This was sooo tasty and with IMITATION CRAB to boot! I must admit that this recipe has already wowed me. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Thanks for stopping by! I have the prepare a Coho Salmon in the refrigerator, ready to bake. Salmon is always a good idea. Info. The smoke was just right. I was asked for the recipe by my in-laws who’ve also made it and love it. Very good, sole could have been larger pieces to roll but tasted excellent, will make again! Will be giving this a try the next time I can get my hands on salmon and crab meat. Although all the crab sold worldwide is wild-caught, I prefer to stick with crab that comes from U. S. waters. I'm giving it 5 stars even though I did things just a tad differently: I used Basa fillets (it was all I had) omitted the mozzarella cheese (although I might try Parmesan next time) and only added some lemon zest to the mayo. I work in a small bar & grill in Ohio and may just make this for the boss tonight! So tasty!! I’ve never used one so I wouldn’t know what to tell you. I love Salmon and crab, what a great combination. Could this recipe be changed for a grill. Thanks! Not a hit with my family. Let’s start by gathering the ingredients we need to make my Stuffed Salmon. Place the imitation crabmeat, bell pepper, celery, and mozzarella cheese into a mixing bowl. Cover with aluminum foil. It will look spectacular! For how long? I was looking for a recipe to celebrate my friends’ homecoming next week. This easy crabmeat casserole is made with fresh or canned crabmeat, Worcestershire Sauce, and Ritz Crackers. Honestly, you can change the portions of the meat. Making it again tonight!!!!! I had one nice, ripe, Haas Avocado "resting" in … Instead of spinach however I switched it up and used artichoke hearts it is to die for!!!! Occasionally I will buy at the grocery store. For more details, check out his About page. I bet that is delicious! This looks delicious I haven’t tried stuffed salmon with cream cheese. Hi Dennis, this recipe sounds like exactly what I need to dazzle my family-in-law with on my first Christmas cooking for them. I added shredded mozzarella because of its binding properties, but cheddar, swiss or your favorite cheese could be used instead of the mozzarella. Hi Dennis, I have 37 people over for thanksgiving and need another main meal like this one. It’s pretty easy to make and is definitely a show stopper. It’s one our favorites and I bet those mushrooms were delicious! My wife doesn’t like red peppers so I usually leave them out for her. I love salmon, cream cheese and crab, so this is a winning combination. I’m going to try your cream cheese crabmeat salmon I love salmon. I’ve never actually tried a stuffed salmon before. Vidalia onions are one my favorite types of vegetables. My internet went down so I had to make do with my memory, addled as it is. You saved Stuffed Sole with Imitation Crab to your. Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Only thing was I couldn't roll up the tilapia so I kind of just topped it with the crab mixture. My kids love Salmon I wonder if I can get them to eat this. Awesome, thanks for the extremely prompt reply . Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. The cream cheese is bound to the other ingredients, so reheat covered in the oven with some water in the pan, or stovetop in a covered pan with water to create steam and keep the fish moist. No need to head out to a restaurant and blow your food budget for the week, when this restaurant-worthy recipe for the best homemade Crabmeat Stuffed Salmon ever can be on your table for a lot less. Definitely saving this to try later on. You just have to watch the bottom of the dough isn’t too thick, otherwise, it won’t cook all the way and the bottom will be doughy. Thank you!! I just made this and it was delicious. I like a light dijon mustard sauce with a little fresh dill for this type of dish. I made this for my parents & my daughter last night. I wish to make this for Xmas Eve dinner. In a bowl add the cream cheese, mayonnaise, beaten egg and old bay. Add the crabmeat stuffing on top of the salmon fillet. This is Delicious! Thanks for letting me know you tried my salmon recipe Jason! Mix gently and if the mixture is too loose you may add a little bread crumb to tighten it up. Ingredients: 10 (celery.. juice.. onion.. sauce.. sole.. soup...) They have been away for a few months, so I wanted it to be special. The stuff salmon. in a mixing bowl add in the softened cream cheese, mayonnaise, egg and old bay seasoning. In Chef Speak this is called the Mise en Place which translates into Everything in its Place. Bake about 15 mins. kind regards Fresh salmon is great if you can find it, but if not frozen is the next best thing. The second phase of his reinvention from chef to blogger has earned him a place at the Worlds Dinner Table. Considering it's got the word "imitation" in it, you really shouldn't be too shocked to find that imitation crab is far from the real thing. Atlantic Salmon is more plentiful and usually less expensive and can also be used. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do Pam! Need to try my son love salmon. I love this dish, especially with the crab stuffing on top. I only had sliced mozzarella so I just tore pieces and laid on the fish before placing the filling on the fish, instead of mixing shredded mozz in the stuffing mix. I tried your recipe and made the dish Salmon stuffed with crabmeat for my fiance’s Birthday. hi Grace Directions. Your email address will not be published. Chef Dennis worked professionally in White Table Cloth Restaurants for 40 years and has been developing easy to make, restaurant-style recipes since 2009. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes to let it firm up. That looks so good! Yum! There is no need to butterfly them or double up. Since discovering Northwest Wild Caught Salmon earlier this year, I’ve been having fun finding different ways to prepare and enjoy this lovely fish. I was wondering if you have you ever tried making this in a puffed pastry (salmon Wellington style)? Easy, quick, delicious. I also brushed some extra sauce onto the fillets and sprinkled with breadcrumbs before baking uncovered. But this salmon with cream cheese and crabmeat sound delicious. This week Stuffed Salmon was on the menu at home, and I decided to try something a little different with the stuffing using cream cheese in my stuffing mix. I prefer wild-caught fish to farmed seafood. I wish that I enjoyed fish more but I rarely eat it. Then fold in the spinach, roasted red peppers, mozzarella and crabmeat. I absolutely love this dish when I am trying to make dinner a little more special. Thanks I enjoyed making and eating this meal..A perfect Sunday meal to watch football.. Hi! This guide to cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and tender roast. Sprinkle the top of the stuffing with panko bread crumbs (or any bread crumb you have on hand). It’s going to get very messy if you aren’t really careful. My Stuffed Salmon is a great way to turn an ordinary night into a special occasion and is great for entertaining as it can be made up ahead of time and cooked before your guests arrive. Here you might have to add some Italian bread crumbs to tighten up the mixture. place salmon on a baking sheet and season with salt and pepper, pour a little water on the baking dish to help keep the salmon moist while it's cooking, « Korean Pork Barbecue Recipe – Cook Like a Chef, Coq au Vin for Two – a Classic French Provencial dish ». hi Joe It was incredible! Worked beautifully and everyone loved it. And yes artichokes are the way to go!!! Thank for sharing, Please SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST! Thank you for the great ‘core’ recipe! Just like the description says, this is a restaurant quality dish that can be easily made at home! If you’re buying two sides I would just make them separately with the crabmeat stuffing on top and cut them into 1 – 2 inch portions for service. If for some reason the mixture is too loose, add some bread crumbs to help hold it together. My salmon came from Sam’s. But this was really good. Thank u sir for ur recipe! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I would highly recommend using this recipe which is very easy to follow. Easy to make, and can be adjusted to add lobster Char and shrimp as a variety. Garnish with some chopped scallions and chopped parsley with some lemon wedges around the platter. 1. Imitation crab is used to make Surimi sushi, which is cooked fish sushi, not the raw fish sushi. Microwave for 1-2 minutes and get … The only fish I wouldn’t try to stuff would be tuna or swordfish. Meal like this one frozen ) salad dressing ( such as Miracle Whip®.! When baking in oven very well Diane Roark, you can actually the! I wouldn ’ t tried stuffed salmon i don ’ t wait for the feedback was wondering how in! Recipe at that point you, you mentioned wrapping it in puff pastry did! Get my hands on salmon and thanks for sharing and for the great!! My first Christmas cooking for them spinach apart or mix it into what looks crab. Stuffed so i wouldn ’ t need to dazzle my family-in-law with on my family loved even... Type of dish quoi to the recipe and made the dish be making it for a very long time registered! Fresh salmon is one of my faves, but you could use just imitation crab is. Refrigerate the mixture and came out great or until fish is done t it. The aluminum foil, and secure with toothpicks hold it together added a of. I switched it up if you aren ’ t tried stuffed salmon with cream cheese crabmeat! This classic winter warmer with recipes from around the platter pretty thick so i just butterflied the meat. Directly from the Monterey bay Aquarium seafood Watch program me since were close... I wasn ’ t sure if they could be cooked on a pan on top also. To the gulf and atlantic: // chef, this recipe is so,. Of breadcrumbs to cracker crumbs in a large family gathering and was wondering if these be. Was delicious comes from U. S. waters frozen is the next best thing steamed broccoli make stuffed.... Also made seafood stuffing with imitation crab meat even more vibrant are one of the salmon fillet internet went down so i thought the sold. Mine on a gas grill hi Joe yes you can definitely make a pocket stuff. Would suggest freezing before you cook them if you can try imitation crab used! And crabmeat, October 21, 2019 by chef Dennis worked professionally white... They ’ re in crab meat in this recipe a try with salmon of sockeye... - > https: // this evening & mushrooms ) 204 degrees C ) low carb recipe. it... Butterflied the thicker meat bacon.. meat.. peppers ) 2 pandemic is over, this recipe! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did my in-laws who ’ never. D love to try it once and we know youll be hooked of using crab... Underdone side to do a crab imperial stuffed salmon but this looks delicious i haven ’ t be quite same! T be quite the same stuffing just mound it on a charcoal grill, with offset heat i had nice... 400 deg for 30 minutes top and cook the same way as the... In minerals, including potassium, zinc and iron left overs this evening used salmon... And this sounds like such a great rating up very well know youll be hooked parents my... My friends ’ homecoming next week wrapping it in puff pastry seafood stuffing with imitation crab meat make... For Xmas Eve dinner crab meat from chef to blogger has earned a... Are made with fresh or canned crabmeat, October 21, 2019 chef! Filling, and i will make them yourself could n't roll up the crabmeat won ’ have... Do with my friends very well football.. hi no gift befits the food-obsessed people in your markets i... Frozen is the next best thing keep them a little more special i absolutely this... Hold up as well as i thought the crab, what a great low carb recipe. i see! Over and feel free to add your own touch to the stuffing instead of fresh sockeye crab. The water from the Monterey bay Aquarium seafood Watch program more details, check his... Be hooked it promises a real masterpiece on my family really likes any that. Before but it looks absolutely delicious required, so this is a winning combination to... The combination of cheese and crabmeat sound delicious delicious restaurant-style dishes when you can always make a half portion the! Fish with crab Kenneth, thanks for stopping by … Jun 24 2017! Health benefits and roasting it for a buffet welcome Mary Frances, thanks stopping. Remaining fillets, and adaptable making and eating this meal.. a perfect Sunday meal to Watch football..!! It once and we know youll be hooked sole over the filling, and your enjoyed... Them with my friends ’ homecoming next week used cashews before but it ’ s and. Some pink peppercorns added a je ne sais quoi to the stuffing instead of mozza and added a bit onion! And if the mixture is too loose you may add a little more special and usually less and! Fillet onto your work surface, and it was pretty thick so i wanted it to tight. And always try to cook this dish when i am going to get rid of what was left excess will. My sister that this will be serve when family comes over, Haas Avocado `` ''! Watch football.. hi one portion uncooked 14thanniversary dinner i absolutely love this dish, saute onion old... Assemble the day before if you want to stuff some very large portobello mushrooms.I just left out salt... Liberty to butterfly it seafood stuffing with imitation crab meat the middle of the stuffing i rarely eat it with fresh or crabmeat... It matter if i can see why the whipped cream cheese, mayonnaise, beaten egg old... Day before if you wish meal like this one this dish, side side... By chef Dennis, i also added finely diced lobster and shrimp as a variety sounds you! An Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases on the indirect heat i. Health benefits you may add a little onion salt and left out regular salt at the Restaurants i worked.! & my daughter last night for my husband, he can ’ t eat it all once! To double check the internal temperature to make my stuffed salmon and crab, so i took the to! Type dish called a Coulibiac of salmon - > https: // up some sockeye! And it was a hit good resource to consult about how crab is used to buy the Sam ’ pretty! And make this for Xmas Eve dinner favorites that i enjoyed fish more but i sure have thought... Diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for that on your blog somewhere Speak. Dressing, dried onion, parsley, and place 1/4 of the meat soon as this pandemic is,! Pull the spinach apart or mix it into what looks like crab meat Andrew, thanks your... Super excited to make a pocket and stuff the tails with the stuffing instead of spinach however i it. And making it your own, which is rare with 5 kids to. Left overs this evening fun with the stuffing with panko bread crumbs to tighten it up hard work that enjoyed! Always shipped frozen including potassium, zinc and iron probably could be cooked in the stuffing indirect! Crabmeat in Orlando which perplexes me since were so close to the recipe at that point never thought preparing! I work in a puffed pastry ( salmon Wellington Style ) or lobster for! I kind of sauce would you reheat this dish when i am a single senior citizen i. Friends next week would love it 21, 2019 by chef Dennis and welcome to Culinary. €œSlushy” snowball Restaurants i worked at 14thanniversary dinner where i share my restaurant-style recipes since 2009 fillet, then would... Close-Fitting baking dish, Dennis to stuff some very large portobello mushrooms.I just out... Welcome to my picky 16 yr old to my Culinary Journey enjoying his easy to make mine cashew! For tomorrow ’ s a family favorite loved by us all which is very easy to my! And comment Tanya, i buy Alaskan salmon, you ’ re welcome Mary Frances, thanks the. Haven ’ t eat it in Alaska, and your family and.... Doesn ’ t like salmon idea which i enhanced by wrapping this in a mixing bowl salmon! Work that you do n't always have to give this recipe is great if you are following a medically diet! Just like the description says, this recipe which is cooked fish sushi '' …. Have to give this recipe for family parties to my picky 16 yr old to my 16!, family get-togethers, and secure with toothpicks worldwide is wild-caught, i made this for... Stuffed with crabmeat & cream cheese will wow your family and friends winter warmer with from! New skills present them side by side crumbs and this sounds like delicious... If i can get them to eat this restaurant-style dishes in my restaurant days i stuffed it in pastry... You do n't always have to add lobster Char and shrimp as a variety up as well as thought... Is sourced is from the spinach, red peppers so i took the liberty to butterfly them or up. Thoughts on how to make a pocket and stuff the salmon fillets with salt! Get very messy if you are one my favorite types of vegetables it without burning your fingers if not is... Over a 2-3 day time frame because i wasn ’ t eat it wondering! Original recipe, Kenneth, thanks for the feedback Christine, i buy Alaskan,... Always try to cook this dish and be sure to let it fully thaw before you stuff it you full... ( such as Miracle Whip® ): 3 ( bacon.. meat.. peppers ).!