and half silver. Steven talks to the doll and tells it he needs its help again like he did when he was a child. Alice is frustrated at work when CJ and Mary stop her from doing heavy duties. She tries to prove that despite being pregnant, she is still capable of her job and in the process she faints. She is taken to hospital where Elly tells her this is her body's way of telling her she has to slow down. Alice realises how much her life will change once the baby arrives and worries that she hasn't thought through motherhood. Max, Nikki, CJ and Mary visit her at the hospital and assure they will help with the baby. Mary also tells Alice that from now on she can do the bookwork at the pub whilst she and CJ manage the bar. Lisa tells Michael about Sheridan's hypnosis and he remembers Maggie. He goes to visit her and asks her what she knows about Becky Campbell. Maggie explains that Sheridan was always scared of their parents fighting and so Maggie would take her back to her house and let her play with the local children. She says it give Sheridan happiness and took away from her parents arguments. Maggie says that Becky Campbell was Sheridan's very best friend and she is sure that Sheridan witnessed her murder. Steven visits Sheridan and is let in by Lisa, however Sheridan immediately tells him to leave. Sheridan asks Elly to put her under hypnosis once more so she can go back to the party. Sheridan's flashbacks show Becky running into the forest at her birthday party, she is stopped when the man with the painted face jumps from a tree and lands beside her. Sheridan follows Becky into the forest where she sees the painted man carrying Becky's lifeless body.

E Street Episode 257

Episode 257

Michael does some further research on Steven. He finds that Steven's mother is in hospital and he visits her disguising as Steven's friend. During their conversation Steven's mother refers to him as a 'bad boy' and asks Michael if 'Mr Bad' is back. Before Michael can get any further information, Steven arrives and tells Michael to leave his mother alone. Elly, Martha, Mary and Alice are making sweets for the church fete. However the day quickly descends when they drink the rum for the rum balls and revolve their conversations around men! They discuss Bob in particular and comment on how he should ask Elly to marry him, as he should realise she wants to be asked. When Bob arrives Elly, Martha and Mary are drunk and whilst Toni, Alice and Nikki help Martha and Mary home - Bob is left alone with Elly. She drunkenly tells him how hurt she is that he doesn't want to commit to her and before passing out she asks Bob to marry her. It becomes increasingly obvious that Steven was beaten and abused by his mother as a child, and when she questions him about the return of his 'evil ways' Steven puts extra tablets in her drink. She later has a cardiac arrest and dies. After a shower Sheridan sees an image of the painted man in the bathroom mirror, when she comments to Michael that the man is Mr Bad Michael heads straight to Steven's house. He sees him burning things and is sure he has seen some of Virginia's possessions among the ashes. He makes further enquiries and finds out that Virginia's surgery in Melbourne haven't heard from her since before she left Westside. Steven talks to his doll and tells him that Sheridan is going to pay for making him bad again. During the night Sheridan wakes up and goes into the kitchen, when she returns to her bedroom she shuts the window and places her dressing gown in the wardrobe. As she shuts her wardrobe door Mr Bad stands behind the wardrobe in full attire.

E Street Episode 258

Episode 258

Steven is in Sheridan's bedroom dressed as Mr Bad. When she asks him who he is he replies 'Your Past, Your Present, Your Nightmare'. He asks her to touch him in order to make her nightmare real. She wipes her hand across his face, smudging his make up - she then wipes her hand on her face. The following morning Lisa and Michael are surprised to find Sheridan up and dressed. She tells them she feels like she has just come back from the dead. She says the last few weeks have been a reaction to Harley and notes that she feels bad about how she has treated Steven. She asks Michael to invite Steven to dinner that night. Elly and Martha are hung-over from the day before when Bob arrives at Elly's and presents her with flowers and a simple 'yes'. After talking things over with Martha, Elly fears that whilst she was drunk she may have proposed to Bob. Bob later confronts Elly and says he doesn't want to know if she remembers the proposal, he just wants to know if she meant it. When Elly says she did, Bob gets down on one knee and once again asks for Elly's hand in marriage. When she accepts he presents her with a new ring and tells her how much he loves her. The Liquidators first gig is brought forward leaving them looking for a mixer. Wheels refuses the gig and so CJ hatches a plan. Joey challenges Wheels to a game of pool with $100 as the loot money. As Wheels is about to pot the winning shot CJ sets up a beauty to walk past the table in order to distract Wheels. The plan works and Wheels loses the game - seeing as he can't pay the $100 CJ says he can do the gig, with the mixers wages paying off the bet. Sheridan's goes to a lot of trouble organising the dinner. Throughout the evening she and Steven make eyes at each other and Michael is left wondering what has caused Sheridan's turnaround. When he questions Steven about Virginia's whereabouts Sheridan throws him out, leaving her alone with Steven. The Liquidators gig is a disaster when Toni can't control the crowd and gets things thrown at her. Saviour comes in the shape of Jo-Jo who is in the audience. She takes the stage and fronts the band with a performance that goes down a storm. After the gig Toni quits the band leaving the lead singer spot open for Jo-Jo - she joins the band. Sheridan and Steven kiss and fall into the bed, she sleeps in his arms as he sings her the lullaby.

E Street Episode 259

Episode 259

Michael wonders what has caused Sheridan to suddenly fall in love with Steven. Jo-Jo arrives at Joey's place and assumes she will be staying there with he and Wheels. However Joey isn't too keen and demands she leave. No sooner has she gone he and Wheels feel guilty and they invite Jo-Jo to live with them. CJ receives a note from someone asking him to meet them in the park. When he arrives he is greeted by a toddler in a pushchair carrying a note. The note is addressed to CJ informing him that he is the father of the little boy. CJ secretly takes him to the pub and hides in his room pretending he is sick. He only confides in Max who is shocked to learn CJ has a child. When Steven finds that Sheridan hasn't changed their bed shapes he turns on her and tells her how useless she is. He later tells her that now she has learnt from her mistake she can have a treat - a dinner party with Elly and Bob. Michael voices his concerns over Virginia to Elly. Elly is not convinced and Michael asks her to witness Sheridan's behaviour for herself when they have dinner. Dinner goes ahead and gets off to a bad start when Elly is allergic to the appetisers that Sheridan has made. Steven takes Sheridan to one side and tells her she has made another mistake and reminds her how useless she is. Elly talks to Sheridan about Steven and asks if everything is ok between them, Sheridan replies that she has never been so happy. Lisa becomes upset over Michael's obsession with Steven and she tells him to rest his case as she can see there is nothing wrong with Steven. Michael won't give up leading Lisa to walk out on him. After learning Virginia's bank account hasn't been touched for 3 weeks, Michael goes to Steven's house where he breaks into his garage and finds Virginia's car. As he looks for more of her possessions he is interrupted - by Steven.

E Street Episode 260

Episode 260

Michael asks Steven where Virginia is and Steven says he doesn't know. He says she has left her car in his garage for safekeeping. Michael knows Steven is lying and moves towards the garage door in order to call the police. At which point Steven picks up a shovel and follows Michael around the side of the car. As Michael makes a run for it Steven hits Michael over the head and leaves him in the back of Virginia's car. Steven returns to the dinner party where he makes excuses for having been so long. Jo-Jo takes money from Wheels and Joey's rent box to in order to buy herself a new bed. The guys are furious until the bed is delivered with a wad of cash in the mattress. Desperate to double the money Jo-Jo bets it all on a game of pool but ends up losing all the cash - leaving Wheels and Joey with no rent money. CJ nicknames the baby Squirt and tells Toni and Alice that he is a father. Michael wakes up in the car and crawls to the ground. He tries to get away bit is stopped by Steven who takes him to the forest and buries him alongside Virginia. Lisa is worried about Michael's whereabouts and wonders if he may have been right about Steven. However Alice is sure that Michael is just sending a few days on the boat. Unconvinced Lisa goes to Steven's house where she finds Michael's wallet on Steven's drive. She voices her concerns to George and they both pay a visit to Steven. George tells him he would like to search his garage.

E Street Episode 261

Episode 261

George opens Steven's garage. Virginia's car has gone. George finds no clues to anything suspicious behaviour and tells Lisa they must leave as they have caused Steven enough bother. Lisa remains sure that Steven has something to do with Michael's disappearance. Alice and Max decide they have to find Squirt's mother. However CJ doesn't have a clue who she is and can only draw up a list of women he slept with 18 months ago. Steven tells Sheridan he doesn't have to be with her and needs a woman who is bright and beautiful. Sheridan gets herself dressed up and heads back to work at WTV8. Steven immediately follows her there and tells her to return to the home where she should be. Sheridan's departure leaves Toni to deal with a commercial that is supposed to being filmed. The director needs a band and so Toni calls on The Liquidators. They agree to perform but soon find themselves performing in their nightclothes with inflatable guitars and microphones. Despite the humiliation they do earn $500. Elly and Sheridan go shopping. Whilst deciding what to cook Steven for dinner Sheridan has a crisis and breaks down in the shops. Elly takes her home and Sheridan begs her not to tell Steven what happened. Whilst The Liquidators celebrate their gig someone takes the Wheels from their van - it appears t will cost the money they earned to replace them! Mary walks into CJ's room and finds him with Squirt - she vows to help out as much as she can. Meanwhile at the forest the earth on Michael's 'grave' begins to move. Slowly a moving hand emerges from the grave - it's Michael's - he's alive.

E Street Episode 262

Episode 262

Michael is found by a bushman and taken back to his forest hideout. He cleans Michael and gives him food but refuses to take Michael back to the road. Michael begs him and says he has to get back to the city as his sister is in danger. Jo-Jo makes an announcement in Patchetts - she has got the band a gig at The Royal! They will play 3 nights a week, have access to the bar and a good wage. Mary is not happy and tells Jo-Jo that she'll lose all her customers to The Royal. Destined to do the best for Patchetts Mary tells the band they can play at Patchetts if they give up The Royal agree. The band agrees and Jo-Jo quietly admits that there never was a gig at The Royal - she made it up to get Mary to employ them. Steven leaves Sheridan and puts an idea in her head that he is having an affair with Lisa. Sheridan is distraught and takes a huge amount of pills. Elly and Bob announce their engagement and the celebrations get underway at Patchetts. Steven joins them but is interrupted by a call from Sheridan. She tells him she has taken pills and asks him to come home - however he tells her to put the phone down and 'get on with it'. Michael convinces the man to take him back to road where he will hitchhike back to Westside. The man does so and Michael is left looking for a ride home. Steven returns home to Sheridan and finds her slumped in the shower. He puts her on the bed and watches her slip unconscious. He also unplugs the phone so she can not phone for help. As Sheridan lies unconscious Steven paints himself as Mr Bad and talks to Sheridan. He tells her that when he saw her at Virginia's he knew she was the little girl who had been with Becky. He says that he brought out what was in her soul and says that they are part of each other. Michael sees an injured duck in the middle of the road; he bends down to pick it up and is hit by an oncoming truck.

E Street Episode 263

Episode 263

Still worried about Michael, Lisa goes to Sheridan's house to see if she has any information. When she arrives she finds Sheridan on the sofa with the bottle of pills resting in her hand. When Lisa can't wake Sheridan she walks towards the phone and is met by Steven. He pretends he has just arrived home and the two rush Sheridan to hospital. As Sheridan arrives at the hospital she stops breathing and the team battle to resuscitate her. Throughout the ordeal Lisa and Steven remain at her side until she starts breathing again and regains consciousness. Claire does her best to get out of going to school and Elly is unsure why. During the day Wheels finds Claire in the park and asks her why she's not at school. She says that whilst she was away a new girl took over her gang of friends and now they hate her and have started to pick on her. Wheels tells Claire that gangs are not important and the stronger people stand alone rather than in groups. Claire takes Wheels advice and heads back to school where yet again she meets the bullies. When the kids see Wheels behind Claire and realise Claire is friends with Wheels they suddenly back off and declare Claire is their new best friend, however after Wheels speech Claire tells them she doesn't want to be part of their gang as although they like her now - they'll hate her again tomorrow. Wheels takes Claire home where she tells Bob that she is in love. Sgt McArthur covers for George whilst he is on a course. She is immediately in demand when Lisa files a missing persons report for Michael. She also shows sings of disapproval when she finds out that Squirt is living in a pub with CJ. Elly tells Steven she wants to commit Sheridan but he says he will look after himself. Wheels pays Sheridan a visit and she begins to tell him that she is not happy with Steven. However as she starts to open up Steven arrives and asks Wheels to leave. A man in the bush finds Michael - Max and Sgt MkArthur arrive at Lisa's and tell her they have found a body.

E Street Episode 264

Episode 264

Lisa refuses to believe that the body the police have found could be Michael. Both Wheels and Alice try to get Lisa to face up to facts but Lisa evolves into her own shell. Wheels tells her that he will be round the following morning to take her to the country to identify the body. Sgt MkArthur feels that Squirt is in danger living with CJ and tells CJ that she will be putting Squirt into care. CJ panics and hides out Toni's. Despite everyone rallying around to hide CJ, Sgt MkArthur tells Max to find them and take Squirt. When Max tracks them down he takes Squirt, earning himself some hurtful reactions from Claire and Toni and a punch in the ace from CJ. Lisa and Wheels drive up to the country and she identifies the body. It is Michael. Lisa wonders what Michael was doing in the bush and she tells Wheels she thinks he was having an affair. She says that maybe it's not such a loss as she obviously never knew Michael that well. Steven is adamant that Sheridan should return home with him and not stay in hospital. Elly reluctantly agrees and Sheridan is put into Steven's care. The Liquidators continue their set of gigs at Patchetts Pacific. Meanwhile in the country, Lisa breaks down in Wheels arms and admits she loves Michael so much. They go to the place where his body was found and Lisa lays a flower.

E Street Episode 265

Episode 265

Lisa calls Max and asks him to inform Sheridan of Michael's death. Max tells Steven who is surprised to learn that Michael died in a hit and run. Sgt Roy Harrison talks to Lisa and Wheels about Michael's death. However he seems keen to cast Michael's death as an accident and implies that he was drinking and was run over as a result of being drunk. Lisa sees the pathologist who tells her Michael was brutally attacked and hit on the head before he was knocked down. With things not adding up Lisa and Wheels decide to extend their stay in order to find out what happened to Michael. Bob helps CJ get Squirt back and CJ vows to get himself a place to bring up Squirt. He finds a house and asks Toni if she'd move in with him to provide a family to Squirt. Elly worries that he passion is going from she and Bob's relationship. She wants to show him the woman he fell in love with still exists. So she plans a wild night out on the town. With Elly getting make up advice from Martha, and Bob getting dancing tips from Mary the night gets off to a shaky start when Elly and Bob both appear wearing outfits 20 years their junior. They ditch the wild night out in favour of a quite night in. Sheridan tells Steven she knows he didn't call an ambulance for her when she lay unconscious. He teases her and tells her that he knows where Michael is. Sheridan becomes distressed and Steven tells her that Michael is dead. Lisa and Wheels meet the man who helped Michael and took him to the road, He tells Lisa what he knows and takes him to the grave where he found Michael. Whilst investigating Lisa falls and lands on Virginia's grave. The police are called and they begin searching the area. Sgt Harrison finds a watch that reads 'Virginia, all my love Rod'. Lisa states Virginia Travis and says her husbands name was Rod. Sgt Harrison asks Lisa if Virginia had been having an affair - Lisa says she had been with Steven Richardson. At which point the police find Virginia's body, causing Lisa to realise her fears were right. She is violently sick as Wheels stands by her side.

E Street Episode 266

Episode 266

Toni tells Elly she has decided to move out and live with CJ. Elly is upset and tells Toni there will always be a place for her here. Steven tells Bob that Michael was been killed in a hit and run. He comments that he thinks there is more to Michael's death than what meets the eye. Lisa and Wheels arrives back in Westside and Sgt Harrison joins them. He takes Steven in for questioning about the deaths of Michael and Virginia. However Steven outsmarts them and they let him go. Sheridan experiences flashes that show how Michael and Virginia were killed. Lisa arrives as Sheridan is still dreaming and comforts her as she wakes up distressed. Lisa tells Elly, Bob and Sheridan that she knows Steven is responsible for Michael's death. They tell her she can't make accusations without any proof. Toni and CJ hold a housewarming party and get embarrassed when everybody assumes they are an item. They agree to stay as just good friends. Steven arrives home to find Sheridan dressed in her power suits and business attire. He can't stop her from going out and stays in the same position until she arrives home. He is in the disposition of a child and lies in Sheridan's arms as they sit on the bed. As she cradles him she has more flashes of Becky Campbell's' birthday party. She pictures the painted man coaxing her forward and sees he has a ring on his little finger. When she focuses on the ring close up it is engraved with the initials SR. She looks at Steven's hand and sees he is wearing the same ring.

E Street Episode 267

Episode 267

It's the day of Michael's funeral. A reluctant Sheridan arrives tightly grasped by Steven. At the wake Lisa tells Steven she knows he killed Michael and will prove it. Max takes the deaths of Michael and Virginia hard and snaps at Alice and Nikki as they try to comfort him. However he is cheered up when Toni and CJ ask him to move in with them. Wheels and Joey find their place is being cleaned on a regular basis, Joey is also receiving love letters. They find out it is from a school girl called Jessica who has a crush on Joey. He meets her at school and kisses her in order to impress her friends and stop them from bullying her. Sheridan finds Steven's doll under the bed and asks him about his ring. He tells her it was his fathers and got passed to him when he died. She plays mind games with Steven and in front of him asks the doll if it knows what happened to Becky Campbell. Steven tells Sheridan he killed Becky, Virginia and Michael. Sheridan breaks the head of the doll and leaves Steven. She tells him not to move until she returns. She goes to Wheels and cries to him that she isn't going to inform the police - she is going to deal with Steven herself. She later returns to Steven and cradles him singing the lullaby.

E Street Episode 268

Episode 268

Steven asks Sheridan why she is being offhand with him. She tells him he killed her brother and friend - how does he expect her to behave. Lisa visits Wheels and he tells her he is worried for Sheridan - he feels something bad is going to happen today. Unable to stand by and do nothing, Wheels goes to the police station and tells Max and Sgt Harrison that Steven confessed the murders to Sheridan. They go to Sheridan's house where Steven has shut himself in the wardrobe and is made up as Mr Bad. They coax Steven out of the wardrobe by using Sheridan as his 'mother'. They take him to the station and lock him in the cell. However Sgt Harrison tells Sheridan unless they can get a full confession from Steven they can't charge him. Sheridan agrees to be wired and they send her in to speak to Steven. He is not content with her being on the outside and wants her to be closer. Sheridan reluctantly agrees to go into the cell with Steven where he tells her how he killed Becky. Toni, CJ, Joey and Jo-Jo build a playpen for Squirt. Whilst they are outside and woman is looking in the window of their house. Within minutes Squirt has disappeared and a search for him brings no result. The woman who was snooping is Alison; CJ's ex girlfriend. She tells CJ that she is Squirt's mother and that his real name is Billy. She also tells CJ that he is not Squirt's father - she needed someone to look after him, as her new boyfriend does not want Squirt around. Lisa tells Alice that when Michael was presumed dead after the yacht race, Sir Angus changed his will and left everything to Sheridan. Now that Michael is dead Lisa wants to contest the will and have what is rightfully Michael's. Steven tells Sheridan that everyone forgot about Becky until she dragged it up 25 years later. He gets angry and Wheels, Max and Sgt Harrison rush into the cells. Steven grabs Sheridan and holds her tight around the neck - he tells them if they come any closer he will break her neck.

E Street Episode 269

Episode 269

Wheels, Max and Sgt Harrison watch from outside the cell as Steven removes Sheridan's wire. He tells them how careless they have been and says he could have killed Sheridan in instant. He tells Sgt Harrison to bring in the tapes and destroy - he does so and burns the tapes in front f Steven's eyes. Wheels has had enough and tries to attack Steven through the cells bars. Sgt Harrison pulls Wheels back and handcuffs him to a chair. Max begins to worry that Sgt Harrison doesn't have the situation under control and it is clear he is using Sheridan as a pawn to get at Steven. It also becomes clear that he wants Steven to make a mistake so that he can shoot him down. Alison tells CJ she can't live without Squirt and wants him back. As heartbreaking as it is CJ gives Squirt back to Alison and she works on things with her partner so that having Squirt isn't a problem. Toni is impressed by the way CJ has handled things but he tells her Squirt should be with his Mum. Bob tries to talk to Lisa but she doesn't want to know - she tells him she's fine and gives him Michael's belongings for the church. Steven demands a car with a full tank of gas. He wants to get away and take Sheridan as his hostage. Sgt Harrison agrees much to Max's dismay. As Steven walks out of the cell with Sheridan in his grip, Sgt Harrison points a gun at him and tells him to release Sheridan. Max can't believe that he would risk Sheridan's life by shooting when she is so close to Steven and in turn he pulls our a un and points it at Sgt Harrison. Sgt Harrison counts to 3 whilst Steven assures Sheridan that he is bluffing. When he reaches 3 Sgt Harrison shoots and hits Sheridan - she falls to the ground as Wheels and Max watch in horror.

E Street Episode 270

Episode 270

As Sheridan lies lifeless on the ground Steven makes a run for it. Max and Sgt Harrison follow and Max fires a warning shot, before he can fire another Sgt Harrison shoots Steven to the ground. Back in the station Sheridan is fine. She is wearing a bullet-proof vest and she and Sgt Harrison set the whole scenario up so that Steven would run and Sgt Harrison would have an excuse to shoot him. Max is livid and threatens to report Sgt Harrison - however Sgt Harrison says if he does that he'll report Max for aiming his gun at him during the fiasco. Whilst on a shipping trip with Bob, Toni and Joey, Elly is called to the hospital. She is shocked to find Steven in a critical condition and even more shocked when Max tells her that Steven is responsible for Virginia and Michael's deaths. Elly later tells Bob but they both have different views o how Steven should be treated. Elly is adamant that she should just do her job and move on where as Bob wants to give Steven support and counselling. Alice, Nikki and Jo-Jo hold job interviews for a barmaid to fill Alice's position when she takes maternity leave. All the applicants are useless and Mary offers Jo-Jo the hob. Bob tells Lisa she was right about Steven and apologises for doubting her. Lisa visits Sheridan and tells her that Michael's death was her fault. She tells her she has unfinished business with her and is secretly heartbroken when Wheels takes Sheridan's side over hers. Sheridan dreams that Steven has murdered Bob and attempted to murder her - she wakes up and tells Wheels that her nightmare is not over yet.

E Street Episode 271

Episode 271

Zac wants to do something special for when George returns home. With the help of Claire, Max and Nikki he decides to fix the tap. However when they resort to using a hammer they spring a leak and flood the kitchen just as George walks in! He is not happy and upsets Zac by not appreciating the sentiment behind the mess. Toni joins Lisa as they return to work at WTV8. On their way in Lisa sees Wheels and Sheridan together in Sheridan's car. She tells Toni that she will be taking over WTV8 and vows to keep the 5:30 report on air in memory of Michael. Wheels and Sheridan spend the day on her boat and she is shocked to discover he can't swim. Wheels tells her that he was once in a wheelchair hence his name, and tells her that his real name is Stanley. Mary leaves Jo-Jo in charge of the pub and pays a visit to Alice. As they go through the birthing patterns Alice experiences contractions. However Elly assures her that it is just Braxton hicks - false labour pains. The Liquidators and several of their friends take advantage of Jo-Jo's status at the pub and order food on her tab. Wheels tells them not to wreck Jo-Jo's chance at a good job and they pay back the money by playing a free gig at the pub. Sheridan arrives at WTV8 and tells Lisa she is axing the 5.30 report - meaning that she and Toni are out of a job. As they pack up their things, Lisa tells Toni that she has enough ammunition to take Sheridan to the cleaners.

E Street Episode 272

Episode 272

Claire gets increasingly tired of Elly and Bob's 'mushiness' and tells them she feels left out when they are loved up together. They agree that this day will be called Claire Fielding day and they will do whatever she wants. Claire takes them to an adventure park where she persuades them to dress up and make a music video. When their day out comes to a finish, Elly and Bob are mortified when Claire plays the embarrassing video to a packed pub! Nikki and Zac's Mum arrives in Westside with no warning. She has remarried and wants the kids to go and live with her back in New Zealand. Nikki and Zac both decide to go with her and Nikki spends the day bidding farewell to all her friends in Westside. Max vows to wait for her however long it takes. Martha and George are saddened by their decision to leave but tell them that there will always be a place for them in their home. Sheridan tells Wheels that Lisa's behaviour is worrying her and asks him to talk to her. Lisa is instantly aware that Sheridan has put him up to their chat and she tells him to leave. Realising he will always be torn between the two - Wheels tells Sheridan he is going to stay out of her business from now on as he doesn't want to hurt Lisa. After Nikki and Zac leave for the airport, Toni finds Max sad in the pub. She takes him to the park where she reveals Nikki. Nikki tells Max she couldn't get on the plane as she realised how much she would miss him. They declare that they are now in a serious relationship. Lisa and her lawyer Rick arrive at Sheridan's. They tell her that all of her assets have been frozen - the only access she has to cash is what is in her purse.

E Street Episode 273

Episode 273

Sheridan continues to wine and dine as she always has. However whilst at Patchetts she doesn't have enough money to pay the bill and Jo-Jo insists she clean the dishes to pay her way. Whilst out shopping Mary is mugged. Toni witnesses the event and takes her back to the pub. She is severely shaken and refuses to see a doctor. However when she returns to the work she appears to be talking about past events rather than present. Wheels finds Lisa on Michael's boat and she tells him she is selling it. Wheels asks her why as surely the boat holds memories for her. Lisa says that soon she'll have something else to remember Michael by as she thinks she is regnant. Wheels is ecstatic and when Lisa tells Alice they fantasise about their lives as mothers. Lisa also tells Alice that the baby has made her decide not to contest Michael's will. However on visiting Elly, Lisa is told she is not pregnant and reopens her plans to take Sheridan to court.

E Street Episode 274

Episode 274

Toni gets a job as a gardener. Her first day is littered with wrong bookings and annoying customers and she soon leaves the job as quick as she started it. Lisa and Wheels talk and she tells him that Michael's death has brought back memories of her mum, Chris and Sonny. She wonders why she has had such a run of bad luck. She asks Wheels if he is sleeping with the enemy but he says no - he isn't sleeping with Sheridan. Sheridan later tells Wheels that she does like him and she tries to kiss him. However he backs off and thinks they should remain friends. CJ and Jo-Jo are worried about Mary and Elly tells them Mary must have some tests. Mary has a cat scan at the hospital and is worried when Elly tells her the results hold bad news.

E Street Episode 275

Episode 275

Mary's condition worsens and her friends are seriously worried for her. Mary herself thinks she is going to die but Elly assures here she won't. She has a disease that is causing her to live in the past and remember only past memories instead of present events. Elly tells everyone all Mary needs is love and reassurance or she may never recover. Max and Nikki borrow Bob's car and take Albie, a lonely guy, out for a drive. They take him to the dog pound where they get him a dog to cure his loneliness. Toni tells Alice she misses her family and is feeling restless in Westside. Alice is concerned for Lisa and tries to convince her to end her battle with Sheridan. However is Lisa is adamant that she will fight for what is rightly hers and begins to push her friends away spending more time with Rick. Mary phones Ernie and talks to him about the value of family. As she returns back to the pub the gang have thrown a surprise party for her. She is overwhelmed but tells them she has an announcement to make. Before she can begin Alice emerges from the bathroom and announces she is having the baby - now!

E Street Episode 276

Episode 276

Alice is taken to hospital but is warned it could be hours until the baby arrives. The following morning Jo-Jo goes to the flat to gets some clothes and tells Lisa that Alice has gone into labour. Lisa is distressed and wants to be at Alice's side but she has a meeting with Rick. Jo-Jo is disgusted with Lisa and returns to the hospital where Toni, Claire, Max, Nikki & CJ have already taken their places at Alice's side! Jo-Jo and Joey serenade the mother to be whilst CJ films the event! At the meeting Sheridan is forced to hand over all of her estate - including her beloved Jaguar! Walking home, she is spotted by Wheels who gives her a lift on the back of his bike. Back at Sheridan's house they share a kiss and Sheridan tells Wheels she hopes she can move on now the hearing is over and Steven is out of her life. Toni tells Mary she is thinking of taking some time out to decide what she wants to do with her life. The birth is nearing and Alice is adamant that she won't have the baby till Lisa arrives. However Elly tells her it is dangerous to wait and they must soon begin the final stages of labour. Rick asks Lisa for a drink after the hearing but she says no, she has to get to the hospital. She arrives and apologises to Alice - she says she hopes she can still be a part of Alice and the baby's life. Alice asks for Lisa and George to be by her side and she gives birth to a baby girl. As the rest of the gang gather in Alice's room a familiar voice is heard from behind a teddy bear - it's Ernie! He announces he is back in Westside for good as Mary has decided to go back to England. At Steven's hospital a vicar lies dead. Steven puts on his attire and walks freely out of the hospital posing as the vicar - he then skips to his next destination.

E Street Episode 277

Episode 277

News of Steven's escape spreads around Westside and Wheels moves in with Sheridan to protect her. She is too scared to leave the house and begins to have dreams about what Steven is up to now. Alice has called her baby Amber. She is living with George and Martha, as things are still tense with Lisa. Lisa visits her and asks her to come home but Alice says she doesn't feel Lisa is a good person to be around right now. Elly holds a school reunion at the pub and is slightly miffed when her archenemy Susan arrives and tries to claim Bob. However Bob tells her she has nothing to worry about and takes her home for some pastoral duties! Lisa confides in Ernie about feeling lost and alone in Westside. He tells her he hopes that the court battle won't change the Lisa Bennett that everyone loves and says he will always be there for her. Max and Nikki visit Max's cousin James Newman. He is a lawyer and lives in the country. Max and Nikki try and persuade him to start up a law firm in Westside. Meanwhile Steven is in disguise, sporting dark hair and a moustache. He hitchhikes and is given a lift by Bill McDonald He later kills Bill and takes his identity. He later sees Jamie pin up a notice advertising for a flatmate - he takes it from the notice board.

E Street Episode 278

Episode 278

Jo-Jo tells Lisa that she is turning into the type of person she used to despise. The comment hurts Lisa and she tells Rick she is scared of losing all her friends. Rick tells her she won't need them soon as she'll be rich. James interviews Steven and tells him he can move in. He is desperate for Steven to meet Max and Nikki but they leave Jamie's before they get a chance to see Steven. Alice refuses to go back to the flat and asks Martha is she can move in permanently. Lisa is distraught and asks Wheels to come round for a chat. When he arrives she sees that he doesn't really want to be there and she questions him about Sheridan. He tells her that his relationship with Sheridan is none of her business ands tells her she should stop the court case. Lisa asks Wheels to leave and he tells her he is still her friend; Lisa rejects him and tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore. Sheridan begins to experience flashes of Steven in his new disguise, she amends his picture in the newspaper to how he looks now and pins it on her notice board. Max and Nikki arrive back in Westside whilst Steven begins to take control of Jamie's life. Meanwhile Sheridan takes a shower, and unable to hold back his feelings any longer Wheels joins her.

E Street Episode 279

Episode 279

Sheridan has another premonition of Steven. She dreams that he is going to harm a girl. Ernie rounds up the guys for a trip to Newbridge for the wet T-Shirt competition. The girls are outraged and decide to hold their own competition at Patchetts - The Mr E Street competition. Pretty soon Ernie, Max, CJ and Joey drop out of the Newbridge trip to enter Mr E Street. Bob finds Lisa at Michael's grave. He talks to her and tells here everyone misses her not being around. She tells him she doesn't feel wanted by her old friends anymore and feels like she has lost everyone. Alice later has some harsh words for Lisa and tells her she is going to remove all of her stuff from the flat. Sheridan tells George about her images of Steven, she also tells him that she saw him killing a man. However George doesn't believe her and says he can't find Steven on the strength of what she has said. Elly and Bob are more supportive and tells Sheridan to write down her premonitions every time they happen. Steven tells Jamie that he is missing his ex-girlfriend who left him because of Miss Bad. They decide to go the pub where they meet two girls Robyn and Denise. They go back for drinks at the flat where Steven comes on to Denise. She is terrified when he locks the door and won't let her out. Jamie arrives and is alarmed to see what Steven is doing; he shows Denise out and tries to reason with Steven over his behaviour. Alice visits Lisa at the flat and apologises for what she said earlier. She says she has realised that Lisa doesn't want the money for greed; she wants it because she needs to make Michael's point for him. She asks Lisa if she and Amber can move back into the flat. Sheridan has another dream - she dreams that Steven is going to kill Denise.

E Street Episode 280

Episode 280

Desperate to become Mr E Street; CJ and Ernie pay Jo-Jo money to sway the judge's vote. Nikki also pays her, as she wants Max to win the competition. Alice moves back into the flat and she and Lisa celebrate a new start. After Sheridan tells Wheels she wants a no-strings relationship he tells her he feels she is using him. She calls on Thelma; a clairvoyant who she hopes will help her with her premonitions. Thelma explains that Sheridan and Steven have a bond - and if she can be in his thoughts than he can be in hers. She tells Sheridan she must fight Steven so that this power game can stop before it gets dangerous. Steven asks Jamie to organise a dinner with Robyn and Denise so that he can apologise. The girls come to dinner but Denise is still weary and afraid of Steven. Before long she makes an excuse and leaves to return to the caravan park where she and Robyn are staying. Mr E Street goes ahead with Elly, Martha and J-Jo as the judges. CJ shows off his dancing skills, Ernie tells bad jokes, Max performs and E Street rap whilst Joey flexes his pecks! At the end of the night the ladies decide that the natural winner is Bob, who in spite of not entering the competition displayed more qualities than the rest of the entrants. Ernie, CJ and Nikki are disgraced and demand Jo-Jo returns their money. However Bob overhears Jo-Jo has taken bribes her takes the cash for the church funds. Steven dresses up as Mr Bad and watches Denise as she takes a shower - he then follows her into the block where she screams. Back in Westside, Sheridan dreams the murder as it happens.

E Street Episode 281

Episode 281

Two hitchhikers find the body of Bill McDonald. When George hears of the murder he visits Sheridan and admits she may have a connection with Steven. Thelma returns and helps Sheridan to go to where Steven is. George, Wheels and Max watch as Sheridan steps onto Steven's turf. As Sheridan connects with Steven we see Steven connect with her and he sees George, Wheels and Max as they help her fight. Every time Sheridan gets to the door of Jamie's house, Mr Bad appears and stops her from looking at the number. Eventually it's too much for Sheridan and she collapses from the strain. Robyn visits Jamie and tells him she is worried about Denise as she hasn't been home. Elly feels left out as Bob's status as sex symbol rises. He tells she'll always be the only woman for him. Max tells George that the house that Sheridan described sounded like Jamie's house, George tells him that would be one big coincidence. Nikki spends the day with Alice and Amber and tells Alice that she is beginning to really miss her Mum and Zac. Whilst emptying his bin, Jamie comes across Bill McDonalds passport and photos. He calls Bill's wife and is shocked to hear that Bill was found murdered. Jamie confronts Steven and he says he found Bill's documents and kept them because he wanted to change his identity. Jamie is unconvinced and goes to the police to tell them what he's found. As Steven sits in the house there is a knock at the door - he opens it to find Toni on the other side.

E Street Episode 282

Episode 282

After Jamie's tip off the police flood Jamie's house. However Steven has already gone and he watches them gleefully from his car. Whilst inspecting the house Jamie finds a bag. When he looks inside the wallet he finds that it belongs to Toni. He explains to the police that Toni is a friend of his cousin who was coming to visit. Toni lies in the back of Steven's car after being knocked out. When she wakes up she finds herself tied to Steven. As he sleeps she unties herself and makes a run for it - but he catches her and takes her back to the car. Toni tries to talk to him and pretend she is on his side. She tells him it is unfair that Virginia and Michael hurt him so badly. But Steven is unmoved and tells her not to be sure that he won't kill her. News of Toni's kidnap spreads back to Westside and Jamie arrives to lend his support. Elly and Bob are also informed and the gang wait anxiously for news of Toni. Wheels is determined to protect Sheridan and he gets Joey to get him a gun. Wheels tells Sheridan that if Steven comes back he will be ready for him. Steven lets Toni go and she runs to the nearest police station, whilst Steven fools the police and once again steps through their roadblock. George orders that Sheridan is to be given full police protection. He says he may have doubted her in the past but now believes what she says about Steven. Toni is taken back to Westside and greeted by a relieved Elly and Bob. Toni explains to George what Steven looks like now and tells him what he said; however they are interrupted by a phone call. As he places down the receiver George announces that Sgt Harrison has been fund dead on the Beroda border. They realise Steven has jumped the roadblock and must be heading back to Westside. Nikki phones her Mum and tells Alice that she doesn't know what to do. She wants to stay with Max but can no longer be away from her family. She goes to the police station and tells Max her predicament. He tells her he loves her but says she should be with her Mum. Nikki sadly bids farewell to Max and tells him she will be leaving on the next flight. She asks shim to say goodbye to all her friends, as she can't face the heartbreak. Steven is back at his mother's house - he washes out his hair dye and once again is Steven Richardson.

E Street Episode 283

Episode 283

Wheels and Sheridan visit Steven's Mum's house unaware that he is inside. Sheridan wants to find out as much as she can about Steven to hep her fight him. As they go in - Steven goes out and makes his way to Sheridan's house. Steven has images of Steven as a child being beaten and abused by his mother. Wheels tells her not to feel sorry for Steven - bad childhoods don't excuse murder. Steven slips past the police and using the spare key outside, he enters Sheridan's house. When Wheels and Sheridan arrive home they meet a furious George who tells them they shouldn't go out without police protection. Sheridan notices the backdoor has been opened and George and his team search the house. They check everywhere in the house, including the attic where Steven hides watching them, but they find nothing. Toni and CJ ask their pals for advice on the other. Lisa and Alice advise Toni to take action and Ernie advises CJ to sweep Toni off her feet. CJ cooks Toni a nice meal however their thoughts are fixed on each other and before they can eat they share a passionate kiss. They are interrupted by Max and Albie and don't get a chance to resolve their feelings. A clothes designer spots Amber's unusual outfit and asks Alice where she brought it. When Alice says she made it the woman asks her to run up a few more outfits for her shop. Sheridan makes a live TV broadcast and tells the viewers about Steven and how everyone must know what an evil man he is. Steven is watching the broadcast from Sheridan's house and seems unfazed by what he is seeing.

E Street Episode 284

Episode 284

George reprimands Sheridan for the television broadcast and tells her she is inviting Steven to come and get her. Toni and CJ try to talk about their kiss but Max and Albie insist staying up all night and watching music videos to help Max get over missing Nikki. Sheridan tells Wheels she wants to learn how to use the gun. They order a pizza delivery and whilst the police check the pizza guys ID; Wheels and Sheridan make a run for it out the back. They go to Wheel's old squat and practise shooting. Sheridan is scared by the gun and it's noise and is nit sure if she would ever be able to use it. Toni and Alice take the clothes Alice made to the shop. Whilst there they run into Alice's friend Penny O'Brien. Penny is in the fashion business and she and Alice knew each other before Alice cam to Westside. They hang around the shop to see how much Alice's clothes are sold for. Alice is disgusted to find that one garment has been sold for $100, when she was only paid $20 for making it. Penny suggests that Alice start up her own business and offers to lend a hand. Toni and CJ chat and agree to be just good friends and she takes over Nikki's job at the surgery. Whilst Wheels and Sheridan are asleep Steven knocks over a bottle in the attic. Wheels hears the noise and goes upstairs to investigate. He finds the food that Steven has been eating but sees no sign of Steven. As he comes back down the stairs Steven runs behind him and knocks him out. He then goes into Sheridan's room and pins her to the bed. He tells her if she screams he will kill her.

E Street Episode 285

Episode 285

Radio DJ Dr Rock airs his late night show and talks about all things controversial. Tonight he is talking about criminals. Meanwhile Sheridan lies on her bed dressed in white and wearing a thorn crown on her head. She wakes up and for a second wonders where she is. She runs from her bedroom and shouts for Wheels. She finds him behind the sofa and he wakes up. George arrives and everyone realises that Steven has been living in Sheridan's attic for days. Sheridan is livid that he was locked in the house with her whilst the police were outside. Steven phones Dr Rock and boasts about the murders he has committed. The residents of Westside listen to the broadcast as George and Max trace the call to Steven's mothers house. However by the time Steven has left and taken to the street. Bob is beginning to blame himself for not noticing what was wrong with Steven. Elly assures him that no one knew but he remains determined to put right some of the wrongs. As he arrives back in the church grounds, Bob sees that the graves of Michael, Becky Campbell and Steven's mother have been laden with roses. He calls for Steven and we see Steven watching him from afar. =Wheels and Sheridan go shopping with two police officers at their side. Sheridan buys Wheels a suit and whilst they are shopping they bump into Lisa. Sheridan asks Lisa back to the house for lunch. Penn introduces her friend Dotty to Alice. Dotty owns a market stall and tells Alice she'd like an assortment of garments by tomorrow. Over lunch Lisa and Wheels talk about the olden days where they'd hang out together with Sonny. When Lisa goes home Sheridan tells Wheels she is jealous of Lisa and says she thinks he is still in love with her. Bob promises Elly and Claire a night in with a video but instead goes to the church where he is sure Steven is hiding. He calls Steven's name and makes his way into the church. As he turns around he stand face to face with Steven.

E Street Episode 286

Episode 286

Bob and Steven talk about what has happened and Bob tells him he can't begin to understand his actions. Steven tells him how he was driven to murder by his mother, Virginia, Michael and Sheridan. Steven breaks down in Bob's arms as Elly arrives. She is adamant that the police should be called and is worried that Bob may be in danger. Bob spots her and tells her not to call the police as he knows Steven will run. Whilst they argue Steven slips from their sight and leaves the church. Lisa, Toni, Alice & Penny stay up all night finishing off the baby garments. As they do so they listen to Dr Rock and hear Steven call the radio station again. Steven tells Dr Rock he will get the person who started Mr Bad - Sheridan. As the police once again try to track the calls, Wheels and Sheridan hear Steven's call and Sheridan tells Wheels her ordeal will never be over. The following morning Penny takes the garments to the market, she ends up running the stall as Dotty has broken her leg. Elly and Bob argue over Steven. She wants him to let the subject go but he is sure he could have made a difference if he had been able to spend more time with Steven. She tells him Steven is not his fault and reminds him how all of them could have been in danger including Claire who spent so much time with Steven. Toni can no longer afford to run her car and gets a bike. George tells Sheridan he feels those around her are in danger - he asks her to move to the country where he will put her in a safe house. Sheridan explains to George that Steven is in her head and it doesn't matter where she is he will find her. Thelma visits and once more Sheridan tries to fight Steven - during her fight she is knocked to the floor and Thelma announces Steven has won.

E Street Episode 287

Episode 287

Penny phones Lisa and Alice's and says she has sold all the clothes. Alice rushes off to celebrate with Penny leaving Lisa alone. Lisa goes to the pub and tells Ernie she feels like there isn't anything left for her in Westside; Alice has her new business, Wheels has Sheridan - she feels like she doesn't belong. Ernie tells her there is nothing wrong with wanting to move away for a while for a clean break. He explains it is what he had to do after he lost Chris and Abbey. Lisa returns to the flat and tells Alice that she's leaving Westside. She will go to Queensland to stay with her Auntie. Alice is upset but realises it's what Lisa has to do. Penny and Charlie move into the flat with Alice to help with the rent. Wheels and Sheridan go to Steven's house as Sheridan feels it will hold more clues. Waiting for Sheridan is a present, when she opens it is a portfolio of Steven's architecture work. When Sheridan turns over the wrapping paper there is a message that reads 'Watch those closest to you'. Lisa says her farewells at the pub and makes her peace with Jo-Jo before departing in a taxi. More horror lies in store for her when the taxi driver turns out to be Steven. Her knocks her unconscious and takes places her in a freezer at the local shopping mall. Meanwhile Sheridan has a flash of Lisa in danger and when she looks again at Steven's portfolio it is a collection of drawings of the shopping mall. She and Wheels go to the mall. Meanwhile when Jo-Jo finds a letter in Joey's belongings asking Dr Rock for advice on being in love with a flat mate, she is sure that Joey is in love with her.

E Street Episode 288

Episode 288

Steven continues to hold Lisa in the freezer. When she regains consciousness she does her best to escape but has no luck. Meanwhile Alice is beginning to miss Lisa despite everyone telling her how Lisa will now be soaking up the Queensland sun. Jo-Jo asks Toni and Penny for advice on dealing with Joey. She decides to take the drastic approach and pounces on him - he runs away! Wheels and Sheridan go back to the shopping mall during the night and find one of security guards dead. Armed with his gun, Wheels sees Steven and pulls the trigger. But as she and Sheridan race to Steven's body, in its place lies a Joker card. Listening once again to Dr Rock, Toni is angered by some of his comments and phones the station to tell him what she thinks. However he melts her heart and she becomes a converted Dr Rock fan. Penny gives Jo-Jo a makeover and she cooks a meal for Joey. However when he arrives home he is tired and wants to crash out. Furious that he ignored all the trouble she went to; Jo-Jo punches him to the ground. Steven calls Sheridan and allows Lisa to speak. Lisa can barely mutter any words but Sheridan realises it is her on the phone - she turns to Wheels and tells him Steven has Lisa.

E Street Episode 289

Episode 289

The police arrive at the mall and find the security guards body. George wonders why Wheels and Sheridan are there but they deny having any new leads on Steven. George and Max also find a little girl wondering around alone - Max takes her to the flat where Martha is babysitting Amber and asks her to mind the girl. Alice and Penny name their business 'Babies With Attitude' and they get their first big order. As they arrive home to relieve Martha Penny is surprised to see the little girl there and introduces her as Charlie - her daughter! Sheridan finally admits to George that Steven has got Lisa, George bugs her phone and they await a call from Steven. He reveals little and instead juts plays with Sheridan's mind. Penny reveals that Charlie was supposed to be at nursery school and soon Penny's Mum arrives frantic with worry. Penny explains that she and Charlie need their own space and will soon be moving out of home. Sheridan experiences flashes of the shopping centre - she tells Wheels she is sure that is where Lisa is and they return to the mall. They find Lisa in the freezer but she is not breathing. Wheels manages to resuscitate her and she is taken to hospital. As she lies in her bed she asks Elly to call Sheridan for her. When Sheridan arrives, Lisa takes her hand and tells her she must kill Steven.

E Street Episode 290

Episode 290

Alice finds out about Lisa and she and Toni go to the hospital. Lisa tells her she will still be going to Queensland and the incident with Steven has just made her even more determined to get away for a while. Wheels visits Lisa and they discuss old times. She tells him that she always thought when she made the break to go away he would be with her. However she is aware that he loves Sheridan now and Wheels and Lisa say their final goodbyes. Alice tells Lisa that she can't stay in Westside without her and says she would like to go with her to Queensland. The pair break the news to George and Martha. George is sad that Alice has to leave her but says he'll back her if it's what she wants to do. Alice leaves BWA in the capable hands of Penny and Toni and Penny agrees to stay in the flat. Before going to Patchett's for a final farewell, Lisa and Alice gather on their balcony and talk about their friendship and the lives they have had in Westside. They vow to have the time of their lives in Queensland and to live Amber a fantastic life, before sharing a hug and one last look at E Street. Sheridan and Steven go back into a battle of the minds. This time Sheridan wants Steven to meet her on her turf and she goes along to the WTV8 studios - gun in hand. When George and Max find out where she is, they along with Wheels go to the studios where Steven has Sheridan in arms reach. George and Max pull their guns on Steven and tells him to raise his hands. He does so and they begin to lead him from the studios. As they do so Steven turns around and tells Sheridan that it will never be over - wherever he is he will still find a way to get to her as he is I her mind. As he smiles and turns to follow the police Sheridan calls his name, aims the gun and pulls the trigger.

E Street Episode 291

Episode 291

As Steven is rushed to hospital, Sheridan is taken into custody at the station. George and Max despair over what she has done and explain to her that they had Steven. She in turn explains that is wouldn't matter if Steven was in jail - he would still be part of her life whilst he was alive. However much to Sheridan's despair Steven isn't dead. Back in the pub, and news of the shooting spreads when Dr Rock makes an announcement on the radio. Very few show remorse for Steven and all of Westside rally to support Sheridan. Meanwhile Jo-Jo receives a call informing her that her Mum Annie is on her way to Westside and Elly tells Martha that the council are cutting her nursing hours. After spending the night in the cells, Sheridan is taken to court where Elly gives a statement on her mental help in order to help Sheridan's case. But the judge isn't as friendly and orders that Sheridan is taken to remand whilst she awaits trial. Wheels is furious and goes to track down his gang to sort out the courts. Bob stops him in his tracks and tells him to calm down and do things rationally. Wheels tells Bob he can't calm down and admits that he has fallen in love with Sheridan. He visits her at the station and tells her she has to go remand. He promises her she'll be fine and will be able to cope. Dr Rock is full of anger over Sheridan's arrest and drums up support in the shape of protests outside the station and local horn beeping. Left alone in her cell, Sheridan has one final flash of her life with Steven.

E Street Episode 292

Episode 292

Max tells Sheridan he is sorry for the way things have turned out and wishes they could have got to Steven before it all got so out of hand. Sheridan tells him she doesn't blame anyone but asks to see Wheels. She tells Wheels he must cut his loses and move on from her. Unsure of what to say Wheels walks out of the station. Sheridan later tells George that she loves Wheels but can't put him through the pain of waiting or her whilst she serves a jail sentence. Martha is furious at her job cutback and decides to quit. However she finds it hard to find a job. She eventually gets a post as a cosmetic sales person. Wheels tells Jo-Jo he is leaving E Street. She tells him not to turn his back on Sheridan but he says he has to go. Jo-Jo wishes him well and the two bid a tearful farewell. Jo-Jo's Mum arrives and makes an impression on the locals, especially Ernie. Jo-Jo doesn't see the fascination and tells Penny she wishes her Mum wasn't here. Wheels calls Dr Rock and asks him to call off the protests outside the station. Dr Rock has no idea why but does as he's asked and the protesters slowly dwindle away. As George and Max take Sheridan from the cells in order to transport her to remand, they are confronted by Wheels. He holds his gun to them and tells Sheridan he has come to get her - he is not letting hr go to remand after everything she has been through. George tries to reason with Wheels and tells him not to be stupid but Wheels won't listen. He tells Sheridan it's a life on the run with him or 25 years in jail. Sheridan chooses Wheels and the two make a getaway together. Martha arrives at the police station a while later to find George and Max locked in the cells. She releases them and George informs fellow officers of Wheels and Sheridan's escape. Meanwhile, on the run, Sheridan is angry at Wheels for getting himself involved. However she is grateful and they both declare their love for each other.

E Street Episode 293

Episode 293

Whilst Jamie is at a petrol station, he witnesses a hold up. Police arrive within seconds and Police Constable Sam Farrell shoots one of the robbers when he aims a gun at a hostage. Harry Haddock is soon on the scene and when he takes the gun from the dead mans hand he sees it is a toy gun. Not wanting to incriminate Sam, Harry replaces the toy gun with a real firearm. Sam makes his way to Westside police station and catches up with George. George and Sam's father Ed Farrell trained together at Police school. News of Wheels and Sheridan's breakout hits Westside and the gang are openly cheering them on. Even George finds it hard to deny he didn't want Sheridan to go into remand. Wheels and Sheridan take to the open road and begin to get into life on the run. Armed with their guns, cowboy hats and Dusty Springfield music the pair are the archetypal Bonnie and Clyde! Jo-Jo and her Mum have a heated row during which we learn that Annie was never around when Jo-Jo was a kid. Jo-Jo tells Annie she used to tell her friends that her Mum was a movie start who was always on tour, so not to face the truth that her Mum didn't love her. Penny has a meeting with a designer. She is impressed by BWA and orders 900 garments. Not realising that the designer wants 900 garments in a range of different sizes, Penny accepts the order leaving BWA with an almost undoable order.

E Street Episode 294

Episode 294

George is fed up with Dr Rock hailing Wheels and Sheridan as heroes. He goes to the studios to find Dr Rock and is shocked when he finds Joey in Dr Rock's chair. As the E Street residents hear that Dr Rock is in the slammer they beg George to let them see who Dr Rock is. When he reveals their hero, they are shocked to find that Joey is the voice behind Dr Rock. Whilst the others remained stunned but excited, Toni is hurt as she feels Joey let her go through a lot of stuff in the past without lending his voice to her. He explains to her that at the age of 15 he saw how words hurt people, so he just decided not to talk. Wheels worries that Sheridan is taking life on the run as a game. She evens phones WTV8 to see how the office is running. He takes her to a hideout that he and Joey used to visit when they were kids. It's not paradise but Wheels and Sheridan set up home. Elly and Martha are locked in battle as Martha continues her cosmetic job. Elly tells her she should be nursing, doing what she is good at rather than being a salesperson. With their feelings out in the open Jo-Jo and Annie make amends and signs of bonding even appear. After a heart to heart with CJ, Jo-Jo decides to tell her Mum that she does love her. But when she arrives home she finds a note from her Mum saying goodbye. Sam arrives at Westside police station and tells George and Max he has been transferred from Newbridge. His girlfriend Amy joins him and they move into the pub. However George has no idea why Sam has been transferred until Ed arrives and says he has transferred Sam so that he is looked after. George explains to Max that although Ed isn't with the force anymore he has friends in high places and still pulls rank over the policing officers. Ed later tells George that he is determined to catch Wheels and Sheridan - dead or alive.

E Street Episode 295

Episode 295

Jamie has an interview for a law firm in Westside and wants the job so he can move to E Street permanently. Toni and CJ help him to prepare and try to make his image slightly trendier. George asks Joey for help in finding Wheels and Sheridan. He is worried that if he doesn't find them then Ed will find them and kill them. Ed however is not as friendly and orders that Joey be brought in for questioning. When Joey insists he doesn't know where Wheels and Sheridan are; Ed locks him up. Martha talks to ob about her new job. She tells him she desperately misses nursing but cannot do her job well in the amount of hours the council are providing her with. She tells him she wises Elly would understand. Bob organises a lunch for Elly and Martha and Martha makes Elly see that she has no choice but to move on. However Elly is determined that Martha should still be a nurse and vows to help her get her job back. At the job interview, Jamie gets the impression that his perspective employers would like him to have a wife. He plays along with their assumptions and when they ask to meet his wife, Jamie ropes Penny into helping him. Wheels and Sheridan makes friends with two country boys; Pete and Pete and their dog Daryl! They also later receive a visit from Jo-Jo and Joey. They explain that they have to give themselves up or risk the wrath of Ed Farrell.

E Street Episode 296

Episode 296

Jo-Jo and Joey do their best but they can't convince Wheels and Sheridan to give themselves up. They say goodbye and head back to Westside. When Ed sees them return he is sure they know something and full of rage he attacks Joey. The man who Sam shot in the siege dies. Sam has a guilty conscience but Ed tells him the man deserved to die and tells him he should get on with his career. Elly and Martha asks all of Martha's ex patients to air their views on losing Marta to the council. Unfortunately their plan is unsuccessful when they fail to change the council's mind. So Martha decides to accept the cutbacks and still work as a nurse. Wheels and Sheridan go to a local post office to get some supplies, but whilst they are there the gun slips out of Wheel's pocket and falls to the ground. The shop owners are sure they are victims of a hold up and hand all their money to Sheridan. As much as Wheels tries to explain that they don't want their cash, Sheridan takes the money and runs! When news of the robbery reaches the police; Ed and his gang of hunter's head to the bush. They run into Pete and Pete and fool them into thinking that they are here to help Wheels and Sheridan. Pete and Pete lead them to their hideout and Ed enters the small hut. Wasting no time at all he fires two shots.

E Street Episode 297

Episode 297

With Jo-Jo and Joey's warning of Ed Farrell; Wheels and Sheridan leave their hideout and venture into the bush. Whilst there Sheridan loses her fighting spirit and tells Wheels she thinks they should give themselves in. When he tries to convince her to stay on the run, she walks away and leaves him. George returns to Jo-Jo and Joey and pleads with them to tell him where Wheels and Sheridan are. He tells them if he doesn't reach them before Ed does then they will be dead. Jamie returns the favour to Penny and plays her husband when she needs to get a bank loan for BWA. They both realise that being a pretend married couple could have it's advantages, especially when Jamie is offered a job at the law firm and Penny gets her loan. Sheridan returns to Wheels and tells him she is pregnant. He is shocked but happy and they both celebrate the news that they are about to become parents. Insisting that Sheridan gets checked out, Wheels takes a risk and drives her to an inner city doctor's surgery. Whilst he is outside waiting for Sheridan Ed Farrell and his gang arrive and a high-speed car chase follows. As Wheels reaches a dirt yard the car runs out of gas and breaks down - leading him and Daryl to be taken away by Ed and the gang. Meanwhile Sheridan comes out of the surgery to witness her red Jaguar being towed away with Wheels in the following vehicle. Back in Westside Joey takes to the airwaves once more and breaks the news that Wheels has been captured. As Wheels and Daryl lie in the tin shed, Ed and his gang celebrate their catch. When the men get rowdy the shed rattles and falls to the ground. As the walls fall Wheels is in the open air and sees Sheridan in the Jaguar. She has pulled down the shed using the car and waits for him to join her. As Wheels, Sheridan and Daryl take off in the Jaguar Ed, Sam and the gang emerge and watch them drive off. As they jump into their cars to follow them they see that Sheridan has slashed all of their tyres!

E Street Episode 298

Episode 298

News of Wheels and Sheridan's breakout reaches Westside and George and Max can't help but laugh when they come face to face with Ed. Angry that he lost Wheels and Sheridan, Ed begins to play nasty and plants drugs on Joey whilst he raids his pad. Despite Jo-Jo witnessing the event, there is nothing she can do. As she is ragged out by Ed's men Joey is beaten up and asked once more for information on Wheels and Sheridan. He refuses to tell Ed where they are but agrees to do a radio broadcast asking Wheels and Sheridan to give themselves up. Wheels and Sheridan call the radio station and speak to Ed. They tell him they will only come in if George is at the border to meet them. Ed gives them his word and says George will be there. Jamie moves into the flat with Penny and seems to be attracted to her. As Wheels and Sheridan make their way to the border they being to have doubts. They realise that they will both be separated and sent to jail, but they also realise that a life on the run is not right for their child. Meanwhile Joey spots George in the pub and asks him if he should not be meeting Wheels and Sheridan. George tells Joey he hasn't been informed off the arrangement and Joey rushes to the radio station. He puts out a call to Wheels and Sheridan and tells them to turn back - the deal is off. However they are not listening to the radio and as they approach the border Ed and his men are lined up with an array of guns. As Ed has Sheridan in his target, Wheels and Sheridan decide not to give themselves in and they turn away from the border and out of Ed's reach.

E Street Episode 299

Episode 299

Amy arrives at work and is told she will be nursing Steven. He is still in a coma and has severe facial scaring. Amy begins to relax around Steven and starts to talk to him, when she does he flatlines. Bob is present as they bring Steven back to life. George is furious when he learns how close Ed was to killing Wheels and Sheridan. He reprimands Sam and tells him he shouldn't be helping Ed break the law. George informs Harry Haddock and Ed gets taken off the case. However he visits Elly and questions her on the psychic connection between Sheridan and Steven. He believes Steven must know where Sheridan is. Wheels and Sheridan decide they need a new vehicle as the Jag attracts too much attention. They find a jeep on a farmyard and take it - leaving the Jag in its place. Nurse Melanie who is also nursing Steven later joins Amy. She tells Amy how Steven causes her nightmares. As Amy concentrates on her paperwork Steven wakes up. Sheridan's courage impresses Wheels and he tells her how much he loves her. He asks her if she'll marry him.

E Street Episode 300

Episode 300

Amy confesses her fears to Elly. Elly tells her being scared of Steven is healthy but it's highly unlikely he could hurt her in his coma. When Amy returns to the hospital she is alarmed to see Steven's eye has opened. Jo-Jo and Joey go to look for Wheels and Sheridan. They find the guy who has their Jag and eventually make their way to Wheels and Sheridan's old hide out. They tell them that Ed is still out to get them and that they have to give themselves up. Wheels and Sheridan tell them they can't go back to Westside because they can't be separated. Wheels talks to Joey alone and reminds him of how he never pressured him when he stopped speaking. He asks him to support and understand his and Sheridan's wish to be together and to be free. Joey accepts his decision and tells Jo-Jo they must support them. Penny and Jamie try to accommodate each other's lifestyles at the flat. However Jamie struggles with Penny's untidiness and Charlie's noise! Jo-Jo and Joey return to Westside and gather everyone in the pub. Joey takes to the airwaves and announces that today they are going to perform an on air wedding for Wheels and Sheridan. Wheels and Sheridan are shocked as they listen to the radio but agree to the wedding and quickly scrub up for their wedding day! Bob takes over from Joey and performs the ceremony on air. As Wheels and Sheridan exchange vows, the residents of E Street congratulate them from a far and Wheels and Sheridan become Mr & Mrs Kovac!