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Chris Patchett played by Paul Kelman

Episodes 1 - 171

Chris is the son of Ernie Patchett - the local publican. Chris` mother died when he was young and he has a very close relationship with his father. Chris finds it hard to hold down a job and keep a good woman, he has a heart of gold but lacks ambition. When E Street begins Chris is working as a labourer with his friend, he also helps out at the pub when Ernie refuses to get more staff. Chris is good friends with Paul Berry and Lisa Bennett. He went to school with Lisa and has always had a soft spot for her. After Lisa's boyfriend, Aiden leaves Chris tells her he loves her. She is shocked and runs away. Chris feels a bit stupid but he really cares for her and is delighted when she says she feels the same. Chris is like a protector for Lisa, her Mum, Margaret has just moved in her boyfriend, Sam and Lisa is scared of him. She claims he has been sexual towards her. Chris looks after Lisa and is determined that she won't get hurt. Chris proposes to Lisa and she agrees to marry him. Everyone is happy for the couple and Ernie comes to Chris` rescue by giving him his mums engagement ring to give to Lisa.

Things move rather quickly and Chris and Lisa make plans for the wedding. Despite their pleads of `no fuss` the residents of E Street throw an engagement party in the park for Chris and Lisa. On the night of the party Chris gives Lisa a pair if earrings that are really special to him. When Chris takes Lisa home after the party she realises she only has one earring on and goes to the park, alone to find the other one. She finds it but then gets attacked by Sam and he rapes her. The next day Lisa is no-where to be seen. She doesn't turn up for work and Chris gets worried about her. He goes to her house but she isn't there. He eventually finds her at Wheels squat. Wheels and Lisa are also old friends and Chris is slightly jealous of their relationship. Lisa refuses to see Chris and tells him to go. Chris is devastated, he feels he has done something wrong but doesn't know what. He later finds out from Elly what happened and he is inconsolable. He tries to help her but she doesn't want his help and again asks Wheels to tell him to leave her alone. After the initial shock of the situation Lisa tells Chris that she has been changed by what has happened to her and she calls of their engagement, giving him back the ring.

Chris is devastated and after getting drunk with David he goes out and crashes his car into a tree. He gets out unhurt but faces a hefty fine. He goes back to work at the pub and along with new barmaid, Alice finds a crying girl in the toilets. The girl is Megan, she is pregnant and alone. Chris and Alice find her trying to take her own life. They talk her out of it and Chris allows her to stay at the pub. When Ernie finds out he goes mad and calls Megan's parents. Chris feels they treat Megan like an object and he feels a need to protect her. He tells her parents that he is the father of Megan's baby. They are disgusted and offer Chris money to get of Megan's life. As tempting as it is, with a fine hanging over his head, Chris refuses and vows to look after Megan. They later announce to a shell shocked audience in the pub that they are getting married. They are both happy and seem to have found a mutual love. Events happen rather quickly and despite her parents disapproval Chris and Megan marry surrounded by all his friends. Megan's parents do however want to provide for their daughter and give Chris a job, a car and a house! The couple move into their new home straight away and although they find it hard they get a grasp at married life. As Megan prepares things for the baby she collapses in pain and is taken to hospital. She looses the baby. She is devastated and even though the child wasn't Chris`, he too feels a sense of loss.

Megan begins to act a bit strangely and Chris seeks comfort in Lisa. Despite what has happened they have remained good friends and are still their for each other in their bad times. Megan, however is angry when she sees them together and is convinced they are having an affair. When Chris arrives home he finds her lying on their bed, when he tries to wake her he notices a bottle of pills beside the bed, she has taken an overdose. He rushes her to hospital and Megan lays in a coma for days. When she wakes, David feels she is unstable and tells Chris he wants to admit her to a psychiatric ward. He reluctantly agrees and is surprised when after just a few days, Megan appears to be on the mend. But she isn't. She repeatedly quizzes Chris about Lisa, flies rage at everyone in the pub and cracks up when her dog goes missing. Chris has no choice but to have her sectioned. He is unhappy about it and when he visits her she drops a bombshell. She is pregnant. The baby signals a new start for Megan and Chris. She appears to be better and Chris finally has a wife and his own child. Whilst telling her parents about her pregnancy, Megan lets it slip that Chris wasn't the father of the first child. They go ballistic and take away Chris job and put their house up for sale. They make the best of it and move into the pub with Ernie and his new girlfriend Abby. Chris is not too happy about what The Bromley's have done and he decides to get the house back. He decides that if he goes into business with a fellow estate agent he'll be able to afford the house. He asks Paul to discreetly bid for the house so The Bromley's don't know that it is going back to their daughter and Chris and Megan win their house back.

They start their own business, Universal Real Estate, they score a few big clients from The Bromley's and as they begin to run out of money Abby invests as a partner. They have their squabbles but they make a good team and things finally come together for Chris. On the night of the Kookas soccer final Megan goes into labour and as Chris and co watch on she has a baby girl. Chris is a father. Baby Rachel is gorgeous but does like to use her vocal chords and Chris and Megan get little rest. Megan shows signs of cracking up again and Chris seeks solace in Lisa. When Megan chucks him out of the house Alice suggests he stay at the flat with her and Lisa. When Megan finds out she goes berserk and slaps Lisa in front of everyone at the pub. Chris doesn't know how to handle her and decides to leave her to her own devices. Megan realises she needs him and again they make a fresh start. Things do get better for the couple, Abby and Ernie get married, the business goes well and they plan to get Rachel christened. Chris would like to have Lisa as godmother but Megan won't let her so with Paul, Alice and Martha as godparents, Rachel Violet Patchett is christened. It's a happy event in Westside, especially as lately their hasn't been much to smile about with Lisa's brother Sonny on the loose. Sonny has already killed Paul's fiancé Kim and plans to kill Bob with a bomb in his car. On the night of the christening Chris, Megan and Abby go to a look at a site they are interested in developing for Ernie. So that Ernie doesn't get any idea of their surprise they borrow Bobs car. After they look at the sit they step into the car and the bomb goes off. All three are killed. They leave behind a grieving Westside. Chris perhaps leaves behind more than Megan and Abby. An original E Street lad Chris leaves behind best mates Paul and Lisa, father Ernie and Auntie Vi and of course young Rachel - the daughter that meant everything to him.