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David Fielding played by Noel Hodda

Episodes 1 - 209

David Fielding - every house wives dream? Maybe not. Dr David Fielding has his own segment on daytime TV. It's only a local station, but it pays well and helps David’s ego to grow some more! David is divorced to Elly. They met in medical school, married and had a daughter, Claire. However with David's dissatisfaction of having only one woman - his string of affairs broke up the marriage. David and Elly are in constant conflict - mostly over Claire but occasionally because David is still in love with Elly and prides himself on interfering in her relationships.

After Elly came Miki; a high powered business woman who also worked in TV. Within months of living with Miki, David decides to fight for custody of Claire. Driven by Miki’s desire to have a child, David tried every trick in the book to become Claire’s sole carer. Including deceiving Elly on matters that involved Claire and by trying to prove that Elly was an unfit mother who paraded a string of boyfriends in front of Claire. In the lead up to the custody hearing, David witnessed the effect it was having on Elly and began to have second thoughts. This angered Miki who then admitted that she could not have children, meaning Claire was their only chance of having a child together. Shattered by Miki’s revelation and jealous of Elly’s blossoming relationship with Daniel Windsor, David pressed ahead with the custody application. On the morning of the hearing, Elly’s lawyer and friend Sarah McKillop was found murdered. The hearing was postponed and David witnessed a touching scene in which Elly  told Claire about Sarah’s tragic death. Seeing the two together, and realising the extent of parental responsibility, David broke off the custody case. He admitted to himself and to Elly that it had been Miki who had pushed him into it and soon after he split with Miki and moved out of her apartment. With nowhere to go and no invitation from Elly, David ended up moving into the rectory with Bob and new lawyer Jennifer St James. David fancied Jennifer and his jealousy over Elly and Daniel made him pursue Jen more.

As Elly and Daniel grew closer he worried that their affair would lead to marriage and him losing Claire. Despite assurance from Bob that Elly would never shut him out of Claire’s life, David began playing games again and told Claire that soon the Windsor children would be Elly’s first priority. Whilst paining Elly as the bad guy, Daid treated Claire to days off school and an endless amount of junk food. However on one day, when David took Claire back to the rectory without informing Elly or the school, Bob called Elly and let her know where Claire was. This caused relations at the rectory to grow tense and when Jen moved out, she reluctantly agreed that David could move in to a new apartment with her. Soon after David announced he would be quitting TV in order to concentrate on his career as a hands on surgeon. On his last day as TV doctor, Elly and Martha chucked things at the TV as David made his farewell speech to his loyal fans. Unable to resist, Elly called the shows producers who told her David didn’t quit – he was axed! David’s resentment for Daniel briefly calmed as Daniel’s son Tom was diagnosed with Cancer. However when Daniel later proposed to Elly, David was the first person to try to talk her out of a second marriage. His attempts failed and Elly and Daniel became engaged. Despite wanting a reason to split Elly and Daniel up, David was none to pleased when he found Daniel and Jennifer kissing in his apartment. After much though, David decided not to tell Elly about Daniel's infidelity, but weeks later Elly found out for herself. With Daniel, Simon, Sally and Tom now out of Elly's life - David seized the opportunity to win her back. He wined her, dined her and took her on a trip of medical school nostalgia before she realised what he was up to and demanded he leave her flat!

David and Elly turned a corner as they agreed to be friends, but it was still obvious to many that avid was still in love with Elly and was actually desperate to win her back. It seemed that everything he did was an attempt to impress or charm Elly. Whilst at an aerobics class with Claire and Toni - David ,et Leigh. He defined her as his dream woman. She was attractive and non intelligent. This meant David could have his 'bimbo' at home whilst conducting 'intellectual affairs' with women such as Elly and new E Streeter Kim Talbot. The relationship with Leigh didn't last when it appeared a 'bimbo' wouldn't be enough to satisfy David's needs. He took up the plight of winning Kim, but again he was beaten by Paul!

David's ego took a big knock when he tried out for a place on the Kooka's team. He was knocked back in favour of Bob. It was here that the rivalry between the two began to emerge in a way it never had before. David began to notice a growing closeness between Ely and Bob and he wasn't happy about it. He would subtly try and compete with Bob for Ely's affections but he always went about it the wrong way and opst out. Feeling lonely, David moved into The Windsor house with Paul and Kim, and although they sometimes tired of him - the company was good for David. The majority of Westside, however did feel that he needed to be brought down a peg or too and Elly and Ernie hatched a plan. Taping a needle to Ernie's back and performing an x-ray, they made David believe that he had left a needle in Ernie whilst operating on him a short while ago. When Elly heard that David had resigned from his hospital post due to guilt, she confessed all to David. He told her his career was ruined and forced her to report to the hospital administrator and tell him the truth about David's resignation. When Elly confessed it appeared that David hadn't resigned from the hospital - he had been aware of she and Ernie's stunt the whole time and had set Elly up. Again the stunt backfired, and when Elly was called to the medical board on another charge he joke on David threatened to put her career in jeopardy. With this and David's constant interference, Elly told David to stay out of her life as there was no chance that they would ever get back together. It wasn't the first time Elly had said this, but for some reason it had a greater affect on David and he took leave from the hospital and left Westside.

After a couple of months of white water rafting, David returned to Westside to find Elly in a coma after she had been shot by Sonny Bennett. David was angry that this had happened and immediately blamed Bob. He took over Elly's care roster and also prevented Bob from looking after Claire. Despite Martha telling David that Elly went to see Sonny of her own free will, David was adamant that someone had to be blamed for Elly's injuries and that person would be Bob. By the time David had returned, Elly was virtually out of danger and when she awoke from her coma David was by her side. As he tried to coax her to into saying something, he was distraught when she uttered the word 'Bob'. Still, David remained by her side and took it upon himself to perform tests on Elly in order to reveal the extent of her injuries. It was soon apparent that Elly's left hand side had been paralysed in the shooting. She was unable to walk and found it difficult to remember things that happened shortly before the accident. As Elly was released from hospital, both David and Bob vowed to be there for her and for the first time they both admitted to each other that they were both in love with Elly. It was clear there would only be one winner and whilst Bob found it hard to contain his emotions for Elly, David held them back - taking over her surgery, looking after Claire and generally being superman. His calm attitude seemed to be what Ely needed and after a while she would spend more time with David than with Bob. Confident that he was winning Elly back, David wooed her with gifts and a gourmet meal. With Claire and Toni out, David told Elly how much he had changed since her accident. She admitted he had and they shared a kiss. When Bob found out he was angry, not just because Elly and David had kissed but because Elly hadn't told him about. So after a huge amount of whisky Bob appeared at Elly's flat and knocked David out to the ground. This won David many sympathy votes and stopped Elly from seeing Bob altogether. David later brought Elly and Claire tickets for a trip. Although seemingly innocent to Elly, David confessed to Paul he had an extra ticket stashed away for when Elly asked him to join she and Claire on the holiday. She eventually did ask him to go and David, it seemed, had won the battle. However, deep down Elly did have feelings for Bob and after he swept her off her feet she could no longer deny the fact that she was in live with Bob. She softly broke the news to David, and despite his initial anger towards Bob, he did calm down and give them his blessing.

Although David seemed genuinely happy for Elly and Bob, he was always there at the sidelines - ready to console Elly if ever a problem should arise. One did arise when Elly agreed to marry Bob and they found it hard to see permission from the bishop. Thus causing Bob to give up the church for Elly. David paid a visit shortly before he gave up the church and told him if he ever needed a place to stay then he had a place at David's. He also told Bob that he loved Elly - always would, and therefore wanted Bob to be sure that he was making the right decision. So Bob left the church and pretty soon found himself a new job working for Gus Molloy. At this time Ely and David's friend from medical school, Virginia Travis, came to stay in Westside for a little whilst. She and David shared several hearts to hearts and whilst Ginny confided in David that her marriage was over, David confided in Ginny that he would soon leave Westside because seeing Elly with Bob was tearing him apart. Always one to take on a plight, Bob became involved with Dylan; Gus Molloys son who had been severely neglected for the past 10 years and had lived his life locked in his father's basement. During this time Bob neglected Elly whilst looking after Dylan, David was on hand to offer comfort and asked Elly if it really was too late for them. Despite having problems with Bob, Elly told David that the match was over - Bob had won her heart and that was the way it would stay. So as wedding preparations got underway, David told Elly and Claire that he would be leaving Westside to run Virginia's practice in Melbourne. They were both upset but figured they would have a new life soon with Bob and they wished David their best.

But things took a turn for the worse when Bob was arrested for the murder of Gus Molloy. He had been killed with an axe during a fight between himself and Bob. Despite Elly, and pretty much of all Westside being certain that the real culprit was Dylan, Bob confessed to murder and was placed in custody. Ely's world fell apart but David was still determined to go to Melbourne. On the day he was leaving he went to see Bob in prison and told him how much Elly loved him, he told him not to let her go in order to save some boy and pleased with Bob to tell the truth. Although his speech hit a nerve it did no good, and Bob remained in remand. As David was saying his goodbyes to Elly and Claire, he too was h it with a bombshell when Elly told him she and Claire would be joining him in Melbourne. So they packed their bags and headed off. On the journey David took Elly to the prison - he told her she had to say goodbye to Bob. So Elly said goodbye to Bib and Westside, and the Fielding family left E Street.

David never returned to E Street and a few months after leaving he and Elly went to Bangladesh to help the sick! Elly returned to Westside and returned to Bob, whilst David moved to America. He later had a car crash leading Elly and Claire to visit him in the states. Claire stayed in America with her father and David later remarried - another doctor! He could be selfish, he could a jerk but he could be hysterical and never was a love triangle as exciting as the Elly/Bob/David one!