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Tom Windsor played by Andrew Ferguson

Episodes 52 - 106 & 150 - 155

Tom Windsor may only be six but he wiser than most adults, which isn't surprising judging on what he's been through. Tom is the son of Daniel. His mother died when he was just a baby and this is brought him very close to his eldest sister Toni, whom he sees as a mother figure. He also has another sister, Sally and a brother, Simon. Tom is the quietest of the Windsor children and perhaps the easiest to get on with. When Daniel meets Elly, Tom is as adamant as the other children about their relationship. He joins in on the 'hate campaign' against Elly but he is actually quite fond of her and her daughter, Claire. Tom begins to get on well with Elly and he turns to her in his times of need, which makes Toni feel incredibly left out and forces her off the rails. Tom and Claire have a lot in common, they only live with one parent, they enjoy the same games and they never want a girlfriend/boyfriend! It's a really sweet relationship which they have and the conversations between the two are anything between meaningful and hysterical.

When Tom has his report card home from school he is scared to show it to Daniel. The report says that Tom doesn't pay attention in class. When Elly notices he is upset about the situation she quizzes him about it and realises Tom has a hearing problem. It is one that can be fixed, and Tom has to have grommets. His problems don't stop here. He continues to feel unwell and after his school concert complains of a stomach ache. When he is taken to hospital they do a scan and find an abnormality. Tom is taken for surgery and the doctors find out he has cancer. While everyone around him falls apart, Tom remains strong. He's scared but doesn't want to cause any trouble and battles his way through this life threatening condition. The first operation doesn't work, which means Tom has to have chemotherapy. This drains him completely and outside problems cause him to loose faith. Toni runs away, Daniel seems to block out the situation and no-one is honest with him. When Bob pays him a visit in the hospital, Tom asks Bob what it is like to die. Bob says that anything he wants to do in life will be possible in death. As though he is dreaming, he will be able to fly wherever he likes. Bob also tells Tom to write down how he feels, so Tom begins a book. A diary of his thoughts and feelings and his fight with cancer. He also uses a computer game as a target. Elly tells him he has to imagine a monster inside of him, and that is what he must beat. So Tom fights the computer image of Zorgarth - the more levels he completes - the more determined he becomes. Things then look up. Tom comes out of hospital and his main problem is his family! He desperately misses Toni. When she is sent away to her grandparents for a while he decides to run away and find her. With the help of Claire he packs some clothes and food and sets off. Meanwhile Claire bumps into Toni's boyfriend Harley and Harley gives Tom a lift to the country - on his motorbike! Despite being in big trouble, Tom is elated to see his sister, and even more elated when she decides to come back home with him. Tom again begins to get sick and it appears his battle with Zorgarth is far from over. He needs specialist treatment and the only place to get it is a clinic in Switzerland. Thanks to a few strings being pulled by his fathers lover - who Tom knows nothing about - Tom gets into the clinic. This means a move for all the Windsor's and Elly and Claire. Tom's excitement is dampened when due to Daniels affair Elly, Claire and Toni decide not to go. Toni stays with Elly and Tom sets off for his final battle. Tom's farewell to Toni is sad. He will really miss her but vows to come back to Westside as soon as he is better.

Tom's treatment fails and there is only one hope left - a bone marrow transplant. Daniel, Sally and Simon all fail to match Tom's bone marrow and it is down to Toni. She is a compatible match and flies to Switzerland for the operation. When she returns she gives us the news that Tom is getting better and winning his fight. A short while later Tom arrives back in Westside. It's only for a holiday as the family have decided to stay in Switzerland for good. Whilst back he fills Elly in on all the gossip about Daniels new girlfriend and throws a party for all his friends at the hospital. He also presents Bob with his book. His fight is over and so is his book. Bob is so impressed he lets Kim read it. Kim is the editor of the local paper and she prints of enough copies for Toms friends to have one each. The party is a huge success and so is Toms story. His spirits as high as ever he heads back to Switzerland prepared for whatever life throws at him. A fantastic kid, who's double act with Claire was a joy to watch. Tom - 1 Zorgarth - 0