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Sally Windsor played by Emma Scanlon

Episodes 52 - 106

Sally is the youngest daughter of Daniel. She has an elder sister Toni and two brothers, Simon and Tom. Her mother dies when she was younger and along with Simon she resents Elly and he place in her fathers life. Mostly, Sally is jealous of Elly`s daughter Claire. They are forever fighting and fall into conflict over Tom. Where as Sally is his annoying sister, Claire is his best friend, and Sally gets terribly jealous. She`s also a bit of a trouble maker. She often gets the other children into trouble and even reprimands David after he kills her pet cockroach.

While in the care of Megan, and after being told not to go near the swimming pool, Sally goes for a swim. She gets into difficulty and has to be rescued by Simon. Sally`s mouth also gets her into trouble and she`s always saying things that she shouldn`t. She never took to Elly or Claire and when the family moved to Switzerland she wasn`t really bothered. Sally and Claire were the young version of Abbey and Vi - fantastic to watch and greatly missed.