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Laura Fielding played by Antoinette Byron

Episodes 361 - 404

Laura Fielding is the sister of David Fielding. Arriving in E Street to carry on her brothers legacy of destroying Elly and Bob`s relationship. Laura is a top photographer, she has worked in the worlds greatest cities with the worlds most beautiful people. Along the way she has toyed with gangsters and this is what brings her to E Street. She first arrives on Ellys doorstep. Innocently proclaiming she`s passing through the area and has come to check up on her sister-in-law. Elly`s delighted to have some company as she has just split with Bob and Claire and Toni have both left home. Laura takes an instant interest in Bob. They bump into eachother on their morning runs and Laura seems intrigued by his life. Elly gets jealous and although Bob insists there is nothing going on Elly goes out of her way to impress them. A bit of a love triangle develops but Bobs heart, as ever, lies with Elly and the two slowly resume their relationship. This leaves Laura to play the field and first on her list is Jack Brown - Bob`s brother.

He doesn`t know why she`s interested in him and is suspicious of her from the moment she invites herself into his hotel room. It`s a wierd relationship and Laura`s intentions are never clear but pretty soon Laura and Jack become lovers and begin to fall for eachother a little more than they`d both like. Laura has a son. No - one knows this except Jack. With his mafia contacts he finds out a little about Ms.Fielding and confronts her wanting to know about her child. She tells Jack her son is with his father. In fact her son has been kidnapped and is being held until Laura finishes a job. The job is to kill Jack Brown. Laura is a hit woman and the job at first seemed easy, only Laura has fallen in love with Jack and will not be able to kill him as easily as she planned. It`s an interesting situation. Jack knows someone is out to get him and Laura is getting closer and closer to her deadline. She tries several times to shoot him in his sleep but she fails. In the end Jack discovers her secret and she tells him everything. The two then plot two get Conrad Vargos, Tommy Ward and Co. together. But someone gets in the way. Out to protect his little brother Bob follows Conrad, who is on his way to kill Jack. In the car chase that follows Conrad is ran of the road and dies instantly. Bobs car falls down a cliff and his life also hangs in the balance. With the whole of Westside worried about Bob, Laura and Jack are banished from the community. Everyone knows it was their antics that have put Bob in hospital and they don`t want the couple in E Street. Bob later dies and when Elly finds out Laura is looking after Jack she vows they will never be friends again.

Laura has virtually lost everything and then she gets kidnapped by Tommy Ward. He leaves clues everywhere not making it very hard for Jack to find her. When he does find her, she is on the brink of death and he realises that he does love her. Elly too begins to forgive the pair for their part in Bobs death and life for Laura settles down. In the E Street finale Laura is blinded in the explosion at the pub and it seems that Laura`s life as hitwoman is over. She finally settles into the community - with Jack by her side.