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Abby Rossitor played by Chelsea Brown

Episodes 89 - 171

Abby arrives in E STREET as a 'friend' of Ernie Patchetts. The ex Las Vegas singer meets Ernie whilst they are both on holiday at the same resort. When Ernie arrives home Abby follows him and instantly moves into the pub. She seems to lead a very secretive life and a few E Streeters, Martha in particular, do not approve of her relationship with Ernie. However, Ernie is smitten and Abby is determined to show the world that she really does love Ernie and not just his wallet.

It doesn't take Abby long to win the E Streeters over, she wows them with her incredible voice, her impeccable fashion and her wit. Alice thinks she's great and Chris and Megan also approve. Martha remains unconvinced but for the sake of Ernie shows a friendly attitude towards Abby. But the real trouble starts when Ernie's Auntie Vi arrives. As head of the Patchett clan Vi is concerned about Ernie's welfare, or should we say 'pud' which is how Vi refers to her nephew. She doesn't like Abby at all and strongly believes that she is just after Ernies money and business. However 'yabby' - as Vi calls her in reference to the Australia fish - is not easily beaten and the two women begin what was E Streets best comic double act. They constantly score points off each other placing Ernie in the middle, they don't really hate each other and are really just jealous of each other. Their fights involve cooking competitions, cards, and even a game of hide and seek with Vi`s bird Jerome!

However there are softer sides to 'yabby'. She helps Vi through her mugging ordeal and she also becomes a partner in Chris and Megan's business. Abby entertains the E STREET folk at the parties, giving them a glimpse of the former Las Vegas showgirl, she's a good sport and even though it takes her a while, she does become part of the community. But when Abby's visa runs out she needs Ernie's hand in marriage to allow her to stay in the country. She is upfront with Ernie but Martha and Vi again show disaproval and cause Ernie to have some doubts. Abby decides to leave Westside as she can't stay if Ernie does not believe she wants to marry him for real. Ernie comes to his sense and whisks her away to the Gold Coast for a romantic weekend. When they return they are engaged! Auntie Vi isn't best pleased and continues to meddle right up until the last minute. Whilst Abby and Martha make amends at Abby's hen night, Vi packs a drunk Ernie on a bus to the country. As Abby and the guests gather on the riverboat and await the ceromony, Ernie faces a mad dash back to Westside. When he finally arrives Vi admits she set him the ultimate test to see if 'pud' really loved yabby'. She finally accepts Abby into the Patchett clan making the toast to 'Ernest and Abigail'.

The Patchetts are finally happy and settled, Abby has a husband, a grandchild in Rachel and a friend in Vi. With her visa application passed and expected she and Ernie look to expanding the business and decide to buy a new property. She takes Megan and Chris to look at a possible building and keeps it a surprise from Ernie. Unbeknown to the three Patchetts they are travelling in a car rigged with a bomb set by Sonny Bennett for Bob. In a tragic twist of fate the bomb explodes whilst Abby, Chris and Mega are in the car. They all die instantly leaving a grieving Westside and a distraught Ernie and Vi. In Abby, not only did E STREET lose a great character but it lost one half of a fantastic double act.