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Simon Windsor played by Trent Newman

Episodes 52 - 106

Simon is the son of Daniel Windsor. He has two sisters; Toni and Sally and a brother; Tom. His mother died when he was young but he has clear and loving memories of her. Simon resents Elly as soon as she begins to date Daniel. Along with Sally he plants many tricks to get rid of Elly and her daughter Claire. However when his plans fail his main task in life is to woo Paris Nelson. A girl at his school whom he is totally smitten with.

Through all the problems that fall upon the Windsor family, Simon tends to stay out of the way. He is happiest when he is left alone and treated like a man! When Tom has to go to Switzerland for treatment Simon is quite happy to leave Westside. He can't wait to learn how to ski and packs his bags before the deal is even finalised. Could've been a great E Street teenager - but Simon never returned to Westside