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This site is dedicated to Bunney Brooke and Vic Rooney.

Claire Fielding played by Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson

Episodes 1 - 209 & 235 - 320

Claire is just six years old yet she is more wise than half the folk of E STREET. She may be a child but she has been through a great deal in the short time she has been on this planet. Her parents are Elly and David, both doctors who divorced when Claire was quite young. She has a good relationship with both her parents and lives in hope that they may someday reconcile. However she knows that is not very likely and she wishes they would argue less. Claire is a popular kid in E STREET. In the years that follow she becomes very close to Rev. Bob, Toni, Harley, Martha and Wheels. Claire is probably the first one to realise that Rev. Bob is in love with her mum. While he baby-sits her she spots that he is not happy that Elly is out on a date. From this moment on she secretly acts as a little cupid in the everlasting fight to get the pair together. Claire thinks very highly of Bob, she listens to him and she thinks he is 'cool'. One person who is not as cool is her fathers girlfriend Miki. Claire doesn't like Miki especially when she persuades David to file for custody. Claire isn't stupid and she sees through Miki's games, she is quick to tell her that she already has a mum and that she will never be her daughter. On the day of the court hearing things are thrown of track when Elly's lawyer Sarah is murdered. Claire takes it hard and as she turns to her mother for comfort David realises that he can't be a full time parent and he calls off the custody proceedings. Claire is delighted, she doesn't want to stop living with Elly and she hopes it will stop her parents fighting.

At this time Elly meets a new man, Daniel Windsor. He is a widower and has four children Toni, Simon, Tom and Sally. At first Claire is excited by having some new friends but she soon feels left out as Elly pays attention to the Windsor kids. The Windsor kids feel the same, they don't really like Elly and between the five of them they plot to split Elly and Daniel up. Their plan works and Elly tells Daniel she can't see him anymore because Claire is unhappy and she remains Elly's priority. Claire is also missing her old life. She is missing Rev. Bob coming around for breakfast and she knows it is because of Elly's relationship with Daniel. Elly however is depressed without Daniel and Claire persuades her mum to get back with him. As they reunite Claire grows close to Daniel's youngest son, Tom. They are the same age and enjoy ganging up on Toms sister Sally. However things take a turn for the worse when Tom gets ill and is diagnosed with cancer. Claire is a tower of strength and helps Tom fight the monster inside his stomach. He confides in her about everything and she is the perfect little listener. Claire and Tom become secret detectives, often sorting out the problems with Toni and their respective parents. When Daniel proposes to Elly, Claire and Tom presume she has said yes when she actually hasn't and they throw a surprise engagement party - inviting all of E STREET and serving frozen sausage rolls and lollipops. Elly and Daniel do get engaged but due to Toms illness they have to start a new life in Switzerland where he can receive specialist treatment. Claire looks forward to her move and her new family, but just days before they leave Elly finds out that Daniel has been having an affair. So the Windsor's, minus Toni who decides to stay with Elly, depart for Switzerland, leaving Claire and Elly to resume their old life.

Claire likes having Toni around, she is the sister she never had. She also likes Harley, Toni's boyfriend and the son of Rev. Bob, and of course she likes the fact that now Daniel has gone, Bob comes back for breakfast every morning. Claire befriends the newcomers of E STREET. She is an instant hit with new constable Max Simmons when she helps him put on a show for the church fete. Claire has a little crush on Max and Elly is surprised when Claire invites him to dinner and declares her love for him. When Elly tells her that Max is a little too old to be her boyfriend, Claire befriends the local ducks. She gives them all names beginning with 'H', and is devastated when she finds out that the duck pond is to be demolished for a building site. Together with Toni, Claire gathers support for her 'save the duck pond' campaign, and along with Auntie Vi, Martha, Alice and even Elly she starts a protest at the pond. When the police are called Claire and the others spend the night in a police cell - something that doesn't go down too well with David. Claire gets involved with community life, she becomes a cheerleader for the local footie squad and continues her career as matchmaker - with Toni and Harley and Elly and Bob as her main projects.

Elly and David come to blows over Claire when David's parents want to take her to Disneyland. Claire desperately wants to go but Elly feels that it should be her taking her. The subject is dropped for a while when Tom returns. He has won his fight with cancer and has come to see everyone. Claire is especially happy to see him as he manages to talk Elly into letting her go to Disneyland. So Claire sets off for two weeks with Mickey and Minnie and when she returns there are sad times in store. Having annoyed Elly even more so then usual David is sent packing. Claire is upset to see her dad go away but delighted when he sends her several postcards from exotic places. Meanwhile Sonny Bennett is working his way around Westside and after murdering four of her friends, Sonny shoots the most important person in Claire's life, Elly. It is a bad situation. Elly doesn't die but is left fighting for her life. Claire is looked after by Bob, Martha and Toni, but she is insistent that she see her mum. What she sees provides Claire with a shock. Her vibrant mother is lifeless connected to tubes and machines, it's all too much to Claire and she protests that the woman on the bed is not her mummy. Bob helps her to understand and the bond that they have always shared grows even stronger. Claire is still upset though and goes away to stay with her grandparents. When she returns, David is back. She is pleased to find him at home but unhappy that Rev. Bob has been pushed away. As Elly grows stronger, she and David get closer and Claire is confused as to why her mum is spending so much time with David and not Bob. After Bob hits David, Elly explains to Claire that both Bob and David are in love with her. She tells Claire that she can't decide between them and Claire agrees that it is a hard choice. As much as Claire loves her dad she is very fond of Bob and secretly goes to see him. She tells him that she loves him very much and hopes that they will always be friends. However as Claire settles down to life with her reconciled parents, Elly has a change of heart and eventually gets together with Bob. Claire, at first is not happy as she feels that this will push David away, but as she gets used to the idea and remembers that Bob has love Elly forever she gives them her blessing.

As things progress Claire is thrilled when Elly and Bob decide to get married and she starts planning for the future, begging Elly and Bob to give her a new brother or sister. Things don't work out for Elly and Bob, after leaving the church to marry her Bob becomes obsessed with the case of a young boy who has been neglected by his father. As he gets more involved with the boy, Elly takes a back seat and the final straw comes when Bob takes the wrap for the boy when he murders his father. So with Rev. Bob in jail and David about to leave Westside because he feels left out, Claire's life starts to fall apart. As David comes to say goodbye to Elly and Claire, Elly announces that she and Claire will be joining him. Claire is shocked and confused, she is not happy. As they pass the jail Claire goes in to say goodbye to the man she always wanted to be her dad. She tells Bob that she loves him and that she'll write and with that she walks out of the cell and out of Westside with her mum and dad.

A few months later a bus pulls up on a country road and off steps a little figure wearing Rev. Bob's leather jacket and carrying a rucksack. It`s Claire. Elly and David have gone to work in Bangladesh and she has been left with her grandparents. She is bored and is missing all her friends in Westside - so she's run away! Lucky for Claire that another old face is returning to E STREET, and as she waits by a service station, Wheels arrives on his motorbike. After a while she convinces him to take her back to Westside. She tells him how much she is missing Bob and Toni and he confides in her about some of his problems. When she arrives at Bob's door, who has been let of the murder charge, she is greeted by him and Martha and their surprised faces. She tells them that her grandparents said she could come and visit but they soon realise that she is lying and has run away. They all agree that she can stay for two weeks. However when the two weeks are over Claire doesn't want to go and she begs Martha and Bob to ask Elly if she can stay. Martha phones Elly but the answer is no. Elly is scared that Bob will push Claire aside when his next obsession comes along. Claire is devastated and as she is about to leave her mums locum and old school friend Virginia agrees that Claire can stay with her. Claire spends most of her time with Bob. He tells her that he does still love Elly and is sorry that it didn't work out the way it should've. Claire prays every night that her mum and dad will return and her prayers are answered as halfway through the night Elly calls to say that she is coming home. Claire is convinced that when Elly returns things will be the way they were, with Claire, Elly and Bob as one big happy family. Despite a frosty start, Elly and Bob eventually decide to get engaged - again!, and Claire becomes more closer to having the family she yearns for.

With Elly home, Claire once again starts to mingle! She has a good friendship with Martha's nephew Zac as well as her old friends Toni, Max and C.J. Claire goes through a rough patch at school where she isn't part of the gang. She starts bunking school and seeks solace in Wheels, who tells her it's more important to be an individual rather than be part of a gang. From that moment on Wheels becomes her hero and when he goes on the run with Sheridan, she supports him all the way! Claire also befriends Wheels squat mate Joey Valentine who has recently uncovered his disguise as cool radio DJ Dr. Rock. Desperate to see how a radio station works, Joey lets Claire help him out on nightly segment. After they go to air and Claire earns herself a fan (Rev. Bob!), they run into trouble. Joey leaves Claire outside while he checks for their cab and when he returns she is gone. She has been taken by a woman whose son died under Elly's care. She wants to get back at Dr. Rock for not taking her call and listening to her. She holds Claire hostage in the old Windsor house and as the whole of Westside listen to the events on the radio, Claire tries to find a way out. She eventually does and as she runs from the house a bomb goes off. Her captor is killed and Claire is taken to hospital. She appears to be alright but a few weeks later she suffers delayed shock. As she is left alone at home the ticking of a clock reminds her of the bomb and she smashes it. Bob later finds her huddled up in the kitchen cupboard. Elly then realises that the kidnap situation had more of an effect on Claire than she realised and she makes sure Claire is given round the clock attention - much to Claire's annoyance!

As Claire settles back down Elly receives a call from America. David, who has been staying in Boston, has had a car accident and is in a serious condition. Claire is devastated and she insists on going to see her father. However Elly won't allow it, she says going away with David hurt Bob once before and she is not prepared to do it again. With Martha and Toni on Claire's side, Elly eventually gives in and she and Claire pack for America. Bob says although he will miss them he thinks they are doing the right thing. When Elly returns two months later, she is without Claire who has decided to stay in America with David who has fully recovered. We still hear from Claire as she expresses her grief over the death of Rev. Bob and her excitement of Ernie and Sally's wedding. Claire was much missed though, she was a brilliant character, definitely the best kid on the street and her interaction with the older characters was pure genius....