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Episodes 301 - 350

E Street Episode 301

Episode 301

Amy has flashbacks of Steven as a child. When she arrives at the hospital for her shift she is told Steven has been ill throughout the night and isn’t expected to survive the day. However when everyone leaves the room and Amy takes his hand, Steven’s vital signs pick up. Ed visits Jo-Jo and threatens her. He implies that he will plant drugs on Joey and when Joey tries to escape arrest he will be shot. Joey tells Jo-Jo he can’t give Wheels up, and instead meets Ed in a derelict warehouse. Ed tells Joey he will shoot him and the plant drugs on him – as Ed pulls out his gun Jo-Jo arrives with Sam. As Joey and Jo-Jo leave the scene, Ed tells Sam that if he reports this he will let out his own secret – that the gun on the man Sam killed at the petrol station was just a water pistol. Sam is shocked to learn he has been part of a cover up. Sam agrees to help his Dad and joins him when Ed receives a tip off about Wheels and Sheridan. Jo-Jo sees Ed leave and she and Joey try to contact Wheels. Sam visits Amy at the hospital and tells her he is going away with Ed for a few days, when he kisses her goodbye Steven’s vital signs once again pick up. Ed and Sam’s tip off has led them to Sheridan’s Jag but they soon learn she no longer owns in. When George learns how close Ed is to Wheels and Sheridan he pleads with Joey to let him know where they are – but Joey refuses. Pete and Pete return Wheels and Sheridan’s to take back Daryl as their Mum has been missing him. As they leave the hide out, Pete and Pete are captured by Ed and taken into custody.

E Street Episode 302

Episode 302

Wheels realises time is running out and returns to Westside to see George. He tells George he will confess to shooting Steven and taking Sheridan away against her will. George admires his guts but refuses to lie for him. Wheels tells George Ed will kill he and Sheridan if he finds them and begs him for help. George pays a visit to Ernie after lock up. George tells Ernie that he has begun to question the law. He tells him how he couldn’t stop Sonny from tearing Westside apart and feels that if he does something now it won’t have all been for nothing. Ed makes a false statement and forces Pete and Pete to sign it. He threatens them with jail unless they tell him of Wheels and Sheridan’s whereabouts. Sam arrives and tears up the statement, sending Pete and Pete on their way. Penny, Jamie and Charlie go fishing at the docks – they run into Daryl. Toni and Cj take Daryl to the pub where Ed takes him from them. Sam apologises to George for letting Ed question Pete and Pete – he tells him from now on he is firmly on the side of the law. Penny and Jamie witness Ed and his team loading up their vehicles with guns. They tell George, Max and Sam what they saw and they follow Ed. Daryl leads Ed and his men to Wheels and Sheridan’s hideout. As George, Max and Sam arrive Ed lets off the first shot and he and his men blow the hideout to pieces. As the last shot is fired everyone goes into to examine the wreckage but there is no sign of Wheels or Sheridan – instead Pete and Pete crawl out from beneath the hideout. George tells Sam to arrest Ed and his man as they have a dozen charges to answer to. As they are taken away Max asks George where Wheels and Sheridan could be – George replies ‘They could be anywhere Max, anywhere at all.’ E Street then takes us to The Maldives where Wheels and Sheridan are lazing by the pool. They sip their drinks and raise a toast ‘To George Sullivan – the last of the good guys’.

E Street Episode 303

Episode 303

The search for Wheels and Sheridan is called off and George tells Martha he helped them leave the country by calling in a favour. Amy continues to have nightmares about Steven and asks Elly for more information on him. Ed tells George he is going back to the security business. He wants him to train Sam and fast track him to Sergeant – if he does so he’ll grant George early retirement and a great pension. Penny and Jamie continue their fake marriage in order to fool Jamie’s boss Mr Hughs and Penny’s landlord. However their false identities get them into trouble when he suspects Penny is having an affair. Amy begins to get reactions from Steven, his pulse races when she changes her tights and kisses Sam. Elly is unconvinced by what she hears but as Amy tries to wash the thoughts from her head Steven grabs her hand.

E Street Episode 304

Episode 304

Amy begins to have dreams about Stevens childhood, she is moved by the abuse he suffered at the hands of his Mother and vows never to leave him. She tells Bob about the dreams and says she feels Steven is controlling her life in some way. She finds Steven’s ring among his things and finds when she wears it she is once again taken back through his life. The Hughes have lunch for Penny and Jamie. They are still convinced Penny is having an affair and he is forced to admit a fake affair in order to save her fake marriage. George tells Sam about the telepathic connection Steven shared with Sheridan

E Street Episode 305

Episode 305

It’s the day of the inquest investigating the petrol station shooting. Sam is nervous and on the way to court he punches a photographer. He confesses to George that the gun Murphy had was a water pistol and that Harry Haddock and the boys at Newbridge covered for him. George tells him he has to tell the truth in court but Sam fails to. Bob holds Stevens ring whilst he is talking to him. As he takes the ring off his finger Steven goes into cardiac arrest. Only when Bob places the ring back on his finger does Steven begin to breathe again. Later on that day Elly receives a shock when she sees Steven without his bandages for the first time. Meanwhile Penny and Jamie are subjected to marriage counselling and are surprised when the counsellor tells them they are the most compatible couple she’s ever met

E Street Episode 306

Episode 306

Sam is worried when Amy fails to show up for work. He and Max are alerted to a break in at Steven’s old house and they find Amy there. She is taken to the police station but won’t say anything that sheds light on the situation. Sam goes back to Steven’s house and finds a picture of a young Steven – on the back is written ‘Steven for Amy’. Toni, Claire and Jo-Jo go through Joey’s Dr Rock fan mail. They are alarmed when they come across some vicious mail and later receive a ticking parcel. Convinced it’s a bomb they take it to the police station where George examines it. The parcel explodes – it’s a flour bomb containing a note which says ‘The next one will be real.’ Back at the hospital Steven speaks to Amy and asks her to kill him

E Street Episode 307

Episode 307

Elly finds Amy asleep near Steven’s bed. Amy explains Steven spoke to her and asked her to kill him. Elly and Bob watch as Amy tries to get a response from Steven, she fails but when Bob speaks to him Steven’s pulse again starts to raise. CJ appears to have a crush on Penny much to the horror of Mrs Hughes. Toni, Jo-Jo and Claire get worried about hate mail being sent to Joey as his Dr Rock persona. They take the letters to George and Max who track down a guy called Wilber who admits he sent the hate mail. However when Joey and Jo-Jo return home they find their place has been trashed. Sam visits Amy’s Mum Julia and demands to know what happened to Amy during the 2 years she went missing as a child. Back at the hospital, Elly agrees to let Amy stay as Steven’s nurse. Amy gives Steven a sack to put over his face and his scar.

E Street Episode 308

Episode 308

Elly allows Claire to spend the night on the Dr Rock show with Joey. When the show is finished Joey leaves Claire whilst he checks on their taxi, when he returns outside Claire is gone. George breaks the news to Elly and Bob and Elly’s anger is aimed at Joey. They all head to the radio station in hope of making contact with Claire’s abductor. A woman phones the radio station – she has Claire. She tells them her name is Cathy and she has a personally vendetta against Elly. Her child died of Meningitis and no one could save him. Elly realises who Cathy is and they all rush to her house. When they arrive there is no sign of Claire or Cathy and we learn that they are in The Windsor’s old house and Cathy has a bomb. As Elly once again speaks to Cathy on the radio, Claire tries to escape – just as the bomb explodes. Meanwhile Penny and Jamie tell Mr Hughes the truth about their fake marriage and Amy tells Sam they shouldn’t see each other for a while

E Street Episode 309

Episode 309

Toni, Jo-Jo, Penny and Charlie are doing a keep fit class when CJ arrives and tells them about Claire. Claire is at the hospital and managed to escape as the bomb went off. Cathy was found dead in the explosion and Elly blames Joey for the whole thing. Jason from the keep fit class drop of Toni’s bag to her. She asks him out for dinner and surprises herself with her forward nature! CJ appears to be jealous and Max tells Jason he has to treat Toni well. Amy is once again trying to up Steven’s respond. She begins to talk about Sheridan and out of anger Steven grabs her by the neck. Jo-Jo tries to speak to Joey about Claire but he is racked with guilt. Jason goes to Toni’s for dinner. CJ does everything he can to spoil their evening.

E Street Episode 310

Episode 310

Jason invites Toni for a day out. They go to the countryside where Toni tells him about her experience with Steven. Meanwhile CJ confesses to Max that he’s in love with Toni. When Toni returns home CJ’s questioning upsets her and she decides to move out. Amy gives Steven a drug, which helps him get stronger – she tells him she wants him to kill someone for her. Nurse Melanie becomes a little suspicious of Amy. Sam continues to pester Julia but she refuses to give him any information on Amy’s missing years.

E Street Episode 311

Episode 311

Toni asks Elly is she can move back in. Elly agrees and asks Toni to look after Claire whilst she’s at work. Jason later asks Toni our and Claire insist she goes. Whilst alone a ticking clock reminds Claire of the bomb and she smashes it to pieces injuring herself in the process. Bob arrives at Elly’s and finds Claire in the kitchen cupboard. Melanie finds drugs in Amy’s bag and confronts Elly – she tells her Steven’s heart rate has been all over the place. Amy gets herself out of the mess and later finds Steven out of his bed and standing up. Bob takes Claire to the hospital where her cuts are treated. Elly feels bad for leaving her alone and they realise they had underestimated the effect the bomb had on her.

E Street Episode 312

Episode 312

CJ is down in the dumps due to Toni moving out. The guys decide to get him a flatmate and Jo-Jo takes to the streets to advertise. Joey wants to see Claire but Elly won’t allow it. Toni tells her to give him a go as he feels guilty about what happened. Melanie moves in with CJ and Max and we soon learn she used to go out with Jason. When he visits the house they waste no time in sleeping together again. Amy gives Steven a gun and when Elly and Bob go to the hospital they see he is missing. Amy gets in her car to go home and finds Steven in her backseat.

E Street Episode 313

Episode 313

CJ catches Jason and Melanie together. He is upset and asks Bob for advice. Bob tells him to tell Toni which he does. Toni tells him he has ruined their friendship and is just being spiteful. CJ presses Jason to tell Toni the truth but he won’t – resulting in CJ hitting Jason. Amy takes Steven to a deserted warehouse and outs him in a cage. He won’t eat and refuses to get strong for her. The police assume Steven has kidnapped Amy and they break the news to Julia. Sam asks her to tell George about the missing years but she won’t – he will only say that Amy wants her dead. When Steven won’t fire the gun for Amy she tells him to leave, but after a while he returns to her in the warehouse.

E Street Episode 314

Episode 314

Julia visits Gary Foster and tells him Amy wants to kill them both. Gary emerges from prison and immediately goes to the warehouse where Amy is. She locks him in the cage and tells him this was what is was like for her. Steven escapes from the warehouse and hears two shots – Amy has shot Gary. Toni and Melanie meet in the pub and arrange a time where Toni can go and collect more of her stuff. When Toni arrives she finds Jason and Melanie together – Melanie has set the whole thing up. Toni is devastated and CJ is upset to learn of her pain. Jamie starts work at the pub after he fails to find a place to practice law.

E Street Episode 315

Episode 315

Bob sees Jamie is unsatisfied at the pub and tells him to reopen the legal centre. Jamie is unsure and so the gang rally around with fake legal stories to get him fired up again. Amy turns up at work and pretends nothing has happened. George and Sam find Gary’s body. Sam finds a picture of Amy in Gary’s wallet but hides it and chooses not to say anything. George questions Julia but she says she doesn’t know Gary and refuses to talk to them. Amy visits Julia and says she owes her something for what she did to her as a child. Penny shocks Jamie by kissing him when he announces he is to reopen the legal centre.

E Street Episode 316

Episode 316

Amy and Julia finally confess all to Sam. Gary raped Amy and locked her up for 3 months. He later stalked her and was put in jail for child abuse. Julia had Amy committed and it was in that hospital that she met Steven. Jamie holds a party to celebrate the legal centre reopening. Penny tells him the kiss was because he is her best friend. Toni is spending a lot of time with Melanie, she seems to be in awe of her experience. She gives Toni a ring and later on Melanie is kidnapped. Meanwhile Steven is still on the loose and is losing strength as the drugs wear off.

E Street Episode 317

Episode 317

Frank Farretino’s sidekick Jimmy has taken Melanie back to Frank. They used to be lovers and Frank wants her back. Julia pays Frank a visit and tells him she wants Steven dead – he give the job to Jimmy. Max and Sam run into Albie who has lost his cat up a tree, when they rescue the cat Albie wanders off and fins Steven. Jimmy tracks them both down and holds a gun to them. Amy confesses to Sam that she shot Gary – she says she’s glad she did it and Sam tells her she’ll have to confess. Meanwhile Penny and Jamie argue over a wardrobe they both hate.

E Street Episode 318

Episode 318

Jimmy can’t shoot Steven and tells Melanie he is scared what Frank will do to him. Frank seems unfazed by It and he and Melanie join Toni and CJ for dinner. Frank upsets Melanie by sweet talking Toni but she later takes him back after he confesses he still loves her. Albie overhears Steven and Amy talking, he goes to Bob and tells him he knows where Steven is. As everyone heads to the warehouse Steven runs away, Amy shoots him 3 times and he falls to the ground. Penny is upset that Charlie doesn’t have a father around, she is grateful to Jamie for being there for she and Charlie. Steven emerges from the ground and has one final dream. We once again see the Becky Campbell flashbacks and learn that Steven never killed her – he found her dead after he Dad had strangled her. Sheridan saw the aftermath of the killing when Steven was cradling Becky and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Steven jumps into the river and drowns himself.

E Street Episode 319

Episode 319

Elly receives a call from America, David has had a car crash and is in a critical condition. Claire is devastated by the news and wants to fly out to see David. Elly says they can’t go. When Claire presses her more Elly tells her the last time they went away with David they hurt Bob a lot – she says she can’t do that again. After shooting Steven Amy has climbed up on some scaffolding. Sam and Bob try to talk her down but she threatens to jump. Julia arrives and Amy allows her onto the scaffolding. They talk about the past and Amy says she forgives her mother. Amy pulls her mother in for a hug and as she lets go she pushes Julia off the scaffolding where she falls to her death. Penny and Jamie have dinner together but he faints after Penny kisses him.

E Street Episode 320

Episode 320

Elly arrives at the scene and pronounces Julia dead. Amy comes down the scaffolding with George and she is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Sam is distraught and says goodbye to Amy at the hospital. Elly and Bob arrive home and he sees suitcases in the sitting room. She tells him about David and says she has to take Claire to see him. Bob understands but says he’ll miss her. Elly and Claire depart the next morning and Bob admits to Ernie he feels he has neglected Elly once more. When Jamie wakes up Penny pretends nothing happened and suggests they start seeing over people. Jamie organises a date with Toni whilst Penny organises a date with CJ. When CJ finds out about Toni and Jamie he goes mad and confesses to Toni that he’ in love with her. Toni confesses she feels the same way and the double date is called off. Sam arrives at work and George tells him he will be charged with being an accessory to murder. Harry Haddock arrives and asks George to change his story but he refuses. He tells Sam he will be charged by the book. Meanwhile Jimmy tells Melanie that he loves her.

E Street Episode 321

Episode 321

Toni, CJ, Penny and Jamie go camping. Toni and CJ want to spend the night together so Penny and Jamie have to share a tent. Toni and CJ get talking about the future and marriage and kids…..they pause for a while as they realise CJ has inadvertently proposed. Bob and Martha are concerned that George is punishing Sam for Ed’s mistakes. Sam gets bail but George tells him he no longer wants him on the force. A stranger arrives in Westside looking for Bob. He gets a room at the pub and has a gun and a picture of Bob. Meanwhile things get ugly as Frank reduces Jimmy to tears during a game.

E Street Episode 322

Episode 322

Toni runs into Penny and Jamie’s tent alarmed by CJ’s marriage proposal. They cut the camping trip short and head home. CJ’s ego has been bashed and Toni is confused about what to do. Penny tells her to go and talk to CJ. As she does so he won’t let her speak, constantly interrupting. As she finally manages to get a word in she accepts his marriage proposal. Sam hands back his uniform and resigns from the force. Ernie tells Bob a man by the name of Jack Brown has moved into the pub and appears to know everything about him. Bob goes to see Jack and comes face to face with his little brother for the first time in years.

E Street Episode 323

Episode 323

Toni and CJ announce their engagement but nobody believes them! Max finally believes they are for real and makes an announcement in the pub. Bob and Jack discuss how their lives have changed since they last saw each other 20 years ago. Jack gives little away but Bob tells him about Elly and Harley and in his life in Westside. We learn that Jack was beaten up their Dad and in turn Jack killed him. He served time for it and Bob promises to get him on the straight and narrow. Frank tries to get some drugs traffic in the pub, he feels Jimmy has betrayed him by involving rival gangster Arnie and takes him to a demolition ground to shoot him. A parcel arrives for Penny and Jamie – it is a dog from the vets. They tell Charlie they can’t keep the dog but she soon makes herself at home and Tess the dog becomes a permanent feature in the flat.

E Street Episode 324

Episode 324

Toni and CJ want to get married as soon as possible, but she tells him she wants to wait for Elly to return. Toni calls Elly to give her the news and is touched when she hears Bob and Elly talking on the phone. She tells Bob she has fears about marriage when she has witnessed so many broken relationships. George visits Bob and meets Jack. He’s aware that Jack has done time and tells Bob to be weary of him. Frank doesn’t kill Jimmy but Melanie has had enough and tells him she wants out of the games. CJ wants to provide for Toni; nice house, TV etc. Jack gets himself acquainted with the folk of Westside and draws attention from Melanie. Despite her obvious effort he turns her away. George tells Sam the case against him has been dropped due to insufficient evidence. Sam still says the force is not for him any longer. Jo-Jo organises a party for Toni and CJ, however CJ is late after spending the afternoon buying scratch cards to earn a fortune. As he scratches the last he finds he has won $25,000. As he races to the pub to tell Toni a car hits him and he is knocked unconscious.

E Street Episode 325

Episode 325

Penny knocks other Jamie’s boat in a bottle project. As she and Max try to put the bottle back together they end up gluing themselves together. In a twist of fate Jamie trips over Tess and breaks the bottle himself. Bob gets Jack a job on a shipyard. Jack doesn’t want to know. Their chat is interrupted by Melanie who invites herself into Jack’s room. After too much whisky she passes out. Jimmy alerts Frank to her whereabouts and they find her asleep and alone in Jacks bed. Frank challenges Jack to a fight and when Jack comes off better Franks realises he may need Jack as a friend and not an enemy. Toni & CJ’s engagement party comes to a halt when Ernie receives a call at the pub from the hospital. CJ needs an operation as the trauma from the accident has caused him to go blind. It is hoped that after the operation his sight will come back. CJ tells Toni about the scratch card, she searches his wallet but the card is nowhere to be found. As friends gather round his bedside CJ puts on his happy front, but when Ernie visits him after visiting hours CJ reveals he is scared he may never see again.

E Street Episode 326

Episode 326

Jack starts work at the shipyard thanks to Bob. He soon finds out the boat he is working on is owned by Frank. Melanie spends the day watching him graft. Jo-Jo and Joey start up their own business venture. Silver Service food for a cheap price. But due to no electricity at their place they operate from Penny and Jamie’s flat. Their first client causes a fuss and when they arrive at the venue they find Ernie, George and Martha laughing at their expense. Frank invites Jack to a pool game – he plays him against Arnie and Melanie is the prize. Jack wins the game meaning Arnie loses his money and Frank keeps Melanie. Frank asks Jack if he is his loyal friend – he asks him to prove so by killing Melanie. CJ requests that Martha takes off his bandages, as she does so he opens his eyes and finds he still can’t see.

E Street Episode 327

Episode 327

CJ returns home and tries to make his way around the house by counting the steps to each device. His scan results show his nerves are fine; the cause of the blindness cannot be pinpointed. There is no medical reason why he shouldn’t see. A body is removed from Frank’s house – it’s Jimmy. Jack shot him dead. Frank is furious even though he was the one who provided the dare to test Jack’s loyalty. Jamie looks after Charlie at the legal centre. Charlie sneaks off and Jamie finds her outside watching a magician. He doesn’t welcome the distraction and asks Max to move him on. When Penny arrives she is fascinated by Zippo the clown but Jamie just wants his real name so that he can find out if he has a licence or not. He finds out he is called Reggie Bucket and he appears to have been a live for hundreds of years. Frank tells Melanie to invite Jack for dinner, she does so and whilst at the hotel room Jack kisses her. Bob witnesses Jack manhandling her and he is unimpressed. Jack tells him he is giving up the shipyard job to work for Frank. At the dinner Melanie is insulted by Frank and walks out. Arnie finds her and she tells him Frank has pushed her too far this time. She decides she will have Frank killed.

E Street Episode 328

Episode 328

Charlie has the day off school because she’s not feeling well. Penny puts her back to bed whilst she gets on with her work in the living room. Reggie appears at Charlie’s bedroom window and performs some magic tricks for her. Charlie tells him the kids at school have been picking on her because she wears funny clothes. Jamie is confused when Reggie Bucket has certificates of work date back to the 1800’s and concerned when he and Penny find him in Charlie’s room. Charlie explains that she is being picked on at school but still wants to wear her wild clothes because she likes being different. CJ loses his rag with Toni and tells her he needs his dignity. Max tells CJ he can’t treat Toni like that when she is just trying to help. Bob tells Toni to stand up to CJ and act the same way towards him as she always has. Melanie asks Arnie to kill Jack and Frank for her. Arnie won’t kill Frank or Jack for Melanie and he tells Jack to watch his back. Melanie asks Jack to kill Frank for her, he doesn’t give her an answer but they spend the night together

E Street Episode 329

Episode 329

Frank goes to Jack’s room to invite him for breakfast, whilst he’s waiting he finds Melanie’s earring. Frank invites Bob to join them at breakfast and reveals to Jack that Bob tried to help him stay out of trouble many years ago. Joey and Sam take their washing to the launderette, they even wash the clothes they are standing in and have to travel home dressed in cloths when Jo-Jo and Penny steal their clothes. Toni and CJ go shopping for the first time since the accident. Whilst Toni is in a shop CJ gets into trouble and is moved from the spot where Toni left him. When she finds him he asks her to take him home. CJ tells her she needs to decide whether marrying him is really what she wants to do. Toni tells Penny she’s not sure she can look after CJ as well as she needs to. Jack confronts Melanie about the missing earring and she tells him Jack raped her.

E Street Episode 330

Episode 330

Elly arrives back from America minus Claire who has decided to stay with David. Toni takes her to visit CJ and Elly doesn’t feel they are tackling the real problem. She tells CJ his blindness is like a mental switch that he has to flick back on. Jack tells Frank he never raped Melanie and says she’s trouble; so much so that she wants Frank killed. They both confront Melanie and Frank kicks her out. Jack is clearly his new sidekick. Jo-Jo discovers a Mr B. Springsteen is staying in the hotel. She’s convinced it’s her idol Bruce Springsteen and Ernie, Joey and Sam convince her it is. She performs a song outside his hotel room and gets a note inviting her in. When she enters the room she finds Joey there – this is his and Sam’s payback for stealing their clothes. Bob tells Jack he wants to introduce him to Elly, Jack reluctantly agrees to have dinner with them. Frank finds out that Melanie has hooked up with Arnie and pays them a visit. He tells them he knows about their plan and says they will regret it.

E Street Episode 331

Episode 331

Max hasn’t heard from Nikki in a few months and is feeling lonely. Penny suggests he go on the dating show ‘Dream Date’. Jamie hosts his own version of ‘Dream Date’ in the pub with Martha, Jo-Jo and Penny as the contestants. Max chooses Martha as his dream date due to her romantic answers! He later scores a place on the real show when a contestant drops out. Bob takes Elly to meet Jack. Jack is rude to her and won’t give them the time of day. Bob gives him a lecture and Jack agrees to lunch the following day. The lunch is a disaster and Jack barely speaks. Elly enquires about their past and Bob tells her that he and Jack used to be beaten by their Dad. When Bob left, Jack bore the brunt of it and one day fought back, resulting in his father dying. Jack served time for manslaughter. Toni and CJ set a date for the wedding and ask Bob to perform the ceremony. Frank catches Jack and Melanie kissing but plays it cool and asks Jack to join his team. Jack tells him that Arnie has tried to buy him and they agree to confront Arnie and show him up. They shoot dead one of Arnie’s men and shoot him in the foot. Frank pays Jack money for his work but Jack isn’t satisfied – he wants Melanie instead.

E Street Episode 332

Episode 332

A national radio station wants Joey to take Dr Rock back on air. He tells Jo-Jo he can’t do it because due to Dr Rock a woman is dead and Claire could have been killed too. Arnie visits Frank – he wants to hire a hit man to kill Jack. Frank tells him if Jack needs killing he’ll handle it himself. Jack gives Bob a package to look after, he agrees but doesn’t know what’s inside. Elly can’t stand the suspense and opens the package, which is full of money. Jack explains the money is for Tommy Ward, his cellmate from prison who died. Tommy looked out for Jack and was inside because he took the flack for an armed robbery that Frank committed. The deal was that Tommy would do the time if Frank looked after his Grandkid, but Frank let him down and the boy committed suicide. Everyone gathers to watch Max on ‘Dream Date’. The three contestants are none other than the Teen Queens – everyone’s favourite pop group! Max makes his choice and is shocked when the Teen Queens are revealed. Instead of taking just one of them out, he takes out all three of them.

E Street Episode 333

Episode 333

It’s Charlie’s birthday and Jamie promises her the best birthday ever. Charlie’s wish is to have batman at her party! Jamie dresses up as Batman and intervenes when CJ is attacked in the street by two youths. At the party CJ trips over and ruins Charlie’s birthday cake. He is devastated and can’t handle not being able to see. Elly follows him home and tells him she can’t promise he will see again, she asks if he really wants to put Toni through all of this. She feels he has no choice – he should call off the wedding. Bob goes to see Frank and asks him to terminate his friendship with Jack. He does so in a threatening way and Frank advises him to leave well alone. At the pub Bob asks Jack to stop his bad ways but Jack refuses, Bob hits Jack in full view of George who places Jack in Bob’s custody for 24 hours. Jack compares Tommy’s Grandson to Harley and taunts Bob saying he never did enough for Harley. Frank and Melanie argue again about Jack – she finally snaps and hits him. He is out cold and so she takes the gun from his drawer and holds it to his head – as Jack appears. He won’t let Melanie shoot him and sends him to hospital. He tells her Frank is a dead man, but when he says so. Bob visits Jack and says he will take the money to help the people who need it but he makes Jack promise that he won’t kill Frank. Jack says whilst he’s Bobs responsibility he won’t kill anyone

E Street Episode 334

Episode 334

Frank arrives home from hospital and finds Jack with Mel. He gives Jack a gun and tells him to kill Mel. Jack turns the gun on Frank and kills him. They wrap Frank in a rug and drive him out to the woods and dump his body in a lake. Melanie asks Jack why he killed Frank and not her and he kisses her. When they return home Melanie realises her necklace is missing. She fears she lost it when they dumped the body and tells Jack it has her name on it. They return back to the woods and when they check the rug Frank is gone. CJ tells Toni that he can’t marry her; he says Elly has told him it’s the wrong thing to do and he agrees with her. Toni is devastated and goes to see Elly, she tells her she has ruined everything. Elly sees CJ in the pub and tells him he did the right thing. However no one else agrees with her and she gets the cold shoulder at the pub. Toni confronts CJ in front of everyone and tells him she wants to marry him and promises him they will make their marriage work. He agrees and the engagement is back on. Ernie is being driven wild by a buzzing noise in his ears. He thinks it’s from a bug that flew into his room and is chasing him around the pub. Martha visits Ernie who is convinced he’s going mad. Martha pulls out the piece of cellophane under his new shirt – the cause of his noise.

E Street Episode 335

Episode 335

Elly apologises to Toni for interfering. She tells her that since Daniel left her in her care she has treated Toni like her own daughter and is worried about her. CJ wants a job to prove to Elly that he is fit enough for Toni – Ernie gives him his old job back behind the bar. However he’s not up to it and Jo-Jo, Max and Sam run around covering for him. Elly sees CJ at work and tells Toni that accepting his blindness will not help him get better. Jack tells Bob he is leaving Westside as he has done what he came here to do – he killed Frank. Bob is unconvinced but Jack says it’s the truth. Elly comes to the rectory and finds Bob watching old home movies. She’s upset about Toni and feels bad about her interference. She tells Bob how she feels but he pays her no attention. Melanie reports Jack missing. Jamie, Penny and Charlie go horse riding – they find a body. Jamie goes to the pub and tells Max what has happened, Jack overhears. Bob pays Melanie a visit and asks if she and Jack really killed Jack. George arrives and tells Melanie they have found a body. She goes to identify the body and confirms it is Frank, however she later tells Jack it wasn’t him – it was Jimmy.

E Street Episode 336

Episode 336

Elly visits Bob and he apologises for the way he treated her yesterday. She tells him she is worried about him and the wedge that Jack is driving between them. Bob tells her Jack has murdered someone. George tells Bob that the body they found was Jimmy’s and not Franks. He tells Bob not to forget which side he’s on and to let him know if he sees Jack. Penny, Jamie and Charlie go back to the horse stables and find the horse Jamie took a shine too is dying. Toni tells the guys that they have to stop covering for CJ in order for him to realise what blindness is all about. They stand by as Joey and Sam are cruel to be kind, CJ can’t cope with the pressure and falls to the floor in a heap. He realises it was set up and tells Toni he won’t always be blind. George tells Melanie that Jimmy’s body was dressed up as Frank for a reason – to send a warning message to she and Jack. Later Melanie finds in the wreath in the pool; she suspects Arnie is responsible but he tells her to look to Jack for answers.

E Street Episode 337

Episode 337

Jack receives a letter from Melanie – she has left Westside and returned to the country. Jack asks Bob if he can borrow the car, as he wants to go and find Melanie. Bob is pleased that Jack has finally confided in him. CJ talks to Toni about his past, he wants to know if something from his childhood is contributing to his blindness. It seems CJ was always trying to impress his father and always felt like second best. Jack finds Melanie and she is amazed he remembered what she told him about growing up in the country. She is staying with her Nan who takes quite a shine to Jack. Max organises a night out for the guys and The Teen Queens. Ernie gets dressed up to join them but the lads think he is cramping their style and tell him so. However when The Teen Queens arrive they are much more interested in Ernie then they are the rest of the gang.

E Street Episode 338

Episode 338

Toni tells Elly the wedding is back on and asks if she will come even if Daniel does. Elly says whatever has happened is in the past – Toni is her family now. Martha tells Elly she has noticed her strange behaviour lately and asks her what’s wrong. Elly tells Martha she’s pregnant. Toni and CJ have a practice wedding in the style of hip-hop rap thanks to Jo-Jo. After much fun, games and cross dressing they decide to have a traditional wedding in front of all their friends. Jack leaves Melanie and heads back to the city. As he leaves a black car arrives outside the farmhouse and Melanie and her Nan are chased through the woods by gunmen. Jack comes to the rescue and he and Melanie head back to Westside. We see that Arnie organised the gunmen and has Franks body sitting upright in his car. Martha sees Bob in the pub and tells him he has been neglecting Elly. She tells him that if he’s not careful he will lose her again. Bob thanks Martha and goes to see Elly. He tells her he loves her and apologises for neglecting her but explains that Jack has needed him. Elly makes it clear that she needs him too and asks Bob how he feels about their relationship at the moment. Bob is confused and suspects Elly no longer loves him, she says that isn’t it and walks out of the surgery in tears.

E Street Episode 339

Episode 339

Elly’s foul mood continues as Bob tries to find out what’s wrong with her. Toni can't handle the tension and quits her job as Elly’s receptionist. Bob and Toni retire to the pub where Toni makes a comment about Elly’s mood and how she’s acting like a pregnant woman. The penny finally drops for Bob and when Elly arrives at the pub he asks her if she is having a baby. She tells him she is and Bob is shell-shocked. Elly heads back to work, taking Sam on as her new receptionist whilst Bob spreads the happy news. George and Max receive a call that Frank’s body has been found. They find him in the pool of his house and George calls in Jack and Melanie in for questioning. He lets them both go but is sure they killed Frank. Whilst celebrating Ernie makes a joke about David and Elly being alone in the States for all those weeks. Bob goes to the surgery and is met with Elly’s distant attitude. He asks her if he has made an assumption about being the baby’s father. Elly is horrified and realises he thinks she slept with David – she asks him to leave. Toni and Penny start work on the wedding plans but clash as soon as they start talking about the dress and seating arrangements. Bob goes to see Elly and asks her to forgive him. She says she has been so hurt by what he inferred that she has thought about ending their relationship. However she loves him too much and assures him the baby is theirs. Whatever happens she expects his unqualified support – Bob agrees and they hug.

E Street Episode 340

Episode 340

Arnie realises he is out of his depth and hires a hit man to take out Jack. ‘The General’ arrives and Arnie points him in the direction of the pub. He manages to get into Melanie’s room and holds a gun to her head. The wedding invitations are delivered and Penny is upset when she doesn’t receive one. She thinks Toni is angry with her after they clashed about the wedding plans. Sam is running the surgery military style and Elly fires him. He goes to see George who hands him back his letter of resignation – he never handed it in, Sam has been on unpaid leave. Sam thanks George and agrees to go back to work. George warns Bob that if he is withholding information about Jack he could face a prison sentence. He tells him to think carefully; after all he’s going to be a father. Bob takes is advice and asks Jack to confess to Franks murder. Jack says he will but when they get to the police station he says he lied about killing Jack to impress Bob. Bob is mortified but Jack tells him he did it so Bob’s conscience was clear. Jack returns to the pub and find The General with Melanie. He asks who has set him up and The General says it was Arnie. He tells Jack he’s being paid $5,000 to kill him – how much will Jack pay to keep himself and Melanie alive?

E Street Episode 341

Episode 341

Toni goes to see Penny and says the reason she didn’t send her an invitation is because you don’t send invitations to the groomsman or matron of honour. Penny is delighted as Toni asks her to be her matron of honour. Martha talks to Elly about the joys of motherhood and as a result Elly is more positive about having the baby. Meanwhile Ernie tells Bob to think about Elly and the stresses of being a mother, resulting in Bob worrying that Elly’s worries were well founded. Jack and Melanie double The General’s fees, in turn he goes to Arnie and asks for him to double their price in order to stay alive. Jack and Arnie pull together and pay The General to leave town, but he is insistent someone must die. When Melanie returns to the hotel room alone The General is waiting for her. Bob confuses Elly when he tells her she shouldn’t have the baby if she doesn’t want it. She asks him to be honest with her and he tells her he wants the baby more than anything in the world. Elly tells him it’s what she wants too and they excitedly plan for their future.

E Street Episode 342

Episode 342

Jack arrives and saves Melanie from The General. Melanie tells Jack she loves him but she knows she can’t reach him. Jamie is fed up of being treated like a pushover and so decides to get fit. He buys some fitness equipment, none of which is successful. He hurts himself and calls in a masseuse. Penny is jealous and gives Jamie a massage in order to outdo his masseuse, he takes full advantage. Jack visits Bob and says goodbye. He says he may not see him ever again. Jack tells Melanie he is leaving and tells her to get out of Westside. He goes to the warehouse and meets The General to end the situation once and for all. Melanie enlists Arnie’s help and they head to the warehouse. Jack and The General fire shots at each other and as Jack stands in the firing line Melanie runs through the warehouse and is shot by The General. She dies in Jacks arms and The General declares their feud is over. Arnie sinks to the ground as he realises what his vendetta against Jack has cost him.

E Street Episode 343

Episode 343

Toni receives a letter from Daniel. He tells her he is disappointed in her choice of husband and therefore won’t be coming to the wedding. Toni is distraught and asks Elly if everyone shares Daniel’s opinion. She assures Toni everyone can see how much she and CJ are in love and says if Daniel were here he’d see it too. Ernie decides he needs to lose weight and embarks on a fitness regime. Toni goes to Bob for advice and he tells her if there’s one thing he’s learned it is to follow his heart. He tells her to do that and forget what everyone else thinks. Toni calls Daniel and tells him she will get married tomorrow with or without his blessing. Jack visits Bob and Bob tells him the people of Westside are good and don’t need his kind of trouble. Bob tells Jack no matter how much he loves him he has to walk away from him because he fears what may happen with him in his life. Toni visits CJ and tells him they should go ahead with the wedding. In 24 hours they will be husband and wife.

E Street Episode 1344

Episode 344

Jamie has forgot to organise the limousine. Jack comes to the rescue and offers them the loan of the company limousine. Unbeknown to anyone the dim-witted O’Riely boys are out to get Jack Brown, as their father hates him. They seize the limousine with Penny and Jamie inside! As everyone gathers at the church, Toni, Elly and Martha wait for Toni’s dress to arrive. Jack receives news of the limousines whereabouts and rescues Penny and Jamie. He then transports them all to the wedding, receiving a noted thanks from Elly. As Toni walks down the aisle, accompanied by Elly, Penny and Charlie, a ray of light hits CJ and suddenly he can see everything around him. As Toni reaches him he tells her she looks beautiful. She says he doesn’t have to say that but he tells her he does, he can see her, he can see everything. Everybody cheers before Bob starts the ceremony. As Toni and CJ exchange their vows, Elly and Bob, Penny and Jamie exchange meaningful looks and Martha cries with joy! After Toni and CJ are pronounced man and wife they make their way outside for photos and the traditional throwing of the bouquet, which is caught by Elly. At the reception Bob tells Elly he thinks they should bring their wedding forward and she happily agrees. George tells Martha he is still in love with her as much now as he ever has been. Finally Max presents his wedding present; The Teen Queens singing ‘I Love How You Love Me’ in honour of Toni and CJ.

E Street Episode 345

Episode 345

Elly tells Martha she and Bob are going to set a date for the wedding. Martha is thrilled that they are finally making things official. Penny sees Paris in the pub. She tells Jamie she knows her as she used to date Toni’s brother Simon. Paris is in pain and Penny takes her to the surgery. Paris explains that she saw a modelling advert in the paper and when she went to the shoot she was made to strip and then beaten up. Penny takes her back to the place so she can terminate the agreement but Paris is once again attacked. Jack arrives as Elly and Bob are seeing Paris into the ambulance. Elly tells Jack it’s his kind of people that hurt girls like Paris and tells him to stay away from her. Jack walks away and Elly returns to the surgery leaving Bob stuck in the middle. Bob goes after Jack and explains why Elly flew off the handle, he then returns to Elly who tells him she doesn’t want Jack in her life. She gives him an ultimatum – it’s her or Jack. Jack visits Paris in hospital and later goes to the club and retrieves Paris’ photos. Elly witnesses as Jack gives Paris’s Dad a job which will means she can return to school and stop working. Toni and CJ spend the day in bed and Max feels a bit left out. He decides to move back to the pub, Toni and CJ are upset and don’t want him to leave. In the mean time Max enters a radio competition and wins a trip to Queensland. He presents them to Toni and CJ.

E Street Episode 346

Episode 346

Toni and CJ arrive at the Hamilton Islands for their honeymoon. Max joins them as he thinks they have forgotten their passports – however Toni informs him that they don’t need passports to travel around Australia! He spends the rest of day bumping into a girl named Bonnie and ends up on her yacht. She ties him up and he has to be rescued by Toni and CJ! Penny is desperate to get tickets to see Radio Freedom in concert. Jamie thinks he can get her some, so she takes Charlie to her mothers and gets ready to go. However Jamie fails to secure any tickets and they decide to go for a drive instead. When they get to the car they find the radio has been stolen and in its place are two Radio Freedom tickets. However when they return home they find the house has been trashed. As they are tidying up they find that only Jamie’s opera collection is missing; taken by the Radio Freedom roadie who is an opera fan! Elly tells Bob that she saw Jack help Paris. She tells him she is willing to give Jack a chance and they invite him to dinner. Dinner is a success but as Elly and Bob show Jack out a car drives by and fires shots at them. Jack pushes Elly and Bob to the floor and when the car has gone Elly tells Bob she’s bleeding.

E Street Episode 347

Episode 347

Elly is in hospital after collapsing from the trauma of the shooting. The baby is fine and Bob reassures her the shots were meant for Jack, not them. Joey meets and old flame, fitness instructor Shannon Forsyth. They sleep together and Joey is alarmed when her hair starts to fall out and she has a nosebleed. Bob visits Jack and is furious that Jack isn’t even bothered that he could have lost Elly and the baby. He tells Jack from now on he is out of his life. Jack visits Elly at the hospital and apologises. He wants her to understand that he never wanted anyone to get hurt. She tells him Bob really cares about him and asks if he can go straight. Elly later tells Bob that she won’t stand in his way if he wants Jack back in his life. He tells her Jack is not as important to him as she is, but she tells him it’s not a competition – he can have a brother and a lover. Max is given a special assignment – he is to take care of a schoolgirl whose father is involved in the government. Max is to take charge of her and make sure she studies for her HSC and passes. When he comes face to face with his assignment he recognises her as the girl he met on holiday; Bonnie Tate. Elly gets ready to leave the hospital, as she is packing she collapses in pain. Bob arrives at the hospital and waits for news. Martha comes out and from the look on her face he realises Elly has lost the baby.

E Street Episode 348

Episode 348

Max begs George to take him off the assignment. He tells him Bonnie is the girl from holiday who hates him and there is no way this relationship will work. George tells him he has no choice and has to take on the assignment. News spreads that Elly has lost the baby and the finger of blame is pointed at Jack. Elly is devastated and tells Bob how much she wanted the baby and how well everything was going. He asks her to stay in hospital for a while longer as he has something to take care of. He finds Arnie and asks him to get him a gun and Arnie relays Bob’s plea to Jack. Shannon collapses again and Joey calls Martha. Martha tells her she will dead by the time she’s 30 unless she stops taking the steroids. Shannon explains that she wants to be at the top of her profession and drugs are the only way she can do that. Bob meets Arnie to collect the gun and is stopped by Jack, who forces him back to the Franks place. Jack leaves Arnie in charge of Bob whilst he goes out to find who shot at Elly and Bob. Bob tells Arnie how much he wanted the baby, how he wanted to watch his own child grow. He explains how he used to be as rough as Jack until he met Jimmy who put him straight. Jack arrives back and lets Bob goes, Bob tells him from now on he wants nothing more to do with him. Whilst Max gets lunch, Bonnie takes the car and paints peace symbols all over it! She blames it on Max and George is furious. Bob goes to collect Elly from hospital, he tells her everything is ok now and they go home.

E Street Episode 349

Episode 349

Toni and CJ return from honeymoon but their happiness is interrupted when Toni finds out Elly lost the baby. Max is called to a shop lifting case and Bonnie is the culprit. George tells Max to teach her a lesson and enforce the fake Section 48. Max locks Bonnie in a cell and she later tells Max she didn’t shoplift – she did it so he’d get into trouble. Max sees a different side to her when she tells him she wants her politician father to do more for the environment and to stop wasting money. Bob goes back to work whilst Elly is still resting in bed. Toni visits Elly and Elly tells Toni how devastated Bob is about losing the baby. Toni asks if they will try for another baby but Elly says she couldn’t go through this pain again. Martha assures Elly a locum is arriving but Elly wants to go back to work and put everything behind her. Famous boxer Leo arrives in Westside. He is placed in Bob’s care as he has just served time. Bob gets him a room at the pub, which thrills Leo as he was at the same prison at Jack. Bob tells him stay away from Jack, as it will harm his chances of parole. Ernie, Reg, Penny, Jamie, Charlie, Jo-Jo and Joey move in with Toni and CJ for the night as their homes are infested with cockroaches. Leo roams the streets on his own and takes a pair of sunglasses from a woman’s car, she catches him and as she walks away from him she bumps into a lamppost and falls to the ground.

E Street Episode 350

Episode 350

Leo finds Jack and asks him for help. George tells Bob a man answering Leo’s description attacked a woman last night. He tells Bob to bring Leo in if he finds him. Bob visits Jack and tells him Leo is in serious trouble, Jack keeps Leo hidden until Bob has gone. CJ wants to move on from the pub. He feels he should have a better job now he is married. He decides he is going to go to night school and train to be a sound engineer. Martha has her work cut out trying to convince Elly to stay at home instead of returning to work. Elly continues to put up a front and says the baby was not meant to be. Jack organises a bus ticket for Leo but he never gets on the bus and instead is involved in a police chase with George, Sam and a rookie cop. The rookie cop shoots and Leo stumbles away, he calls Jack for help and Jack arrives by his side. Max is upset when he hears Bonnie’s Dad won’t be returning home for her 18th birthday. He takes her to the pub where he has organised a surprise party for her. Bob arrives at the crime scene and finds Leo dead in Jacks arms. Jack is visibly upset and Bob goes after him. Jack tells Bob his life at the church is safe and therefore he will never understand what Jack’s life is like.