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Daniel Windsor played by Chris Orchard

Episodes 50 - 106

Daniel Windsor hasn't had an easy life. He has four children, all at difficult ages, which is hard for most parents. Only it's harder for Daniel; he is a widower and is bringing up his four children on his own. Daniel is a pilot. He has worked hard to get where he is and since the death of his wife, Janette, he has to juggle his job with fatherhood. Daniel has two girls Toni and Sally, and two boys Simon and Tom. Toni is the eldest and has taken on the role of mother ever since Janette died. Simon is at the age where he is just getting interested in girls. Sally is the little, cheeky one and Tom is the quietest but wisest of the family. Deciding he needs to look to the future, Daniel joins a dating agency. Once he gets there he bottles out and although he hasn't been successful in front of the camera, he has an admirer in Elly Fielding who has been listening to his video plea from outside. Daniel and Elly get talking and they go for a drink at Elly's local pub, Patchetts Pacific. It's hardly a quiet, romantic drink, all eyes are on Elly and her new man. Despite the gossip they decide to meet up again and Daniel invites Elly and her daughter, Claire to his boat. He and the children are staying there while their house is refurbished. Due to the death of Elly's close friend, Sarah, the date is called off. Daniel is disappointed but Sally, Simon and Tom aren't. They're not happy about Daniel meeting a new woman and are determined to make life as difficult as possible for them. When the children finally meet Elly and Claire there is instant dislike. Elly takes it in her stride but Daniel is not impressed. Toni is all for her fathers new relationship and it is clear that there is a strong father/daughter bond.

The turning point comes when Elly is left to baby-sit the kids when Daniel is called away on a flight. The plane crashes and no - one is sure if Daniel is alive. Elly comforts the children and the bridge is finally burned. Daniel is rescued safe with the exception of a few broken ribs. As Daniel and Elly get closer the children feel left out and when Elly realises it is hurting Claire she calls their relationship off. Daniel is devastated and his kids realise it was their fault. When Elly comes around to make up with Daniel, they show their approval. The happiness isn't set to last and Daniel's world is turned upside down when Tom is diagnosed with cancer. During this time, Tom becomes close to Elly. Toni feels incredibly left out and starts to get into allot of trouble. It also leads Daniel to take his anger out on Elly and he tells her he no longer wants her around. She continues to help with Tom but steers clear of Daniel. Toni is scared of losing her family and runs away, first with a cult and second with street kid, Harley. When Harley persuades Toni to return home she does so, only to get a grilling from Daniel. He is cracking under the strain and takes an instant dislike to Harley - pushing Toni further and further away from him. When Toms treatment finishes things calm down, Toni goes away to her grandparents and Daniel proposes to Elly. It's a romantic moment as he gets one of his pilot friends to fly a plane through the air with a banner attached to the tail saying `Marry me Elly`! She doesn't give him an answer straight away but this doesn't stop Tom and Claire throwing an engagement party. When Elly arrives at the party she tells Daniel she never even accepted his proposal and asks him to tell the guests to leave. As he is doing so she changes her mind and accepts his proposal. They are finally engaged.

Elly's ex-husband, David is not happy about the impending wedding and Daniel sets himself the task of befriending David. They get drunk together and Daniel is too far gone to drive home so he stays over at David's. When morning comes, he is still hungover and walks into the bathroom catching David's glamorous flatmate, Jennifer in the shower. There is instant attraction and Jennifer sets about pursuing Daniel. Meanwhile Toni is still seeing Harley, who has found out that his father is none other then Rev. Bob. Daniel doesn't like Harley and bans him from seeing Toni. He also asks Bob to keep them apart. Bob doesn't agree with Daniels heavy handed attitude and turns a blind eyes towards Toni and Harleys relationship. Toni always seems to get caught and along with the pressure of Jennifer Daniel develops a short temper. He is often off hand with Elly but she puts it down to the stress of Tom. When Tom goes back to hospital Daniel turns to Jennifer for comfort and they begin a full blown affair. They're often near to getting caught especially when Elly`s best friend Martha walks in on them. Daniel fobs off Martha but he's not so lucky with David who walks into the flat finding Daniel and Jennifer kissing. David doesn't tell Elly but relations between Daniel and Elly are tense and she knows something is going on. As much as Daniel tries to stop the affair he keeps giving into temptation and continues seeing Jennifer. His worry at getting caught turns him into a bit of an unpopular man. Toni, Harley, Claire and David have had enough of his attitude and the final straw comes when Toms cancer returns.

The only place for treatment is a clinic in Switzerland. However the waiting list is two years long and time for Tom is running out. Knowing this, Jennifer pulls a few strings and due to her contacts gets Tom at the top of the list. When Elly finds out she gets suspicious but Daniel is very upfront about the situation and Elly feels she has no reason to doubt him. But when she bumps into Paul Berry who makes a comment about Daniel's car being outside Jennifer's flat, she confronts Jennifer. She cons Jennifer into thinking that Daniel has already told her the truth and so Jennifer doesn't deny the affair. When Elly confronts Daniel he pleads with her to forgive him but she can't and she calls off their engagement, giving him back the ring. Daniel calls things off with Jennifer and concentrates on leaving for Switzerland. Everything goes to plan, he tells the children Elly isn't coming because of her workload, but then Toni finds out about her fathers affair. She goes mad, saying he has been giving her such a hard time over Harley and all the time he has been cheating on Elly. Despite Toni and Elly's initial animosity, Toni decides to stay in Westside with Elly and Daniel departs for Switzerland with just Tom, Simon and Sally. He tries to win Elly back right up until the last minute but fails. In a last minute dash, Toni goes to the airport to say goodbye and Daniel makes up with Harley. Daniel is never seen again but we hear from Toni that he has a new girlfriend and he decides to stay in Switzerland. He still has bad feeling towards Harley and constantly airs his views over the phone. He also refuses to go to Toni's wedding to C.J - which breaks her heart. A nice guy but in the end, Daniel's problematic life was too much for him and the loving father turned into an overprotective oath. Shame, `cos he and Elly made quite a good couple - at the time! Daniel's still in Switzerland with the kids and Heidi - his girlfriend!