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Jennifer St James played by Virginia Hey

Episodes 54 - 105

Jennifer St James came to Westside as the new community lawyer. Not what you'd expect - Jennifer is stunning, quite well-off and rather humorous. Jen has a hard act to follow as her predecessor was Sarah McKillop; Popular and recently murdered by Sam Bulmer. Jennifer's position means she works closely with Bob Brown. They hit it off straight away and become good friends. Jennifer, like Sarah, is often in conflict with George and Paul, the local cops. Their jobs mean that they are often on opposite sides. Jennifer is here despite objections from her rich father. Daddy wanted Jen to continue her legal work in Melbourne but she decided the city was for her and she is determined to make a go off things in Westside. Despite the conflict, Jennifer and Paul begin to see each other outside off work. He likes her alot and she is fond of him. They try and have a relationship but Jennifer's father gets in the way and both Paul and Jen seem to feel quite different about each other. Jennifer's first major case is Sam Bulmer. He has murdered Sarah and raped Lisa. Although he is suspected by all of E Street, there is no real proof and Jen becomes his lawyer. She tries to keep her professional work separate to her private life but the residents of E Street don't understand why she is taking Sam's case on.

Jen finds a fan in David Fielding. He is smitten with her and sets out to win her. She's really not interested but finds the whole thing quite funny. When Lisa's mum Margaret sees sense over Sam she kills him. Jen takes on her case and gets Margaret a lighter sentence then anyone expected. This makes her pretty popular and it's clear that she isn't in this business just because she's daddy's girl. She is a very good Lawyer. When Jennifer decides she wants a flatmate, the queue is long. She interviews lots of strange beings but in the end David moves in with her. She doesn't choose him, he invites himself, but she reluctantly agrees and they become friends - in a weird way. David tries to change for Jen, he really likes her and does his best to impress her. From games of golf to shoe elevators to make him as tall as her - he tries everything but fails. Jen finds it all very amusing and panders to his attention.

Whilst Daniel Windsor, Elly's fiance`, is staying with David, Daniel and Jennifer have a night encounter. He walks in on her while she is taking a shower. Neither of them are very embarrassed and it id clear that there is a mutual attraction. They come close to getting involved on many occasions but Daniel fights the urge due to his love for Elly. When Daniel's son Tom, who has cancer, takes a turn for the worse, Daniel seeks comfort in Jennifer and they kiss. He feels guilty but Jennifer breaks down all the barriers and selfishly looks out for herself. They continue to play with fire and after many close calls they are caught kissing by David. Jennifer blackmails David into not telling Elly, he wants too and often comes close but he doesn't want to hurt her and turns a blind eye. Daniel then cools his relationship with Elly down and he and Jennifer get more serious. Jennifer is out to win Daniel and plays her ace card - her status. Tom needs a lifesaving operation in Switzerland, the waiting list is two years long and Daniel desperately wants him to go. One phone call to her father and Tom is put at the top of the list. With Daniel in her debt and Elly very suspicious, Jennifer has the upper hand. When Paul tells Elly he saw Daniel's car outside Jennifer's house, Elly realises what has been going on. She confronts Jennifer and Jennifer - thinking Elly already knows the truth - doesn't deny the affair. Elly calls off her engagement to Daniel and Jen believes she has finally got her man. She hasn't, Daniel tells her he wants nothing more to do with her and she is actually surprised when E Street takes a similar attitude. Bob, David, Martha and co. turn Jennifer away and she decides to leave Westside. Leaving Daniel a letter telling him she loves him she goes to work with her father in Melbourne. Paul tries to reason with her but her mind is made up. When she was just starting to fit in she blew it. So Jen got in her fast car and drove out of Westside. A good character - especially when it came to bringing David down a peg or two - shame she chose to have an affair with the fiance of the most popular woman on E Street.