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Wheels played by Marcus Graham

Episodes 55 - 86 & 235 - 302

Stanley Kovac is known as Wheels because he is in a wheelchair. He is good friends with Lisa and Sonny Bennett. Wheels and Sonny went to school together and were always in trouble hence Sonny being sent to a detention centre and Wheels becoming a mixer for the local band. After a gig one night Wheels got run over and the doctors at the hospital said that there was a possibility he may never walk again. Before this could be proved they had to run some tests. However Wheels was to scared to wait for the results and left the hospital in a wheelchair. When he returns to E Street, Sonny is in jail doing time for an armed robbery and he hooks up with Lisa. She has always fancied him and he treats her like a younger sister. They have a good friendship which makes Lisa's fiancé Chris jealous. Wheels assures Chris he and Lisa are just good friends but Chris remains unconvinced. Wheels moves into his old squat. It's dark, black and doesn't charge rent - just how Wheels likes it. However, he remains in his wheelchair. Despite nags from Nurse Martha and Lisa, he refuses to go to the hospital for physio or tests. The morning after Chris and Lisa's engagement party, Lisa turns up at Wheel's squat looking lost and covered in dirt. He tries to find out what's wrong with her but she is silent. He calls Elly to take a look at her and Lisa reveals she has been raped. Wheels is confused as to why she has turned to him and not Chris, but Elly tells him that he mustn't push her away; Wheels is the one Lisa has chosen to help her and he must abide by that. He does a fine job, he is the ultimate friend. Sitting with her through hypnosis, bad nightmares and he even gets beaten up by Sam when he tries to stop him attacking Lisa for a second time. Lisa faces more turmoil when her mother kills the man responsible for the attack. Wheels again accompanies her to court and the rape crisis centre and is a tower of strength. He does face backlash though, from Chris and Ernie Patchett. Lisa decides to call of her engagement and they believe it is due to Wheels.

Lisa moves into the squat with Wheel and the pair overcome their worst fear together. Wheels starts physio as Lisa continues with her counselling. They grow closer and when Lisa sees Alice flirting with Wheels she gets jealous. At Chris and Megan's wedding, Wheels walks up the aisle. With the help of a pair of crutches he shuffles his way to his seat next to Lisa. She is so happy for him and sees their relationship in a new light. When they return home after the wedding, they take a steamy bath together and become E Street's hottest couple! Their relationship continues and Wheels gets a job at the pub. However their happiness is disturbed when Wheels` old friend Jo-Jo arrives in E Street with her band ‘Undercover’. Wheels used to be mixer off the band but after the accident he left. The pair catch up on old times and Lisa feels left out. Jo-Jo scores a record deal and the band is able to go on tour around Australia. Jo-Jo tells Wheels she wants him on the tour as the band mixer. He says no, his life is now in Westside and although he doesn't say it, Jo-Jo realises that he is in love with Lisa. Behind Wheels back Jo-Jo tells Lisa that she is stopping Wheels from living his dream. Lisa thinks about it and is worried that Wheels may resent her if he doesn't do the tour. they talk things through and reluctantly say goodbye to each other. Wheels joins the ‘Undercover’ tour and Lisa sits at home waiting for her cowboy to come back to her. When ‘Undercover’ return to E Street they are minus Wheels. He has dumped the band and taken a job in Fiji. Lisa is devastated that he hasn't let her know and writes him a letter saying she has found someone else.

Two years later, Claire Fielding runs away from her grandparents home. Elly and Bob have just split up and whilst Elly is tending the sick in Bangladesh, Claire has been left with her grandparents. Well, she's had enough and is missing Rev. Bob, so she hits the road. Whilst at a service station, who should she run into? Good old Wheels, now walking well and riding a Harley Davidson! He takes Claire under his wing and the bright kid makes her analysis of Wheels. He says he won't take her to Westside because he doesn't want to go back there. She says she thinks he's a coward who is scared of facing all of his friends who will think he's a loser because he's not with the band anymore! She's right and Wheels eventually agrees to take her back to E Street. He arrives amidst huge preparations for the wedding of the year - Lisa's wedding to her new boyfriend Michael. Wheels is shocked and pays Lisa a visit. There is a lot of unfinished business between them and Wheels` reappearance leads Lisa to have doubts over who her future lies with. On the morning of the wedding Lisa goes missing. Wheels finds her at the squat - well what's left it. It is now a pile of rubble and all that remains is the tub where they shared that famous bath! They talk over the old times and Wheels tells Lisa that her dream of life with him is an ideal. He is a cowboy who lives life on the road and who takes each day as it comes, he is not husband material and he tells her to go ahead and marry Michael. As the residents of E Street wait in the church, Michael tells them that Lisa has change her mind - at which point Wheels bursts through the church doors on his motorbike with Lisa on the back in her white sating wedding dress. The marriage goes ahead as Wheels looks on - has he lost his one true love?

Wheels decides to stay in Westside and moves into a squat with his old friend, Joey Valentine. Despite her marriage, Lisa is not happy. when she sees Michael's sister, Sheridan, with Wheels she gets jealous and tells Wheels that she is still in love with him. Wheels never admits it but it is clear that he still carries a torch for Lisa. But he does the decent thing and tells her to go back to Michael. Lisa doesn't give up and forces herself on Wheels, to make her see sense he tells her he doesn't love her anymore. She is hurt and runs back to Michael. When she has sobered up she realises that her future does lay with Michael and tells Wheels that she always pictured them both together and asks him if he meant it when he said he didn't love her. Wheels says he'll always love her - just not in the way that he used to. They manage to remain friends and Wheels now has to fight off the advances of Sheridan. He doesn't really like her because he is not into playing power games with her. However Sheridan then starts to have nightmares. Flashbacks to a time when she was a child and her best friend, Becky was murdered. The nightmares are triggered by the arrival of karate teacher Steven Richardson who is going out with resident doctor Virginia Travis. Sheridan is convinced he had something to do with the murder of Becky. Wheels is the first to know about Sheridan's nightmares as he walks in on her when she is having one. She tells him the story and he sees a different, softer side to her. At this point Jo-Jo returns to E Street. She forces herself on Wheels and Joey and moves into the squat with them. With the old gang back together scams evolve from no-where and they find themselves struggling to afford rent and food.

Putting aside his problems, Wheels turns his attention to Lisa. Michael has gone missing and she is sure something bad has happened to him. When a body is found in the country, Wheels accompanies Lisa to identify it. It is Michael. Lisa doesn't understand what he was doing out in the country and enlists the help of a bushwalker who saw Michael before he was killed. He takes Lisa and Wheels to a `grave` where he suspects Michael was buried alive. Whilst there Lisa stumbles on another body, it is Virginia. When they return to Westside, Wheels is confronted by Sheridan who says Steven has confessed to her that he murdered Michael and Virginia. Wheels then becomes Sheridan's protector, and despite Steven being taken away to a psychiatric hospital their relationship continues. They get closer and swap stories on each others past. The tough part for Wheels is choosing between Lisa and Sheridan. Lisa doesn't think it is fair that Sheridan has all of Michaels fathers estate and she decides to contest his will. She virtually bleeds Sheridan dry and Wheels doesn't think she is doing the right thing. Their friendship comes under great strain and Lisa resents Sheridan even more. It's not long before Wheels and Sheridan consummate their relationship and Wheels lives up to expectations by joining Sheridan in a steamy shower!

Wheels then moves into Sheridan's - which is just as well when Steven manages to escape from the hospital in disguise. Sheridan's nightmares begin again and she also receives psychic flashes from Steven, with Wheels by her side she witnesses Steven's every move in her head. As the police try to protect Wheels and Sheridan, Steven is hiding in their attic watching their every move. When Wheels hears a noise in the night he goes upstairs to investigate. He is knocked out by Steven and Sheridan is also attacked and threatened by him. Steven then kidnaps Lisa and it is Sheridan's flashes that guide she and Wheels to Lisa's whereabouts. Although Lisa is all right, past events have taken their toll on her and she decides to leave Westside. Wheels bids her a sad farewell and she tells him that whenever she imagined skipping town it was always with him by her side. Sadly, they both realise that Wheels heart lies with Sheridan and the once golden couple say goodbye. Sheridan can't take anymore and decides to take matters into her own hands. With the police and Wheels on her trail she meets Steven at the TV station. As he is led away by the police, Steven tells her that no matter where he is he will find a way to get her. With that Sheridan shoots Steven sending him to hospital and her into a cell at the Westside lock up.

Wheels is angry and under no circumstances is he going to let Sheridan go to prison for this. He says goodbye to Jo-Jo and for a while it looks like he is going to leave town. As George and Max escort Sheridan to the police car so she can be moved to remand, Wheels arrives brandishing a gun. He locks George and Max in the cells, grabs Sheridan and so begins the story of E Street's very own Bonnie and Clyde! Wheels and Sheridan remain on the run for a long time. During which they commit a few more petty crimes and become targets for vigil-anti leader Ed Farrell. For the first time in his life Wheels has a priority, he loves Sheridan and is willing to put his life on the line for her. With all of Westside on their side, Wheels` priorities are doubled when Sheridan reveals she is pregnant. The traumas continue, they dodge the cops, acquire a three legged dog, and even get married as Rev. Bob performs the ceremony on the radio. But there is no way out and Wheels returns to Westside begging George for help. George's hands are tied and as Wheels and Sheridan return to their hide-out, we witness Ed and his gang as they recklessly shoot the place to pieces. When the shooting stops George and Max step inside the hide-out and there is no sign of Wheels or Sheridan. As the smoke clears, we are taken to `The Maldives` - where Wheels and Sheridan are relaxing by the pool! They make a toast to `George Sullivan` and it's clear that our favourite cop got the pair out of the country. Wheels and Sheridan never returned. I'd say they're still soaking up the sun, arguing over their child's name! Wheels was the original E Street cowboy - and he was greatly missed from E Street! A true hero to all the girls that loved him. We never forgot that laugh!