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Megan Bromley played by Lisbeth Kennelly

Episodes 66 - 171

When Megan is first seen on E Street she is very confused and depressed - which unfortunately is how she remains through most of her time on E Street. Chris and Alice find Megan in the toilets at the pub trying to kill herself. They talk her around and allow her to stay in the pub. Megan confides in Chris and tells him that she is pregnant and alone. When Ernie finds out he is angry that Chris has kept her in the pub and he tracks down Megan’s parents. When the Bromleys come to get Megan, Chris makes out that he is the father. They want her to have an abortion and tell Chris that they`ll pay him a substantial amount of money to get leave Megan. Chris is disgusted at the way Megan is treated and they surprise everyone by announcing they are getting married. Megan is finally happy and she knows that with Chris by her side and a loving family such as the Patchetts - she`ll never need her money driven parents again. So Chris and Megan get married and move into a new house.

Megan finds it hard to adjust to looking after herself - she doesn`t even know how to cook a dinner! However she gets by with the help of Alice - whom she finds a good friend in. Megan truly loves children, she loves to baby-sit the Windsor children and she can`t wait till the birth of her own. She gets everything prepared for the baby and it`s clear that however bad her life is - Megan will excel in being a mother. As always though, when Megan is happy there is always something to bring her down and she loses the baby. Megan takes it hard, even more so when she sees Chris with Lisa. Nothing has happened but Megan jumps to conclusions and takes an overdose. Thanks to Chris she is saved but David finds her unstable and tells Chris he wants to admit her to a psychiatric ward. Chris agrees as it is for Megans welfare, she however grows more and more erratic and her larger than life behaviour convinces the hospital to discharge her on the condition she attends regular counselling sessions. On her release Megan`s lack of stability causes Sally Windsor to nearly drown and all her friends turning against her as she insults everyone in the pub. After this Chris decides to take action and Megan is sectioned. Megan tells Chris her fear that he will leave her and he tells her that he will help her through everything, this new faze in their relationship is given an encouraging push when Megan finds out she is pregnant - this time with Chris` child.

Megans parents again try to mar their happiness by selling their house but Megan and Chris over come it and move into the pub. They become a proper family going on camping trips and Megan even helps out behind the bar. When their house goes up for auction it`s a sad day, Megan is more upset than Chris but only because he has a trick up his sleeve. After selling everything he owns and deciding to set up his own Real Estate business he gets Paul Berry to bid for the house. Thanks to the Bromleys not knowing who`s hands the house would really go to - Chris and Megan win back their home and begin a thriving business. Megan gradually gets stronger and takes a leading role in the business. She becomes close to the Patchett clan, and even calls a truce with Lisa which helps relieve tension all around. The test in Megan and Chris` new relationship comes when Chris is accused of sexual harassment. It is of course rubbish made up by a rival company, Megan handles it with strength and gives Chris all the support he needs. It appears Megan is finally well. At football final when all the pushing is taking place on the field, Megan does some pushing of her own and in the changing rooms, surrounded by Chris, Alice, Ernie, George, David and Auntie Vi, Megan gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Rachel Violet Patchett. Megan adores Rachel, but the baby’s vulnerability scares her and she works herself up into a state over every cough and splutter. It is a situation where Chris can`t win and he walks out for a night to give Megan some breathing space. Ernie won`t let him stay at the pub as he feels he should be helping Megan and not walking out on her. So Chris returns home only for Megan not to let him in the house. Their row is witnessed by Alice and Lisa who offer Chris a night at their flat. The next day, after a good nights sleep, Chris returns home and Megan is more understanding, apologising for the way she`s been behaving recently. However when she finds out that Chris stayed at Lisa all hell breaks loose and she marches down to pub and slaps Lisa in front of everyone. Ernie manages to restrain her and when Megan returns to the house she chucks Chris out. He tries to explain that nothing is going between himself and Lisa but she won`t believe him. Auntie Vi finally talks some sence into her as she lends a hand with Rachel but Megan is distraught. Rachel later gets sick and is taken to hospital, she is suffering from an allergic reaction to cows milk and Megan convinces herself that she`s a terrible mother. She vows not to have anything to do with Rachel and Chris comes back to take charge.

Gradually they get back on an even keel and the business starts to do really well as they take Abbey on as a partner. Megan and Chris begin to plan Rachels christening and ask Martha, Alice and Paul to be godparents. Finally things are looking up for Megan and her family and she begins to deal normally with the things in her life. The christening takes a while to prepare, with Sonny Bennett on the loose George is worried that he may target the church as everyone will be there. So they decide to have it at Chris and Megans house. Unfortunately the precaution is not the right one as Sonny, planning to kill the reverend, has planted a bomb in Bobs car. As Megan, Chris and Abbey decide to go and look at a new property they take Bobs car and as the bomb goes off they are still in the car. All three die in the explosion leaving a grieving Vi and Ernie and an orphaned Rachel. Megans parents returned for the funeral and once again driven by money are convinced that they can offer Rachel the best home. Vi and Ernie disagree but the Bromleys take Rachel to England. Ernie follows and ensures that Rachel will be given love over money and will learn all about her parents. Megan didn`t have a good life. But in the Patchetts, Westside and Chris she found love and understanding. What is most tragic is that Megan was cruelly killed when she was happiest.