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Zac Spencer played by Daniel Knight

Episodes 178 - 302

Zac Spencer arrives in Westside with sister Nikki and Mother Heather. They are here to visit Heather's sister Martha O'Dare. Zac and Nikki are pretty bored and awkward and don't enjoy soending the day with the oldies. So imagine the horror when Heather adissapears and Zac and Nikki realise they have been abandoned by their mother. Things are pretty tough for the pair and although Martha and George take them in, they find it hard to adjust to their new life.

Within time Zac comes to love his new home and strikes up close bonds with Martha and George. He comes to look on George as the father he has never had. He also becomes friend with Claire Fielding and as they are close in age they spend much time getting up to mischief and creating havoc. Zac enjoys nothing more than a money making scam and it's in this position that he strikes up friendships with the older residents of E Street, like Max, CJ and Mary.

When it comes down to it though Zac is still a young boy who misses his mother, and when she returns wanting to take he and Nikki back to her new home in New Zealand he has to go with her. He confesses that he will miss Martha and George but knows he has to be with his mother. So he sets off and despite missing the life he made for himself in Westside, he never returns.