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Virginia Travis played by Julianne Newbold

Episodes 203 - 254

Virginia Travis was a friend of Elly and David Fieldings whilst they were at medical school together. Married to Rod, Ginny has a son, Danny and she arrives in Westside after Rod takes Danny and never returns. Virginia arrives as Bob and Elly are planning to marry. Unfortunately due to Bob`s concern in a young, neglected boy, their relationship is strained. Virginia provides a shoulder to cry on for Elly and offers David a way out of Westside when he feels there is nothing left for him there anymore. She asks David to run her Melbourne practice for her so she can take some time out away from her problems, he agrees. Bob`s young friend, Dylan runs into trouble with his father and in the fight that follows Dylan kills his father with an axe. Bob takes the blame and ends up in jail. This forces Elly to leave Westside and she follows David to Melbourne with their daughter Claire. Virginia stays in E Street and agrees to look after Elly`s practice and Toni.

Virginia settles in well, she makes friends with Michael Sturgess when they both help Dylan and she also gets on well with Martha O`Dare, working as a go - between for Elly and Bob. Ginny doesn`t hit it off too well with Toni as Toni feels that Ginny is taking over Ellys territory. Virginia also helps Bob when he is released from jail. He misses Elly and Claire and she provides him with advice, not always sensible and sometimes selfish, we wonder if she has an ulterior motive? Virginia's life is pretty quiet, she misses her son but doesn`t talk of him much, she does her job and generally keeps a low profile. She tries to fill Elly's shoes. When Bobs son, Harley takes a drug overdose she tries to be there for Bob as doctor and friend and she follows Harley to New York in order to supervise his specialist treatment. When she returns she has a new responsibility. Elly and David leave her Melbourne practice and decided to go and practise medicine in Bangladesh. Claire is left with her grandparents and she runs away to come to Westside and be re-united with Bob. Claire wants to stay for good and Bob wants her to but Elly won`t let her. So Virginia agrees to look after Claire and Claire moves back into her old house.

Virginia strikes up a friendship with Claires karate teacher Steven Richardson and after a few dates they begin to get serious. Their first night together is interrupted by a late night phone call. It's Elly - she is coming home. When Elly returns she gets her friends back, her practice back and after a while resumes her relationship with Bob. Virginia feels slightly left out and begins to realise how much she misses her family. The only thing holding her back is Steven. However on several occasions Sheridan Sturgess has warned her away from Steven saying he's dangerous and part of Ginny just can`t commit to him. So she calls their relationship off and heads back to Melbourne. On her journey Steven follows her and asks if they could just have a chat. She agrees and goes back to his house. He turns slightly erratic and scares her. She heads for the door but it is locked. She tries to escape but he grabs her and breaks her neck. Steven buries Virginia in the forest and she is the first victim of Mr Bad's reign of terror.