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Toni Windsor played by Toni Pearen

Episodes 52 - 368

Toni Windsor is E Street's sweetheart. We watched her grow from timid schoolgirl into a beautiful young woman - but she had her fair share of stories on the way! Toni arrived in E Street with her family; father Daniel, brothers Simon and Tom and sister Sally. Being the oldest of the four children, Toni has had to shoulder a lot of the responsibility since the death of her Mum Jeanette. She cooks, she cleans, takes the kids to school and is more a confidante to her dad than a daughter. When Daniel meets Elly, Toni is genuinely happy for him. She can see Elly is a good person and she sees that Elly makes Daniel happy. Toni and Elly have a fairly good relationship in the beginning; but as Elly grows closer to Simon, Sally and especially Tom - Toni begins to feel left out. Despite Daniel and Elly trying to make her part of things, Toni grows distant from the family and becomes difficult to live with. When Tom is diagnosed with Cancer, Toni takes a large part of the burden. Looking after Simon and Sally as well as Elly's daughter Claire, Toni feels she is just the babysitter whilst Elly gets to play Mum. In reality, Toni wants nothing more than to be there for Tom, whom she has always had a special bond with. But things grow difficult and whilst out late at night, Toni meets Susan; A friendly girl who sees Toni is down and depressed. Susan shares her own problems with Toni and explains how a woman called Lara took her in when times were tough and has looked after her ever since. Toni is keen to meet Lara herself and when she does, she sees that Lara has a houseful of girls just like herself - sad and distant from their families. Lara and Susan tell Toni about their group 'The Children of Tomorrow'. They are a group who believe in acting now to fend off tomorrow's demons. Before long they make Toni steal and lie in order to stay a part of their group.

The group promise her that in return for her good deeds, they too will give Simon, Sally and Tom a home. However when the group ask Toni to steal from Elly's surgery, Toni finds the guilt too much and she fails to go trough with the burglary. For her 'sin' she is locked in Lara's cellar and given no food or drink. Daniel and Bob go looking for Toni and figure something is not right with Lara's group, George informs them that it is in fact a cult. They spy on the house and when they see Toni in the grounds Bob snatches her and takes her home. Although she has already seen for herself that Lara's group is no good, Toni is not happy to have been forced out of the group by Daniel. She returns to the group and informs them that Patchetts Pacific will be easy to get into and will also be full of cash. As Lara, Susan and Toni invade Patchetts - the lights switch on to reveal Bob and George. It appears Toni set the group up and Lara and Susan are arrested. Despite seeing the light, Toni is still not happy at home and yet again runs away. She seeks comfort in the old railway shelter where she meets Harley. He too is homeless, on the streets looking for his real parents. He offers to share the bench with her and the two quickly become firm friends.

Toni takes Harley home to meet Daniel and also to scrounge some food. Despite being a hit with Elly and the children, Harley does not impress Daniel and he forbids Toni to have anything more to do with him. Whilst Harley stays in Westside Toni heads to her Grandmothers farm where Daniel has told her she must stay for a little while. Whilst on the journey Daniel's car breaks down forcing the family to spend the night in the forest. Elly talks to Toni and makes her see that Daniel isn't trying to hurt her - he just doesn't know how to handle her. It's here that Toni and Elly make their peace and between Toni and Daniel a few barriers are broken.

Toni stays at the farm for a short while, until Tom and Harley arrive for a visit. Harley confides in Toni that he has discovered Bob is his Dad and she tells him that she feels ready to return to Westside. So they pair return home to face the music. Despite Bob being happy about Toni and Harley's friendship, Daniel is still adamant that Toni should not see Harley - forcing the two to conduct their relationship in private. No sooner has it begun, then it's neatly over when Tom gets sick again and the Windsor's have to move to Switzerland in order for Tom to get the treatment he needs. Before the move complete both Elly and Toni discover that Daniel has been having an affair with local lawyer Jennifer St James. This leads Elly to call off the engagement and drop out of her move to Switzerland, whilst Toni begins to see her father in a new light; something that doesn't impress her. She tells Daniel she does not want to go to Switzerland with him and instead she will stay in Westside - with Elly. It's a tearful farewell as Toni says goodbye to Simon, Sally and Tom - but she knows she's done the right thing and moves in Elly and Claire.

With Daniel gone, Toni has the green light to see Harley, and for the next few months they break, make up, break up and make up again! Mostly because of Sonny Bennett - Lisa's bad boy brother who has Harley under his spell. Harley turns criminal for a bit in order to stay Sonny's best mate but it doesn't impress Toni and she vows to have nothing more to do with him. A break is what Toni needs and she departs Westside for a short while in order to provide bone marrow for Tommy. When she returns Harley has got himself in more trouble but has finally seen the error of his ways and woken up to Sonny's antics. This is a new start for Toni and Harley and they officially become a couple, declaring their love for each other and enjoying dinner at a very posh restaurant! As they grow closer and closer the issue of sleeping together arises and causes conflict, not just between Toni and Harley but also Elly and Bob. As Toni's guardian Elly feels responsible for what she does and therefore doesn't approve of Toni sleeping with Harley. In the end it's Toni's decision and whilst the rest of E Street party for Ernie and Abbey's wedding - Toni and Harley decide to sleep together. At the last minute Toni decides it doesn't feel right and after an argument she and Harley break up - again!

No-one doubts that they love each other, but they briefly see other people. Toni sees new police officer Max Simmons - whilst Harley sees Toni's friend Janine! Toni genuinely likes Max and he feels the same for her - but when it comes down to it Toni's heart lies with Harley and once again the get back together. They become more committed this time and Harley does some growing up. He gets a job whilst Toni does her HSC and eventually, they do sleep together in a barn whilst away for the weekend - alone and together. When they return to E Street, their happiness is clouded by Sonny's escape from prison. He has killed their friend Kim and in the weeks that follow he also shoots down Elly. Toni is distraught and finds it hard to get through her school studies whilst Elly lays in a coma. With help from Harley and Bob she gets through it, but spends most of her time devoted to looking after Claire and helping Elly to recover. There is a terrific bond between Toni and Elly and it's clear that she has now come to think of Elly as the closest thing she will ever have to a mother. As Elly recovers, Toni reaches her 17th birthday. A big step for Toni and a sign of her new found independence. She buys a car with money from Daniel and considers her life after school - all of which leaves Harley in the shade and before long they realise they want different things. They decide to split up and this time, sadly it's for good.

Whilst Elly and Bob celebrate their new found romance on a weekend away, Toni sits at home alone fearing she may be pregnant. With support from Alice she does a test and to her horror she finds out she is pregnant. When Elly returns home, Toni can't keep the pregnancy to herself and confides in Elly. Not sure whether Toni wants her as a mother or a doctor, Elly asks Toni what she wants; a medical opinion or a mother. Toni replies she needs a mother and with that she breaks down and reveals to Elly that she and Harley have spilt up. Toni tells Harley she is pregnant and his reaction leaves her stunned. He begins to talk of marriage and tells Toni that with his new job as Sheridan's PA he will be able to provide for she and the baby. It's all too much for Toni and it's clear that she doesn't actually want to go ahead with the pregnancy. Whilst making her decision, fate steps in and whilst Toni argues with Daniel over the phone she collapses and loses the baby. It appears she was having an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery has left Toni facing the possibly that she may never be able to have another child. Harley is distraught but tells Toni he still loves her and would like for them to be together again. Toni tells Harley she doesn't want that anymore, she doesn't want what he wants - she doesn't love him anymore.

The next few months are hard for Toni as she deals with may departures in her life. Firstly, whilst still in hospital she is held hostage by Paul. He believes that he can make Toni safe and keep her away from bad people outside. The situation scares Toni and when Paul eventually releases her she asks herself what she did to lead Paul on like that. Secondly Toni waves goodbye to Elly and Claire as they leave Westside after Elly's split from Bob. It's a sad time for Toni as she loses her family and has to stay at Elly's house with her locum, Virginia. Virginia and Toni don't really get on - for the simple reason that Toni misses Elly and feels that Virginia is stepping on her territory. During this time Toni grows closer to her friends; Max, and newcomers Nikki and CJ. They tend to stick together quite a lot and are involved in the same scams! Not before long Toni's world is rocked again when she learns that Harley is in a coma after a drug overdose. The only hope for Harley is a treatment programme that runs in America. With Sheridan's' help funds are raised for Harley to be out on the programme and he leaves Westside. Before he departs Toni takes a place by his bedside and tells him how much she still loves him....

Toni's love life remains pretty quiet, and despite a few false starts with Max, CJ and Joey - she sees them all as friends and takes things no further. On a professional side Toni gets a job working at WTV8 as a budding reporter. She is good at the job and enjoys working with Michael and Lisa. Toni also joins CJ and Joey as they make up a band. Calling themselves The Liquidators they write a few songs and prepare for their first gig. But despite Toni's good voice she can't handle the crowds and quits the band after Jo - Jo steps in top help her out. Deciding a music career is not for her, Toni sticks with WTV8 and tries to work her way up. Before long Elly and Claire return and much to Toni's delight things return back to normal when Elly and Bob are reunited.

Westside is later plunged into tragedy when Steven Richardson starts his killing spree. After murdering Virginia and Michael he escapes to the bush and takes up residence with Max's cousin James. Meanwhile Toni is feeling at a loose end and is not sure where her life is going. With advice from her friends she heads to James's house when Max has said she can stay until he and Nikki meet her up there. When Toni arrives she is greeted by Steven, who kidnaps her and takes her hostage. Toni's held captive for quite a while and surprisingly Steven doesn't hurt her. He late lets her go and she runs to the nearest police station where she is taken back to Westside. She makes a few changes in her life from this pint, she moves out of Elly's and in with CJ and Max and she takes the job as Elly's receptionist after  Nikki leaves Westside.

Toni's love life perks up when she meets Jason, they meet an aerobics class an quickly become an item; much to the annoyance of CJ. He des his best to come between Toni and Jason and tries severely hard to ruin their dates. Toni doesn't understand why CJ is behaving like this, but it soon becomes clear that CJ is in love with her. When CJ discovers that Jason is seeing Melanie as well as Toni he feels he has to tell her, and when he does so she moves out. Toni feels CJ is just trying to split she and Jason up once more. With help of Melanie, Jamie and Penny; CJ sets Jason up and Toni discovers his infidelity for herself when she walks in on him kissing Melanie. She realises CJ was looking out for her best interests and when Jamie and Penny set them up on a date - Toni and CJ share a kiss. They quickly admit that they have fallen for each other and embark on a romantic weekend away with Jamie and Penny. Whilst discussing their future, CJ accidentally proposes to Toni. For a while they walk on eggshells unsure if CJ meant what he said, but when he tells Toni he really does want to marry her she accepts his proposal and become engaged.

Whilst a few people have their doubts over the impending marriage, Toni is ecstatic and pushes ahead with wedding preparations. Meanwhile CJ, desperate to provide for Toni, takes a gamble on some scratch cards and much to his surprise wins the jackpot. On his way to tell Toni his news he is hit by a car. Although he is physically ok the accident has left him blind - and even though the doctors explain the his blindness is probably not permanent CJ believes he can no longer make Toni happy. Toni vows to stand by CJ but he pushes away and tells her they shouldn't get married. After moping around for a while, Toni realises that f the positions were reversed CJ would never leave her - and she tells him that they will get married and he will see again. The wedding preparations go ahead almost trouble free! Penny agrees to make Toni's dress whilst Jo - Jo helps with the invitations, the only sore point is a letter from Daniel informing Toni that he won't be coming to the wedding because he doesn't approve. Toni decides that whether Daniel is there or not it doesn't matter - she will marry CJ because she loves him.

So in her full wedding attire, Toni walks down the aisle with Elly and Penny by her side. As she steps up to the alter CJ tells her she looks beautiful - he can see her. His site has returned in time to witness the most important day of his life. Toni and CJ exchange their vows and become Mr and Mrs Jones! Their reception is also a hit thanks to Max who organise The Teen Queens to sing. Max also wins a competition that sees Toni and CJ jet off to the Gold Coast for the honeymoon.

On their return, Toni is saddened to hear that Elly has lost her baby whilst CJ tries to find himself a new job. Desperate to prove to everyone that he can make Toni happy he enrols in a filming course which he hopes will lead to a lucrative wage. Despite enjoying the course CJ find it hard to maintain his job at the pub whilst doing the amount of studying that is required of him. Toni notices the change in CJ and Ernie comments to her how CJ keeps making mistakes at work. When Toni confronts CJ he loses his temper with her and almost hits her. Toni goes to stay with Elly and seeks help from she and Bob. She later finds out that CJ has been taking drugs to help keep himself awake. Confuses as to why CJ couldn't confide in her, Toni confides in Sam Farrell. He is a good friend to Toni but after one row to many with CJ, Toni falls apart and ends up sleeping with Sam. It doesn't take CJ too long to find out and on hearing that Toni has been with Sam he punches him. Toni is guilty and confused and can no longer be in Westside where everybody knows about her private life. She goes to her grandparents farm to think things over. She leaves a note for Sam telling him where she is but insists CJ mustn't know. However after talking to CJ, Sam realises that he does love Toni and he drives CJ to the farm to see Toni. Toni is surprised to see CJ and at first is not keen to speak to him. But CJ sticks around and explains how he was just trying to set up a good future for them. Toni explains that he never cared about money or material things, all she wanted was CJ. Together they decide to stay at he farm and make it their new home. Toni thanks Sam, and he drives away witnessing Toni and CJ hug.

Toni never returned to Westside and we can only assume that she and CJ are still living in the farm and feeding the chucks! Her departure was noticeable and we missed battling with her as she climbed over life's next obstacle. A true E Street star - and I have to say a part of me still pines for Toni and Harley