Thanks to its promising economy, Gibraltar is deemed to be a real job mine for expatriates, particularly in the fields of finance, shipping and online gaming. You can obtain more specific information about Gibraltar's healthcare services on the following numbers: Once you have established your residence in Gibraltar, you will find a lively social scene with numerous opportunities to join clubs and associations as well as attend regular, local events. Lucía Abellán. Of the estimated 310,000 Britons living in Spain, about 65,000 are resident and in permanent work. With so many variations of copy, it is crucial to get this aspect of your business precise from the start, because this is your chance to make that all-important great first impression. But this is theory, in practice a wife receives permission to remain on The Rock as long as her husband is living there. Cost of Living in Thailand: Bangkok. The Gibraltar Population (Live) counter shows a continuously updated estimate of the current population of Gibraltar delivered by Worldometer's RTS algorithm, which processes data collected from the United Nations Population Division.. Only Gibraltarians and British citizens are allowed to live and work in Gibraltar without a residence permit. Gibraltar might be small, but those wishing to live and work on the famous Rock will be pleased to hear that it is not a closed shop. But even as it did so, the union said this minimum rate of pay demonstrated the need for “a real living wage” in Gibraltar. PortuguêsCusto de Vida em Gibraltar [CDATA[// >