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Episodes 51 - 100

E Street Episode 51

Episode 51

It’s the day of the custody hearing. Claire wants to go with Elly and Elly says she can. Bob arrives for moral support but there’s no sign of Sarah. At the courts proceedings are delayed when Sarah doesn’t turn up. Bob takes Claire to school and goes to check on Sarah. He finds her dead. George, Paul and Inspector Harry Haddock arrive on the scene. Sarah has been sexually assaulted as well. George goes to the court and breaks the news to Elly, she is devastated and the hearing is postponed. Westside remains in shock and Sam is brought in for questioning. He says he has an alibi. Elly and Miki have another row and Miki tells her that just because her friend has died, the custody hearing will still go ahead. David can’t believe Miki fought with Elly after Sarah’s death, he leaves her and arrives on Elly’s doorstep. Bob gathers the residents of E Street at Sarah’s house. They hold a memorial for Sarah.

E Street Episode 52

Episode 52

Daniel and his four kids; Toni, Simon, Tom and Sally are living on a boat as their house is being refurbished. Elly and Claire are supposed to be joining them for a day trip but Elly postpones the trip as Claire is upset over Sarah’s death. David suggests that he spends the day with Elly and Claire. They go fishing and bump into the Windsor’s. They end up spending the day together. George is convinced Sam killed Sarah but Sam’s alibi is watertight. She tells George and Paul that she and Sam have been having an affair and that Sam was with her on the night Sarah died. She later calls Sam and says she doesn’t know what he’s done but she’s covered for him.

E Street Episode 53

Episode 53

David tries to convince Daniel and Toni that Elly is having a mid life crisis. He tells them she is not sane at the moment. When Elly finds out she throws David out of the house. Marge has to go to hospital for an operation to remove cancerous cells. The operation is a success. An arrest is made for Sarah’s death letting Sam off the hook. George is still convinced Sam is guilty and picks a fight with him in the pub.

E Street Episode 54

Episode 54

Elly wonders why Bob hasn’t been coming round for breakfast. He tells her he thought he was in the way of she and David. She tells him David has gone and hopes he’ll join her for breakfast again. Simon, Sally and Tom plot to get rid of Elly. After they see David leaving Elly’s house, they tell Daniels Elly is having an affair. Newbridge police drop the charges on the man arrested for Sarah’s death. Sam gets drunk and lashes out at Ernie. George arrests him and keeps him in the cells over night. Paul suspects he has just arrested Sam to question him over Sarah. New lawyer Jennifer St James arrives; David and Paul are smitten.

E Street Episode 55

Episode 55

Elly joins the Windsor’s on their boat whilst Claire decides to visit her grandparents. Simon, Sally and Tom subject Elly to a weekend of lobsters, water buckets and other tricks. However Elly manages to strike a bond with Tom when she helps him with his sea sickness, and with Toni when Toni explains how happy Daniel has been since he met Elly. Lisa and Chris' old friend Wheels arrives. Wheels is a mixer for a band and is in a wheelchair after he was knocked down before a gig. He is slightly perturbed when Lisa announces she is engaged to Chris. Paul plans a romantic evening with Jennifer, however his plans are scuppered when he invites Martha and George. Sally and Tom are struck down with measles, meaning the Windsor clan have to stay at Elly’s house. Sam begins to have erotic dreams about Lisa.

E Street Episode 56

Episode 56

Jennifer’s Dad arrives in Westside and clearly objects to her helping the needy folk of E Street. David tells Elly he won’t allow Claire home whilst the Windsor children are there with measles. Simon, Sally and Tom are upset when they hear David speculating that Elly will marry Daniel and be their new Mum. Paul tells Jennifer about Rhonda’s death. Chris gets jealous when he sees Lisa and Wheels having fun together. The Windsor’s return to their home as David tells Elly is going to re-apply for custody of Claire. Sam offers Anna; a young hitchhiker a lift home.

E Street Episode 57

Episode 57

Sam refuses to let Anna out of his truck. She eventually escapes his clutches and runs to the Westside police station. She tells her story to George. Claire arrives home and is not happy to find that the Windsor’s have been sleeping in her bed. Elly later agrees to look after the children whilst Daniel is away on a flight. Claire’s jealously grows further when Elly discovers Tom has an ear infection, which makes the Windsor kids fascinated by Elly’s medical knowledge. Lisa tries to convince Wheels to go to the hospital and have tests to find out the extent of his leg injuries. David asks Jennifer for advice on gaining custody of Claire. Jennifer refuses to take on the case, as she believes his jealously over Daniel and Elly has fuelled his interest and not his love for Claire. Marge tells Martha she feels Sam will leave her if her test results mean she can’t have a sexual relationship with him.

E Street Episode 58

Episode 58

Claire arrives at the rectory, where David is staying and says she is sick. He allows her to have the day of school and indulges her with junk food and videos. Bob calls Elly and tells her David has Claire. She takes Claire home and explains that no one will ever come between them. Sam teases Lisa about she and Chris, he scares her when he grabs her arm and holds it tight. Elly tells Marge her tests are all clear. Jennifer tells Paul she wants them to be just friends and nothing more. Georges daughter Alice calls and says she will be coming to stay very soon. Lisa and Chris hold their engagement party in the local park, everyone celebrates except Sam who is watching from afar. Chris presents Lisa with a pair of earrings. When they return home from the party Lisa finds that one earring is missing. She goes back to park alone to find the earring. As she picks it up Sam comes from behind and grabs her.

E Street Episode 59

Episode 59

Claire gets ready to spend the school holidays with David. Elly says she’ll miss her. George is nervous about meeting Alice after so long. Lisa wakes up in the park scared and confused and turns up at Wheel’s squat. She says nothing causing Wheels to be worried. Meanwhile Chris is looking for Lisa and wondering why she hasn’t turned up for work – Wheels tells him he hasn’t seen Lisa after she tells him she doesn’t want to see anyone. Wheels tells Chris he has sensation in his legs and asks if he could call Elly for him. Elly arrives at the squat and Wheels tells her he called her for Lisa. Lisa breaks down and tells Elly she has been raped. Elly inadvertently tells George that Lisa was attacked, as Lisa won’t go to the police herself. Wheels takes Chris to see Lisa but she tells him to leave. The Windsor kids stay with Elly while Daniel is on a flight. As David is boarding the jet Alice arrives at the airfield and talks him into taking her on the jet to Newbridge. A minute into the flight and Daniel hits a problem, he radios mayday as the plane loses control and crashes.

E Street Episode 60

Episode 60

As George and Martha wait for Alice to arrive, news comes in that she and Daniel’s plane has crashed. Martha alerts Elly who has to break the news to the Windsor kids. Elly tells Marge and Chris that Lisa has been raped and that she has asked to be left alone. Daniel rescues Alice from the plane debris – George joins the search team and locates Daniel and Alice in the bush. Marge tells Paul that Sam has run away and he begins to fear for Lisa’s life. In the dark of the night, Sam arrives at the squat and attacks Wheels.

E Street Episode 61

Episode 61

Paul arrives at the squat in time to pull Sam away for Wheels. He arrests him for assault. Thanks to Jennifer he later gets bail, which causes a row between she and Paul. David tries his best to entertain Claire. Daniel is discharged from hospital and Elly stays the night - however they sleep in separate beds. George's ex-wife Katy arrives to see Alice in hospital. Martha is upset when George introduces her as 'a friend'. Lisa asks Elly to perform hypnosis on her. Marge is present when Lisa reveals that her attacker told her he killed Sarah. Elly asks Lisa to identify the attacker - Lisa says it was Sam.

E Street Episode 62

Episode 62

Lisa wakes up from hypnosis unable to remember what she revealed. Elly tells Marge that no one must tell Lisa what she said until she is strong enough to confront the memory. Elly tells George that Lisa said Sam's name, Marge is asked not to tell Sam. Elly feels she is not welcome by the Windsor children and tells Daniel their relationship is moving too fast. George and Paul re-question Sam's alibi and explain there have been two rapes and a murder. She tells Sam she won't lie for him anymore. Alice leaves the hospital and turns up at Patchetts Pacific. Elly takes Lisa to the rape crisis centre and Claire tells David she misses Elly and wants to go home. Marge makes Sam a cake laced with rat poison, he takes a bite of the cake and falls to the floor.

E Street Episode 63

Episode 63

Marge goes to the rectory and confesses to Bob that she has killed Sam. Bob tells Elly she must tell Lisa before someone else does. Wheels convinces Lisa to go back through hypnosis. She agrees and once again goes back to the night of the party, Lisa remembers Sam raped her and Elly then tells her that Marge has killed him. Homicide chief Pete Kominski arrives to investigate Sam's murder. Jennifer sets up practice at the rectory and Ernie gives Alice a job at the pub.

E Street Episode 64

Episode 64

Martha and Ernie drum up support to raise cash for Marge's bail. However Marge refuses the bail money and tells Lisa she has to pay for what she did to Sam. Lisa handcuffs herself to the cell until Marge agrees to accept legal help. David tells Elly he will never try for custody of Claire again. Simon unplugs the phone to stop away of Elly's calls getting through to Daniel - she later calls of their relationship as she feels it is unfair on Claire and the Windsor children. Chris wants to take Lisa away for a break, but she refuses and tells him their engagement is off and they are over.

E Street Episode 65

Episode 65

The residents of E Street prepare for Marge's trial. Lisa returns her engagement ring to Chris. Paul tells Martha not to worry about George and Katy's relationship. George later tells Martha that he loves her. Wheels tells Ernie he had nothing to do with Chris and Lisa's break up. Lisa and Marge testify at the trial, during which Lisa tells Marge not to blame herself for what Sam did to her. Alice is not happy to see Katy trying to win back George when he is happy with Martha. Drunk and emotional - Chris drives his car into a tree.

E Street Episode 66

Episode 66

Chris escapes with minor inures but faces a police charge. Claire tells Elly she hopes that Bob will start to visit again now that she has stopped seeing Daniel. Elly relays this to Bob who tells her three's a crowd. Marge gets a sentence of 8 years. She asks Wheels to look after Lisa for her. Elly and Daniel get the children's approval after they see how unhappy they are without each other. Elly cons David into looking after all the kids for the weekend so she and Daniel can be alone. Martha and Alice are upset when George and Katy spend the day together. Chris and Alice come to the rescue of Megan, a young girl they find in the pub toilets trying to cut her wrists.

E Street Episode 67

Episode 67

Elly and Daniel set off for their weekend leaving David in charge of the kids. George doesn't go shopping with Martha in order to stay with Katy. Ernie and Lisa fall out when he pressures her about a return to work and her relationship with Chris. Ernie tells Chris and Alice that they can't keep Megan in the pub, however things take a different angle when Megan tells Chris she is pregnant. Lisa moves into Wheel's squat with Bob's help. Wheels begins his rehabilitation therapy. Martha, George and Katy take part in a heated game of scrabble leading Martha and George to split up.

E Street Episode 68

Episode 68

Simon invites his girlfriend Paris to stay. David struggles to keep them all under control. Wheels sets up his rehab equipment and he and Lisa share a new positive outlook on life. Martha interrupts Elly and Daniel's weekend and then sets out for revenge on Katy. Chris and Alice try to help Megan make a decision about her baby. But Ernie calls Megan's parents and they come to take Megan home. Megan tells them she is pregnant and Chris says the baby is his. George admits to Katy that he is still in love with Martha. Bob, Paul and Jennifer go for pizza. They spot a criminal Pete Kominski is after. They call Kominski and stand in shock as Kominski shoots dead the criminal without giving him a chance to surrender.

E Street Episode 69

Episode 69

Lisa and Alice meet for the first time. Jennifer is shocked by Kominski's brash approach to the shooting. Paul is also involved when Kominski blackmails him into saying he was in the house when the shot was triggered. Chris is summoned to the Bromley household and Mrs Bromley tells he and Megan that she has booked Megan in for an abortion. Megan's Dad also gives Chris a cheque for $5000 to leave Westside and Megan. Jennifer finishes her relationship with Kominski but he refuses to take no for an answer. Katy apologises to Martha and then leaves Westside, but Martha tells George it is too late for them. Alice tells Wheels about Chris and Megan, he breaks the news to Lisa who takes it surprisingly well. David decides to quit TV life and go back to the hospital as a surgeon.

E Street Episode 70

Episode 70

Claire is missing Bob. Toni feels left out as Tom begins to get closer to Elly. Chris gives the cheque back to Mr Bromley. He says he'll marry Megan and be a Dad to the baby. David's last TV segment goes to air leaving Elly and Martha wondering why he quit. Elly phones the station who reveal he was axed. Lisa and Wheels share a kiss but both admit they don't want to take it further. Elly rushes Tom to hospital after he gets sick. Bob tells Jennifer she can stay with him until Kominski calms down. She packs her bags but as she gets into her car Kominski is waiting for her.

E Street Episode 71

Episode 71

Tom has an obstruction in his intestines; David performs surgery to see what it is. The situation affects all the Windsor kids and Claire. Sally tells Claire Tom's illness is her fault leading Claire to run away from Toni's care. Lisa decides to go back to work at Patchett's, Ernie agrees she can come back in a week. Chris and Megan announce their engagement in front of the Patchetts crowd and Lisa. The Bromley's give their consent and give Chris a job. Claire arrives at the hospital and Elly wants to know why she ran away. Elly and Toni argue as Toni feels that Elly is blaming her for Claires disappearance. Jennifer and Paul make Kominski realise he has a problem and tell him to get help. David tells Elly and Daniel that Tom has cancer.

E Street Episode 72

Episode 72

Elly tells Claire and the Windsor's that Tom has cancer. Lisa and Chris talk before his wedding to Megan and make their peace with each other. Elly breaks down in Bob's arms about her sadness over Tom's illness. Toni witnesses this and realises Elly cares for them. Alice dresses up George in an attempt to win back Martha. Wheels surprises the church congregation by walking down the aisle. Chris and Megan marry surrounded by their friends. Bob visits Tom in hospital and tells him to write down what he is feeling about his illness. Martha tells George she loves him but wants some commitment from him. After the wedding Wheels and Lisa finally succumb to their feelings and share a bath.

E Street Episode 73

Episode 73

Alice helps Chris and Megan move into the house Megan's Dad has lent them. Elly and Bob try their best to help the Windsor family come to terms with Tom's illness. Lisa goes back to work at Patchett's, leaving Alice slightly jealous of Lisa's relationship with Ernie and the customers. George reveals that he and Katy never divorced and therefore he is still married to her. Daniel blames himself for Tom's illness by saying he was too distracted by Elly to notice Tom was unwell. He tells Elly he no longer wants a relationship with her.

E Street Episode 74

Episode 74

Jennifer interviews potential flatmates as she no longer wants to live alone. Now equipped with a set of crutches, Wheels gets a job working in a kitchen. George shows some commitment towards Martha by moving in with her. Chris and Megan decide to have their first dinner party, it all goes horribly wrong when their guests Paul and Alice spend the entire evening arguing! Elly makes progress with Tom and tells him he must see his cancer as a monster he has to fight. He adopts Zorgarth from a computer game and makes it his mission to win. However Daniel continues to treat Elly badly leading her to seek comfort with Bob. A friendship begins to blossom between Lisa and Alice. Wheel's ex-band mate Jo-Jo arrives at Patchetts and punches Wheels!

E Street Episode 75

Episode 75

Jo-Jo explains her attitude towards Wheels - he walked out on them during a gig. Her presence causes Lisa and Wheels some grief. Alice begins to feel like George does not want her around. However George feels Alice need some friends and asks Paul to ask Alice on a date. Daniel apologises to Elly and they get back together. David becomes Jennifer's new flatmate and Megan starts to get excited about her pregnancy.

E Street Episode 76

Episode 76

The stress of Tom's illness takes it toll on Sally who runs away. She is found by Megan who looks after her and returns her to the Windsor house. However when Elly and Toni have another fight, Toni packs a bag and runs away. Wheels and Jo-Jo's band 'Undercover' reforms - thanks to Lisa, who also convinces Ernie to let them play at Patchetts. Their performance is fantastic and Ernie finds a fan in Jo-Jo. Jennifer is unsure about David as a flatmate when Claire comes to stay for the weekend. Paul asks Alice out on a date.

E Street Episode 77

Episode 77

Toni meets Susan, a young girl from the streets who tells Toni she can stay with her and her new family. Susan introduces Toni to Lara McKoy - leader of 'The Children of Tomorrow'. Lara takes in runaway children and gives them a home, however it soon appears that Lara and Susan are running some kind of cult. After much initiation Toni is accepted as part of their group. Elly and David begin to plan Claire's birthday party. Ernie and Jo-Jo have a date, but Jo-Jo's feelings do not run as deep as Ernie's. Megan is upset when Chris misses a lunch date with her and her parents.

E Street Episode 78

Episode 78

Relations are strained between Elly and David at Claire's birthday party when he buys Claire a toy gun, a present Elly does not agree with. Wheels gets fired from the kitchen's and is on the look out for a new job. George is offered promotion and Toni officially becomes a 'Child of Tomorrow'.

E Street Episode 79

Episode 79

Bob begins to grow suspicious of Lara's cult and shares his fears with Jennifer. Lara puts pressure on Toni and tells her that the group need money in order to survive and thrive. Toni is desperate to stay and therefore steals money from Daniel's kitty. Claire is still playing with her gun, much to Elly's annoyance. However when she shoots Tom 'dead' she realises it's not a game anymore and tells Elly to take the gun back to the shop. Jo-Jo is having an effect on everyone - Ernie is smitten by her and Lisa feels left out by her growing relationship with Wheels.

E Street Episode 80

Episode 80

George turns down the promotion to stay in Westside. Jo-Jo tries to let Ernie down gently. Bob, David and Jennifer have a game of golf. Bob and Jennifer try every trick in the book in order to knock David down a peg or two! Elly and Daniel visit Lara's house and both try to talk to Toni. However neither are successful and Toni speaks of her desire to stay with her new family. Lara is proud and sends Toni on her first mission - to steal money from Elly's house. But on entering the house with Susan, Toni can't go through with stealing.

E Street Episode 81

Episode 81

Toni returns to Lara and is punished for letting down the group. Lara locks her in the rat filled cellar with no food or water. Wheels starts work in the Patchett's kitchens. The E Streeters try their best to cheer up Ernie after Jo-Jo broke his heart, but he is not fooled by their plans. Daniel tries his best to get Toni back, but Lara tells him she has left the group and says she doesn't know where Toni is. Lara later tells Toni that Daniel came to the house to tell her he no longer wants Toni in his life. Toni is devastated and pledges her soul to the 'Children of Tomorrow'.

E Street Episode 82

Episode 82

Toni returns home and speaks to Bob. He tells her the truth behind Lara's cult and tells her how damaging they are. Toni returns to the group and tells Lara and Susan that Patchetts would be a prime target for money. The group agree and they enter Patchetts after closing time. However it appears that Toni has set the group up and Lara and Susan are led away by George and Paul. Toni, however doesn't return home and runs away. She meets a guy called Harley and he offers to share his bench with her. The E Streeters present Ernie with a holiday ticket to Surfers Paradise.

E Street Episode 83

Episode 83

Ernie goes away leaving Lisa and Alice in charge of the pub! They organise a cocktail night but lose out on profits after the happy hour is over. Megan is rushed to hospital in pain and loses her baby. Toni and Harley make friends and she brings him home to meet the family. He instantly does not get on with Daniel, but Elly and the kids think he's quite nice. Jo-Jo wants Wheels to join her on a tour and she tells Lisa not to hold Wheels back.

E Street Episode 84

Episode 84

David begins his campaign to impress Jennifer. 'Undercover' play a gig at the pub to raise money to make up for the cocktail night. Paul decides to move into the pub as he is lonely in the flat on his own. Chris turns to drink to forget about Megan losing the baby. Alice does her best to console him. Harley tries to convince Toni into staying at home as she has a family who love her - something he doesn't have. Wheels asks Lisa to leave Westside and join him on the 'Undercover' tour.

E Street Episode 85

Episode 85

Lisa decides to go with Wheels, but a seed of doubt is put in her mind when Ernie returns and makes her bar manager. Elly, Daniel and the kids depart for a weekend on the farm. Harley causes trouble by hanging around Patchetts Pacific scrounging for food. George tells him he won't place him in custody, and instead places him in Bob's care. Megan agrees to leave hospital and return home with Chris, however she is still clearly devastated by her loss.

E Street Episode 86

Episode 86

Megan is not handling things well and looks like she is close to a breakdown. Bob seems to making progress with Harley. Elly and Toni have a long awaited chat whilst on the farm. Toni talks to Daniel and they both admit to recent mistakes. Daniel suggests that Toni should spend time with her Nan on the farm whilst the others return home. Jo-Jo is surprised when she hears Wheels has asked Lisa on the tour. She tells Lisa she is not welcome on the your. Lisa tells Wheels he should go on the tour without her. They share a last bath and say their goodbyes as Wheels and Jo-Jo depart.

E Street Episode 87

Episode 87

Claire and Tom do their best to destroy Elly and Daniels weekend as they are feeling left out. Ernie is excited as his lady friend from holiday is coming to stay in Westside. David and Jennifer give Ernie a few lessons in culture in preparation for the big arrival! On her first day as bar manager, Lisa employs Harley as chef. Megan wants another child but Chris feels they are not ready. He confides in Lisa as Megan confides in Alice.

E Street Episode 88

Episode 88

Megan sees Lisa and Chris together and gets the wrong idea. It drives her to the edge and she takes an overdose. Ernie has everyone working hard to prepare for Abby's arrival. Daniel decides he wants to marry Elly and tries several ways to propose to her. Harley explains that he has run away from his adoptive parents to find his real parents. All he knows is that he was born in Newbridge hospital. Bob pledges to help him and with Elly's help he finds Harley's mother is Annie Glover; a woman Bob was once involved with. Bob tells Martha that he is Harley's father.

E Street Episode 89

Episode 89

Bob confesses to Harley that he is his father. He tells him he never knew he had a son, but Harley runs out. He takes refuge in Alice's room at the pub, he confides in her and tells her about Bob. Daniel awaits an answer from Elly. Chris keeps a bedside vigil as Megan lays on a coma. Abby arrives but no one in Westside seems to take to kindly to her. Bob visits Annie, she is in a wheelchair and unresponsive after a motorbike accident. He tells her how he much he was in love with her and explains they have a child. He realises Harley got his name from Bob's love of motorbikes which Annie always knew about.

E Street Episode 90

Episode 90

Alice tried to persuade Harley to talk to Bob. When Ernie and George find out that she has been keeping Harley upstairs, Ernie tells her she has to move out of the pub. Alice is upset and feels unwanted, Lisa tells her she can move into her new flat if she likes. Bob is devastated when he finds out through Claire that Elly and Daniel are engaged. However Claire has the wrong end of the stick and Elly hasn't yet accepted the proposal. Megan awakes from her coma. Harley returns to the rectory, much to the relief of Bob. Claire and Tom invite all of Westside to celebrate Elly and Daniel's engagement and despite the confusion, Elly accepts Daniel's proposal.

E Street Episode 91

Episode 91

David tells Chris he thinks Megan should be put into psychiatric care. Lisa isn't too sure about Alice's wacky ideas for their flat. Elly and Bob catch up on each other's news. She tells him she is getting married and he tells her about Harley. Ernie is convinced that Harley has stolen a bottle of scotch from the pub. Harley denies he has and Bob stands by him. Harley later confesses to Bob that he stole the scotch for him, to say thanks. They have an emotional show down where they both realise they are as hurt and as confused as each other.

E Street Episode 92

Episode 92

Daniel presents Elly with a ring. Bob finds it hard to hide his sadness when he sees her delightfully gazing at it. Megan's behaviour is out of control and she embarrasses Chris by dressing up in a raunchy outfit and displaying it at the pub. Bob and Harley decide they want to help Annie's mother look after her. Jennifer says she will help them as much as she can. However Annie's Mum doesn't want their help and does not want Harley in her life. When Harley visits his mother alone, Edna locks them both in the sitting room and sets fire to the house. Bob arrives in time to see the house a blaze.

E Street Episode 93

Episode 93

Bob saves Harley from the fire but it's too late for Annie and Edna, they both die in the blaze. Annie is buried in the St John's grounds and Harley lays flowers at her grave. Chris is fined for the car crash he had after he and Lisa split up, Abby comes to his rescue and gives him the cash. Daniel visits David to talk about his interference into his and Elly's relationship. They end up getting drunk and Daniel stays over. The following morning Daniel walks into the bathroom to find Jennifer in the shower - she does little to conceal herself.

E Street Episode 94

Episode 94

Tom is missing Toni and decides to run away to where she is. Claire helps him pack a bag and Harley runs into them both as Tom is preparing to get the bus. Harley says he feels like seeing Toni too and will take Tom to see her. Daniel is furious when he finds out, but Bob says he will go to the farm and bring the kids back. When he arrives he and Harley make amends and decide to travel back to Westside in the morning. Lisa and Alice hold a housewarming party, half the guests turn up in evening wear and half in beach wear due to Lisa and Alice sending out wrong information! Daniel and Jennifer gaze at each other all night.

E Street Episode 95

Episode 95

Bob brings Toni and Tom home. Elly, Daniel, David and Jennifer play a game of tennis during which the sexual tension between Daniel and Jennifer is apparent. The kids spend the day with Harley and think he's great but Daniel tells Toni she is not allowed to see him anymore. When Harley finds out about Daniel's plans he is angry and smashes up Bob's bike. Daniel and Jennifer give into temptation and share a kiss.

E Street Episode 96

Episode 96

Toni and Harley go against Daniel's wishes and continue to see each other. Elly, David and Claire create a diversion for Tom by performing a play for him. Megan breaks down when her dog goes missing; Elly and Martha are concerned for her welfare. Harley overhears Bob standing up for him when he gets slagged off in the pub. Harley is grateful and they make a fresh start. David catches Daniel and Jennifer sharing a kiss.

E Street Episode 97

Episode 97

David tries to inject some morals into Jennifer but she won't listen. Daniel asks David what he intends to do, David says he should tell Elly but he can't, he doesn't want to hurt her. Daniel says nothing more will happen between he and Jennifer. Elly advises Chris to have Megan sectioned but he refuses. Daniel pressures Elly into taking time out from her work, she also feels he may want another child. They decide to take time out of their relationship.

E Street Episode 98

Episode 98

Elly tells Bob that things don't feel right with Daniel; she thinks he wants her to give up her career. Elly and Bob realise it's going to take a special person for each of them to be with forever. Daniel and Jennifer continue their affair despite the fact they know it's wrong. Toni and Harley spend more time together. Ernie's Auntie Vi arrives and Chris accepts that Megan needs help.

E Street Episode 99

Episode 99

Tom is admitted to hospital when it appears his cancer is back. Auntie Vi makes her presence known with Chris and Abby. Harley makes an effort and takes Toni out on a date - they share their first kiss. Chris takes advice from the doctors and has Megan sectioned. Alice begins to see Paul in a new light. The tragedy of Tom leads Daniel to go back to Elly. They decide to give things another go.

E Street Episode 100

Episode 100

Abby and Vi continue to be at loggerheads. Vi doesn't think Abby is right for Ernie, but Abby makes a public speech announcing that she will be staying in Westside. Tom faces the fact that he may be dying. David tries to tell Martha that Daniel is having an affair but she doesn't believe him. Alice likes Paul and tries to explain her feelings to him. Toni and Harley go to the beach for the day, but disaster strikes when they fall asleep and don't wake up until morning