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Jack Brown played by Andrew Williams

Episodes 321 - 404

When Jack Brown arrived in Westside he locked himself in his room above the pub and only appeared in the bar for two things; a shot of bourbon and to ask questions about the Reverend Bob – his brother. Jack and Bob had not seen each other for many years. Victims of an abusive father, the pair had an unfortunate childhood, and when Bob was old enough to leave home Jack was left alone.

Bob is happy to have his brother back in his life, but whilst he tells Jack all about his life, Jack remains a closed book. He does however tell Bob that their father is dead. He confesses that he killed him and served time for doing so. Bob is shocked but continues to welcome Jack into his life and is fearful when he gets involved with local gangster Frank Farrentino.

Jack and the power he seems to have so threaten Frank, and rather than having him as his enemy he hires him as his right hand man. After Frank’s oldest friend Jimmy does wrong by him, Jack shows his loyalty and strength by shooting him dead. Franks girlfriend Melanie is appalled and no longer wants Frank in her life. She asks Jack to kill him for her and seduces him in his room. When Frank finds out she has spent the night with Jack he confronts her and asks if she is cheating on him. In fear for her life, Melanie tells Frank that Jack raped her. Jack is quick to defend himself and wastes no time in telling Frank that Melanie wants him dead.

Meanwhile Jack gives Bob a money package to keep safe. He explains it belongs to Tommy Ward; a man he met in prison who was serving time for an armed robbery that Frank committed. The deal was that Tommy would do the time if Frank looked after his Grandkid, but Frank let him down and the boy committed suicide.

Jack and Melanie continue to have secret liaisons and when Frank finds them together he orders Jack to kill Melanie. Jack picks up the gun but turns it on Frank and shoots him. He and Melanie wrap his body in a rug and push it off a cliff. Within time Melanie is informed that a body has been found and she is asked to identify it. She does so and confirms it is Frank, however when she returns to Jack she says the body was Jimmys and that he was dressed up as Frank. George soon confirms that the body is Jimmys and asks Melanie why she lied. She says that she was too upset to see properly and that when she saw Frank clothes she just assumed it was him. George tells her that the body being dressed in Franks clothes is obviously a warning to see and Jack. Franks body later appears in Melanie’s pool.

Melanie escapes Westside and goes to stay with her Nan. Jack follows her there and rescues her when she and her Nan are targeted by armed men. Jack later learns that nemesis Arnie is behind the clothes swap, Franks body being dumped in the pool and the shooting and makes Arnie aware of the fact that he knows what he is up to. Arnie runs scared and hires ‘The General’ to kill Jack. However when he pounces Jack pays him double the amount to kill Arnie. The games continue until a showdown at a warehouse where Jack decides to finish off both ‘The General’ and Arnie. However, worried for Jack’s safety, Melanie arrives at the scene and is hot in the crossfire. She collapses in Jacks arms and dies. Jack lives the quiet life for a while. He tries to put right the trouble he has caused between Elly and Bob and also tries to drag CJ from his drug addiction. He certainly has friends in high places and when he believes it’s needed he calls in as many favours as he can.

When Melanies body is found Jack is called in for questioning and confesses to murdering both she and Frank. Arnie later arrives and tells George that he killed Melanie and Frank and says he can’t let Jack take the blame for him. George reluctantly lets Jack go and Tommy Ward arrives to see Jack. He tells him he has paid Arnie to take the wrap and also announces that a hitman has been hired to take out Jack.

When Elly’s sister-in-law Laura arrives she immediately gets close to Jack and tries to find out as much info as she can about him. We soon learn that Jack is part of the FBI and served time in jail as part of his job. He has come to Westside to finish off a project, which Tommy Ward is a part off. Unbeknown to Jack, Laura is the hit hired to kill him. Laura herself has much at stake – her son is being held in Cambodia and if she doesn’t kill Jack her boy will be harmed. She is ordered to get close to him and find out what makes him tick. Jack is suspicious of Laura and her life but at the same time he begins to fall for her. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Bob who thinks his brother is in love. Jack is warned off Laura by Tommy and with suspicions fuelled he looks through Laura’s apartment where he finds a gun. He confronts Laura and she tells him she had a child with Conrad who has hired her to kill him. She fled Cambodia to escape him and had to leave her son behind to get away. She explains to Jack that unless she kills him her son will die. Together they stage a set up, provide a body and tell Conrad Jack is dead. Tommy comes back and reports to Jack that Conrad has been lying to Laura – her son died weeks ago. Jack tells Laura they have to kill Conrad and gets her to entice Conrad into coming to Westside. She does so and Conrad makes his way to town.

Jack finds Bob and tells him he needs his help. Bob goes to the police and tells George that a body found was Jacks. George asks how he knew Jack was at the morgue and Bob tells him he received a call. The call told him Jack’s body was dumped from the red jag, which belongs to Laura. Bon and George visit Laura and George tells her Jack is dead and arrests her for being involved. Bob has now insured that Laura will be safely under arrest when the action between Jack and Conrad kicks off. Conrad arrives at Laura’s house and immediately meets Bob; Jack appears from behind the door and holds a gun to Conrad’s head. Bob pleads with Jack not to kill Conrad and when he refuses Bob leaves. However he is desperate to protect his brother and when Jack and Conrad leave the house Bob takes a car from one of his passing parishioners and follows them. With Jack waiting in a warehouse for Tommy to arrive a high-speed chase takes place between Bob and Conrad and when Conrad crashes into a tree, Bobs car takes a dive down a steep hill. It overturns and Bob is lifeless. Tommy Ward arrives and finds Conrad dead, he sees Bob’s overturned car and walks away from it. Tommy arrives at the warehouse, bulletproof vest in hand. He tells Jack that Conrad is dead and that means a huge drugs operation is now free and ready for the taking. But Jack wants out and says he’s had enough. Tommy tells him if he doesn’t agree then he will kill him. Jack pins Tommy up against the wall and tells him they are supposed to be the good guys. Tommy tells him unless he lets him go he won’t tell him where Bob is lying at deaths door. Jack races to the scene of the crash and drags Bob from the car. As he pulls him to safety the car explodes. Jack huddles over Bob as he lies lifeless.

Jack takes Bob to the hospital and Elly and Martha begin to treat him. Elly tells Jack if Bob dies she will kill him. George gets news of Bob’s crash and releases Laura from jail, given that Jack is alive and well. George tells Jack he was about to arrest him for Bob’s crash and Conrad’s death but as soon as he called for back up he was warned off by higher authority. He knows there is more to Jack then he lets on and tells him he will find out what it is. The residents of Westside wait for news from the hospital and the finger of blame points at Jack; Ernie tells him he is bared from the pub and Martha tells hi he has ruined Elly and Bobs lives. Bob survives his operation and regains consciousness as Jack arrives at his side. Bob tells him he has to meet his mentor Jimmy at the church. Jack is confused but takes Bob from the hospital and to the church. When they arrive Bob sees Jimmy and says he wishes he could live his life again. Jimmy tells him he has done a fine job but the time has come for him to go. Jack watches as Bob raises his hand to the sky before falling to the ground. Jack cradles him as he dies.

When news breaks Jack is firmly blamed for Bob’s death and Elly tells everyone that Bob would have survived had Jack not taken him from the hospital. After the funeral, Jack takes solace in the church and drinks himself into a state. Laura comes to his rescue and nurses him through his nightmares.

Despite Jack wanting out of the whole business, he is now tangled up in it and things take another turn when Laura is kidnapped. George helps him to find her and confronts him on his past. Jack tells him that he is a Detective Inspector but wants out of the whole business now. Together they find Laura and Jack tells her that he wants a simple life now – just with her. He gets a job working on cars and the pair settle down – in the best way they can. They still have their spats and face a big challenge when Laura is blinded in the fire at Patchetts Pacific. However Jack stays with her and when E Street ends they are hand in hand. A shady past, it took Bob’s death to make Jack see what he really wanted and need it enough to give up the dark side and move forward.