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Sonny Bennett played by Richard Huggett

Episodes 109 - 172

Sonny Bennett is the bad boy of Westside. He has been since he was a kid and will always remain in peoples memories for the grief he caused in the E Street community that he tore apart. Sonny is Lisa`s brother. They haven`t had an easy life. Their father died when they were both very young, leaving their mother Margaret to bring them up the best she could. Sonny found it hard to cope after his dad died and tried hard to be the man of the house. The family were always well thought of in E Street. Ernie idolised Margaret and Lisa - as did most of Westside- but where Lisa would work hard at school, Sonny would steal cars and vandalise property. Margaret couldn`t control him and so this duty fell onto the shoulders of Sgt George Sullivan and Reverend. Bob Brown. They tried hard but Sonny was tough and by the age of fourteen Bob and George helped to get him put in a child detention centre. Sonny stayed there, as tough as ever, and he vowed that he would always get revenge on Bob and George for putting him away where he couldn`t look after his mum and his sister. Sonny didn`t get out of the detention centre and followed the life of crime into jail. He made friends there, contacts, became well known to the drug dealers the gun owners and the other bad boys of Westside.

When Sonny was released he headed straight for E Street - Bob and George ran scared while Lisa was just pleased to have her brother back. Lisa pleads with George not to give Sonny a hard time, she is convinced that now he has done his time he will be a different person and deserves a second chance. George is not too sure and when he and Sonny meet again in the pub he refuses Sonny's attempt of a handshake. Sonny moves in with Lisa and her best friend Alice, who is George's daughter. Alice is smitten with Sonny - his good looks, his tales of woe but most of all by the attention he pays her. Her influence leads George to make amends with Sonny but although they shake hands the animosity remains, Sonny wants revenge, George wants justice. Sonny plays his ace card with Alice. He appeals to her kind hearted nature and tells her he can`t read. He insists he`s only telling her this because he feels he can trust her. Alice is flattered and offers to teach Sonny how to read. He gratefully accepts - with a smirk on his face. Sonny also makes a friend in Harley - the revs son! Harley is having a bad time with his dad, Bob and his girlfriend, Toni. Sonny becomes his new best friend supplying him with money, attention and a steady flow of alcohol. Bob and George worry over their children's choice of friends but it is out of control and Harley and Alice fall deeper under Sonny`s spell. When Sonny holds up the local Delhi - Harley knows he did it - but keeps a firm lip when Sonny provides more money. Sonny tells Harley that it is now his turn to supply some cash and although Harley doesn`t want to do it - Sonny convinces him. Harley them mugs Auntie Vi.

As much as Sonny does wrong Alice and Harley attach to him more, especially when he kisses Alice and makes her believe that he really likes her. In fact Sonny really likes Kim Talbot - Lisa`s friend and boss of the local paper. Kim shows a mutual interest but where Sonny wants things to physically progress, Kim just wants him for a story at the paper. After a night with Alice, Harley and Toni, Sonny takes another dose of speed in his usual cool manner. However it has been cut with something and Sonny starts to haemorrhage. This leads to Lisa and Kim learning about his drug problem. It`s a close call for Sonny and he nearly dies. He vows to Lisa he will quit the drugs and tells her and Alice that he is going up bush for a few days to try and find some work. In reality he is staying with Kim who has decided to help him kick his drug habit. He fakes cold sweats and sickness in front of her but when her back is turned he secretly goes through her things and watches her as she sleeps. He believes she wants a physical relationship with him and he forces himself on her. She resists his advances and he tries to rape her. She fights him off and he returns to Lisa and Alice`s flat. Sonny continues to watch Kim and tells Lisa that he likes her. Lisa lets this slip to Alice who is devastated, she thought Sonny loved her. He wins her back with sweet talk and then he burgles ‘The Advocate’ where Kim works. However it is Harleys badge that is found in the office and Harley takes the blame for the vandalism. Sonny shows how grateful he is for Harley not dobbing him in by giving him a van. He tells Alice and Harley that they are all going to go away for a holiday but not to tell anyone as he wants to surprise Lisa. So as Alice and Harley sit in the van waiting for Sonny the police turn up on an informed drugs raid. They find drugs in Harley`s van and Alice`s purse - Sonny has set them up. Bob and George realise it`s Sonny and given time so does Harley. However Alice won`t believe Sonny would do this to her until he denies he ever had plans to go on holiday with her in front of Lisa.

With Harley and Alice taking care of Bob and George`s revenge, Paul and Max realise he had connections with one other person - Kim. When they arrive at Kim`s house Sonny has a gun at her head. He has made her undress and swim in the pool. Paul tries to shoot Sonny but bottles out, Sonny gets angry and as Max attempts to shoot him Sonny shoots Max and disappears into the trees. Max survives and Sonny is caught after Paul follows Lisa to his hide - out. Sonny is hurt in the struggle that follows and is hospitalised, whilst in there his drug dealer Nick, comes into the hospital dressed as a doctor and injects Sonny with a lethal drug. Sonny is again saved but Lisa disowns him and Westside wakes up to his ways. Sonny used Alice and Harley to get back at their fathers and Kim was someone Sonny wanted and couldn`t have. Nick tells the police that Sonny set Alice and Harley up on the drugs charge. Alice and Harley are in the clear and Sonny awaits trial. He begs Lisa to tell the court that they had a hard life and that is what has made him turn out like this. However he shows no remorse at what he`s done and Lisa tells the court that if Sonny`s behaviour is a result of his childhood, then why isn`t she running around with guns terrorising people? Sonny gets five years imprisonment and Westside settles down to peace. Until Sonny decides he still hasn`t got his revenge.

In the car that is taking him to jail he knocks out the police officer and shoots the driver. He escapes with a fellow prisoner handcuffed to him, a bullet in his leg and enough ammunition to power Guy Fawkes night. The residents of E Street run scared but Sonny doesn`t. His theory is that he`s going to die and he wants to take as many people with him as he can. He forces fellow escapee Arthur to find Kim and tell her how much he needs her. Kim foolishly believes Arthur and when she arrives at Sonny`s hide - out he shoots her and kills her instantly. Bob and Max find her and the campaign to catch Sonny steps up. Even Lisa wants him caught, Sonny shows no feeling. He is high on drugs and along with Arthur hits the open road. They burgle Lisa and Alice`s flat taking an invitation to Rachel Patchetts christening. They plant a bomb in Bob`s car and plan to blow away Westside. In the moments leading up to the explosion Alice, Vi, Harley, Toni, Claire, Zac and Bob sit in the doomed car. But the tragedy strikes on the Patchetts. Whilst borrowing Harley`s car Megan, Chris and Abby get caught in the crossfire and are killed. Sonny is not content - he wants Bob. Arthur escapes from Sonny and informs Lisa of Sonny`s state of mind. Lisa asks Bob for help and Bob realises that this is between him and Sonny and no - one else. Elly pleads with Bob not to go and see Sonny and tells him that he should call the police. He tells her that this is his community and he will not let Sonny destroy it any further. She agrees that this is their community and plans to go with him. Sonny is aware of their arrival and finally gets his chance to talk to Bob. He has no guilt, no sorrow and decides to take his own life. He throws away his hand gun and turns to jump off some high scaffolding. Before he jumps he warns Bob to ‘Watch out for surprises’. He lands on a pile of rubble and Elly certifies him dead. But it isn`t all over as Elly and Bob approach her car Bob says he`ll drive. As Elly opens the passenger door there is a shot and she falls to the ground. Sonny`s last attempt to get Bob has failed, but he has succeeded in ruining the life of another. Elly survived but was left paralysed. Sonny`s reign of terror may have only lasted for a few months but the hurt and pain he caused stayed with those left behind forever. Ernie and Vi, Paul, Bob, George, Alice, Harley and the sister that loved him despite everything, Lisa.