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Episodes 351 - 404

E Street Episode 351

Episode 351

CJ starts his course and meets his fellow student, Terri. However CJ is not impressed with the amount of theory work and has to leave early for his shift at the pub. He has textbooks to read and an essay to write by the following day. Martha offers Toni her job back at the surgery, Toni accepts and says she will start tomorrow. Sam helps Toni defrost her freezer and they get to know each other a bit better. Sam tells Toni he no longer keeps in touch with Amy as there is no point, however he misses her. Jamie finds a bag and takes it to the police station. Bonnie finds the HSE papers inside it and hides them. When the principal reports the papers missing, Bonnie tells Max she has them but promises she didn’t look at the papers. Bob tells Martha he’s worried about Elly and the fact she hasn’t dealt with losing the baby. Elly tells them both she is fine and that throwing herself back into her work is how she deals with things. Bob tells her if they don’t deal with this now it may affect them in the future and the next time they try for a child, Elly tells him there won’t be a next time. CJ struggles balancing his job with study, Toni offers to support them both on her wage but he won’t have it. Whilst Toni waits for CJ to return home for dinner, he is getting notes from Terri who gives him the secret to her success – drugs.

E Street Episode 352

Episode 352

Elly goes back to work. Bob tells Martha he wants to help Elly through what has happened but she is shutting him out. He says he feels sense of loss not just for the baby but also for he and Elly. Bonnie dresses Max up as a tree and then a koala bear for her media project. Whilst dressed up he is called to an armed robbery. Unsurprisingly the criminals react little to a gun toting koala bear. Joey and Jack seem to bond after a game of pool and Jack gives Joey an expensive pool cue. Joey leaves early to go busking and Jack offers him a job, Joey refuses saying it’s not his style. CJ caves in and takes the pills, witnessed by Jack who tells him the high won’t last forever. He later makes a huge mistake when he serves Charlie a straight gin instead of lemonade. Joey takes him home after he kicks off in the pub. Elly tells Martha the reason she can’t talk about the baby is because of Bob; every time she sees his face she sees all the feelings of hurt and loss. Martha tells her she has to talk to him, as he fears she no longer loves him. Elly apologises to Bob for shutting him out and he tells her as much as he wanted the baby, she will always be more important.

E Street Episode 353

Episode 353

Bonnie’s father is going away on business and leaving her during HSE exams. Bob still feels he and Elly haven’t spoken about the baby enough and he asks her to open up to him. She tells him she loves him and wants to have a child with him but feels it’s Jack’s fault they lost their baby and for that reason she doesn’t want him in her life. Joey fills in for CJ at the pub when he falls asleep at the sound school. Whilst people at the pub become increasingly annoyed by him, Toni is blissfully unaware what is going with her husband. Max meets one of Bonnie’s friends who gives him an insight into Bonnie’s life. Max reveals that he cares for Bonnie now and is worried that she is on her own. Max takes Bonnie to George and Martha’s and asks if she can move in with them. Toni and CJ have dinner at the pub and CJ hits out at her. Toni is upset but Jamie reassures her CJ still loves her and that his extra study is all for him. CJ continues to take drugs and starts paying Terri to get him more.

E Street Episode 354

Episode 354

George says Bonnie can move in on the condition that Max moves in too, as she is his responsibility. Bonnie agrees but enforces a few rules of her own. She thinks George should eat healthier and recycle more to help the planet. Toni sees a side to CJ she doesn’t like when he grabs her arm whilst explaining why he is working as hard as he is. Sam continues his work on the fridge but has no luck in fixing it. However Toni is thankful for his help and his company. Bonnie returns home and is worried when she sees George has fertilized her plant. She tells him it’s a south American tomato but it’s actually marijuana! Toni and CJ finally to sit down for dinner and CJ talks about his dreams. When he sees Toni eating whilst he is talking he thinks she is no longer listening to him and smashes the table to bits. Toni walks out and CJ takes more drugs, but before he can go after Toni he collapses.

E Street Episode 355

Episode 355

CJ comes round and Toni calls Elly. Elly tells her CJ is under pressure and that she just has to keep working at the relationship. CJ is furious when he finds out Toni has ran to Elly with their problems and even more so when he realises Toni has thrown away the vitamin bottle with his pills in. One of the biggest trees in the park is about to be cut down by the council. Bonnie tells Ernie that buried beneath the tree is the first Patchett ever to walk Westside. They tell him if the tree is torn down the heart of Westside will be ripped apart. Knowing that he has a place in history Ernie gathers the troops and heads to the site. He starts digging and finds a skull which he believes belongs to his ancestor. However unbeknown to him Bonnie and Penny have buried Elly’s surgery skeleton under the tree. However Bonnie refuses to give up and chains herself to the tree. George realises that Sam has developed feelings for Toni. He tells him not to meddle in a shaky marriage, as no one will thank him for it. Bob tells Jack that Elly is making him choose between them. He says he and Elly planned to have a long life together but he doesn’t think he can cut Jack out of his life. Bob tells Elly that he can’t choose between them and she tells him she can’t live her life in fear and meant what she said. So Elly and Bob conclude to end their relationship – just like that.

E Street Episode 356

Episode 356

Toni visits Sam at the pub and gets the cold shoulder. He explains to her that people will talk if they spend too much time together. She asks if he will help her to sell her scooter so she can get money for a new fridge, he hesitantly agrees. As they are cleaning the scooter they have a water fight and are interrupted by Jamie, who agrees to buy the scooter. Elly appears at work in a new suit and tells Martha she is taking control of her life. Martha is still certain Elly is hiding her real feelings for Bob and the baby. Bob visits Elly and wants to check they really are over. Elly feels awkward and tells Bob she can’t chat because she and Martha are having lunch. Bob leaves and Martha tells Elly for two people who are supposed to be friends, Elly wasn’t very friendly. CJ goes mad about Toni spending so much time with Sam. She tells him it was just so she could buy a fridge and surprise CJ with it. He tells her she won’t be buying anything as he has spent the money. When she asks him what he spent the money on he loses his temper and raises his hand to hit her. Toni runs out and ends up at Sam’s room. The tree protest carries on and Bonnie’s words hit a nerve with George who stands up to the council. He is proud that today’s generation has made a stand and backs down – another victory for Westside! Elly walks home late at night and hears footsteps behind her, as she turns around she is met by Jack. He tells her he wants to talk. They go back to Ellys flat and he tells her she is wrong for breaking up with Bob. She tells him she loves Bob but will never get back together with him until Jack is out of his life. He tells her he and Bob are family and that won’t ever change – she has to deal with it.

E Street Episode 357

Episode 357

Max and Jamie inherit a country estate when their great uncle dies. They drive to the manor with Penny and Bonnie. Toni wakes up in Sam’s room and he assures her nothing happened between them. But as Toni leaves Sam’s room Ernie spots her. Ernie refuses to serve Sam breakfast because he thinks he has taken advantage of Toni. Elly tells Toni to tell CJ that she spent the night with Sam before he finds out and jumps to conclusions. CJ tells Max that he almost hit Toni. Max tells him to get his act together and win Toni back. CJ takes flowers to Toni, she bottles out and tells him she spent the night at Ellys. Ernie tells George about Toni and Sam. George talks to Sam and tells him to stop interfering in Toni and CJs relationship. Sam is furious and tells George that nothing happened, he was just there for Toni when she was hurting. Sam tells Toni that people are talking already and she feels she has made things worse by lying to CJ about where she spent the night. Joey has run up a huge tab at Ernies and in order to pay it off he has to sing at the pub and the choice of songs is down to Ernie! CJ arrives at the pub and Jack asks him if he wants to come off the drugs. CJ says he does and Jack takes the drugs from him and destroys them. Sam arrives and CJ tells him he’s sorry for acting like a jerk. He asks Sam for advice on what to say to Toni. Toni and CJ meet at their house and CJ begs her for another chance. She tells him she’s not sure she loves him anymore and admits she didn’t spend the night at Ellys.

E Street Episode 358

Episode 358

Jamie finds out there is a family curse, and he is next in line for it. Their stay in the manor is overtaken by tales of haunted stories and legends. Toni leaves CJ. She tells him she is scared of him and can’t be with him anymore. She goes to stay with Elly and talks about how her life fell into place when she met CJ. Her words hit a nerve with Elly who finally realises that she is missing Bob. CJ arrives at the surgery and demands Toni tells him where she was last night and she tells him she stayed with Sam. CJ arrives at the pub and hits Sam. Bob drags CJ away and takes him home. He instantly spots CJ has been on drugs and stays with him throughout the night whilst he goes cold turkey. Bob tells CJ that Toni has already had her life screwed up one by a bloke on drugs; Harley. He asks CJ to let him help him. Instead of singing dire songs Joey sells his guitar to pay of his debt. Jo-Jo is shocked because she knows how much he loves his guitar; he tells her he loves her just as much. They go to the surgery and tell Toni what happened between CJ and Sam. Toni goes to see Sam and they kiss.

E Street Episode 359

Episode 359

CJ wakes up and can’t believe the state of the house. Bob explains that he has just gone cold turkey. CJ thanks Bob for standing by him. Max, Penny, Jamie and Bonnie continue to drive themselves crazy with inane theories about the manor house. Toni wakes up in Sams bed with Sam. She gets dressed and leaves before he can wake. She arrives at Ellys and tells her she slept with Sam. Sam arrives at Ellys with Tonis necklace, which she left behind. Elly is not lenient with Toni and tells her she has some serious thinking to do about who she wants to be with. Elly is worried that people in Westside will judge Toni and blame her for what’s happened. Jack joins Bob in giving CJ some advice. Bob is surprised that Jack has such good advice. Sam tells George that he slept with Toni and continues to get the cold shoulder from Ernie. Bob asks Toni to see CJ and she does so. But she is reluctant to go back to him and doesn’t want to hear his declarations of love. When CJ continues to beg for forgiveness Toni tells him she slept with Sam. Harry Haddock arrives back in town and tells George his guys at Newbridge have found a body in the lake; it’s Melanie’s. Jack is arrested and taken to Westside for questioning.

E Street Episode 360

Episode 360

Max, Penny, Jamie and Bonnie arrive home and Bonnie starts revising for her first HSE exam which is due to take place the next morning. With Max outside the school window, Bonnie sails through her exam and is very confident about it. Bob accompanies Jack to the police station and he confesses to the murders of Frank and Jimmy. On his morning jog Bob find Toni in the park. He tells her to be a bit more tolerant and informs her that CJ is going cold turkey – he’s coming down from speed. CJ explains to Toni that he took the drugs because he really wanted to build a life for them. Toni doesn’t understand why he didn’t tell him about his worries and thinks everything he did was for selfish reasons. She tells him their marriage is over. George tells Jack they have enough evidence to charge him and asks him why he came to Westside as he has caused Bob so much trouble. Jack says he confessed to the murders because of Bob and the influence he has on him. Sam apologises to CJ for what has happened and tells him he didn’t mean to let things go so far. However he tells CJ he is in love with Toni. Arnie arrives at the police station and tells George Jack didn’t kill Jimmy and Frank – he did. He gives George details about the deaths and tells Jack it was nice of him to cover but he can’t let him go down for something he didn’t do. Against his better instinct George releases Jack and charges Arnie. Toni visits Sam and tells him not to waste his life on her; she is going to make things work with CJ. CJ walks in on them sharing a goodbye hug. Bob goes to the pub and asks Jack for the truth. A man arrives and Jack introduces him as Tommy Ward. He tells Bob Tommy never died in jail – he lied. When Bob goes Tommy tells Jack he paid Arnie to go to jail and take the rap for him. On a darker note a hit man has been hired to Jack out once and for all.

E Street Episode 361

Episode 361

George tells Max he is sure Arnie is lying about committing the murders; he knows something is not quite right. David’s sister Laura arrives on Elly’s doorstep. Elly is shocked to see her in Westside as Laura is a famous photographer used to taking pictures of the worlds most exotic people and places. Laura asks Elly if there’s anyone special in her life, she tells her there was but it’s soon to talk about. Max tells Sam to back off from Toni and CJ as they need time to work things out. Sam tells him he can’t because he’s love with Toni. Bob visits Toni and she tells him she doesn’t know what to do next. She says all she wanted was to be loved and to feel safe. She says she’s not sorry for sleeping with Sam but she’s sorry for whom she hurt. CJ tells her he is moving out so that they have a better chance of sorting things out. Jack drives CJ to the rectory and tells him to remind Toni why she fell in love with him. Sam takes time of work and goes to see Toni. She tells him he can’t be in love with her because she used him to make herself feel better. CJ arrives and asks Toni if she’ll come out to dinner with him. Elly, Martha and Laura go to the pub. Bob bumps into Elly and doesn’t know what to say so he just walks away. Laura says Bob is good looking and asks if Elly can introduce them. Martha looks on horrified! Ernie gets excited when horse he placed a bet on wins the race, he collapses in the pub. Penny asks Jamie to collect Charlie from the park. However he cannot find her there and returns home to tell Penny that Charlie is missing. They search the park well into the night but there’s no sign of Charlie anywhere.

E Street Episode 362

Episode 362

Penny is frantic when Tess returns from the park, she tells George that Charlie would never go anywhere without her dog. Everybody joins in the search with the pub providing food for all the helpers. CJ is staying with Bob and tells him he is feeling pretty good about things. He thanks Bob for everything he’s done for her and Toni. Toni visits CJ and tells him she can’t go out with him. Bonnie gives Martha a farewell present given her HSE exams are no over. She asks Martha to say goodbye to Max for her as she realises he’s busy looking for Charlie. However Bonnie’s father lets her down again and she stays at Martha’s for one extra night. George asks Jack for help in finding a well-known sex offender who ran away from the scene of Charlie’s disappearance – Jack refuses and widens his gap with the Westside locals even further. However when George leaves the pub Jack goes to find the guy and later tells George where he’s living. Jamie asks Elly for advice and Laura eavesdrops on their conversation. She offers Jamie some advice and Elly is confused as to why Laura has so much knowledge on the subject of kidnapping. Ernie collapses again and Jo-Jo forces him to see Elly, when he returns her tells Jo-Jo it’s all over and tells her the pub is hers. CJ is determined to get through to Toni and arrives on her doorstep with their favourite song and dinner. George arrives at Pennys and tells her a body has been found matching Charlie’s description. She will need to go to the morgue to identify it.

E Street Episode 3363

Episode 363

Bob is out jogging and runs into Laura. She has fallen over and hurt her ankle, however she soon gets better when Bob helps her and gives her a lift to the pub where she shouts him breakfast. Laura knows Elly and Bob were an item and wants to know if Elly will be upset that they’re having breakfast. She leaves her cardigan behind and when Bob returns it Elly is there, she is clearly upset that they’ve had breakfast together. CJ visits Toni again, starts from scratch and introduces himself to Toni as if they’ve never met. Toni agrees to have lunch with him. When they get to the pub things are going well until Toni can’t take her eyes of Sam. CJ has had enough and walks out on her. Penny views the body at the morgue. It’s not Charlie but the sight of the little girl devastates Penny and she feels guilty for the parents whose child has died. Ernie tells Jo-Jo he has diabetes and has little time to live. When Jo-Jo asks Martha for advice she tells him diabetes is not terminal, all Ernie needs to do is change his lifestyle and diet. Using Ernie’s chequebook Jo-Jo sends Ernie off to a health resort. Jamie tells Penny how important she and Charlie are to him. He tells her they are like his family.

E Street Episode 364

Episode 364

Jamie finds Penny in the park looking for Charlie. They decide to take matters into their own hands and whilst Jamie prints some posters of Charlie, Penny makes replica clothes and puts them on a mannequin in the hope to jog people’s memories. Bob visits Elly and tells her he is worried about Toni. Elly goes to see Toni and cleans up her house, she tells Toni she needs to realise she’s not the only one being hurt at the moment. When Elly leaves, Toni turns to the bottle. Laura sets up a TV interview for Penny. Jamie thanks her and asks her why she’s taking an interest. Laura tells him she’s had experience in kidnapping cases. Ernie runs away to a secluded part of the health farm and meets fellow escapee Sally McKinnon. Sam finds Toni and calls Elly. Elly apologises to Toni for offering her common sense when all she needed was a hug. Elly tells Toni she should come and stay with her for a few days. CJ arrives as Toni is packing her things and Elly tells him what happened. He tells Elly she shouldn’t have let Toni drink, Elly says she wasn’t there when it happened and lets it slip that it was Sam who called her. CJ races to the pub and despite Elly warning Bob, CJ punches Sam. Laura returns home and she and Elly talk about Charlie. Laura says that she has been through some awful things in her life but she won’t tell Elly what. Penny’s plea airs on TV and well wishers leaves messages on her phone. However one call is from a man claiming to have Charlie and says he will hurt her if Penny informs the police.

E Street Episode 365

Episode 365

Elly and Bob bump into each other whilst jogging and he makes her jealous by talking about Laura. By the time they arrive back at Ellys they are back in each other’s arms and seemingly back together. CJ tells Jo-Jo he wants hi job back at the pub as he’s given up the idea of being a sound engineer. Jo-Jo takes him on and also gives Bonnie a job whilst Ernie is away. Bonnie gets caught up in the romance of the Toni/CJ/Sam love triangle and thinks it’s like being on a movie set. Jack is holed up in his hotel room waiting for his hit man to arrive! He receives a call from one of Tommy’s men but tells them he doesn’t want to talk to Tommy anymore. Elly is suspicious about Laura’s interest in Bob; she wants to know all about his family and his background. With the past few weeks in hindsight Elly is clearly worried. Penny and Jamie need money to pay off whoever is holding Charlie. Jamie goes to Jack for help. George is not impressed with Sam’s black eye and tells him to sort out his problems. Sam goes to see Toni but she’s asleep, he tells Elly he will come back later. CJ and Sam sit down and talk and decide the decisions has to be Toni’s and no matter how much they fight about it they won’t influence her choice. They both arrive at Elly’s clutching flowers and present them to Toni. Penny and Jamie leave the money in the park – they wait a while before returning to the lake to see if Charlie has been left, as promised. However the money has gone and there’s no sign of Charlie.

E Street Episode 366

Episode 366

Penny and Jamie return to Jack and he tells them not to worry about the cash. Jack is running scared and makes an endless amount of phone calls to someone called Harry. Tommy arrives and Jack tells him he wants out of this mess. Tommy tells him everything they have worked for is nearly completed and it’s not him who might be in danger; his family could get hurt too. Sally tries to convince Ernie that people care about him otherwise they wouldn’t have sent him here. Ernie tells her about Chris and Abby and how he’ll probably never see Rachel again. Jamie tells George what happened with the money, George is furious but Jamie tells him he’s not thinking straight with Charlie missing. George catches up with the guy and Penny meets him face to face. He has no remorse and she hits him. Laura asks Martha for some information on Jack; she says she can’t wait to meet him. Bonnie continues to be excited by working in the pub. She tells Jo-Jo she’s never been around real people before. CJ and Sam forge an unlikely friendship when CJ thinks Sam can offer Toni a better life. However CJ sets up a romantic dinner and is surprised when Elly arrives to tell him Toni has gone.

E Street Episode 367

Episode 367

Laura scares Jack when she bursts into his room. He wants to know who she is and what she wants. She shows him her passport and he chucks her out. However she comes back with a picnic and when Jack turns his back on her she points a gun at him. She tells Jack she did it to test his trust and they kiss. Bob wants to know why Laura is showing so much interest in his brother. Toni leaves Sam a letter. She’s at her Grandfathers farm and wants Sam to go and visit her. Meanwhile CJ is at a loss knowing Toni has left him forever. Bonnie loves E Street so much she wants to stay and asks George if she can move in with he and Martha permanently. CJ sees Sam at the pub and they talk about Toni. CJ tells him he just wants to find Toni and tell her there’s no pressure. Sam keeps the letter concealed but tells Jo-Jo that Toni has contacted him. She tells him he has a choice – give the letter to CJ or go and see Toni himself. Penny goes to see Elly and asks her for some sleeping tablets. Elly refuses and says it will not help her in the long run. Elly tells Jamie she is worried about Penny and wants to help her. However Penny has got herself drugs from a dealer and tells Jamie she needs help. Sam asks Bob if he can borrow his car, Bob allows him to but CJ is sure something strange is going on. Jo-Jo confirms CJ’s fears as Sam arrives at Toni’s. Laura sneaks down to the surgery in the middle of the night and makes a phone call. She says she has made contact with Jack Brown – she’s the hit woman.

E Street Episode 368

Episode 368

Bob tells Elly that someone is out to get Jack. She tells him to help Jack if he can but to be careful, she doesn’t want him to sacrifice himself. Unbeknown to them Laura has been listening to their whole conversation. Toni tells Sam that whenever things have gone wrong in her life she has always escaped to her Grandfathers farm. She tells him she wants to stay there as it’s where she feels safe. Bonnie’s father is on his way to pick her up and Max tells Bonnie he will really miss her. Martha does her best to convince George to let Bonnie move in but he won’t allow it. Jack tells Bob he is in real danger and tells him he and Elly could be in danger if he doesn’t stop interfering. Penny falls asleep and misses a message left on her phone by Charlie who tells Penny she is with her Dad. Toni tells Sam she invited him to the farm to thank him for not hurting her, however she’s not in love with him. Sam thinks they should give things a go but Toni says after thinking about it she did just use him and she doesn’t want to ruin his life like she did CJ’s. After Bonnie is gone Max takes her plant into her old room, he gets a shock when Bonnie appears from under the bed. Bonnie’s father arrives and demands to know where Bonnie is. Bonnie appears and her father announces he is disowning her. Max lets him know exactly what he thinks of him and George applauds him. Laura watches some historic footage of Jack and we learn that he is part of the FBI and has been working undercover for years, hence his time in jail. Laura calls her contact and tells them she can carry out the hit. Ernie arrives home broken hearted after Sally refused his advances. Sam visits CJ who is packing his stuff. He is leaving Westside. Sam tells him that he and Toni are just friends and drives back to the farm – with CJ in tow. Sam arrives back in Westside and tells everyone Toni is fine and will call soon. They all make a toast to Toni and CJ. CJ tells Toni he still can’t believe she wanted to be with him. He tells her if he ever got a second chance he’d forget about miracles and fairytales and concentrate on what’s real. They talk some more and realise they are both to blame for what happened to them. Toni’s Grandfather announces he needs a young couple to take over the farm. CJ thinks he could give it a go; Toni corrects him and says they will give it a go. With that Toni and CJ move out of Westside and into life in the country.

E Street Episode 369

Episode 369

Jamie takes Jo-Jo and Joey to see Penny. They can’t wake her – she has taken an overdose. Laura gets taken off Jack’s case by Conrad, head of the gang. Conrad wants Laura to get close to Jack in order to find out what makes him tick so that Conrad can make Tommy Ward look bad. Laura is told that if she doesn’t carry out the job her little boy will be harmed. Bob and Ernie talk about Sally – it turns out she is a friend of Elly and Bobs and used to run a restaurant in Newbridge. Ernie visits Elly and tells her he has fallen in love with Sally. Elly tells Ernie that she can’t give out Sally’s address because she knows her on a professional level. Elly wishes him luck and Ernie leaves to do things his way. Max scores a date with Rebecca, a girl he met at the pool. She tells Sam she wants to show Max how good looking he is. Bonnie moves into Toni and CJ’s house and has to hide when Max arrives home. She laughs to herself as he practices his dating skills in the mirror. She later sabotages the meal he is cooking and does what she can to ruin his date. Laura joins Jack for dinner and he seems to relax in her company. She tells him about her job and work as a war correspondent. The message from Charlie sits unanswered on Penny’s machine as she and Jamie keep pressing play and missing Charlie’s message. Ernie gets a surprise when Sally arrives at the pub. Jo-Jo takes her to one side and tells her she loves Ernie like a Dad and doesn’t want to see him getting hurt. Jamie is playing with Tess and when she runs off and makes Jamie trip over the telephone wire. The answering machine falls to the floor and Charlie’s message plays – Penny and Jamie are shell-shocked.

E Street Episode 370

Episode 370

Penny is relieved to find that Charlie is safe and well and with Bronco, her ex-husband. George tells her they will find Charlie but Penny doesn’t know where Bronco lives. She tells Jamie that Bronco left as soon as Charlie was born and she doesn’t understand why he has taken her. Sally tells Ernie she would like them to take things slowly, so they can get to know each other. Ernie wants her to take over the running of the Bistro. Jo-Jo is furious and is not happy with Sallys arrival. Nikki calls Max in the middle of the night. She asks if he received her letter, he says he hasn’t and asks if she is ok. She says she is but there is clearly something she is holding back. Bonnie later steams open Nikki’s letter revealing Nikki is unhappy and missing her Westside friends. Bonnie then answers a call from Nikki and tells her not to call anymore as Max is her fiancé and they don’t want to be disturbed. Bonnie rewrites Nikki’s letter and Max is devastated as he reads Nikki is to marry her ‘perfect guy’. Nikki calls Max again and they wish each other luck in their marriages – they realise they have been set up and Max realises it’s Bonnie! Sally visits Elly and tells her she has fallen for Ernie. Sally is worried that things will move to quickly but Elly assures her Ernie will respect her. As Laura and Jack kiss in the park someone hiding in the trees photographs them. Sally starts work at the Bistro and Jo-Jo tells her she doesn’t like her and warns her away from Ernie. Elly and Martha assure her that Jo-Jo is just looking out for Ernie and will come round eventually. George tells Penny they can’t get Charlie back because Bronco has gained legal access to her.

E Street Episode 371

Episode 371

Max travels to New Zealand to see Nikki. However when he gets there Nikki doesn’t recognise him as she has hypnotised herself whilst trying to hypnotise the cows. Max has to re-hypnotise her before she realises it’s him George tells Martha that Bonnie has been staying at Max’s and that her father is on the warpath. Sam finds Bonnie in the pub Elly accompanies Laura as she goes house hunting and Laura continues to tease her about taking Bob from her. Elly has had enough and stands up to her, telling her stop making jokes about she and Bob. Penny and Jamie go to Broncos house and see Charlie in the front yard. Bronco arrives and gives Charlie a new dog, she seems so happy and Penny can’t bring herself to make herself known. Elly and Bob have lunch and she asks him how he feels about Laura. He doesn’t know what to say to her and despite their recent closeness it’s clear Elly and Bob haven’t actually reunited – they are back to being friends. The Bistro customers walk out complaining of stomach pains – Joey sees Jo-Jo paying the customers and realises she has set Sally up. Ernie finds out and tells Jo-Jo she’s fired. Bonnie sneaks back into George and Martha’s house, Martha finds her and promises she will look after her. Penny finally sees Charlie and tries to take her, Bronco stops her and they fight over Charlie. Jamie stops them both and tells Penny she has to be careful as Bronco has the law on his side as he has an-ex party order which means he could keep Charlie for up to a year. Tommy arrives and shows Jack the pictures of he and Laura, he tells him to be careful as Laura could be working for Conrad. Jack mentions Elly and Bob to Tommy and he says they could all be in danger.

E Street Episode 372

Episode 372

Sally tells Elly she is falling for Ernie but is reluctant to push forward with the relationship. Sally’s hiding something which only Elly knows about – Elly prompts her to be honest with Ernie. Penny is still sitting outside Broncos house and Jamie tells Bronco he is wrong to take Charlie from her. Penny is hurt because Charlie looks so happy and seems to not even miss being with Penny. Jamie incites Bronco to the flat to talk things out and Penny plays up to his flirtations in the hope of getting back Charlie. On Broncos request she asks Jamie to leave so they can talk in private. Bronco tells her he missed being a Dad and later brings Charlie to see Penny. Charlie talks to Penny and tells her Bronco has a new wife called Di, Penny confronts Bronco and he promptly leaves with Charlie. Jack’s suspicions of Laura have been raised and he calls in a friend to find out everything he can about her. Nikki shows Max the sights of New Zealand and he tries to get her to talk about her friends in E Street. Nikki insists she is happy and has no desire to move back to Westside. Martha is still trying to convince George to let Bonnie stay with them. She tells him Bonnie still hasn’t opened her HSE results, so he talks to her and persuades her to open them. Bonnie passes and George asks her to move back in with them. However no sooner has Bonnie settled in then Nikki arrives and wants her room back. Sally gives Jo-Jo her job back and they seem to reach common ground. Sally tells Ernie the reason she was at the health camp was because she was recovering from breast cancer. She tells him the hospital thinks she has beaten cancer but in the process she had to have a breast removed. Laura invites Jack to dinner, but running scared he asks Elly and Bob to join him. Over dinner Laura is startled when Jack rattles off facts about her and her life. After Elly and Bob leave Laura confronts Jack and asks him why he has had her investigated. Jack tells her he likes to know the history of those he is close to – Laura sends him home.

E Street Episode 373

Episode 373

Nikki and Bonnie argue their way through breakfast, both trying to impress George and Martha. They take over the bedroom; Nikki eating her chocolates and Bonnie burning her incense. The situation results in both of the girls locking themselves in the bedroom and declaring sisterhood bonding! Penny visits Bronco and meets his wife Di. Ernie catches Joey and Sam looking at a glamour girl calendar and berates them. Still thinking about Sally’s revelation he tells them there is more to a woman than her body. Sally overhears what he says and is touched. Ernie asks Sally out on a special date, she is nervous but Elly says she will lend her a dress. However Sally’s operation has lost her her confidence and she says she will cancel the date with Ernie. Sally calls Ernie and tells him she is unable to go on the date – he arrives at Ellys and reassures Sally. He tells her she has to give things a go otherwise she’ll never know what could be. He leaves and gets himself spruced up, ready for the date. Sally arrives looking lovely and they make their way to the quayside. Di visits Penny and asks her to sign a visa application form for Charlie; she and Bronco want to take her to Disneyland. Penny is furious and orders Di out of the flat. Later that night Penny goes to Broncos house and sees Charlie playing in the front yard. She takes Charlie and brings her home. Jamie tells her she has done the wrong thing, as this will make her bad in court. Penny rightfully doesn’t understand how the law can advocate someone taking her child. George and Sam arrive and tells Penny Bronco has official custody of Charlie and as much as they hate to they have to take Charlie back. Ernie and Sally’s date is a tad disastrous when the car breaks down and they don’t make dinner. She tells Ernie that her husband left her when he found out she had cancer. They dance on the quayside and Ernie asks Sally to marry him.

E Street Episode 374

Episode 374

Penny goes to Broncos and tells Charlie she is not going to let her go to Disneyland. Charlie tells Penny she hates her and runs away. Penny is later served with a restraining order, which stops her from seeing Charlie or Bronco. She tells Sam she had a very physical relationship with Bronco and says they did little talking, Sam tells her to try and reach common ground with Bronco. Nikki and Bonnie now have a divide across their room and continue to argue. But when Bonnie receives a letter from her father informing her that she is now cut out of the family, Nikki sympathises with her. However the harmony is short lived when Nikki asks Elly for her old job and finds out that Elly has given the job to Bonnie. When Sally doesn’t give Ernie an answer he decides his proposal was too rushed. So he buys a ring and makes a romantic proposal. Sally accepts and everyone congratulates the happy couple. Bronco tells Penny he married Di because she is rich – he now lives the life he always wanted to. They share a kiss in the place where Charlie was conceived. Laura and Jack continue to play games with each other and whilst she takes a shower Jack finds pictures of him in her apartment.

E Street Episode 375

Episode 375

Nikki ties Bonnie to the bed and tells Martha that she’s unwell. Nikki offers to fill in for Bonnie at the surgery until she recovers. Elly smells a rat but Martha tells her she’s just being suspicious. Penny goes to see Bronco and asks if she can spend some time with Charlie. Bronco says it’s against the restraining order but says he won’t tell Di. Penny dislikes what Charlie has become; a spoilt child who can now get away with what she likes and has presents given to her everyday. Jack meets his private investigator who tells him there are three years of Laura’s life that they can’t account for. Jack accompanies her to buy a car and she buys Sheridan’s old car from a man in the street. Penny asks Charlie to choose her when the court asks her whom she wants to live with. Charlie says she will say that she wants Di to go away and for she, Penny and Bronco to be a family again. Sally is still nervous about having a physical relationship with Ernie, Elly tells her she has to talk to Ernie about it. Sally takes her advice but Ernie puts his foot in it. He says if it will make her feel better they could just go upstairs and get it over with. Sally leaves devastated. Nikki returns home and tells Bonnie she will untie her if she sticks by some rules; she must keep her hands off Max and quit her job at the surgery. However Bonnie threatens her with a spider she has befriended and Nikki has to give up her terms. Penny asks Jamie to go out for the evening so that Bronco can come round, Jamie is offended but leaves Penny to it. Despite feeling uncomfortable about things Penny goes ahead and sleeps with Bronco. Jamie later returns home and finds them together. Laura gets a message from one of Conrads men telling her that she has 24 hours to kill Jack.

E Street Episode 376

Episode 376

Jack eats a square meal for the first time in weeks. Bob is astonished and thinks Jack must be in love. Jack visits Laura and tells her that he may have fallen in love with her. Whilst he takes a bath Laura puts the gun under her pillow. Elly tries to reassure Sally that Ernie wasn’t meaning to be selfish or thoughtless when he said what he did. It’s Martha’s birthday and she thinks everyone has forgotten. Max and Nikki work on a birthday cake and party for her. Nikki finds Bonnie’s plant and tells Max it is a marijuana plant. Jamie doesn’t understand Penny spent the night with Bronco. She tells him she needs Charlie back and can’t wait for the court case. Jamie tells her they have a good chance of winning the case and tells her she shouldn’t be prostituting herself. Jamie can’t stay at the flat any longer and moves out. Di leaves the house upset and in her rage runs over and kills Tess. Bronco takes her to see Penny and they decide to give Tess a proper funeral. Jamie goes to pub and Jo-Jo tells him everyone in Westside knows he is in love with Penny, and says it’s about time he told her. He goes to see Penny and tells her he is in love with her. Bronco arrives and tells Penny they should be a family again. She tells him he can’t be in love with her as now is not the right time. Sally tells Ernie she still wants to marry him but has realised things are not going to be as easy as she had hoped. Ernie tells her if there is anything he can do to make it easier then he will. Martha arrives at the pub and is surprised with a birthday party. Unbeknown to all the guests the cake has been laced with Bonnie’s marijuana plant.

E Street Episode 377

Episode 377

Everyone is still high after the party. Bonnie tells Nikki she can have her job back for one day but sneaks into the surgery to change Max’s records. Whilst she is there Elly and Bob arrive and talk about the great night they had together. They kiss and decide that Bob should stay the night. The following morning Jamie apologises to Penny for making his feelings known to her, she tells him Bronco wants to move in. She tells him she doesn’t know how she feels about Bronco as she only played up to him to get Charlie. Martha and Nikki arrive at work and are surprised to see Elly and Bob kissing. Bob leaves, telling Elly he will meet her for lunch, and Martha asks Elly what happened between them. Elly tells her they spent the night together and that there is a very good chance that she and Bob are going to get back together. Nikki finds Max’s file in the drawer and tells him he has Lupine Heroditous – it means he’s going to turn into a werewolf. Sam is sure it’s a joke but Bonnie arrives and convinces them it’s true. Tommy Ward breaks into Laura’s house and introduces himself to her. He tells her he wants her out of Westside as she is changing Jack for the worse. Laura tells Jack what happened and he tells to ignore Tommy; he’ll handle him. Penny and Bronco tell Charlie that they’re going to live together again as a family. Tommy tells Jack they have something on Laura; she has worked with Conrad in the past. Jack doesn’t believe him and says he will check it out for himself. Laura meets one of Conrads men and he plays her a tape, it is of her son Chris whom she had with Conrad. The deal is she will never see Chris again if she doesn’t kill Jack. Meanwhile Jack goes through Laura’s apartment and finds her gun.

E Street Episode 378

Episode 378

Jack confronts Laura and tells her he knows she has been hired to kill him. She tells him about her son and that she had to leave him behind when she escaped from Conrad. Laura tells Jack she tried to kill him in the night but she couldn’t go through with it. Jack tells Tommy to back off; if they kill Laura then Conrad will know they know she is the hit. Bronco tells Penny he hasn’t yet told Di about their new arrangement. He leaves to break the news to her and doesn’t return home. Bonnie admits the werewolf story was a prank. Nikki and Sam go ballistic and tell her she has caused Max a lot of pain. However Max has physical symptoms and it’s clear that everyone in Westside is in on the joke and this time the joke is on Nikki and Bonnie. They are tricked into thinking the only cure is for one of them to sleep with Max. Nikki is to undertake the deed but faints when she sees the site of werewolf Max. However Elly and Bob tell Max it was Bonnie’s prank and not Nikki’s. The fight results in Bonnie quitting her job at the surgery. Jack and Laura stage a set up, they give Conrad’s men a body and Laura tells them its Jack. After a whole day Bronco returns and tells Penny he has told Di, however he tells Jamie that Di still doesn’t know about he and Penny. Jack receives news from Tommy Ward. Conrad has been lying to Laura; her son died weeks ago.

E Street Episode 379

Episode 379

Bonnie gets a job promoting a mens aftershave called ‘Beast’. Nikki helps Bonnie convince George that the aftershave is gorgeous and he buys a bottle from Bonnie. They decide to work together and trap the men of Westside into thinking ‘Beast’ will bring them all the ladies. After selling so many bottles Nikki and Bonnie go to the company to negotiate a better price, whilst there they find a rabbit. They soon realise that ‘Beast’ tests on Animals. Jack tells Laura they need to kill Conrad. He tells her to get Conrad to come to Westside by telling him she still loves him. She does so and Conrad tells her he is on his way. Bronco takes Penny and Charlie horse riding. She tells him when she asked him to move back home it was so she could get custody of Charlie. However she tells him she is now for real and is in love with him. Bronco later tells Penny that Di still doesn’t know that he has left her and that her father will pay Bronco a large amount of cash if Di is the one to end the marriage. Bob arrives at Laura’s looking for Jack; he’s worried because he hasn’t seen him for a few days. Laura says she will call him if she sees Jack. Jack finds Bob at the pub and tells him he needs his help. Bob goes to the police and tells George that the body found was Jacks. George asks how he knew Jack was at the morgue and Bob tells her he got a call. The call told him Jack’s body was dumped from the red jag, which Sheridan used to drive. George knows the car now belongs to Laura and he and Bob pay her a visit. George tells her Jack is dead and arrests her for being involved in his death. Bob has now insured that Laura will be safely under arrest when the action between Jack and Conrad kicks off.

E Street Episode 380

Episode 380

Nikki and Bonnie take the rabbit home with them but George insists they are not keeping it in the house. They take the rabbit back to the ‘Beast’ offices along with Max and Sam who see no evidence of animal testing. Nikki and Bonnie break out all the rabbits and take them back to the house. Now that Bob has made Laura safe he insists Jack tell him what is going on. Penny doesn’t agree with what Bronco is doing and he tries to convince her that staying with Di for a short while will be worth it when they get the money. Penny is still reluctant and he reminds her that he still has legal access to Charlie and can take her away whenever he likes. Jack tells Bob that he used to be a cop and that he served time to make his cover solid. He also tells Bob their father is alive and well in rehab, Jack never killed him. Bob is shocked and Jack tells him it is his job to kill Conrad. Laura calls and Bob is disgusted that she has fooled he and Elly for all these weeks. She asks to speak to Jack and Jack tells her she is in the police cells for her own safety. Conrad arrives at Laura’s house and immediately meets Bob; Jack appears from behind the door and holds a gun to Conrad’s head. Bob pleads with Jack not to kill Conrad and when he refuses Bob leaves. However he is desperate to protect his brother and when Jack and Conrad leave the house Bob takes a car from one of his passing parishioners and follows them. With Jack waiting in a warehouse a high-speed chase takes place between Bob and Conrad and when Conrad crashes into a tree, Bobs car takes a dive down a steep hill. It overturns and Bob is lifeless. Tommy Ward arrives and finds Conrad dead, he sees Bob’s overturned car and walks away from it. Tommy arrives at the warehouse, bulletproof vest in hand. He tells Jack that Conrad is dead and that means a huge drugs operation is now free and ready for the taking. But Jack wants out and says he’s had enough. Tommy tells him if he doesn’t agree then he will kill him. Jack pins Tommy up against the wall and tells him they are supposed to be the good guys. Tommy tells him unless he lets him go he won’t tell him where Bob is lying at deaths door. Jack races to the scene of the crash and drags Bob from the car. As he pulls him to safety the car explodes. Jack huddles over Bob as he lies lifeless.

E Street Episode 381

Episode 381

Penny, Bronco and Charlie play at being happy families and George takes the rabbits to the hospital so they can be used as treatment therapy for unwell children. Elly is planning a romantic night with Bob and tells Martha she has a feeling he is going to propose to her tonight. Jack brings Bob into the hospital and Elly and Martha begin to treat him. Elly tells Jack if Bob dies she will kill him. Top surgeon John Halliday arrives at Elly’s request and he allows Elly to accompany Bob into the operating theatre. George gets news of Bob’s crash and releases Laura from jail, given that Jack is alive and well. George tells Jack he was about to arrest him for Bob’s crash and Conrad’s death but as soon as he called for back up he was warned off by higher authority. He knows there is more to Jack then he lets on and tells him he will find out what it is. The residents of Westside wait for news from the hospital and the finger of blame points at Jack; Ernie tells him he is bared from the pub and Martha tells hi he has ruined Elly and Bobs lives. Bob pulls through the operation and John tells Elly that he will survive. Elly explains how much Bob means to her and tells John Bob is her life. She sits at Bob’s bedside and tells him how much he means to her. Martha takes her away for some sleep and Bob wakes up calling for Elly. Still in a semi conscious state he has flashbacks of Jimmy. Jack arrives and Bob wakes up, he tells him he has to meet Jimmy at the church. Jack is confused but takes Bob from the hospital and to the church. Elly and Martha find the empty bed and are frantic wondering what has happened to Bob. At the church Bob sees Jimmy and says he wishes he could live his life again. Jimmy tells him he has done a fine job but the time has come for him to go. Bob raises his hand to Jimmys and then falls to the altar. He has died.

E Street Episode 382

Episode 382

Elly finds Bob at the church and realises he his dead. She lets out a terrifying scream, which shocks Jack into the realisation of what he has done. When Bob has been taken to the morgue, Elly tells Jack that he has killed his own brother and the man she loves. She slaps him and tells him she hates him because he has ruined her life. Martha and George break the news to everyone at the pub and nobody understands why Bob died when the operation had been such a success. Elly arrives and tells them it was Jack taking Bob from the hospital that killed him. Everybody deals with Bob’s death in their own way; Max turns to God and starts cleaning the church, Nikki comforts Elly and Joey wants to teach Jack a lesson but Jo-Jo stops him, telling him he’d be lowering himself to Jack’s level. Martha and George talk about the good times they had with Bob and reminisce over all the years he spent chasing Elly, and the number of times they almost gave up on each other. Martha says Elly must wish she hadn’t have lost the baby because then she would have had someone else to remember Bob by. Di tells Penny that Bronco is lying to her and that she never knew he wanted to divorce her to live with Penny. Penny confronts Bronco and when he admits he has been lying she tells him to leave. However he turns violent and rapes her. Ernie tells Jack to leave Westside but George tells him he owes it to Bob to stay and give answers for his death. Jack arrives at the funeral and delivers the eulogy. He tells everyone he realises they hate him because Bob has died, and he understands that. However he wants them to know he loved Bob too. As Jo-Jo sings, Bob is laid to rest. Jack throws his gun into the sea signifying the end of his dangerous life and Elly places a single red rose on Bob’s grave, telling him she will never, ever forget him.

E Street Episode 383

Episode 383

Elly goes for a morning jog and tells Martha she has no idea why she used to hate it so much. Nikki is furious that everyone is carrying on as normal and doesn’t understand how Elly can be back at work and acting like nothing has happened. Elly tells Martha that Nikki has been so strong for everyone else she hasn’t given herself a chance to grieve. Shirley MacClaine arrives and she is doing a production of the Mikado. Jamie auditions for her and she gives him the lead part. However he thinks she is too old to play his leading lady. Laura is worried about Jack as he hasn’t been seen since the funeral, nobody gives her any help and Nikki tells her If Jack had disappeared a few weeks ago then Bob would still be alive. Max and Laura find Jack in the church and take him back to Laura’s house. It’s Jamie’s birthday and everyone forgets except Penny, she wants to chat with Jamie but he’s so tied up with the musical they don’t get a chance to talk. Elly finds Nikki in the churchyard and Nikki tells her she doesn’t understand how she can go on. Elly tells her that Bob meant more to her than she’ll ever know and just because she’s come to terms with her loss doesn’t mean she feels any the less for him. Elly says she feels lucky having shared her life with Bob but Nikki feels angry that Elly still doesn’t have him here. Elly says they can’t be angry in Bob’s name, as it’s not what he would have wanted. Bronco sees Jamie with Penny’s present, he gets angry with Penny and she tells him to leave. He persuades her they will be fine but she is unconvinced, resisting his advances Bronco rapes her again.

E Street Episode 384

Episode 384

George and Max are summoned to meet Harry Haddock. Harry doesn’t think Bob’s death was an accident and tells George that the man in the other car was Conrad Vargos who ran one of the biggest drug operations. Harry has a witness who said Bob deliberately ran him off the road. Harry tells George he has been told to lay off the case. Max is furious – Bob is dead – it has to be investigated. Harry says although his hands George’s aren’t and if he chose to investigate then he could, off his own back. Jamie wants Jo-Jo in the musical but she’s not interested. She doesn’t want to do opera. However Jamie is passionate about it and wants Jo-Jo as his leading lady. Nikki tells Jo-Jo the community has to get back on it’s feet and her taking the lead in Jamie’s musical can be a new start. Penny tries to walk out on Bronco but he catches her. George goes to see Jack and asks him questions about Conrad, Jack goes back to his old ways and won’t give George any information. Penny tells Elly that Bronco has raped her but feels it is her fault. Elly tells her if she resisted and said no then it is rape. Ernie thinks the pub needs a new look and orders in some builders. George tells Elly that he thinks Bob deliberately ran Conrad off the road. Elly is devastated and goes to Lauras looking for answers. Jack won’t see her and Laura hides him. Elly tells Laura they can no longer be friends as she is helping the man who killed Bob. Laura later tells Jack she’s in love with him. Penny tells Sam what happened with Bronco and he tells her she has to press charges. Penny goes back to the flat and Bronco is violent towards her, just as he drags her to the bedroom Sam arrives and arrests him.

E Street Episode 385

Episode 385

Ernie and Sally have eloped and Martha and George join them for a quiet wedding ceremony in the country. After Bob’s death they have decided that a quiet service will be more tasteful. The celebrant arrives and in true Ernie style he is an Elvis impersonator! Bronco is locked up in a cell whilst Elly takes medical evidence from Penny. Jo-Jo and Jamie start rehearsals for the Mikado but Jo-Jo bottles out of the kissing song after Jamie gives her a stage kiss so passionate it knocks her for six. Jack goes out for the first time since Bob’s death, he gets ignored by most and abuse by others. Rebecca starts work at the pub after Bonnie has gone to the countryside to do some fruit picking. Martha drops into the pub and gives Joey a videotape, she tells him to put it on later as she and George want everyone to see it. When Martha goes confetti falls out of the video case. Max says George was wearing a tux today and they draw the conclusion that Martha and George have got married. Jack and Laura visit an old wreckers yard, Jack tells her he and Bob used to play their as brothers. Jack finds Vic who works there and they share memories of Bob. The residents of Westside watch the videotape and cheer Ernie and Sally on. With a huge audience Jamie takes advantage of the situation and kisses Jo-Jo to cure her stage fright. However she faints! Meanwhile the newlyweds make a wedding toast to Bob before spending the night together. George is forced to release Bronco as he has no real reason to hold him and Penny has still no pressed charges. Sam calls Penny to warn her but she doesn’t hear his call as she is in the shower. Bronco tries to get through the door but Penny shuts him out and starts crying, unbeknown to her he has Charlie with him and tells her Mummy must no longer want them.

E Street Episode 386

Episode 386

Penny hears Charlie and lets her into the flat, Bronco follows and makes out all of this is Penny’s fault. Elly goes home but realises she has nobody waiting for her upstairs, so she goes into the surgery and works through the night. Claire calls her to ask how she is, Elly says she’s fine but starts crying when Claire mentions Bob. Martha and Sally tells Elly about the wedding. Sally thanks Elly and tells her if it hadn’t been for her she may have chickened out of the wedding. Elly thanks them both for being there for since Bob’s death. Jack starts work for Vic at the wreckers yard but it’s about to be taken over until Jack throws his weight around and saves the yard from going under. Jo-Jo gets Joey to kiss her in order to prove it wasn’t Jamie who made her faint it was just kissing someone. However Joey’s kiss has no affect on her and she wonders if she is falling for Jamie. As Jo-Jo and Jamie continue to rehearse Jo-Jo kisses him and not just for the play. Bronco introduces himself to Rebecca and she takes a shine to him. She takes his side when she sees Sam push him. George is furious with Sam and tells him he can’t keep taking the law into his own hands. Laura sees Elly and Martha having lunch in the pub; she tells Elly that she wants them to be friends again. She tells her she has no intention of leaving Westside or Jack, and in turn Elly tells them they can’t be friends. Penny packs a bag and tells Charlie they are going to visit Toni and CJ. However the car won’t start and when she looks under the bonnet it has been tampered with. Laura plans a night in with Jack, however when she answers the door she gets an unwelcome visitor. Jack arrives at her house and finds it trashed. There is a film waiting for him and when he gets it developed it contains an image of Laura bound and gagged.

E Street Episode 387

Episode 387

Sam has stayed the night at Penny’s to look after she and Charlie. Sam suggests Penny and Charlie move in with Martha. Jack’s mate Harry arrives, he is Jack’s new boss as Tommy Ward has gone over to the other side. Jack thinks Tommy has Laura and Harry tells him his next assignment is to bring in Tommy Ward. Jo-Jo and Jamie are convinced that the other isn’t really interested. They both undergo makeovers as they think it would make them more appealing. They both arrive at their date in disguises and reveal their new looks to each other. However at the crucial moment Shirley calls and says the musical is off. She tells them the cast have food poisoning but nothing can put Jamie off and he says the E Streeters will make up the new cast. Jack asks Elly for help with Laura but she refuses. She says she wants nothing to do with him and by now Laura should have learned that Jack Brown is a fatal disease. Bronco receives his pay out from Di’s father, Rebecca continues to believe all Broncos lies and lets it slip that Penny is staying at Marthas. Penny returns home and there are a bunch of flowers waiting for her on her bed. She returns them to Bronco at the pub and everyone is a witness when Bronco comes out looking like the good guy. Jack reports Laura missing and soon they get a tip off that Laura’s car has been found. They open the boot and inside lies a photo of Elly. George and Jack race to find Elly and Jack catches up with her at a patient’s house. Elly goes back to Lauras with him and as they are talking Tommy arrives, he thanks Jack for saving him the trouble of finding Elly.

E Street Episode 388

Episode 388

Jack won’t allow Elly to call the police and tells Tommy to leave Elly out of this. Tommy lets her go and Elly says she will call the police. George arrives and Tommy makes a hasty exit. Jack won’t give George any information and so George starts his own investigation. He assigns Sam to look for Laura and tells Max to watch Elly as he thinks she’s in danger. After telling Martha and Sally they were too old to play the maids, Ernie gives them the parts when his schoolgirls fall sick. George finally guesses that Jack is a cop and has been undercover for years. Jack tells him he’s a Detective Inspector but wants out. George asks if Bob knew about his past and Jack says he didn’t, but only on the day that he died. Bronco continues to tell Rebecca lies and she confronts Penny in the pub, telling her she should let Bronco see Charlie. Elly overhears and takes Penny for a coffee. Penny changes her mind about the case as she fears no one will believe her. She tells Sam she is dropping the charges. The musical goes ahead but Shirley is backstage and destroys the set and the lights. George shows Elly the photo of Laura being held captive, she recognises the boats in the background and she, George and Jack head to the scene. Max and Sam are curious as to why Jack is so involved with George and why George is allowing him to take charge. Bronco gets a locksmith to change the locks on Penny’s flat, telling him that he has lost his keys. Elly, George and Jack find Laura near the boatyard. She has been gagged and wrapped in tarpaulin.

E Street Episode 389

Episode 389

Laura is admitted to hospital, bruised and dehydrated but otherwise fine. Elly witnesses Jack and Laura’s closeness and sees that Jack is capable of caring. He tells Elly she should give him a chance; after all he is Bob’s brother. Elly agrees and she, Jack and Laura call a truce. Sally and Reg are hooked on day time soap ‘Days Of Love’. Sally enters a competition to spend the day on the set and meets the cast. Sam tells Bronco that Penny is not going through with the rape charges. Sam finds it hard to cope with and George tells him to stop getting involved in domestics. Bronco visits Penny and she tells him she never dropped the charges so he would come back into her life, she dropped them so he would leave her alone. Bronco leaves but unbeknown to Penny he has access to her flat and has been hiding on the balcony. Jack takes Joey to Vic’s yard and asks him to work there. Joey is reluctant and is still angry with Jack over Bob’s death. However he agrees to do the work when he finds out it’s legit and Jack promises he has turned over a new leaf. However when they get to yard Vic is sick and needs hospitalisation. George wants to know more about Tommy Ward but Jack refuses to tell him anything. Jo-Jo and Jamie continue to hide their feelings from each other. Max and Nikki take them bowling and play matchmaker. Jo-Jo and Jamie give in and kiss. But when Jo-Jo takes Jamie back to the squat she is surprised by her old friend Bear. Penny tells Sam that Bronco barged his way into the flat, she tells Martha that she shouldn’t have dropped the charges. As they talk Penny tells Martha she thinks she may be pregnant.

E Street Episode 390

Episode 390

Jamie can’t fit in with Jo-Jo’s new mates and she doesn’t see things from Jamie’s point of view. However desperate to fit in Jamie turns rock star and Jo-Jo despairs! Jack and Joey want Vic to revive his racing car Roxie. Laura gets jealous when she hears Jack talking about Roxanne and is highly embarrassed when Jack introduces her to the car. Penny tells Elly she wants a termination. Bronco arrives to say goodbye to Penny and is adamant that he never raped her. She tells him she is pregnant to him and because she hates him so much she is having the pregnancy terminated. George is still trying to get crack Tommy Ward but Harry Haddock and people from above are keeping George out of the picture. He is determined to get to the bottom of Bob’s car crash and doesn’t understand why the evidence has been disregarded. He tells Sam the case is closed and they have to live with it. Bronco tries to convince Penny to keep the baby and have him back but she refuses and makes her way to the hospital. Sally is still looking for the answer to the soap competition. Ernie finds out the answer from Nikki and makes the call in Sally’s honour. She wins the competition and Ernie wonders what he has done when Sally gets excited about meeting the leading man. Bronco gets into Penny’s hospital room and tells her that he has told Charlie she is to have a brother or sister. Penny can’t believe what he has done and he tells her she has two choices; she can go with him now or she can lose Charlie for good.

E Street Episode 391

Episode 391

Elly tells Martha that Penny discharged herself and that there’s no sign of her at the flat. They spend the day looking for her but to no avail. Penny and Bronco have slept in the car overnight and he promises to take her to Charlie. He takes her to a barn and there is no sign of Charlie but instead a bed where he intends to keep Penny until she agrees to what he wants. He ties her to the bed and leaves her there. Jamie wakes up after his mad night at Jo-Jo’s and find he has a lasting memory – a tattoo on his rear! Joey seems sad that Jo-Jo is so into Jamie and spends the day moping about. He tells Laura that he doesn’t understand why Jo-Jo likes Jamie so much as they don’t talk the same language. If she was going to fall for someone then why couldn’t she have fallen from him? The situation worsens and Joey spends the night away from the squat. Sally spends the day on the set of ‘Days Of Love’ but is disappointed when her favourite star isn’t there, and her illusions are ruined when she sees how the soap is really made. She tells the writers that the soap saved her from going insane when she had breast. She is so successful they ask her to write a script for the show.

E Street Episode 392

Episode 392

Jack employs some of Bob tactics when dealing with Cody, a thief at the workshop. He takes his method of transport and gets him to work at the yard to payback his crimes. Sally gets writers block when writing her script for ‘Days Of Love’. Ernie buys her a dictaphone and tries to give her inspiration. Jo-Jo wakes up with Jamie and is on cloud nine, however Jamie leaves before they can have breakfast and she feels like it’s because of her past with other men. Bonnie calls Nikki and tells her to send on her tarot cards as they are worth a lot of money. Elly is worried about Penny and asks George for help. They realise that Penny must be in danger given that her belongings are still in the flat and that her mother hasn’t heard from her. However George doesn’t think Bronco is involved and won’t bring him in for questioning. Jo-Jo tells Jamie that the way he treated her really hurt. He tells her he’s in love with her and that’s why he running scared this morning. Jack and Laura give Joey an advance on his wages to cheer him up. Laura tells him to go for it with Jo-Jo. However when Joey goes home he brings Jo-Jo bad news - they are about to be evicted Nikki keeps Bonnie’s tarot cards and reads everyone’s fortunes, she is spot on with her predictions. Sally finishes her script and gets a surprise when the star turns up at the pub. He loves her work, which brings out the green eyed monster in Ernie.

E Street Episode 393

Episode 393

Laura receives a letter from an ex-love. She arranges to meet him for lunch and Elly is curious. Laura tells her that Mark offered her a job as a journalist for his magazine. Jack takes Cody under his wing but forbids him to drive Roxanne. Jo-Jo and Joey spend the day looking for somewhere to live. However when Jamie asks Jo-Jo to move in Joey is left out on his own. Jo-Jo insists Joey can move in too and tells Joey he is a brother to her. But Joey tells her he’s leaving Westside. Sally is excited as her episode of ‘Days Of Love’ is being broadcast in the afternoon. However it all goes wrong when her characters ‘George and Martha’ have a full on sex scene! Sam follows Bronco in the hope he will lead him to Penny, but Bronco sees him and Sam’s plan is thwarted. Bronco asks Rebecca to collect Charlie from Penny’s mothers. She does so and takes Charlie to the pub. Sam is sure Penny wouldn’t have let Bronco have Charlie and follows Sam. When Bronco gets to the barn Penny has gone. Jo-Jo wants to go with him but he tells her it’s over for them; he can’t love her like a sister anymore because he’s in love with her and he’s only just realised. He asks her if it’s really too late and she tells him it is, she’s in love with Jamie. Joey tells her he wonders if he should have ever started speaking again – as they say goodbye he closes his lips together and signals to Jo-Jo that that he will not speak again. He is picked up by a private car and congratulated on being the highest paid DJ in Australia – Dr Rock is back. Back at the squat and Jo-Jo finds a letter from Joey, he has written her a song and left it in her tape recorder. Jo-Jo sings it as Joey drives off into the sunset.

E Street Episode 394

Episode 394

Bronco turns up at the police station and tells Elly and Sam that Penny is missing in the bush. Despite their suspicions a search party is set up and they look for Penny. Sally receives a call from the producer of ‘Days Of Love’, her episode received the highest ratings ever and they want her to become a full time writer on the show. Martha is furious that Sally would take a job after what happened. She later tells Sally that George is in trouble with the police commissioner for bringing the force into disrepute. However Sally saves the day when she threatens to write the commissioner into the script. Sally then tears up her contract – her friends are more important. Jo-Jo moves in with Max, Jamie and Sam but she has far too much stuff after refusing to sell any of Joey’s things in a boot sale. Laura wants her first story to be about the local bank and how they wouldn’t lend Vic money to keep the yard open. Jack’s not too keen on the idea. Penny runs to safety but Bronco is close behind her, as he confronts her Sam arrives and Penny collapses. When Elly brings her round Penny doesn’t want to go to hospital, instead she wants to go to the police station to make a statement. She tells Sam that Bronco has kept her prisoner and that she wants to go ahead and press charges. Sam hits Bronco when he hears what he has put Penny through. Max is unwell and Jo-Jo makes him a cough mixture. Whilst out on patrol he sees Cody driving Roxanne and speed. He chases after him and knocks down Bonnie in the process.

E Street Episode 395

Episode 395

Bonnie is rushed to hospital and Max gives his statement to the accident investigation team. George tells Jack it was his racecar that caused the accident and he wants to know who was driving it. Sam tells George that he hit Bronco, George is furious that once again Sam has taken the law into his own hands. George tells Sam to look after Bronco in the hope that he won’t press charges against him. Penny is taken to hospital and goes ahead with the termination. Elly tells her it will remain confidential and she thanks Elly for all her help. Jack and Laura find Cody asleep at the wreckers yard. George tells Max that his blood tests showed traces of alcohol in his system. Max doesn’t understand what has happened and George sends him home for the rest of the day. Max realises it was the cough mixture that poisoned his system and feels guilty about what has happened to Bonnie. Bonnie regains consciousness but can’t feel her legs. Jack takes Cody to see her and wants him to realise what he has done. Laura tells Jack she knows what he is doing and thinks Bob would be proud of him. Jamie’s Mum is coming to visit and Jo-Jo is nervous. She asks Laura if she can borrow some clothes and make up from her. Penny is worried about how Charlie will handle being away from Bronco. She is worried she will place the blame at her door. Sally suggests Charlie sees Bronco and he tells her that he did a bad thing to Penny which means he has to go to jail. Elly tells Bonnie that she may have a fracture of the spine, which could be causing the lack of sensation in her legs. She tells Bonnie there is a chance she may not walk again. Max arrives at the hospital and tells Bonnie it was him who hit her. She goes into a fury and tells Max because of him she may be paralysed.

E Street Episode 396

Episode 396

Penny discharges herself from hospital but refuses Sam’s help. She says she and Charlie have to get used to being a family again. Max is adamant that procedures concerning him are done by the book. He doesn’t want to return to work until everything has been sorted out properly. Elly stays at the hospital all night keeping Bonnie company, Bonnie tells Martha that every time she woke up Elly was there smiling at her. Martha is worried that Elly is avoiding being at home on her own. Jo-Jo gets dressed up and prepares for the arrival of Jamie’s mother. However she feels sad when Jamie tells her he’s never seen her look as good as she has today. Having changed her name to Nina and dressed in Laura’s clothes Jo-Jo is a hit with Jamie’s Mum. However things take a turn for the worse when Jamie’s Mum tells him there is partnership waiting for him in Perth with his Uncles solicitors firm. Jamie decides to take the job and in turn Jo-Jo ends their relationship. Nikki talks to Bonnie and tells her how guilty Max is about the accident. She agrees to see Max and tells him she doesn’t blame for the accident. Jack finds out that Cody has a family who still care about him. He takes him home and encourages him to give his family another chance. George witnesses Jack good deed and realises he is trying his hardest to fill the shoes that Bob has left behind. Sam feels that he can’t uphold the law since the Penny and Bronco case and Bonnie’s accident. He hands in his badge and tells George he no longer wants to be part of the force.

E Street Episode 397

Episode 397

George tells Martha that Max is unofficially in the clear as his blood tests were well under the legal limit. Jack still refuses to help Laura with her story on Vic. When she brings her cameras to the yard it turns ugly when the bank workers arrive and start a fight with Jack. Laura takes photos of the action and refuses to give Jack the film. With Jamie gone Jo-Jo settles into life alone. Charlie struggles to cope with Bronco’s departure, she has nightmares and throws temper tantrums in front of everybody. She locks herself in her room and tells Penny it’s all her fault that Bronco went away. Sam talks to Charlie and tries to convince her that she can trust Penny and that Bronco going away was out of her control. Martha tells Max that everyone loves him and that they don’t want him to shut everyone out. She tells him she, George and Nikki are his family and that they will always be there for him. Sally wants to redecorate she and Ernie’s bedroom but despite his enthusiasm he is reluctant. He tells George that’s the only bit of Abby that he has left and he doesn’t want to lose it. George tells him he can’t live in the past forever and Ernie tells Sally she has his full support with the refurbishment. Bonnie’s father arrives and throws his weight around where her treatment is concerned. Nikki tells Jo-Jo that she no longer sees Max as her boyfriend as he cares more for Bonnie than he does for her. Jo-Jo tells her it’s just because Bonnie is in hospital but Nikki says there is more to it than that.

E Street Episode 398

Episode 398

Nikki tells Max she knows Bonnie means a lot to him, she tells him it’s ok and that she’s fine with it. Max tells George that Bonnie’s father has threatened to sue him. Jack meets Laura’s ex Mark and is not impressed. He doesn’t want her to use the photos she took at the yard but she tells him it’s her job. Elly tells Laura she should respect Jacks privacy and not sacrifice her relationship for her job. Max visits Bonnie and assumes she knows about her father’s decision to sue. When he mentions it Bonnie is sent into a rage and tries to sit up, She causes herself serious pain. Ernie and Sally’s renovations don’t go as intended when a water pipe is hit and the bistro ceiling leaks through. Penny, Charlie and Sam go to the beach and Penny thanks him for all the support he gave her during her problems with Bronco. Laura changes her mind about the pictures and tells Jack she doesn’t want to lose him. Mark arrives for the screening of Laura’s story and Jack is furious when he appears in the film. Jack tells Laura it took him a long time to trust her and now she’s ruined it. He moves out. Bonnie is ok and Max tells her whenever he had a problem he used to confide in Bob, he says he feels bad that Bonnie doesn’t have anyone like that. She tells him she has him, and that’s enough for her. As Bonnie’s father screams abuse at Max, George arrives and announces that the inquiry has cleared Max of any responsibility over Bonnie’s accident.

E Street Episode 399

Episode 399

Laura tells Elly that Jack has gone and for all she acres he can go back to the pub and drink himself to death. Elly isn’t sure she can watch that happen to Bob’s brother. Bonnie is allowed home for the day but won’t get in the wheelchair. Nikki persuades her that getting in the chair doesn’t mean she will be there forever. The home visit goes well until Bonnie learns that she has to go a rehabilitation hospital for what could be a long time. Vic tells Jack that after the TV piece the real Roxanne got in contact with him and wants to work things out. Vic gives Laura the keys to Roxanne and when she goes to the harbour to collect it she sees Jack. She ties to convince Jack that they have something good together and she apologises. But Jack tells her the boat is his home now and doesn’t want to move back in with her and their complicated life. The residents of Westside are fuelled with suspicion when they see the rectory being cleared out. Ernie and Reg go to investigate and when they get there they find a sign labelled ‘The Robert Brown Memorial Community Centre’. Ernie tells Sally he likes the idea but is upset that none of Bob’s friends have been consulted – they should have had a say in it. Ernie learns that that the person who is running the community centre is young, hunky and fun. Jo-Jo and Penny rush to find out who it is and are shocked to find Sam is the new welfare officer.

E Street Episode 400

Episode 400

Everyone helps Sam settle into the Community Centre and Ernie tells Sam Bob would have been proud of the place, but wouldn’t have agreed with the name! Nobody knows who has funded the community centre. Sam tells Penny he did a welfares officer course before his father forced him to be a policeman. However Sam doesn’t find the job as easy as he thought he would and doesn’t know how to deal with a woman who is planning to die so that she can be with her dead husband. Martha and George tell Bonnie they have an idea, they want her to move in with them and be taken care of by Martha who has taken extended leave. Bonnie’s feather has footed the bill and everyone chips in to start the renovations on George and Martha’s. Nikki tells Max she wants him to be happy, and although she’s a little bit jealous she realises he has strong feelings for Bonnie. Jo-Jo spends her day off with Jack as she wants to sunbathe on his boat. Whilst helping him out she falls into the water. Elly tells Laura she is sorry if she has interfered with she and Jack. She tells Laura she wants her to be happy and that she shouldn’t take what she has with Jack for granted. Elly tells her that life is too short, after all she should know. Laura takes her advice and visits Jack, but when she gets there she sees Jo-Jo half naked and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Jack asks her why she came back and she tells him she doesn’t want to be lonely for the rest of her life. Jack kisses her and they spend the day in bed. But when Laura wants to talk about their future, Jack bottles out. Bonnie arrives and is overwhelmed by the trouble everyone has gone to for her. She tells Max she’s never had a real family before and is amazed by everyone’s support.

E Street Episode 401

Episode 401

George and Martha receive early morning visitors; Alice and Amber! They are making a quick visit before joining Lisa in London where Alice has been accepted into design school. Sam is still struggling to fit into his new role as welfare officer. He tells Elly he’s not Bob and doesn’t know how to reach the street kids, she tells him no one is making the comparison between he and Bob except him. He takes a walk on the streets and bumps into a young kid called Kit. Kit helps him put up some posters and then goes back to the community centre with him. However they are interrupted when Kit’s sister Tina arrives and tells Kit that Sam is the policeman that killed their brother. Sam tells Elly about the day at the garage when he shot the guy in the armed robbery. Alice visits Penny and is shocked to find that ‘Babies With Attitude’ no longer exists. Penny explains what happened with Bronco and tells Alice she has lost her flair for design. Bonnie is reluctant to undertake physio and wants to try some natural healing. She tells Max Martha’s nursing is old fashioned and will not help her. Jo-Jo spends another day with Jack on the boat and asks him to get her a job in one of his nightclubs. Nikki sees Jo-Jo on the corner of the street before she gets into a car. Sam arrives back at the community centre after looking for Tina and Kit on the street, he finds the place has been trashed and Tina and her friends are waiting for him.

E Street Episode 402

Episode 402

Max and Nikki go to the community centre and find the place trashed and full of graffiti. Max is worried about Sam, as he didn’t come home last night; they find him bloody and bruised. He is reluctant to tell anyone what happened and when George sees the damage he asks Sam for details. Nikki tells Ernie and Sally that Jo-Jo is a hooker. They are not convinced but she tells them she followed Jo-Jo and saw her get into a stranger’s car. Their suspicions are fuelled when Jack comes to the pub and gives Jo-Jo a wad of cash. Laura thinks she has found a story for the community centre; she wants to know who funded the project and makes it her job to find out. She soon realises it was Jack who funded the community centre. He tells her he didn’t do it to be liked or forgiven for Bob’s death, but he did it because he is Bob’s brother. Bonnie realises that Martha overheard what she said to Max, Martha tells her she was hurt by what Bonnie said. Elly tells them one treatment is not better than the other and explains that when she was shot she used physio and meditation to get better. George tells Sam that Bob was his friend and says he will not stand by and let the centre fail in his name. Sam says it’s because of Bob that he is not telling him who was behind the attack. George gets excited about Alice and Amber being home and sets her up with a job and a place to live. Alice feels awful when she has to tell him this is just a passing visit, she is leaving for London in a few days. George tells her he will miss her but accepts that she has to move on. Alice says E Street will always be here for her and that one-day she will be back. Sam and Jack clears up the community centre and realise how much Bob meant to the street kids of Westside, so much so that they have defaced the sign and renamed the centre ‘Bob’s Place’. Everyone agrees the name should stay. Ernie, Max, Nikki, Sally and Reg follow Jo-Jo to her new job. They are pleasantly surprised when Jo-Jo’s new job is to sing every night at a classy nightclub.

E Street Episode 403

Episode 403

Laura asks Jack to come back to the house but he says no, he likes her too much to screw things up again. Penny is having an interview for the design teachers job at the tech college, Charlie worries that if Penny gets the job she will be neglected. Alice, Max and Nikki take Bonnie for a day in the forest. Alice takes them to a lake, which is known as ‘healing waters’. Max takes Bonnie into the water and Alice asks Nikki if she’s jealous. She tells Alice that Max is a great guy but they’ve both changed, for a while they were something more but now and forever they will just be good friends. Penny gets the job at the college and is nervous about teaching adults. Elly, Laura and Sally become her fake students for the day to give Penny a crash course. They are extremely unruly but she cops and they’re sure she’s going to make a great teacher. Reg draws some attention when he starts wearing a wig! However it’s not the kind of attention he wants. Jo-Jo heads for another gig at the nightclub and the club promoter tells her he will fire her unless she sleeps with him. Jo-Jo hits him before running away. Ernie’s new neon sign keeps flickering. He joins Elly, Sally and Laura for a drink and when the sign blows he goes down to the cellar to investigate. When he touches the power box he is electrocuted and thrown to the ground. Sally goes to look for him and immediately calls Elly downstairs. Elly tries to resuscitate Ernie and Laura comes downstairs to tell them the ambulance is on it’s way. As the girls surround Ernie the box explodes and they trapped inside a ring of fire. Alice, Nikki and Max pack their things away and start to head home. As they turn to see Bonnie she has fallen unconscious in her wheelchair and nobody can wake her up. Jack and Sam arrive at the pub and prepare to rescue the girls and Ernie from the cellar. As they make the move to enter the whole place goes up in flames; Elly collapses, Sally falls on to Ernie in a heap and Laura is thrown by the force of the explosion.

E Street Episode 404

Episode 404

It’s 7 weeks since the fire at Patchetts and Bonnie’s collapse. With thanks to Joey buying the squat, Jo-Jo has opened it as a new café in town given that the pub has been burned to the ground. Elly arrives back at the hospital having been in America visiting Claire. She tells Martha that David is getting married again – to another doctor. Alice has missed her first term of design school in order to stay in Westside and help George and Martha. Bonnie is in a coma after suffering a bleed to the brain and Nikki wants Max to visit her as he hasn’t done so since she fell unconscious 7 weeks ago. Nikki takes her place at Bonnie’s bedside with a poem book of Ellys that Bob gave to her. Everyone is hoping that talking to Bonnie will bring her round. George tells Elly that David and Laura’s younger sister Sarah. has run away and is expected to turn up in Westside. Laura is living with Elly, she was blinded in the explosion and hasn’t seen much of Jack since it happened. Jack is still on the boat and is surrounding himself with memories of Bob. He is interrupted when Sarah arrives looking for Laura. Elly turns up as Jack is telling Sarah how much he cares for Laura, she takes Sarah back with her. Jo-Jo is still being hassled by the nightclub promoter and Sam comes to her rescue when things get heavy. But Jo-Jo is not happy and tells Sam she invited him around; perhaps she loves singing more than she loves herself. However she later tells Sam that fron now on she will sing her music in her café. Max tells Nikki he’s not sure he believes in God anymore. Nikki tells him she believes in people and love and thinks that’s what Bonnie believes in, she says she knows that’s what Bob believed in. Max sits at Bonnie’s bedside and sees Elly’s book from Bob. He looks up and asks Bob for help. As Nikki and Penny watch on Max tells Bob that he and the ‘boss’ aren’t getting on to well at the moment. He says he needs Bob’s help to make him strong again, like he used to be. He says he will look at it like Bob’s still here, looking over his shoulder. Max starts talking to Bonnie again and Nikki gives her thanks to Bob. Max tells Nikki he has realised what he has to do, he asks her to get everyone to come to the hospital. Everyone arrives including Ernie and Sally who escaped from the fire. As they all gather around Bonnie’s bedside Elly, George and Ernie read pieces from Bob’s prayer book and as they finish Max proposes to Bonnie and asks her to wake up so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. Bonnie does so and everyone is overcome with happiness. The screen fades, the music begins and we are transported back to E Street’s very first scene of a young and hip reverend jogging to the house of his good friend, the doctor. After their initial hellos what follows is a look back of some of E Street’s classic moments and most memorable characters. Ending with Elly laying the rose on Bob’s grave signifying their love and the end of E Street.