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Miki Fallon played by Pete Topanno

Episodes 1 - 51

Miki Fallon - manipulative, conniving, - she could only be the girlfriend of David Fielding. David started a relationship with Mike after divorcing Elly. Miki has a hold over David and he panders to her every whim. She also resents Elly. Mainly because she suspects David is still in love with her, but also because she is the mother of David's daughter - one thing Miki longs to be. Unable to have children of her own, Miki convinces David to file for custody of his and Elly's daughter, Claire. David is unsure. He loves Claire but doesn't really know if he could handle full time parent hood. However with Miki in charge he doesn't have a choice and starts the proceedings. Miki's a terrible mother and after Claire spends two days with her, she is pleading to return to Elly. Miki often looses her temper with Claire and although she claims to have a strong maternal instinct, Miki only really wants Claire to keep David.

Miki digs up all the dirt possible on Elly - there isn't much; Elly's position of well respected member of the community leaves little room for dirt. Due to the death of Elly's lawyer and friend Sarah, the first custody hearing is postponed. Miki is furious and insists that a new date be set. David is outraged by her insensitivity and when he sees Elly and Claire together, he realises what a good mother Elly is and how much Claire dotes on her. Much to Miki's annoyance he drops the custody application and moves out, leaving Miki with her money and worldly possessions. She leaves E Street for a life overseas but stays in contact with David and is kind enough to let him stay in her flat when his attempts to win back Elly fail.