100% Upvoted. hide. accuracy for the Middle East is only 90%). Once you are actually selected, however, it is in the Navy's best interests to see you complete. Note 1: Women and Nurse Corps officers who were commissioned in the Navy Reserve and were in an active status on 30 September 1996, are exempt from the above listed attrition policy and may remain in an active status, if otherwise qualified, until they become subject to the age restrictions of 10 USC 12308 or 10 USC 14509. This is pure exaggeration. The Active Navy’s Retention of Enlisted Personnel 61 3-9. lower average attrition costs, even with inflation factored in. The current attrition rate indicated that has become a serious problem” (Davis, Kerle, Silvestro, & Wallace, 1960). Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Attrition The Air Force rate is based on an annual average peacetime loss rate and the number of years the aircraft will be supported in the inventory. DD-214; or Military Service School completion certificate; or other document) showing your other-Service … Maybe 90% of the people who dream in college about flying Navy never make it. 3-4. Air Crew Duties . Race and ethnicity. For comparison, the attrition rate for United States Navy SEAL selection and training is about 75% AST School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina lasts for 24 weeks, and includes intense physical fitness, long hours of pool fitness and instruction, extreme water-confidence drills, and classroom instruction. share. Air Traffic Controller is a shore-intensive rating. After "A" school Navy Diver candidates attend Second Class Diver Training at Panama City, Fla. Advanced First Class Diver, Saturation Diver and Master Diver training are available during career progression stages. I would need $63,000 per year to attend the University of Southern California. I'm answering this question based on being a former nuke turned Naval Flight Officer turned Naval Aviator and my career of 21 years. 0$1$*($1$9<&$5((5:,7+1$9