This is an adoption blog about the ins and outs to help others understand the process, through our experience. It’s probably odd that my mind wanders to our failed adoption when I think about being thankful, but that day had so many different possible endings, and I’m so thankful it ended the way it did. If you blog, please share this with others. We had the opportunity to be a real physical example of unconditional love to her…whether she admits it or not, she will take that to the grave. And then day two hit…reality had set in for her. I have run across friends and support group members recently that have had failed adoption matches because of fraud. Failed Adoption wasn't the end of my story! It sucked. We just need to trust Him. Chances are you are struggling to make peace with your failed adoption. Archived Comments By doing so, they make everyone happy and will then get more and more prospective adoptive parents and potential birth mothers as clients. She had 3 children, aborted 5, and was pregnant again with this one that she planned on aborting at first…but didn’t have the money to do it. I pray for the best for you, for us for all the couples awaiting. Little Girl Lost: My Failed Foster Adoption. Child welfare calls an adoption that ends before it is finalized a disrupted adoption. };