The Ukrainian revolution, Euromaidan Revolution or the Revolution of Dignity took place in Ukraine in February 2014, when a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police, and unknown shooters in the capital, Kyiv, culminated in the ousting of Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych. Declaration of Ukrainian State Act (1941) Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (1991) Orange Revolution (2004–05) Euromaidan (2013–Present)/2014 Ukrainian revolution. 2004 Presidential Election - Orange Revolution. But U.S. policymakers were on high alert in November 2004, when Russian-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych announced he … Anders Åslund and Michael McFaul (Carnegie Endowment, 2006), 216.Anders Åslund and Michael McFaul (Carnegie Endowment, 2006), 105. He came to office after the Orange Revolution of 2004, which brought millions of Ukrainians to the streets for weeks to protest against election fraud and demand freedom and democracy. York… nicely captures the excitement and volatility of the events on the ground, and his access to the uprising’s key players makes for a timely and fascinating look at grassroots democracy in action.” 10 Olena Prytula, "The Ukrainian Media Rebellion," in Revolution in Orange: The Origins of Ukraine's Democratic Breakthrough, ed. What lessons does the Ukrainian Revolution of 2004 provide? Ukraine: Presidential Elections 2004 and the Orange Revolution By Volodymyr Paniotto1 1. Yakushik V. “The 2004-2005 Ukrainian Revolution. The revolution came as a result of extensive election fraud in favour of the pro-Russian candidate, Viktor Yanukovych. The demonstration for democracy in Ukraine in Bonn will take place on Saturday, 04.12.2004, 16:00 on the Remigiusplatz. Ten years later, the revolution named “Euromaidan” broke out. But he's perfectly captured the mood of the country on the eve of the Feb. 7 presidential election. 2004: The Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Berkut officers fired from rooftops, Titushkas beat protesters with truncheons. In Ukraine, the equivalent is a ticking clock, also signalling that the Kuchma regime's days are numbered. The 2004–2005 Ukrainian Revolution. More protesters were killed that day. The Ukrainian people openly rebelled against the regime, and the greater part of the country is now affected by the unrest. Ukraine's 2004 presidential election was the most important event in Ukraine since independence was achieved in 1991. Supporters of opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko wave flags during a rally November 27, 2004 in Kiev, Ukraine. A horrible page in the history of Ukraine started in the third week of February, when protesters began a peaceful march to the Ukraine's parliament in support of rolling back the Constitution of Ukraine to its pre-2004 form. Whatever their outcome, the events in Ukraine seem likely to be of greater long-term import than the ‘Orange Revolution’ in 2004. We call on all those who support Ukraine in its fight for democracy and who happen to be in Bonn to take part in this demonstration. Importance of Inter-Civilizational and Intra-Civilizational Dialogue in … Implementing the Principles of the Rule of Law and Social Justice in the Process of Entrance Examinations to the Institutions of Higher Education in a Post-Soviet Country. Lupan is the invention of a Ukrainian comedian, not a real candidate. Viktor Andriyovych Yushchenko served as President of Ukraine from 2005 to 2010. The first Ukrainian Revolution took place in 2004 and was called the “Orange Revolution”. Ukraine before Presidential Elections The first and the second rounds of presidential elections in Ukraine were held on October 31 and November 21, 2004. The first, known as the Orange Revolution, took place in late 2004 in response to reports of widespread electoral fraud in the presidential election. Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (2004) is one of the three successful “colour revolutions” (along with the Georgian Revolution of Roses in 2003 and the Kyrgyzstani Tulip Revolution … The Orange Revolution of 2004 resulted in severing much (but not all) of the Ukrainian economy from Russia. 5 Ibid. Ukraine—one of the Europe’s largest states, which has every right to be called European—is in in the midst of a revolution. 2. The history of Ukraine has demonstrated a close correlation with a 52-year cycle aligning with the Economic Confidence Model of 51.6-years when it comes to political changes. One important factor that has influenced both events is international intervention by Russia, the The orange revolution of November 2004 is now a distant memory, discredited by the leaders that Lupan mocks. In 2004 a former American Ambassador to Ukraine told me that virtually no … “[A] lively account of the mass demonstrations that gripped Ukraine in 2004. The Ukrainian revolution of February 2014 (also known as the Euromaidan Revolution or Revolution of Dignity Ukrainian: Революція гідності) took place after a series of violent events involving protesters, riot police and unknown shooters in capital Kiev that resulted in the ousting of the then President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. Stickers, spray paint and websites are the young activists' weapons. Four points can be considered. The last months of 2004 were certainly an exciting time in Ukraine… In 2004 just weeks after Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation had succeeded in getting Viktor Yushchenko as President of Ukraine, Michael McFaul wrote an OpEd for the Washington Post. The results of the second round were In this rendition of Ukrainian history, the 2004 Orange revolution was the first attempt of the Ukrainian people to assert their sovereignty and pro-western leanings. 4 Ibid., 106. It was both a symbol and a symptom of the revolution that rippled across Ukraine last week. In: On the Other Side of Comprehension: Ukraine and Europe after the Orange Revolution. In addition to the somewhat distant historical events, more contemporary events, such as Arab Spring, are also likely to have had influenced the course of political events in Ukraine by invoking the yearning for democracy among the citizens. In 2004 the Presidential elections Mr. Yanukovych won against Mr. Yushchenko but the people took to the streets calling the elections as rigged this was known as the orange revolution The supreme court called the elections as null and void and ordered a re-election … That caused significant economic contraction for the Ukrainian … A lot happened in Ukraine in the decade that followed. Compilation of academic articles. The Russian Revolution in Ukraine … Edited by Geir Flikke & First, whether in Ukraine or the Middle East, revolutions offer a healthy dose of humility. The Orange Revolution And The Euromaidan Protests By 2004, I had moved to live in Ukraine and, running the country’s leading news organization, found myself at the center of the Orange Revolution . Orange Revolution Ukraine: 22 November 2004: 23 January 2005: The Orange Revolution in Ukraine followed the disputed second round of the Ukrainian presidential election, 2004, leading to the annulment of the result and the repeat of the round – Leader of the Opposition Viktor Yushchenko was declared President, defeating Viktor Yanukovych. Basic Characteristics and Forms of Manifestation”. Both German and Ukrainian students will participate. The 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine was a massive demonstration of people for democracy and against electoral fraud. In the short term that is exactly what seemed to have happened, but several years down the line, when we examine the events of the Orange Revolution and the political status quo in Ukraine today, is that what happened? Since its independence in 1991, Ukraine has gone through two major upheavals in its transition to democracy, the Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Euromaidan in 2014. A Dirty Campaign. The regime lost control of the situation; the system of governance is essentially destroyed. Former Ukrainian President [Viktor Andriyovych Yushchenko.