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Alice Sullivan played by Marianne Howard

Episodes 58 - 290 & 401 - 404

Despite not being in the first 50 odd episodes, it's hard to imagine E Street without it's ray of sunshine Alice Sullivan. She certainly crash landed her way into Westside and made herself one of the most memorable E Street characters of all time.

For a long while George had spoken about his family and the regret he had at leaving them behind when he left his marriage. He often voiced the fact that his ex wife Katie had done her best to turn his children against him and was worried that he would never have the chance to be a father to them again. Well it seemed that Alice wasn't about her take her Mother's words at face value and she decided to meet her Father in person. After missing her bus, Alice persuaded E Street pilot Daniel Windsor to take her to Westside on a small jet. When they jet crashed, George and Martha were horrified to find that Alice had been a passenger and kept a vigil until she and Daniel were found safe an well. However Alice's near death experience brought Katie to Westside and she found her chance at a relationship with her Father was being ruined by her parents bickering and misguided passions.

So Alice took time out of her parent's lives and made herself a place in Westside. She got a job at Patchetts Pacific as a barmaid and made quick friends with Chris and Megan. Alice also developed a crush on Wheels; something that didn't go down to well with Lisa but Alice was oblivious of Lisa's love for Wheels and did her best to be friends with her fellow barmaid.

Despite her friendly outlook Alice didn't always feel part of Westside and often felt sidelined by Lisa's relationship with Ernie and George's relationship with Martha. Her loneliness didn't go unnoticed and George engineered a date between she and Paul. Any hopes of passion were dashed and even friendship failed to ignite when Alice and Paul disagreed on politics, policing and just about every other subject that arose.

Alice's good nature could never be disputed and when Harley needed refuge she let him sleep on her bedroom floor at the pub. Her good deed didn't go down too well with Ernie and he told her she had to find somewhere else to live. Living with George and Martha wasn't the independent life Alice had in mind and she confessed her sadness to Lisa. Feeling rejected, Alice was elated when Lisa offered her the spare room in her new flat. Despite a clash of design and flat rules this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

After a while Alice and Paul grew to get along but for Alice her feelings developed deeper. Never one to shy away from what she felt, Alice decided to declare her love for Paul. However after several attempts and none of them going to plan, Lisa asked Paul out on Alice's behalf. A breakdown in communication followed and Paul turned up at Alice's expecting a date with Lisa. After playing him a song she had wrote for him she was horrified to realise he didn't feel the same way about her. A short spell of silence between Alice and Lisa followed but they started speaking again in time to celebrate Lisa's new job. Lisa's departure from the pub meant that Alice was made manager, something that didn't last for long when Auntie Vi and Abby arrived and took over the reigns.

Alice's crush on Paul was soon forgotten about when Lisa's brother Sonny arrived and moved into the flat. Unbeknown to Alice she was just a pawn in Sonny's game of revenge against her Father George and Bob Brown. But the more Sonny appeared to rely on Alice the more besotted she became with him; teaching him to read, lending him money and cooking him meals. Alongside her job in the pub Alice started to write a serial for The Westside Advocate, it was a love story based around the 'fictitious' characters of 'Lord Westwood and Alicia.' There was plenty for Alice to write about as the story was based on her feelings for Sonny. As she fell deeper in love with Sonny she begun to forgive him anything and became so trusting of him she refused to believe any negative stories from George or Paul. Things came to a head when Sonny gave Harley a van in which to drive the three of them on a weekend holiday. Whilst Alice and Harley waited in the van for Sonny he was busy ringing the police and pretty soon the van was surrounded. Both Alice and Harley watched in horror as the police uncovered a stash of drugs from Harley's van and Alice's make up bag. Arrested for possession of drugs and locked up in jail overnight, even Alice had to face up to the harsh reality that Sonny was behind the drugs bust, and she realised that she and Harley's relationship with him had been nothing but a revenge tactic.

Sonny's deception put a strain on Alice's friendship with Lisa and she felt she had no choice but to move out of the flat and into George and Martha's. As she battled to answer to her drugs charge, events took a dramatic turn and Sonny held Kim at gunpoint whilst forcing her to strip off for him. The reality hit Alice and she realised that Kim had been the object of Sonny's affections all the long. Despite Sonny's true colours being revealed it didn't put Alice or Harley out of trouble and their drugs charge still stood strong. Unwilling to let their children go to jail for a crime they didn't commit, George and Bob set to work and got the truth from one of Sonny's friends. With the drugs charges behind her Alice begun to move on with her life. She moved back in with Lisa and killed of Lord Westwood.

Over the next few months Alice threw herself back into the community. She became head of the Kooka's cheerleading squad, Bridesmaid for Abbey and Ernie, Godmother to Chris and Megan's baby Rachel, helped save Patchetts Pacific and produced 'Smile File'; a page full of happy pictures for The Advocate. Alice also brought her own car, although it was weeks before she would let anyone see it, as she wanted to customise it. Within good time she introduced 'Samantha' to the world, complete with fluffy dice and a smiley face bonnet.

The name Sonny Bennett hadn't reared it's ugly head for a while, and when his trial surfaced things took a desperate turn when he escaped from custody. Alice lost four of her closest friends as Sonny recklessly sought his revenge. The loss of Kim, Chris, Megan and Abby caused not only grief for Alice, but a great deal of responsibility as she helped console Paul and look after Patchetts Pacific and Rachel with Ernie and Vi. Her positive outlook amazed Auntie Vi when she saw that not even a villain like Sonny could not knock Alice down. Together with Max, Nikki and Zac, Alice organised a party to cheer up Westside and raise money for the victims of Sonny's reign of terror. She also took on a more 'serious' role at the pub and began to realise how much she was needed by Vi and Ernie.

No sooner had things seemed to get back on track, Alice was thrown off course again when Lisa decided to join Michael as he participated in the Tokyo Yacht Race. Within days of their departure the Yacht was reported missing and both Lisa and Michael were feared dead. As Alice battled with Michael's icy sister Sheridan, Lisa was found safe and well but Michael was pronounced dead. Alice helped Lisa to grieve and joined her as Sheridan held a memorial for Michael. As they returned home Alice and Lisa were amazed to find Michael standing in their flat. Overjoyed that Lisa was finally finding some happiness, Alice often left the pair alone, seeking refuge in the pub. However things got to the point where Alice felt like a stranger in the flat and sleeping on Auntie Vi's floor became a regular occurrence. When Lisa and Michael found out that Alice was feeling uncomfortable, Michael had a talk to her. He told her she was an attractive, fantastic woman and any man would be lucky to be with her. Alice took Michael's words a little too personally and she developed a crush on him. This created friction with Lisa for a short while and Alice decided she need to go out and get herself a man of her own.

Enrolling in a creative class was ideal for Alice but she hadn't expected to have an alcoholic as a teacher. Adam Taylor had a great deal of creative knowledge but he also had an apparent alcohol problem, which was stopping him from teaching his students. Alice, of course, wasn't about to pay money to listen to Adam's inapt rambles and she, along with her fellow students made a stand. Adam was taken back by Alice's strength and self-assurance and after belittling a piece of her writing; he began to open up to her.

Adam told Alice that he had separated from his wife and was living a rather sad life. His sad stories and creative words excited Alice and they began to write a novel together. Adam had high hopes for the novel and Alice and despite disapproval from George their relationship quickly became serious. Having never had a serious relationship before Alice went to see Virginia and asked her for advice on contraceptives. She was sure Adam was the one and told Lisa how she wanted her first time to be special, stuff that fairytales are made of. She got what she wanted and on their first night together Adam showed her in compliments and rose petals. Alice floated around on cloud 9 and refused to listen to the concerns of George and Lisa. Her life with Adam was beginning to take shape and when they novel was complete Adam surprised Alice with a ticket to New York; they were going to showcase in America. On the day of their farewell party, as friends gathered to wish them well, both Alice and Adam received a shock when Adam's wife turned up. Pleased at having finally found him, his wife had many a question including when he was thinking of telling their children he was leaving the country. Alice had quite obviously been duped, and despite Adam having feelings for her it was clear his heart lie with his wife and family.

Left alone once again with just her friends and job at the pub to keep her company, Alice threw herself into her role as Lisa's bridesmaid. On the day of the wedding Alice took a pregnancy test and to her surprise the result was negative. She first confided in Toni and revealed that despite having no partner she would be having she and Adam's baby. George, Lisa and the rest of Westside reacted with shock at Alice's announcement but like everything else in her life she bounded through her pregnancy and revelled in the excitement of becoming a Mum. Part of her still looked at Lisa and Michael's relationship with envy. Even though they had their problems they had each other, and at times Alice did worry about not having a father for her child. Alice's pregnancy wasn't exactly stress free; Steven Richardson on the loose, the death or Michael and Lisa's court battle with Sheridan was a lot for her to handle and as the birth grew closer Alice's relationship with Lisa became more and more fragile. Consumed by grief, Lisa was determined to win back from Sheridan everything that was rightfully Michael's. Although she wanted to support her best friend, Alice couldn't stand by and allow Lisa to be led by money and greed. On the day she went into labour, Lisa was in court fighting Sheridan. Alice was surrounded by her friends and Dad but refused to give birth until Lisa arrived. Whilst picking up some things for Alice, Jo-Jo ran into Lisa and broke the news to her that Alice was in labour. When Jo-Jo returned to the hospital she told Alice that Lisa wouldn't be coming. Alice was sure that Lisa wouldn't let her down and as she entered the final stages of labour Lisa arrived, and along with Martha and George was by Alice's side when she gave birth to baby girl Amber.

Alice settled into being a Mum straight away but her relationship with Lisa remained strained as she continued to fight Sheridan. Alice felt Lisa wasn't the right person to be around and she moved in with Martha and George. Lisa was devastated and after talking to Bob she put her priorities in order and told Alice the fighting with Sheridan was over and that she wanted she and Amber to move back to the flat. Working at the pub wasn't an option when Alice had Amber, so after handing over her barmaid job to Jo-Jo she started working on her own outrageous line of baby garments. After selling her first batch to the local mall she ran into old college friend Penny O'Brien who quickly recommended the 'Baby's With Attitude' range to her friend Dotty who ran a stall at the market. Alice and Penny's growing business bond made Lisa feel slightly left out and with no job she wondered if Westside was the place she needed it to be at that time. After a chat with Ernie, Lisa dropped the bombshell that she leaving Westside to go to Queensland and stay with her Aunt. Alice was sad to see her go but realised it was something Lisa needed to do. With Lisa gone, Penny and her daughter Charlie moved in and Alice once again had a houseful.

But no amount of work or noise could distract Alice from missing Lisa and she found it hard to be happy about anything whilst Lisa was away. But whilst Alice thought Lisa was sunbathing on a rock, the reality was Steven was holding her captive. When Lisa was found safe and the two were reunited – Alice realised how much she missed her best friend and decided to leave Westside and travel to Queensland with Lisa. Breaking the news to George, Martha, Toni and Penny, Alice explained that it was time for her and Amber to move on visit her Mum in Queensland. So off they went, the two best pals and baby Amber.

Alice returned to E Street shortly before it's demise. She had enrolled in a fashion course in Italy and was about to join Lisa for another adventure! Alice stayed and helped out when a few of the locals hit rough times and joined the rest of her friends around Bonnie's bedside as E Street came to an end. Alice was a bundle of joy; she was fun, energetic and had a heart of gold. Her parties, mad ideas and creativity made her a legend and gave her a permanent mark in E Street's history.