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Sally McKinnon played by Joanna Lockwood

Episodes 364 - 404

Sally McKinnon was on a break at a health farm when she met Ernie Patchett. The two struck up an immediate friendship and when Ernie returned to Westside - Sally followed him. Having been an unseen member of the E Street community - Sally already knew Martha, Elly and Bob. She has recently split from her husband after undergoing serious serious surgery. She had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy. She felt pitied by her husband and their relationship ended. Sally is very fond of Ernie and he offers her work at his pub when she arrives in Westside.

Sally faces a tough ride with Jo- Jo who is a close friend of Ernie`s and feels that Sally will break his heart. Jo - Jo is put out because Sally is extremely popular at the pub and the two go into competition. Sally and Ernie get closer but it takes a while for her to fully open up to him. She is not sure how he will react when he sees how the surgery has affected her. However with the help of Elly, Sally allows Ernie to get close to her and he proposes. She accepts and the animosity between she and Jo - Jo clears. Their wedding faces a setback when Bob is killed in a car crash and the couple have second thoughts about going through with it. Ernie feels that Bob is watching over him and would want it to go ahead. So he whisks Sally away to the country and they elope. With Martha and George as witnesses and an Elvis impersonator as the minister - Sally marries Ernie looking radiant and beautiful.

They are very happy together and marriage certainly agrees with them. In the finale of E Street Ernie is electrocuted and lies seriously ill along with Sally in the cellar of the pub. They both survive and we see them happy together one last time together before the credits roll for good. Sally was a humorous, kind character. It is a shame her time on E Street was over so quickly.