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Kim Talbot played by Rebecca Saunders

Episodes 109 - 166

Kimberly Talbot arrived in E Street as the new editor of 'The Westside Advocate' - E Street`s local newspaper. All the previous staff at 'The Advocate' had been sacked, but one worker, our very own Lisa Bennett was determined to win back her job. After much persuasion Kim finally gives in and employs Lisa - on the condition that Lisa shows her around Westside. First stop is Patchetts Pacific where Kim gets plenty of male attention from David Fielding, Paul Berry and Lisa`s brother Sonny. David fails miserably - trying to woo Kim with the very old 'T.V doctor' theme. Paul wins himself a dinner date and Sonny decides to work out his plan of action in his head. Unfortunately Kim constantly clashes with Paul over work ethics, they find themselves working on the same case - Paul arresting the folk of Westside and Kim taking pictures of them. Tension between them remains but it`s Sonny who wins this race. Kim is interested in Sonny because she thinks he`ll make a good story. With his prison background and his 'hard done by' attitude, he convinces her to help him kick his drug habit. Kim moves into the old Windsor house and agrees to keep Sonny hidden there while he goes cold turkey. Although Sonny is on drugs, the cold sweats and shakes are just an act to make Kim feel sorry for him. Whilst she is busy nursing him he is taking advantage of, watching her sleep at night and roaming through her things. Several times Kim attempts to have an evening with Paul but Sonny always interferes which causes great tension between Kim and Paul.

Despite her caring attitude towards Sonny he is so high on drugs he is convinced that she wants a relationship with him. When he tries to come onto her she realises that she has given him the wrong idea, but it is too late and Sonny tries to rape her. Luckily she fights him off and becomes more weary of him. She allows Paul and David to move into the house with her and although she feels safer, she has just angered Sonny more. During this time Kim and Paul agree to be 'just good friends' - all of their dates have ended in tragedy and they believe it`s fate telling them not to bother. Meanwhile Sonnys obsession with Kim becomes more apparent and he begins a private revenge attack for her leading him on. After trashing 'The Advocate' and cutting up her personal photos he takes Kim hostage in her garden. He catches her alone and makes her undress while he holds a gun to her head. Paul and Max Simmons arrive before he physically harms her but as Max tries to shoot at him Sonny retaliates and Max is shot. Sonny escapes leaving Kim emotionally tortured and scared. She takes leave from work and becomes a much more relaxed person. She decorates her boat, becomes part of the E STREET community and finally begins a relationship with Paul.

After Sonny is caught she gives evidence at his trial that helps put Sonny away for 5 years. After the trial Paul proposes to Kim and she happily accepts. However whilst Kim and Paul are popping the champagne Sonny escapes from prison and is on the run once again. Kim vows to get on with her life but Sonny has not finished with her yet. He asks his fellow escapee to find Kim and tell her that he wants to give her his story for the paper. Her ambition to be a big journalist gets the better of her and on the night of her and Pauls engagement party she goes to see Sonny at his hide - out. She takes a first aid kit but Sonny doesn`t give her a chance to use it and shoots her - killing her instantly. Bob and Max find her the next day in the children's park. Paul, Lisa and Alice are devastated and E Street loses another strong woman. Kim`s death sparked the beginning of Sonny`s reign of terror. Why Kim? - was a question that was often asked. Why kill someone just because you can`t have them?....because Sonny never got over Kim and unfortunately neither did Paul.